Chapter 158: Deathly Poisonous Worm

Chapter 158: Deathly Poisonous Worm

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The leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, Liu Fenghui, had an icy glare as he said flatly, "Why is there a need to excuse ourselves whilst you treat her?"

One of the middle aged man beside him said rudely, "Boy, why don’t you take a look at where you are!’

Another aged man frowned, "You’re just treating her, why be so secretive?"

Only the youthful lady choked a little as she asked, "Can you really cure my daughter?"

Chu Yu nodded, "If you all believe me, excuse yourselves for a moment, I won’t lay a finger on her. You are all powerful cultivators with great senses. If I tried to do anything funny, would I be able to walk out of the Purple Cloud Constabulary?"


Chu Yu thought to himself, I won’t lay a finger on her, I’m just looking at her.

"Why is there a need for us to leave if you’re just treating her? I don’t trust you." Liu Fenghuang said domineeringly. He did not trust Chu Yu.


"Okay, if you don’t believe me, I will leave now." Chu Yu began to leave without hesitation.

He would rather forgo this opportunity to assimilate into the Mirror World than to reveal his secret,

At this point, that old man stopped him, "Wait."

"What’s up? I came to the Purple Cloud Constabulary to treat your missus without requesting for compensation. Since you all don’t trust me, I will leave. Is it that the Purple Cloud Constabulary wants to rob me too?" Chu Yu said flatly, unafraid.


Liu Yutang stood outside the door, frightened. His forehead broke out in cold sweat as he thought to himself, This kid is insanely confident!

Does he not know the identities of the people in the room?

Even a True Lord powerhouse would not dare to speak this way in the Purple Cloud Constabulary, not to mention a small Xiantian cultivator.

That middle aged man looked like he was about explode, his hair standing.

The old man waved his hand and said, "Okay, young man, if you can cure my granddaughter, I will personally apologize to you and give you double the compensation!’

"Father..." Liu Fenghui frowned and tried to stop the old man.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary was extremely generous and had laid out extremely tempting offers.

Anyone who could cure Liu Yuyan would get unimaginable benefits.


To the Purple Cloud Constabulary, this was already quite a fortune.

If it was doubled...

 Even though they wouldn’t be broke, it was extremely painful to their finances!

The old man said, "Money is only valuable with life, without life, what is the point of wealth?"

"Father is right, I was too parochial." Liu Fenghui replied.

The girl on the bed was his daughter, which father would not want his daughter to recover?

Afterwhich, the entire group left.

There was only a wall separating the two rooms.


They still did not trust Chu Yu.

However, Chu Yu did not care. He came to the bed and stood there, thinking to himself, If I insult you in any way, it is not on purpose.

Then, he opened his vertical eye and swept across Liu Yuyan’s body. In an instant, Chu Yu’s could see inside Liu Yuyan’s body.

He began to investigate each point!

Head, no problem, four limbs, also no problem.

In her Dantian, there was a majestic wave of power, pulsating like a burning sun!

Liu Yuyan’s power was pure and majestic, nothing like a lady.

Even looking at her through his vertical eye gave him some aches.

She was a real Heaven’s Pride!

She was different from the other Supreme Realm cultivators that Chu Yu had seen before.

Firstly, all her acupoints and meridians were open.

That’s right!

She was just like Chu Yu, who had trained using the Superclass!

Chu Yu had finally met another true superior Heaven’s Pride.

When Chu Yu stepped into the King’s Realm, he should be able to fight it out with an ordinary Supreme Realm cultivator.

However, if he met a Supreme Realm cultivator like Liu Yuyan, Chu Yu had no confidence.

His best option would be to run if he saw someone like that.

Chu Yu’s vertical eye swept over every point on Liu Yuyan’s body, but he could not find a single problem,!

This made Chu Yu panic slightly... he was so afraid of what the people in the Purple Cloud Constabulary would do to him.

However, since so many pill masters and famous doctors had failed... it was normal that someone as youthful as him would not be able to succeed.

At most, he would be scolded and put down for being so arrogant previously.

But so what?

What had caused Chu Yu to panic was that this was the first time that his vertical eye... had failed.

"There can’t be no problem." Chu Yu used his vertical eye to sweep her in detail.

This time, he did not try to avoid anything, his gaze was directed straight at Liu Yuyan’s skin.


Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, not believing what he was seeing.

This girls body was hot!

Before, with Liu Yuyan lying there under the sheets, it was impossible to tell how she looked like.

Busty chest, slender waist, perky butt... and two pencil thin legs.

Her skin was snow white and moist, not a single blemish in sight.

Chu Yu’s vertical eye allowed him to see that she wore a mask that was unable to be seen by the naked eye.

Below that, he saw her exquisite face.

Before this, Xu Xiaoxian was the most beautiful girl Chu Yu had ever seen.

He never thought that Liu Yuyan would be similar!

However, under Chu Yu’s observation, he finally found the problem!

It was the mask!

To be exact, between the mask and her face was a thin... transparent... lifeform!

That lifeform stuck to the mask on one side and Liu Yuyan’s face on the other.

No power could be felt from its body.

 One could not blame the pill masters and great doctors for not being able to find out the cause.

Who would have thought that Liu Yuyan was wearing a mask? Furthermore, who would have thought that there was a life form living under the mask.

This was something no one had expected!

In the moment Chu Yu saw this life form, he thought of a lifeform that was recorded in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture.

It was known as the Deathly Poisonous Worm!


The name was extremely scary... doesn’t that mean that one would die from contact with this worm?

But that was no the truth.

According to the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, the Deathly Poisonous Worm was a lifeform that allowed someone to fake their death without being able to find out the cause.

Even if it wasn’t hidden under a mask, it would be extremely difficult to find it.

Liu Yuyan was unlucky to find a mask that other’s could not even notice. As such, even the greatest pill masters and doctors were unable to find out what was wrong with her.

Unless she was treated by a peerless cultivator.

The Deathly Poisonous Worm... was a great thing!

Chu Yu’s eyes filled with excitement!

The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture had specially introduced this lifeform.

It was extremely rare and many great cultivators could not even find one in their lifetime.

The best thing that it could be used for was to fake one’s death.

There were many methods if any superior cultivator wanted to extend his life by abit.

However, if he wanted to extend his life by many times... there was only one method.

Self Sealing!

By sealing one’s cultivation and power and using a superior source of energy, one could self seal for many years.

However, there was one downside to this, the unsealing process was long and arduous.

If one met with a sneak attack or strong opponents, then the people who were in the midst of unsealing would be unable to bring their full power to bear.

However, the Deathly Poisonous Worm was different!

As long as it came into contact with a life form’s skin, it could let it enter a deep sleep in a short time.

Even if millions of years passed, the lifeform sealed by the Deathly Poisonous Worm would not die.

His cultivation and ability would not be weakened one bit!

As such, the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture recorded that those who had managed to get their hands on a Deathly Poisonous Worm never brought it out to use.

They all kept it for themselves!

Who wouldn’t want to extend their lives indefinitely when at the brink of death?

As such, when Chu Yu realized that this was a Deathly Poisonous Worm, he was stunned.

What kind of person would use such a precious life form on someone else? And to what end?

If he had used it on Liu Yuyan despite knowing how valuable it was... this man, was not to be trifled with!

But... what link does it have to me?

Maybe doing this would implicate the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

But Chu Yu believed that the Purple Cloud Constabulary would definitely have a way to get themselves out of it!

Then, Chu Yu reached out his hand and formed various weird and complicated hand gestures.

In the next moment, Chu Yu commanded softly, "Keep!’

The Deathly Poisonous Worm on Liu Yuyan’s face was immediately kept by Chu Yu!

Even though Chu Yu had only said this softly, all of the powerful individuals in the Purple Cloud Constabulary rushed in.


Then, they saw a scene that made them surprised and ecstatic.

Liu Yuyan moaned, then opened her eyes!
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