Chapter 163: The Pill Refining Section

Chapter 163: The Pill Refining Section

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Chu Yu smiled, then looked at Liu Yuyan, "Ms Liu, what do you consider a medical practitioner?"

Liu Yuyan stiffened slightly and contemplated this for quite some time. Then, she bent her knees and bowed to Chu Yu, "I understand now, anyone who can treat people is a medical practitioner. I was too shallow."

"It's okay, you are right, I am no medical practitioner."

Liu Yuyan was stunned, her small cute mouth agape as she looked blankly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled, "But I know how to refine pills, just that the pills are a tad ugly."



This statement of his had caused Liu Yuyan to be speechless. She could only manage, "Sensei Song must be kidding."


Chu Yu laughed, the continued touring the place with Liu Yuyan.

The two of them went for a long walk and finally returned to the grey building. They found Sun Zhangshan and Liu Yutong waiting for them.

They both looked unhappy.

Liu Yutong was slightly better, but Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan was extremely unhappy.

Even though he tried to suppress it, everybody could feel that he was extremely dissatisfied.

"Where did you all go to?" Liu Yutong asked Chu Yu, "How do you find this place?"

"It’s pretty nice." Chu Yu had wanted to say that his sister’s introduction was even better, but he felt that this would have antagonized both of them.

There was no need for that.

He had not come here to make enemies and make others jealous of him.

Liu Yutong nodded, "I hope that under Sensei Song’s leadership, the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section will attain greater heights!"

Pill Refining Section?

Chu Yu frowned. From beginning to end, he had only told Liu Yuyan, just now at that, that he knew how to refine pills.

He had never mentioned this to anyone else.

Sun Zhanshan said flatly, "This was my suggestion. For a medical practitioner as capable as Heavenly Doctor Song, you must be better than others in pill refining. Our school coincidentally lacks a powerful pill master. I believe that under Heavenly Doctor Song’s leadership, our Pill Refining Section will become better and stronger!"

F*ck me, this is a trap!

Chu Yu frowned inside, and he could keenly feel Sun Zhangshan’s evil intentions.

God damn it, you want to set me up? Let’s wait and see.

Over here, Chu Yu did not see many people. Everyone in the school seemed to be busy.

There wasn’t much movement inside the grey building either.

"The Pill Refining School?" Liu Yuyan frowned and said, "Then, let me bring Sensei Song there."

"That would be unnecessary. Yuyan, you have been absent for very long, and I have many things to tell you. I will get someone to bring Heavenly Doctor Song over there." Sun Zhangshan said.


Up till now, he was unwilling to call Chu Yu Sensei Song. It was clear that deep down, he did not accept Chu Yu.


Sun Zhangshan didn’t give anyone else a chance to speak. He raised his hand and activated a bracelet and projected a screen of light.

With a simple gesture, the screen appeared in front of him.

A human figure appeared on it.

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, Who said that the cultivation world did not have technology? What was this?

This was the first time he had seen signs of technology since entering the Mirror World.

Yet, he maintained a calm smile, not wanting others to call him a hillbilly.

This was quite a weird way to think, but everybody has an ego.

"Come over and bring someone to report to the Pill Refining School." Sun Zhangshan ordered the person on the screen flatly.

"Okay, I will be there right away."

The person on the other line was a young man in his early twenties. He was energetic and looked Sun Zhangshan in the eye when he conversed. In the end, he still glanced over Chu Yu though.

In a moment, the young man arrived here. First, he bowed to Sun Zhangshan, then to Liu Yutong and Liu Yuyan.

Then he looked at Chu Yu, "Greetings, Heavenly Doctor Song, I am a teacher in the Pill Refining School, I am Zhao Kai.

Chu Yu nodded and opened his vertical eye to look at him.

In this person’s Dantian, there was a golden ball the size of a pigeon’s egg.

Golden Pill!

This was a King’s Realm cultivator.

Wasn’t he told that only Supreme Realm cultivators could become teachers in the Purple Cloud School?

Could it be that this King’s Realm cultivator had extraordinary pill refining abilities.

The only reason why Chu Yu observed Zhao Kai with his vertical eye so willfully was because he could feel that Zhao Kai was much weaker than him,

"Hello." Chu Yu nodded to him.

Liu Yutong looked at Chu Yu and hesitated, then said, "If there is anything that you require in the future, please contact me directly. I have other matters to attend to, I’ll be taking my leave."

Then, he glanced at Liu Yuyan, "Next time, don’t go to those dangerous places, be more careful, you are too innocent, don’t be fulled by others..." 

Liu Yuyan sighed then nodded in exasperation, "Mm, okay, I know."

Then, Liu Yutong nodded to Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan, "Then, I shall take my leave."

"Let me show you out." Sun Zhangshan smiled.

Liu Yutong waved his hand, "That would not be necessary!"

Then he turned and left.


On this end, Chu Yu headed off in a direction under Zhao Kai’s guidance.

After they gained some distance, Zhao Kai became more energetic and said to Chu Yu, "Heavenly Doctor Song... no, Sensei Song, your name has been heard throughout the entire school, many of us have admired you for quite some time.

"I am not famous, I am just an ordinary person." Then, Chu Yu asked Zhao Kai, "Can you tell me more about the Pill Refining Section?"

"Yes Sensei Song."

Zhao Kai was easy to talk to. From the way he spoke, he did not seem to be on the same side as Sun Zhangshan.

"To be honest, the Pill Refining Section is the weakest in the entire Purple Cloud School."

Zhao Kai admitted to this bitterly.

He said, "The great pill masters... even the powerful ones, are not willing to teach here. If there are no good teachers, the students can’t be great. As such, our Pill Refining Section is extremely weak. Excluding you and including me, there are only four teachers. You are the first Sensei."

"..." Chu Yu looked at him, shocked. Then, he asked, "What about students?"

"Ahem... there are twelve students." Zhao Kai blushed and then said, "Do you know, I have been in the Purple Cloud School for three years, but that is the first time someone of that level contacted me personally. My excitement was boundless... I just didn’t dare to show it."

"..." Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, he didn’t know what to say.

Even though the Purple Cloud School was not humongous, it had at least a tens of thousands of students.

In his view, even a small Pill Refining Section should have at least a couple of thousand people?

Yet, Zhao Kai had just told him they only had 12 people...

Is this a joke?

Zhao Kai looked at Chu Yu’s shocked expression and stammered, "And... these twelve students are all... ladies."

"..." Chu Yu stared at the sky and took a deep breath.

He told himself, Calm, be calm! Take a deep breath! Don’t get angry!

I am just here to understand more about the Mirror World, so I just have to assimilate temporarily.

After I am finished with Yi’s test, I will still return to that world.

Then... battle preparation!

To defend my hometown with my life.

Perhaps being born in this era was my destiny.

Zhao Kai continued, "Also, these girls are all the students relegated by the other sections. They have nowhere else to go. Actually, they are quite talented, but... not very obedient.


Okay then, Chu Yu was expressionless, he was numb to it.

He began to prepare himself for what he was about to face.

Zhao Kai brought Chu Yu to a very secluded row of infrastructure.


From the outside, these buildings looked good.


And they had a magnificent aura.

However, there were virtually no people here. Now that Zhao Kai and Chu Yu were here, they still did not see another soul.


Only when they proceeded inside did they see three people approaching.

Chu Yu looked at them, momentarily speechless.

Another three King’s Realm cultivators.

On Earth and in this era, a King’s Realm cultivator was not weak.

But this was the Mirror World!

An unsealed gathering place for all the powerful cultivators in the universe!

Chu Yu knew that the Purple Cloud School was not a top school, but the key is, as the best school in the region, its section should have better people , no?

What he did not know was that not only was he disappointed with the teachers, the teachers were disappointed when they saw him too.

Heavenly Doctor Song’s appearance and reputation had preceded him, but they did not know his cultivation level from a picture.

They had initially thought that the Purple Cloud Constabulary had invited a young and talented sensei!

Having such a youthful talent join the Pill Refining Section was extremely beneficial to them.

However, they did not expect that the energy he exuded would be so weak.

He was just a Xiantian cultivator!

Damn it, he isn’t even as strong as the teachers?

Is he really a sensei?

Could he be a fake?

Over here, Chu Yu did not bother using his vertical eye’s power to hide anything. He was just a Xiantian cultivator and there were so many King’s Realm cultivators. There was nothing to hide.

Zhao Kai introduced the group to Chu Yu, "This is Teacher Wang Rui!"

A tall and slim youth nodded tiredly at Chu Yu, "Greetings, Sensei Song."

"This is Teacher Wu Heng," Zhao Kai introduced the second man.

This man was of average build, in his early forties and sported a moustache. There was a glint in his eyes.

He looked at Chu Yu and smiled hypocritically, "Greetings, Sensei Song."

"This is Teacher Xiao Zijian." Zhao Kai introduced the last man.

This man was handsome, about 1.9m tall and had bright eyes and beautiful brows.

He looked at Chu Yu and smiled flatly, "You are the legendary Heavenly Doctor Song?"
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