Chapter 165: Reprimand

Chapter 165: Reprimand

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Xiao Zijian lay there, his organs turning inside him. In an instant, all of his arrogance and confidence left him, that was so painful!

How vicious, was it necessary to hit me so hard?

I just didn’t like you and challenged your authority?

Was this necessary?

Was such viciousness needed?

"Aiyo..." Xiao Zijian moaned, his face writhing in pain.

When he looked at Chu Yu, he did not even dare to have a trace of resentment.

He knew that this man had already held back!

Where is this monster from?

Isn’t he a Heavenly Doctor?

A medical practitioner... either refines pills or medicine, else, they are a pure doctor.

Where would you find such a person?

What a setup!

The three girls were still stunned by what they saw. They were in disbelief that the powerful Teacher Xiao Zijian could not even take one attack from this new sensei, being sent flying with a single blow.

The tanned girl was especially scared, her eyes filled with fear as she blinked.

At this point, Chu Yu turned to her and bared his teeth.


"Ah!" The girl jumped out of her skin, turned, and ran!

Almost like a frightened bunny, she was gone in an instant.


The other two girls also looked at Chu Yu with fear, then disappeared.

Zhao Kai walked over to help Xiao Zijian up.

"Ay... it hurts, don’t touch that spot... yes yes yes, aiyo... don’t touch that spot!"

Xiao Zijian cried.

Wang Rui and moustached Wu Heng were embarrassed. If they were not seeing this, the words could be easily misunderstood.

Chu Yu looked at Xiao Zijian flatly.

Xiao Zijian’s fear was palpable, "You, what do you want to do? Let me tell you, I... I... I..."

Chu Yu walked towards him and Xiao Zijian’s confidence disappeared.

In the end, with Chu Yu in front of him, Xiao Zijian cried out hysterically, "Kill me! Kill me! Aren’t you just a battle cultivator? Kill me! Ow ow ow, I know my mistake, I know the error of my ways, really, please, please don’t hit me, it hurts!"

Zhao Kai, who was supporting Xiao Zijian was greatly embarrassed as his mouth twitched with awkwardness


He could feel that Xiao Zijian was shivering. Even though it was faint, but he could feel it.

Since when was Xiao Zijian so cowardly?

He was always so confident when challenging other life cultivators.

So full of oppressiveness.

What a huge difference?

Anyone who was defeated in battle... at least went through the battle.

But now, even before the battle, he was giving up?

If not for the fact that Xiao Zijian would crumple to the ground if he let go, Zhao Kai really wanted to just leave him here.

How embarrassing!

Chu Yu looked at Xiao Zijian speechlessly.

He had walked over not to hit Xiao Zijian again. For scum like Zijian, Chu Yu’s victory would just be a formality.

He had only wanted to tell Xiao Zijian that they could fight it out if he wasn’t satisfied.

But it would seem that that would be unnecessary.

At this point, moustached Wu Heng came over to salvage the situation, "Sensei Song, please don’t be angry, we still have to work together in order to build up the Pill Refining Section..."

"Teacher Wu Heng is it?" Chu Yu interrupted him rudely and asked him seriously, "Does the Purple Cloud School currently have a Pill Refining Section?"


Wu Heng was embarrassed. He thought to himself, I didn’t antagonize you, why are you targeting me like that?

Chu Yu looked at Wu Heng, then at Wang Rui, and sighed, "Really, I didn’t want to say this, but I can’t take it any longer. You are a bunch of trash! You can’t even be considered ordinary!"

"You..." Wu Heng’s expression changed, fury building up in his eyes.

However, realizing the this man’s terrifying battle power, he could only suppress his fury.

Wang Rui felt the same way too as he frowned, "Sensei Song, don’t you think that what you said is a little too much?"

Zhao Kai, who was supporting Xiao Zijian, lowered his head awkwardly.

In fact, he had felt this way for a long time.

The few of them only blamed the Purple Cloud School for being unwilling to give them resources. They thought that with resources, they could also be powerful.

However, they never recognized their own inability and lack of power.

If they were powerful enough, then there would definitely be students willing to come over to train with them.

Even if they couldn’t be the best, they could at least be better than their current state - They only had 12 dropouts from the entire school.

"Is it too much? I don’t think so."

Chu Yu looked at him, "I even think that I might be too lenient."

This triggered even Zhao Kai, You already called us trash, and that’s a compliment?

Then, if you aren’t complimenting us, what are we?


Zhao Kai could feel the trembling from Xiao Zijian increase.

This should be from fury and disbelief.

"Think about it, what is your status? What do you do?" Chu Yu looked at them and asked flatly.

The few of them stiffened and looked at each other. They thought to themselves, What is our status? Teachers of course! We are teachers in the Purple Cloud School!


"Do you all think that you are teachers in the Purple Cloud School?"

Chu Yu looked at them and asked, "Then, do you carry yourselves like teachers?"

"The Mirror World preaches respect for your teachers! However, with the exception of Zhao Kai, none of you carry yourselves this way!"

"The moment I came here, Xiao Zijian came to challenge me, he must have been provoked by others and used as an ambassador?"

"Even though I may not be extremely powerful, but I am still a Sensei. No matter how unhappy you all are, you all should be defeating me in your professions!"

"Do you think that you can use your gaze to defeat me? Or defeat me in battle?"

"You all don’t respect those above you. What about to your students? What were those students doing? Not only did you all ignore it, you all accepted it!"

"Do you all think that they are just garbage? Beyond reproach? Let them have their freedom... and be on their way!"

Chu Yu’s voice was cold and each statement made everyone blush, unable to rebut.

Especially Xiao Zijian, he couldn’t help but look at Wu Heng and Wang Rui.

Chu Yu was not wrong in what he said. These two men had been fanning the flames, saying that they must show the incoming sensei who the real boss of the Pill Refining Section is.

When Chu Yu said the last sentence, he could keenly feel a wave of energy nearby.

That group of kids must be eavesdropping huh?

How immature!

Didn’t they know that to a cultivator, this distance was completely insignificant?

Even Zhao Kai and the teachers must know that they were hiding there.

Chu Yu stared at these men and asked.

"That’s what you were thinking, isn’t it?"

How could they admit to it knowing that those mischievous students were listening in?

Wang Rui explained weakly, "Actually, that’s not true, we also wanted to try..."

"Wow, are you all so cowardly that you can’t even face your own thoughts and emotions? Do you have to embarrass yourself like that?"

Chu Yu looked at them with disdain and laughed coldly, "Let me tell you, there are no bad students in this world, only incapable teachers!"



Wang Rui and Wu Heng reacted the quickest, clearly exasperated.

They were scolding him in their hearts. F*ck this guy... I finally understand, you are scolding us whilst trying to curry favour!

But, both Wang Rui and Wu Heng were laughing coldly inside.

You want to move this group of girls? Quit dreaming!

If it was that easy, do we need to be here taking your scolding? Do you really think we never tried being nurturing? Do you think we never tried pulling rank?

We once had confidence in them too, and we used countless methods to train them, but none had worked!

This was an unteachable group!

Do you think that a couple of statements can buy them over?


Chu Yu had never thought that this could get these rebellious kids on his side, but he had another way.

It must be said that although the Earth was sealed for 60 million years, the humans on Earth were still the smartest!

They always found a way out.

For example, before Chu Yu was born, and before the world had recuperated, these rebellious kids were in abundance in every school.

These were just rebellious kids. Chu Yu was clear that when dealing with such kids, you could not go with or against them. You had to make them accept you as a part of them in order to teach them!

Even though this world had great technology, their teaching... Chu Yu was beginning to despise their teaching standards.

If the entire Mirror World was this way, then Chu Yu could do even more.

"You never looked inside for the reason why the students don’t respect you. Have you ever wondered why they despise you? Why they do things without hesitation?"

Chu Yu said, "If you want others to respect you, you have to respect yourself! Carry yourself like a teacher, and a sensei first!"


A voice could be heard from the side.

This nearly angered Wang Rui and the others to death.

They thought to themselves, It’s fine that the new sensei is schooling us, but now you students too? It would seem that we have been too lenient with you!"

At this point, a girl walked over.

She was tall, had lively eyes and white teeth, her flowing hair resting on her shoulders. She wore a purple miniskirt, revealing her long, slender legs. She was a pretty girl.

He large eyes looked at Chu Yu fearlessly as she smiled, "They are really quite incapable..."

"Yuwen Xiaoxiao... are you asking for a beating?" Wu Heng was angry as he pointed at the purple girl, his hands trembling, "You, you, you..."

"What? If you’re unhappy let’s fight it out?" The girl in the purple miniskirt challenged as she raised her head to look at Wu Heng.
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