Chapter 167: A Bunch of Beansprouts

Chapter 167: A Bunch of Beansprouts

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"..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao was speechless, she had thought of many replies.


For example, you’re not my type; for example, you’re not pretty; even, I am not fit for you.

But she didn’t expect to get such an answer.

The Mirror World was not Earth, and there were major differences between the two societies.

For example, minors referred to males under 16 years old and females under 14 years old.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was already 16-17 years old, but to Chu Yu, she was still an immature girl in her rebellious phase.

However, to Yuwen Xiaoxiao, she could get married if she wanted to!

"You’re the minor!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes. She finally stopped and looked at Wu Heng with condescension, "Teacher Wu, how about you be the judge?"


Wu Heng did not care about someone as weak as her!

He was an intermediate level pill refiner and could judge the quality of the pills relatively well.

Furthermore, he did not think that Yuwen Xiaoxiao could refine pills. He thought that when he opened the pill furnace, he would see a lump of medicine?

As such, he did not hesitate to walk over to Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s pill furnace.

He didn’t even bother opening his own pill furnace, he knew exactly what his pills looked like.

When he came to Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s pill furnace, Wu Heng was in no hurry to open the lid. He walked around the pill furnace, his expression solemn and slightly sympathetic.

"Oi, what are you doing?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao frowned and looked at Wu Heng guardedly.

"This pill furnace is not bad, but, what a pity!" Wu Heng stopped.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao did not care much about that and laughed coldly, "Of course my pill furnace is good! You don’t have to tell me that."

Wu Heng’s lips twitched in anger. He continued, "It’s such a pity that it is in the hands of someone who doesn’t know how to use it properly, what a waste!"

"Okay enough, stop bragging, open up the lid and you’ll know who’s the one demeaning powerful items." Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Wu Heng in exasperation.

Wu Heng smiled coldly and reached for the cover, "You really don’t admit defeat until..."


Before he could finish, he stood there, stunned. His smile froze and his eyes revealed a sense of disbelief.

Inside the pill furnace were 24 identical brown pills arranged neatly!

Each one had a large amount of spiritual energy.

Even though the pills were small, as a cultivator, Wu Heng could still make out the engravings on the pills!

The two of them had put in an identical amount of spiritual grass, but he only managed to refine 16 pills.

On his best day, he could only refine between 18-20 pills.

For a pill refiner, he did not need to open the lid to know how many pills he had refined.

How humiliating!

As such, not only did Yuwen Xiaoxiao not fail and refine a pile of medicinal waste... she actually managed to refine 24 identically sized pills!

He had already lost based on number!

He was completely humiliated!

Refining 24 pills was the most basic requirement for an advanced level pill refiner.

What had shocked him and made him despair was not the number of pills. It was the engravings on each of the pills!

Each pill had a different design, and they were all unique.

This was clearly the mark of someone who had entered the advanced level of pill refining!

This unteachable, disrespectful, lawless girl... was actually an advanced level pill refiner?

Wu Heng could not face this fact, such a blow was nearly fatal!

Thinking about what he had said, each sentence was like a vicious slap to his face.

They stung so much that he could no longer feel the pain.

He was numb!

Looking at Wu Heng’s despair, the three of them at the side were stunned.

Xiao Zijian had more or less recovered. Seeing the situation, he walked over, but he still guarded against Chu Yu, afraid that Chu Yu would attack him.

Chu Yu didn’t to know whether to laugh or to cry. No wonder the Pill Refining Section is so weak... these teachers, are hopeless!

Zhao Kai and Wang Rui also walked over and looked into Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s pill furnace with Xiao Zijian.

Just a glance stunned all three of them.

Zhao Kai said in amazement, "Superior pills? How... is this possible?"

"Engravings? 24 pills... advanced level pill refiner? You are at the advanced level?" Wang Rui looked at the 24 neatly placed pills in disbelief before turning to look at Yuwen Xiaoxiao.

"Haha." Yuwen Xiaoxiao laughed icily.

Xiao Zijian couldn’t help but reach out his hand, take a pill and sniff it. Then, his face turned ashen, "It really was refined just now... the spiritual energy is really strong!"

Even though he had seen Yuwen Xiaoxiao put the spiritual grass into the furnace, he still could not believe his eyes.

Now that he verified it, he was completely stunned.

At this point, the other girls walked over.

The 12 of them looked similar. They wore weird clothings and had ridiculous makeup.

This made CHu Yu think about a documentary he saw about the smart unorthodox group in China...

In comparison, the tanned girl and her two counterparts, together with Yuwen Xiaoxiao, were considered normal.

Chu Yu felt an urge to grab these girls and spank them, then turn their hair color back and have them wear ordinary clothes.

But he did not do that, he just glanced at them, then turned away.

The tanned girl and her two buddies were hiding behind, not willing to look at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s punch on Xiao Zijian had a lasting impression on them.

How vicious, he hit him without even saying anything!

"Teacher Wu, can you announce the results?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Wu Heng arrogantly.

Wu Heng seemed to age decades in an instant and he smiled bitterly, "You won, i am not fit to be a teacher in the Purple Cloud School."


Then, he turned and left without hesitation!

He could not stay here any longer.

Even though he did not produce many results before, he still felt confident in his heart.

There was no stronger pill refiner in the entire Purple Cloud School.

Pill refiners were the rarest amongst all the life cultivators.

In order to be a pill refiner, a basic necessity was money!

Else, how would one gain access to superior medicine?

As such, even an intermediate level pill refiner held decent standing in the Purple Cloud School and was widely respected.

Of course, with the exception of these 12 girls.

However, the quality that he was most proud of... was now no longer something he could be proud of!

The lawless girl had actually beaten him handedly in his best field!

She had completely schooled him!

How could he continue here?

No matter how good the Purple Cloud School treated him, he could no longer stay here.

Xiao Zijian sighed, then left too.

Wang Rui stiffened, then also left.

"Ay... you all..." Zhao Kai’s expression was conflicted and pained.


He was not a pill refiner, but he was a medicinal teacher. He had great expertise in cultivating various spiritual medicine.

He was also of the intermediate level.

He had seen his three colleagues leave without a second word.

He was also contemplating taking his leave.

However, he couldn’t bear to leave. He came from an average family. Medicine and pill refiners were different, pill refiners needed large amounts of resources but medicine masters... did not have such expenditures.

He treasures his job at the Purple Cloud School and didn’t want to give it up.

At this point, Chu Yu said, "I lack an assistant, Zhao Kai, if you are willing, stay beside me and help me."

"Ah, sure, sure!" Zhao Kai agreed to it instantly, feeling a sense of assurance.

It wasn’t that he didn’t want to leave, but that Heavenly Doctor Song had asked him to stay.

"Old Song, hold up, don’t be in a hurry to get an assistant, what is your speciality?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao challenged him. "Since you are a sensei, you must be exemplary in a field. You must be more powerful than those crappy teachers, so what field are you a sensei in?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s words made Zhao Kai pale and furious at the same time.

He could not say anything to defend himself, but he could say something to defend the sensei. He burst out, "Sensei Song is the heavenly doctor who cured Teacher Liu Yuyan!"

"What? He cured Teacher Liu Yuyan?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao was stunned.

They did not really care about the happenings around the school, but they did know about the Purple Cloud Constabulary’s Princess Liu Yuyan’s condition.

She was a genuine Heaven’s Pride talent. Regardless of her status or her talent or her cultivation level, the girls all respected her greatly.

They had heard that Liu Yuyan had gone home to nurse her illness, then heard news that countless doctors and pill masters, even a guru, had gone to try to cure her, but there was no news of her recovery.

Little did they expect that this unassuming youth had cured Liu Yuyan.

"You’re a Heavenly Doctor?" The tanned girl burst out from the crowd and she looked at Chu Yu with hope and fear. Then she fell to her knees, "Please save my mother!"

The two girls who were her companions also knelt down, "Please save Yueyue’s mother!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s expression also turned serious as she looked at Chu Yu, "Oi, Old Song, if you can cure Yueyue’s mother, the 12 of us will listen to you! You and only you!"


"That’s right!"

"As long as you can save her mother, we will listen to you!"

These girls were all serious.

This group of girls seemed rather united?

Chu Yu thought about it, then smiled faintly as he looked at the girl kneeling in front of him, "Why should I save her?"

"Aren’t you a heavenly doctor?" One of the girls looked at Chu Yu with anger, "Don’t tell me you bear a grudge against Yueyue? How shameless!"

"..." Chu Yu looked at her with exasperation and said coldly, "What so you think?"


The entire group of girls, including Zhao Kai, were stunned.

They only understood what Chu Yu meant after a while.

Even the tanned girl could not resist but look up at Chu Yu in fear, humiliation, and anger.

"Why are you like that? Old Song, you disappoint me!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao said.

"Enough with your lack of respect. If you want me to save someone, I will do it, but I have a request." Chu Yu said expressionlessly, "Also, I have no interest in you beansprouts."
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