Chapter 171: Wager

Chapter 171: Wager

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Yuwen Xiaoxiao did not look convinced.

She did have a lot of experience in pill refining.

There was a pill master in her clan, as well as many advanced level pill refiners.

Since young, she had been under the tutelage of the aged pill master, albeit against her will.

Right now, she was at least an advanced level pill refiner.

She just didn’t go through the official accreditation.

Based on her current abilities and Chu Yu’s guidance, it was not difficult to refine this cauldron of pills.

However, Yuwen Xiaoxiao did not know this.

Based on her pill refining knowledge, the pills in the furnace right now must be completely useless.

She thought that it may even be just a pile of medicine pulp!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s hand hovered over the lid to the furnace but she did not open it. Instead, she smiled sheepishly at Chu Yu.

"Sensei, what if these pills are useless? To be honest, I’ve been learning pill refininf since young. I have quite a bit of experience, though I must say I am not very good."

"And so?"

Chu Yu smiled at her, and felt a tinge of craftiness in her eyes.

What a crafty little girl!

Chu Yu could not help but exclaim to himself.

He could tell that Yuwen Xiaoxiao really did not know if she had managed to successfully refine the pills.

But she was too smart!

By challenging herself, she also wanted to assert her dominance!

Even though the statement seemed conflicting, it was simple.

If Chu Yu succeeded, it would mean that this sensei was extremely powerful!

He could succeed simply by giving instructions.


Then, in the future, he would command a lot more respect from these girls.

Even if she failed, then Yuwen Xiaoxiao could not be fully blamed for her execution either.

She had said so herself, she had quite a bit of experience but she was not extremely skillful.

Either way, Chu Yu would not lose face over this.

This tactic... at this age.

She would be a terror to deal with when she grows up!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was extremely smart, and she knew that sensei already understood her intent. She smiled, "So, I surmise that I have refined a cauldron of useless pills. After all, I am not a sensei."

Chu Yu admired this girl and he smiled, "What if you lose?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao challenged him, smiling, "What if sensei loses?"

The other girls could not help but smile, they loved to see others lose.

One had to admit that Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s acting... was superb!

She had allowed Chu Yu to read her, yet, she managed to hide her intentions from her friends.

If she starred in a movie on Earth, wouldn’t she be the Queen of Theater?

Amongst all of them, Yueyue was the only nervous one, after all, this concerned her mother’s illness.

But at the same time, she was also curious, who would win?

Chu Yu smiled, "If I lose, then from today onwards, you all can dress however you like, I don’t care! But, you must still attend lessons. Is that okay? But what if you lose?"

"If I lose, then from this day on, we will listen to you, no matter what the issue is!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao said.

"Nope, you have already agreed to this. As long as I can cure Yueyue’s mother, you will listen to me." Chu Yu was not falling for it.

"Then... how about this, if we lose."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao made sure to include everybody in this wager.

"If we lose, then from this day on, not only will we listen to you, also... we will work hard to improve ourselves and get a good ranking during the interschool competition and bring you glory!"

Chu Yu thought about it, "Just a good ranking will not do, at least... you all must be in the top three?"

"Top Three?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao was stunned.

"Sensei, do you know how scary the best schools in the Mirror World are? Top three. If we can get top hundred, it should be a cause for celebration no? The Principal would be over the moon!"

"Don’t talk rubbish, don’t you all believe in your talent?" Chu Yu asked.

"No, we believe in our talent, but..." Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu carefully as she thought to herself, But I don’t think that sensei is that powerful!

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, "If you all are really that talented and willing to work hard and learn, I assure you that I will teach you the most superior pill refining knowledge there is in this world!"

The teachings of a saint...

Knowledge that will make the best schools in the Mirror World go crazy over.

If this isn’t the best knowledge there is out there, what is?

For Chu Yu, even if he didn’t impart all of his knowledge to them, at the very least, he would teach them some of it.

How much he would teach them would depend on their abilities and attitude in the coming days.

"Are you for real?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s eyes lit up.

"For real!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao turned back to glance at her friends.

All of them nodded seriously.

"It’s a deal!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao extended her tiny white hand.

"It’s a deal!" Chu Yu replied.

Chu Yu then gave her a hi five to seal the deal.

Afterwards, Yuwen Xiaoxiao opened the lid without hesitation.

Bi Yueyue was the first to rush over, she was the most concerned.

The others all leaned over and looked into the pill furnace.


They all gasped in amazement.

There were 24 identically sized brown pills laid out in near order. Each pill had intricate and unique engravings.

This was the trademark of someone who had been trained by a school.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was stunned when she saw the pills.

Bi Yueyue’s tears flowed, a few others were also tearing, emotions overwhelming them.

"Yueyue’s mother is saved!"

"This is great, Xiaoxiao managed to refine such wonderful pills, Xiaoxiao is awesome!"

"I never thought that sensei would be so powerful, all he needed to do was give instructions..."

"Hey please? These pills were refined by me okay?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao glared at the girl who praised Chu Yu.

This result had shocked her even though she had suspected that the pills were a success from Chu Yu’s confidence. Even though she did not really believe in herself, she still played along with Chu Yu.

But she had never thought that not only were the pills a success, it was clear that these pills were many times stronger than the pills she refined ordinarily!

Both the color and the medicinal properties were at least three times stronger!

Old Song was really powerful!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was really quite stunned. Even the pill master she had studied under may not be able to refine pills of such quality.

It would seem that Old Song did have a trick or two up his sleeves.

Chu Yu did not mention the bet. With girls as proud as them, the less he talked about it, the more they would keep to their promise.

Even though they might be unwilling, they will still keep to it!

Haha, rebellious teens.

Teens in their rebellious phase would purposely go against what they were told!


Please, we don’t like to be taught!

"Yueyue, take three of the pills and give it to your mum. Then, give her one every four hours, remember, it is one..." The Mirror World followed the same system of time. This system of time was universal.

At this point, Bi Pengcheng just came back. Seeing Chu Yu, he bowed deeply, perpendicular to the ground.

"Thank you Heavenly Doctor Song, I will never forget what you’ve done for us. If you ever need anything from the Bi Clan, we will definitely help you out!"

Chu Yu helped Bi Pengcheng up and said, "Healing the wounded and curing the sick is the duty of a doctor, Master Bi need not be so kind."

"You’re our savior, our savior!" Bi Pengcheng’s eyes reddened and he choked, "We have come upon..."

Then, he stopped, he did not want to air the dirty laundry in front of the girls.

Afterwhich, Bi Pengcheng arranged for a banquet to thank Chu Yu and the girls.

Everyone but Bi Yueyue left for the banquet, Yueyue stayed behind to look after her mother.

Zhao Kai had wanted to come in and take a look. But the backyard was a place for women, and he could only wait outside.

Seeing Chu Yu and the group walk out, he approached them and carefully observed their expressions.

Chu Yu was expressionless, but the girls were all celebrating. They did not need to speak for him to know the results.


Zhao Kai looked like a huge load was off his shoulders.

He heaved a sigh of relief.

At the banquet, virtually the entire Bi Clan leadership was present.

This was an extremely bonded family and everyone came over to thank Chu Yu.

Chu Yu also put aside his other thoughts and enjoyed the delicacies of the Mirror World.

Of course, everyone related to Yueyue’s aunty did not turn up.

Chu Yu wasn’t too concerned about that aunt’s fate. Anyone who tried to do harm to another would suffer retribution.

He believed that as a leader, Bi Pengcheng would have no problems settling this issue.

After the meal, there was someone to usher Chu Yu specially to the guest room.

It was late, and Yueyue’s mother had not regained consciousness. Chu Yu wanted to wait for Yueyue’s mother to wake before he could relax.

What Chu Yu did not expect was that an accident was about to befall them.

The girls were living in the backyard whilst he and Zhao Kai lived in the front.

The moment he returned to his room, Chu Yu felt that someone was watching him.

At the same time, there was a faint aura of killing intent directed towards him.

Chu Yu raised his guard, then, all of a sudden, he punched outside the window!


That wooden window was shattered.

A figure actually rushed towards Chu Yu’s fist.

An explosion rang out.


Loud booms could be heard.

The person was of extremely high cultivation level!

He was a Supreme Realm cultivator!

Chu Yu was stunned, his organs turning in his body.

But he did not fear. He rushed out of the room and began to fight with this man.

At the same time, Chu Yu drew the fight outwards.

He wanted to use this battle to form his golden pill and enter the King’s Realm!
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