Chapter 173: Killing the Supreme Realm Cultivator

Chapter 173: Killing the Supreme Realm Cultivator

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An increase in cultivation level was also an increase in power. In that instant, Chu Yu could feel the changes in his body.

It was a change in the makeup of his body!

The wounds on his body, the torn muscles and shattered bones all healed at an astonishing speed. This speed was incredible!

This was the healing power of a powerful cultivator.

Chu Yu looked within himself and found that the faint purple gas that was present in all his meridians was going towards the golden pill, forming layers around it.

Very soon, the newly formed golden pill was covered by the purple gas.

It became a pill which glowed purple.

In that instant, Chu Yu’s body jerked slightly as his sense perked up by many times!

The entire space between heaven and earth sprung to life in his eyes.

When he looked at the attacking Supreme Realm cultivator, it felt like his attacks were much slower than before.

Chu Yu could see his every move clearly.

Previously, Chu Yu could only dodge his sacred art attacks by using the Racing Sacred Art. However, now, he could clearly trace each attack and the path it was taking.!

It was almost like a mystical force was guiding the energy as it locked onto him.



Chu Yu managed to dodge the rays of light directed at him...

Finally, with a huge tremor, the mountain collapsed, bringing with it all the ancient trees. Plumes of dust were sent skyward, forming a mushroom cloud in the air.

The Lu Clan Supreme Realm cultivator in the air was stunned. He was stupefied just looking at the figure hopping and dodging around.

What was happening?

He had just used the sacred art to injure this guy so heavily... of course, or so he thought. In fact, Chu Yu was still relatively healthy.

How could it be that he managed to become so powerful in an instant?

He did not feel any energy fluctuations from this guy. Could it be that he broke through all of a sudden?

Chu Yu’s vertical eye could block out all the energy fluctuations. The only way others sensed anything was if Chu Yu wanted them to.

Else, not even a Supreme Realm cultivator could tell that Chu Yu had broken through to the King’s Realm.

As Chu Yu ran, he kept observing the Supreme Realm cultivator in mid air as he calculated his odds of success.

This man did not just enter the Supreme Realm and was relatively strong.

It was a pity he met with a Heaven’s Pride Talent like Chu Yu. Any lesser Xiantian cultivator would have been killed by a single blow.

"I don’t believe that I can’t kill an ant like you!"

This Supreme Realm cultivator was furious as he retrieved a short blade.

This was a Supreme Realm magical equipment. After it was activated, it formed a radiant blade of light and chopped down at Chu Yu.

Only when the blade aura reached Chu Yu could a crack be heard from behind.

This was it!

Chu Yu was waiting for such an opportunity. He harnessed all the energy of a King’s Realm cultivator and leapt into the air. It was almost as if he was propelled by jet fuel. In his hand was an ancient longsword!

The replica Divine Punisher Blade!

Chu Yu was like a cannonball.

He was incredibly fast!

The Supreme Realm cultivator in the air was using all his power to control the short blade. In the instant that Chu Yu burst towards him, the short blade penetrated Chu Yu’s shadow and went into the forest.

An explosion rang out, accompanied by a radiant ball of light.

The entire mountain peak was blown apart by the blade’s energy!

It threw up plumes of dust and smoke!

In that instant, Chu Yu, blade in hand, had already arrived in front of the Supreme Realm cultivator.

"How is this possible!’

The Supreme Realm cultivator was stunned!

Even though Xiantian cultivators could go airborne, they could not reach such an altitude.

He feared Chu Yu’s battle prowess in melee range. As such, he chose to go airborne and keep a safe distance.

A Xiantian cultivator could not possibly be this fast!

And he could not reach such altitude!

It was too late to recall the blade.

He could only harness all of his energy and attempt to climb.

But Chu Yu... was too fast!

At this point, Chu Yu had only grasped two sacred arts, Gluttonous and Racing.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to go faster than the Supreme Realm cultivator.

Seeing that his opponent was retreating, Chu Yu opened his mouth and began to use the Gluttonous Sacred Art on the Supreme Realm cultivator.


This Supreme Realm cultivator let out a chilling scream!

All of his energy disappeared from his body in an instant.

He was completely stunned!

What kind of sacred art was this?

How could it suck away all the energy in my body?

This Supreme Realm cultivator was scared out of his wits. He only thought of one thing - run!

He couldn’t care about anything else!

Chu Yu absorbed the Supreme Realm cultivator’s energy in an instant. Even though it looked like there was minimal change to his body, his internal energy was like an inflated balloon!

With the sacred art suppressing it, this "balloon" will not explode, but it will expand!

This made Chu Yu want to burst out!

The Replica Divine Punisher Blade in his hand glowed radiantly like the sun!

The light stretched for thousands of meters.



Chu Yu bellowed.

He raised the Replica Divine Punisher Blade and chopped down at the Supreme Realm cultivator.

This cultivator let out a scream of despair as he was beheaded.

His nascent soul flew out from his body and attempted to make a run for it.

But Chu Yu used the Gluttonous Sacred Art and swallowed the nascent soul.

This was too dangerous!

It was like a snake swallowing an elephant!

Chu Yu’s body could not contain such terrifying energy.

But apart from being scary, the sacred art allowed him to suppress and quell this force.

The Supreme Realm cultivator’s nascent soul let out a bone chilling cry. He had been locked down by the sacred art and the nascent soul, formed from pure energy, was like a snowman under hot sun.

That energy disappeared in an instant.

"Let me off..." He pleaded.


Chu Yu chuckled icily.

He raised the Replica Divine Punisher Blade and chopped down.


A crisp crack echoed out, almost as if he was chopping ceramic.

The nascent soul was shattered!

Before the energy could disappear, Chu Yu swallowed it all.

Then, the Gluttonous Sacred Art began to divide the terrifying energy as it helped to improve Chu Yu’s body, meridians, bones...

Chu Yu could clearly feel the changes to his body.

He was getting stronger!

Even so, there was a large amount of energy that he couldn’t use. At this point, his vertical eye sucked up all of the remaining energy.

Chu Yu hovered in mid air, wielding the Replica Divine Punisher Blade in his hand.

In the air, the wind blew his clothes around, making ‘whoosh’ sounds.

He was like a statue of god, completely expressionless.

He was just reflecting on this battle.

He had just killed a Supreme Realm cultivator as a King’s Realm cultivator.

Such battle power would make him a youthful Heaven’s Pride talent in the Mirror World.

After some time, a figure appeared in the distance.

Those were the Bi Clan experts.

One could not blame them for being late, Chu Yu and the Supreme Realm cultivator had run too far.

And the battle did not last for very long.

Chu Yu kept the Replica Divine Punisher Blade and descended.

Upon seeing that Chu Yu was okay, the Bi Clan experts all heaved a sigh of relief.

However, when they saw the carnage, all of them gasped.

Their expressions changed when they next looked at Chu Yu!

How was this a bullying match? This was clearly the wreckage left behind from a battle between two Supreme Realm powers!

This Heavenly Doctor Song... this Sensei Song from the Purple Cloud School was not simple!

This thought formed in all of their minds.

"It’s good that Sensei Song is okay."

"Apologies, we were late, it is a good thing that Sensei Song is fine."

The two Supreme Realm cultivators sighed and said.

"Thank you for your assistance, it is a good thing I have some tricks up my sleeve." Chu Yu smiled and lied.

Whether they bought it or not was of no importance to Chu Yu. The key here was that they had to go along with his explanation.

Afterwhich, someone managed to find out the identity of this Lu Clan Supreme Realm expert.

When they realized who it was, they were all shocked.

"Lu Tianxiang, it is him..." One of the Bi Clan Supreme Realm Elder’s mouth twitched, then he smiled bitterly at Chu Yu, "Rest assured Sensei Song, the Bi Clan will settle this!’

"Hm? What is this man’s background?" Chu Yu asked.


"Mm, he comes from one of the top hundred schools, and is a teacher in that institution." The Bi Clan Supreme Realm Elder smiled weakly "We were still wondering who would assassinate Sensei Song. So it is him, he is probably one of the strongest exponents in the Lu Clan."

"Top 100 School? Teacher?"

Chu Yu frowned and said, "I killed the man. If anyone asks, just tell them that."

He was already in the King’s Realm. He could give most Supreme Realm cultivators a run for their money.

"After we report this to Master, we will find an appropriate way to close the issue without implicating sensei." The Bi Clan Supreme Realm cultivator was sincere, "After all, Sensei Song only had such enemies because you helped its. We will definitely not implicate you further."

Chu Yu nodded, he felt good vibes from this family.

Then, they returned to the city.

They also brought Lu Tianxiang’s body back to the city.

When the 12 girls and Zhao Kai saw Chu Yu, they were all ecstatic. They were so worried about him.

Now that they saw that Chu Yu was fine, they heaved a sigh of relief.

In their opinion, the Bi Clan experts had saved Chu Yu.

Bi Pengcheng also heaved a sigh of relief. However, upon knowing that the deceased was Lu Tianxiang, his expression became sullen.

If this was just a Lu Clan expert, it would have been no problem.

But Lu Tianxiang had another identity.

He was a teacher in the 96th ranked school in the Mirror World, the Wafting Fragrance School.

This was going to be difficult.
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