Chapter 174: Finding Trouble

Chapter 174: Finding Trouble

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Chu Yu quickly learnt about this and looked at Bi Pengcheng, "Did anyone see a Lu Clan person on an assassination mission?"

As leader of the clan, Bi Pengcheng was incredibly smart and he reacted quickly. He looked at the people around him and said flatly, "I don’t know where the assassinate is from, but after he failed, he disappeared."

"Exactly, he was not particularly powerful, but he ran very quickly. He was gone in the blink of an eye."

"Damned assassins are best at hiding. He ran right after he failed!’  

Many of the Bi Clan powers chimed in.

They were all cunning cultivators. Even though they didn’t catch it initially, they all reacted upon Chu Yu’s reminder.

The Lu Clan would not publicize this for fear that it would backfire on them.

Furthermore, Chu Yu was protected by the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

However, Chu Yu did not want to use that too easily. Favors are meant to be used sparingly.

As for Lu Tianxiang’s body... that was a piece of cake, there are many ways to get rid of it.

And not leave a trace behind!

In fact, it wasn’t that these people didn’t think about it, but these Mirror World citizens still followed ancient customs.

These were more regulation based as compared to the modern day.

For example, in Ancient China, when two armies clashed, the bodies of the fallen would be returned to their nation.

The people of the Bi Clan had thought the same way.

However, since this concerned the fate of their clan, they were not willing to follow through.

Furthermore, Lu Tianxiang deserved to die. He only cared about revenge and not the consequence. Even if he killed Chu Yu, what good would it do for the Lu Clan?

This was proof that impulse was indeed a demon.

The rest of the night went by without another interruption. The next morning, they received news that Yueyue’s mother had regained consciousness.

Bi Pengcheng came over to thank Chu Yu once again. This time... he was extremely sincere.

As for the Lu Clan, they did not react anymore. They were likely too overwhelmed by fear to contemplate revenge.

Yueyue’s mother was fine now, and Chu Yu proposed to leave.

After rejecting Bi Pengcheng’s requests for him to stay, Chu Yu and Zhao Kai brought the 12 girls to board the flying vehicle.

Even though Yueyue was reluctant, she wanted to follow the Sensei more than she wanted to stay.

This extremely rebellious girl had matured greatly after this incident.

As for the other 11 girls, even though they didn’t mature as much, they were exposed to many ideas previously foreign to them.

As such, on the way back, these girls were all solemn and deep in thought.

After arriving back at the Purple Cloud School, all 12 of them went back to rest.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai and Chu Yu were stopped by someone from the Purple Cloud School.

Upon seeing this man, Zhao Kai used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu, "this is one of the elders of the school... his temper is very bad, sensei, please be careful."

Chu Yu understood what he was dealing with. This elder was like the operations manager of a school on Earth.

This man was in his forties. He was extremely stern as he looked at Chu Yu condescendingly before saying slowly, "Are you the new sensei? Song Hong?"

Chu Yu nodded and smiled faintly, "That’s right, it’s me."

"I am Zhou Datong, and I am the elder in charge of discipline in the Purple Cloud School." The man introduced himself.

"Elder Zhou, it’s like that..." Zhao Kai tried to explain himself.

"Your thing can wait! You can't stay united and retreat together. Currying favor..." Zhou Datong chided.

Zhao Kai’s expression changed instantly. Even though he did not dare rebuke, he was extremely angry.

Chu Yu glanced at Zhou Datong and stopped smiling, "Isn’t Elder Zhou going overboard with that comment?"

"Don't think that you can talk to me like that just because you're a Sensei recommended by the Purple Cloud Constabulary!" Elder Zhou turned to Chu Yu and raged, "How dare you bring the students to play truant the moment you're in the school! Who gave you the power?"

Chu Yu retreated a few steps because Elder Zhou’s spittle was splattering everywhere.

Chu Yu frowned, it would seem that someone really didn't like him to teach in the Purple Cloud School.

When he thought about the way Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan looked at Liu Yuyan, Chu Yu finally understood what was going on.

"Do you know that this is a huge sin!" Elder Zhou glared at Chu Yu, "You must be punished even if you're a Sensei! At the very least, you can forget about being a Sensei! As punishment, you will be demoted to teacher. After you realize your mistake and produce results will you be promoted again!"

"Can Elder Zhou make this decision?" Chu Yu said flatly and expressionlessly.

"Why? Are you doubting me?" Elder Zhou’s expression was awful as he stared coldly at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled and ignored Elder Zhou. He turned to Zhao Kai and asked, "Is there a history of a Sensei being demoted in the Purple Cloud School?"

Zhao Kai shook his head, "Nope."

"Then, even if there was to be a demotion, does an Elder have the right to do it?" Chu Yu asked.

He did not even care about Elder Zhou, who was getting angrier and angrier.

Before Zhao Kai could say anything, a faint voice could be heard, "He doesn't have the right, but I do."

Sun Zhangshan appeared from a distance.

Chu Yu stiffened slightly, not from fear, but because he found it quite hilarious.

A Vice Principal was trying to use his rank to make life difficult for someone else simply because he was jealous... was this really an all rounded talent?

Chu Yu doubted it.

Sun Zhangshan walked out and looked at Chu Yu, "From a personal standpoint, I am grateful that you cured Teacher Yuyan..."

Before he could finish, Chu Yu interrupted him, "What do you have to do with this?"

"Rubbish! You're completely unrepentant! Do you know who you're talking to?" Elder Zhou was furious as he chided Chu Yu.

Zhao Kai was shivering from anger off to the side. He had always thought well of the Purple Cloud School. He had found this to be a fair school even though it was not particularly high ranking. He was comfortable here.

But he never expected that a Vice Principal, and an Operations Manager Elder would treat Sensei Song this way.

They chided him without even finding out the facts.

Even though they had flouted some of the rules, they had done so with reason. They should have found out those reasons before their tirade.

Furthermore, a Sensei had the right to bring their students out to train. Even though they have to report it, how many of them actually do it?

At the end of the day, Vice Principal Sun and Elder Zhou were just picking on Sensei Song.

In that moment, Zhao Kai felt that he should have just left with Wang Rui, Wu Zheng and Xiao Zijian.

There was no point in staying in this school.

Sun Zhangshan looked coldly at Chu Yu. The more he looked, the less he liked him.

He had wanted to find a way to kick this man out without offending the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

He didn't expect that his rival would give him such a great excuse...

He had brought the students out of the school without reporting their whereabouts!

Even though the other Senseis did it too, there were rules against it!

Rules that they could use when required.

He had wanted to start with a few pleasantries before disciplining him. He wanted to show Chu Yu who was boss in the school.

However, he did not expect that Chu Yu would not give him any face and rebuke him on the spot.

Sun Zhangshan was furious.

He looked at Chu Yu and smiled hypocritically, "Okay, let’s not talk about that. Let's just talk about the fact that you brought the students out of the school without reporting, according to the rules..."

Not far away, at the higher floors of the Pill Refining Section, 12 little heads popped out, their expressions furious.

They did not say anything, but they could feel each other’s fury.

"If Sensei is fired, we will go reason it out with them!" One of the girls raged.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao shook her head, "There's nothing to reason. If they fire Sensei, we will leave this place with Sensei!"


"Leave this place?"

"Where would we go to?"

A few of the girls were lost.

They were rebellious, immature, enjoyed pranks, although sometimes they went a little overboard with them.

But they were just a bunch of kids.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao glanced at them, "We are quite talented, even very talented! We weren't focused because we had horrible teachers! Now that we have a good Sensei, we will be scary once we start working hard!"

The other girls nodded solemnly, they didn't care much about anything else, but they were immensely confident when it came to their talent.

"So, if they really fire Sensei, then we will leave with him! Although the best school in the Song Country is the Purple Cloud, that doesn't mean we cannot find a slightly worse school. As long as Sensei and us have the ability, it doesn't matter where we go!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao said seriously.

The eyes of the girls all lit up.

One of them said, "Exactly, if we train seriously at another school, they will be ecstatic!"

"Then, we can shame the Purple Cloud School!"

These youthful girls were full of passion and righteousness. People they did not like could do no right and people they liked could do no wrong.

As a powerful cultivator, Sun Zhangshan heard the chatter, but his expression did not change.

They were just 12 rebellious girls with little ability without training, what use was talent?

If not for the fact that the Principal was keeping them here, he would have expelled these kids long ago.

I would love it if you will all leave with Song Hong!

As such, Sun Zhangshan was unaffected by what those girls said. He looked at Chu Yu and continued, "According to the rules..."

"I approved their expedition."

At this point, an aged voice could be heard nearby.

A figure appeared from the corner.

When Sun Zhangshan and Elder Zhou heard the voice, they stiffened, surprise filling up their faces.


"Greetings principal."

Sun Zhangshan and Elder Zhou bowed to the figure.
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