Chapter 175: How Arrogant!

Chapter 175: How Arrogant!

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Chu Yu stiffened slightly, his expression awkward. He did not expect that a small sensei like him would come to the Principal’s attention.

As for Zhao Kai, he was completely stupefied. He even forgot to greet the principal.

He bowed in panic only when the Principal approached, "I am Zhao Kai from the Pill Refining Section, greetings Principal!"

"You’re not bad, I know you. We can’t keep those who want to leave, but I hope... that in the near future, you will make them regret!" The aged man looked at Zhao Kai and said seriously.

Zhao Kai was slightly flustered and he blushed, "Rest assured Principal, I, I will definitely make them regret! I will not let you down!"

The old man nodded then turned to Chu Yu and nodded to him, "The Pill Refining Section is in your hands from now on, Sensei Song."

Chu Yu smiled and cupped his fist, "Greetings Principal, I am Song Hong. Rest assured, I will do my best!"

"Good! From this day on, the Pill Refining Section will come under me!" The aged man said flatly, "Sensei Song only needs to report to me. In a while, I will get people to send the resources for the Pill Refining Section over."

Sun Zhangshan and Elder Zhou stood rooted to the ground. They didn’t know whether to leave or stay. They were completely embarrassed.

They did not expect that the person they wanted to discipline was so treasured by the Principal.

Sun Zhangshan suddenly thought of something and chided himself for being so stupid.

The Principal... is a member of the Purple Cloud Constabulary!

Song Hong had saved the Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess’ life. As the Principal of the Purple Cloud School, as well as an elder in the Purple Cloud Constabulary... how could he not be filled with gratitude towards Song Hong?

He had considered this before, but the Principal was rarely seen in the school.

Who would have thought that just as he was about to deal with Song Hong, the Principal appeared...

It must be Liu Yuyan’s doing!

She must have informed the Principal.

Sun Zhangshan’s heart burnt with fury, suddenly feeling unwell.

But right now, he needed to calm down. Else, not only would he not gain anything, he would leave a bad taste in the Principal’s mouth. That would not be good.

As such, even though he had butterflies in his stomach, he had to seem calm on the surface.

"Principal is wise. I am in awe, I did not think things through." Sun Zhangshan said sincerely.

Then, he turned to Chu Yu, "Sensei Song, I’m sorry, I was just going by the book, it wasn’t directed at you."

"Haha." Chu Yu snickered dismissively.

It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to engage in pleasantries. However, his motive for coming to the Mirror World was simple.

He would try to pull the maximum number of people over to his side.

Other than that, everyone else is a passerby and an enemy.

People like Sun Zhangshan would never be turned.

And Sun Zhangshan would continue to find ways to harm Chu Yu.

As such, why bother giving him any chance?

Chu Yu had no intentions of staying here for long either.

When he gathered enough resources and gotten what he wanted from the Mirror World, he would return to Earth immediately.

That was his home!

Sun Zhangshan took a deep breath, and smiled radiantly, "It’s okay even if Sensei Song doesn’t understand, I believe that you’ll see what kind of person I am in the near future."

Chu Yu said flatly, "I already know what kind of person you are, you are a villain!"

"You!’ Sun Zhangshan was fuming. Is this guy crazy? Would doing this in front of the Principal do anything for you?

He sneaked a peek at the Principal’s expression - he was clearly unmoved.

"It seems that Sensei Song has many misunderstandings about me, let’s just let time speak for itself, goodbye!" Sun Zhangshan turned and left.

He was afraid that he would be angered to death by Chu Yu’s venomous words if he stayed any longer.

After saying goodbye to the Principal, Elder Zhou also left quickly.

At this point, cheers could be heard from the building behind.

"Principal is great!"


"Well done Principal!"

After having their hearts in their throats for so long, the 12 girls were extremely excited by the unexpected result.

Elder Zhou and Sun Zhangshan, who had not gone far, suddenly felt like vomiting blood when they heard the cheers.

The elderly man smiled at those girls by the window, "Why? Are you all no longer considering dragging your sensei along to a different school?"

"Nope nope, we are not leaving with such a great principal!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao said sweetly.

People who did not know her would think that she’s an adorable girl, but anyone who knows her... would never think that way.

Afterwards, the elderly man did not stay long.

He had protected Chu Yu here not because he thought that Chu Yu was great, but there was a more important reason.

The Purple Cloud Constabulary!

Chu Yu surmised that that was the only possible reason.

The leader of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, Liu Fenghui, must have told the Principal about Chu Yu. Liu Fenghui thought highly of Chu Yu because he felt that Chu Yu had an extraordinary skill.

Just considering Liu Yuyan’s case, so many great Pill Masters and Gurus could not do anything about it.

So many great doctors could not even cure her illness, yet, Chu Yu did it so easily.

Regardless of what method or technique he used, this only proved one thing: Chu Yu was quite powerful!

For someone of Liu Fenghui’s standing, he must be thinking about the big picture in every decision that he makes.

For example, you need not understand a CEO of a company on Earth or what kind of abilities he possessed. You knew that he must be relatively capable.

Anyone who could be of a particular standing and could solve unsolvable problems could not be a fake genius.

Chu Yu could think of such things because he had sufficient experience and maturity out thought.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai was extremely excited. After the Principal was long gone, he looked at Chu Yu with excitement, "Sensei, Sensei... we... can succeed now!’

Zhao Kai was on the verge of tears, his eyes red as he looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu smiled, "It is still early, we must see how these kids do..."

"Oi, Old Song, we... will keep to our promises. We said that if we lost, we would listen to you, work hard and study hard, so we will do it!’

Yuwen Xiaoxiao brought the girls over and said flatly, "However, if you want us to be extremely obedient kids, that’s not very possible, at least... not right now."

Chu Yu smiled, "When did I ask you all to be obedient girls?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the girls were stunned.

Chu Yu said, "With me supporting you, whoever dares to mock you will get it from me! Of course, as a Sensei, I hope that you can shut them up with your knowledge and abilities!"

These girls looked at Chu Yu, stunned. When they reverted to their normal looks, they were rather adorable. Right now, they looked really adorkable.

They had never thought that a Sensei would tell his own students to get at other students.

"Really?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, "Old Song, are you for real?"

Chu Yu smiled, "Do I need to bluff a bunch of young girls like you?"

"Again!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes, "How am I young?"

She tried to push out her flat chest, her expression slightly guilty.

Chu Yu looked at them sympathetically and said, "Okok, go back and rest, starting tomorrow, study hard!’

"Old Song, aren’t you going to say a few more words of encouragement?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao did not like Chu Yu’s sympathetic gaze. Her lips twitched as she rolled her eyes.

"Encouragement? I want to tell you that if you don’t want to be trash, then show people your abilities! If you don’t want to be mocked, then show them that you are better!"

Chu Yu glanced at Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the other girls, "Remember one thing, with me, you can be willful, mischievous, even bullies!’

Their eyes lit up.

On the other hand, Zhao Kai was speechless, he had never seen such an unorthodox sensei.

Chu Yu looked at the group of girls, "There is only one thing I want you to remember. From this day on, you are my students! I will not elaborate further, but I will protect all of you."

Zhao Kai could clearly feel that these girls became a lot more solemn.

He was worried that Chu Yu may be too solemn and overboard with his words... causing them to backfire.

But now, he realized that these girls seemed to like hearing Chu Yu talk.

When Chu Yu said that he would protect them, all their eyes... turned red.

Even the relatively obedient but mischievous Yuwen Xiaoxiao turned away, trying to cover up her tears.

Chu Yu continued, "But I don’t want to go out one day and have someone tell me that my students... are all trash! Useless scum that we don’t want!"

He glanced at them, "Of course, if you all don’t mind people saying that about you, then I, as your Sensei, am not afraid of embarrassment. Afterall, I have thick skin."

As Chu Yu spoke, he waved his hand, "Be on your way."

Then, he and Zhao Kai headed for the staff room.

After they were long gone, these girls continued to stay there, unmoving.

Zhao Kai could not help but use the Voice Transmission Technique to talk to Chu Yu, "Sensei Song... I am in awe! I didn’t think that... you were such a great educator. I really do admire you. I have a lot to learn from you."

"You flatter me, they are just a bunch of kids. Even though they look like they don’t care... they are actually filled with passion. It’s just that no one bothered to understand them. They are also full of confidence, arrogance, and ambition. They may be like this because of other reasons.

Chu Yu stopped and looked at Zhao Kai, "But I believe that there is no child in the world who is not sensible."

"Mm... and?" Zhao Kai looked at Chu Yu.

"What and?" Chu Yu looked at him.

"There’s nothing to follow?" Zhao Kai was stunned, "For example, there are only insensible teachers and parents?"

"There is no such thing once they’ve met me." Chu Yu turned and left.

Zhao Kai was left, mouth agape, stunned as he watched Chu Yu disappear.

After Chu Yu was gone, Zhao Kai sighed in amazement, "What a boaster!’
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