Chapter 176: A Challenge from the Wafting Fragrance School

Chapter 176: A Challenge from the Wafting Fragrance School

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As per his promise, the Principal of the Purple Cloud School sent over a large amount of resources the next day.

There were thousands of kilos of various medicine!

The piled up like a tiny mountain in the store!

There were some expensive medicine in there. Even though they were not of incredibly superior quality, they were more than sufficient for learning purposes.

Furthermore, these medicine could not be found on Earth.

Their combined value was also an astonishing amount, definitely not something the average person could afford.

The Purple Cloud School was rich indeed.

Other than medicine, there were also 12 pill furnaces and the refining fires to accompany them.

When Zhao Kai saw the 12 pill furnaces, he was stunned, rooted the ground, speechless.

These 12 pill furnaces were all Supreme Realm pill furnaces!

What generosity!

Any cultivator would know that a pill furnace was used not just to refine pills.

It could also be used as an offensive and defensive magical equipment!

For example, Chu Yu’s Immortal Crane Pill Furnace could be used occasionally to capture and hurt others. But mostly, it could also be used as a top class defensive magical equipment!

Furthermore, they had many niche uses as well.

Even though a Supreme Realm magical equipment was not the best in the Mirror World, it was not easily gotten either.


When the delivery personnel left, Zhao Kai could not suppress his excitement any longer as he twirled around the 12 pill furnaces, full of joy.

"This is great, the Principal believes in the Pill Refining Section... no, more like the Principal sees greatness in Sensei Song!’

Zhao Kai reacted quickly. He was not trying to curry favor, each statement was a sincere one.

If not for Sensei Song, would the Pill Refining Section, which had existed for many years, be valued so highly?

The 12 girls ran over quickly upon hearing the news. Seeing the neatly arranged pill furnaces and the mountainous pile of medicine stunned them.

Even someone with Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s experience and a superior pill furnace in her possession was also stunned.

"Is the Principal mad?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao murmured and grabbed one of the pill furnaces, "I want this one, it has chickens engraved on it, I love chickens!"

Chu Yu glanced at Yuwen Xiaoxiao and thought to himself, It’s a good thing this girl never lived on Earth.

Other than the usual magical formation engravings, the pill furnaces were also engraved with the 12 zodiacs.

They perfectly complemented the 12 girls.

Bi Yueyue chose the Rat; Wang Yan chose the Ox; Ning Ling chose the Tiger; Fang Xue chose the Rabbit; Han Yuhan chose the Dragon; Xu Wandie chose the Snake, Xie Nianqin chose the Horse; Meng Lingping chose the Goat, Ji Anyun chose the Monkey, Bai Xiaoxian chose the Dog and Leng Ruyu chose the Pig.

With Yuwen Xiaoxiao choosing the Chicken, the 12 zodiac pill furnaces were quickly distributed.

Chu Yu had thought that there would be some bickering. Little did he expect that the girls would be so excited and distribute the furnaces so well.

What miracle workers.

These refining fires were not particularly great, but they were not bad.

Any fire which could be a refining fire must be a lot stronger than an ordinary fire.

Even a Supreme Realm cultivator who did not know how to control fire would not dare touch these fires.

For learning the art of pill refining, these fires were enough.

In the coming days, Chu Yu started teaching them how to control the fire.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao had some knowledge of this previously and did not pay much attention initially. However, the more she listened, the more she realized that these techniques were much better than those she had learnt.

This had shocked Yuwen Xiaoxiao and she shared these findings with the others. These girls began to learn with even more vigor.

Other than teaching them how to refine pills, Chu Yu also bonded them together.

He could always find a new foreign term to introduce to them, and they found this Sensei vastly different from the other Senseis in the school.

Even the younger teachers in the school could not be as vicious yet captivating like Old Song.

As such, the entire Pill Refining Section was revitalized with Chu Yu’s arrival.

This change could be felt by the other sections. However, the one who felt the change the most, was Zhao Kai.

Towards the end, he would go to listen in to Chu Yu’s classes everyday, not for supervision, but to learn skills that he had never learnt before!

Zhao Kai had a lingering question in his mind: What level was the knowledge that Sensei Song had!

He guessed that it could be True Lord Realm knowledge, but it didn’t seem like it was. It could even be in the Divine Lord Realm... or even higher!

However, never would he expect that what Chu Yu was teaching these kids was the knowledge of a saint!

The entire Song Country, not to mention the Purple Cloud School, did not have any genuine Saint Legacies!

In the Mirror World, a saint’s legacy was also considered to be the best.

Even the Song Country’s royal family did not have any.

However, Chu Yu kept a tight lip on this fact.

He had selfish reasons for imparting the saint’s knowledge to them. Even though these girls were rebellious, they were fiercely loyal.

He could see this from the incident with Bi Yueyue’s mother.

Zhao Kai was also following him around loyally, and he treated him well too.

As for the others, he couldn’t be less bothered with them.

If news of this spread, then it would cause a huge uproar and blood will be shed for the legacy.

During the process of teaching, Chu Yu also used the medicine sent over by the school to refine many pills.

However, he never brought them out because they were too ugly!

As such, even though people knew that Sensei Song was extremely knowledgeable, no one knew how powerful he was at pill refining.

The Pill Refining Section did have books on shaping, but Chu Yu was too busy with teaching and cultivating to read those.

Afterall, Chu Yu didn’t care much about these now.

He was satisfied as long as his twelve students could be some of the best in the pill refining business.

His pills will be for his own consumption. So long as he didn’t present it to anyone, he would not embarrass himself.

This smooth sailing life lasted for a month.

Sun Zhangshan, Elder Zhou and their gang did not come looking for trouble.

As for the other sections... they were just glad that these 12 girls did not come looking for trouble.

As such, the entire Pill Refining Section became like a forgotten corner.

In this time, Chu Yu kept refining his foundation and his golden pill. He had already progressed into the Intermediate King’s Realm.

His cultivation speed was incredibly quick!

Having spent so much time in the Mirror World, he began to understand more about this world.

Only the best in the Mirror World could match his cultivation speed.

Chu Yu had always wanted to pit himself against the best in the Mirror World, but Chu Yu knew that the time was not right.

Many of those genuine Heaven’s Pride Talents were all already in the Supreme Realm.

In this time, Chu Yu also tried to find out information regarding Lin Shi. Sadly, the Mirror World was too big. Even though he had access to messengers in the Mirror World, he could not find any information on Lin Shi.

In this time, Liu Yuyan came over to visit a couple of times, but her interactions with him were brief.

The Pill Refining Section became like a forgotten corner and was extremely quiet.

This calm was finally shattered three months after Chu Yu joined the Purple Cloud School.

The 96th ranked school in the Mirror World, the Wafting Fragrance School, sent a letter to the Purple Cloud School.

It said that they have admired the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section for quite some time now and wanted to have a friendly competition with them before the interschool championships.

This letter confused the leadership of the Purple Cloud School.

Even though the Wafting Fragrance School was not a top school, it was not easy to get into the top 100 schools in the Mirror World.

"Why would the Wafting Fragrance School eye us? And our Pill Refining Section? Do we... even have a Pill Refining Section?"

An Elder in Sun Zhangshan’s camp mocked.

News that the Principal was directly overseeing the Pill Refining Section had spread and everybody thought that the Principal had lost it.

So what if Sensei Song was a heavenly doctor who had saved the Purple Cloud Constabulary Princess?

Could he revive a broken section?

The 12 girls had not signed up for the Pill Refining Section. They were only relegated to that section because they were expelled from the other sections.

How could such a section ever have a future?

Many felt that the Principal was digging a hole for himself.

Over the past three months, the Principal did not put much focus on the Pill Refining Section. Those girls were also a lot more obedient, so much so that people almost forgot the existence of the Pill Refining Section.

"Could it be that Sensei Song stepped on the toes of someone from the Wafting Fragrance School? And they are here to take revenge?" Someone joked.

"Even though Sensei Song cured Teacher Liu Yuyan, I think that with his unknown origins, we can’t trust him too much! Pardon my straightforwardness. Else, why would the Wafting Fragrance School challenge us?" Elder Zhou said flatly.

The Principal sat at the helm, not saying anything, simply hearing the caucus ensue.

At this point, Sun Zhangshan smiled, "Everybody is too worried over nothing. The Wafting Fragrance School is a top 100 school, there is no reason for them to bully us. Perhaps Heavenly Doctor Song’s reputation precedes him and they want to have a friendly challenge with us. I think that this is a great opportunity for our school to show our prowess!"

Then, he looked at the crowd and then at the Principal, "No one will think badly of us even if we lose... ahem, sorry for my honesty, but this is the truth. Especially for a section like our Pill Refining Section... I believe no one will mock us."

Everybody nodded in agreement.

If not for this incident, many of the elders were likely to forget that the Pill Refining Section exists.

Sun Zhangshan continued, "But if... we win, haha, think about it, a section in the Purple Cloud School actually defeated the Wafting Fragrance School... what kind of scene would that be? As such, no matter what, we will not be disadvantaged."

Everybody seemed to agree.

Finally, all their eyes focused on the Principal.

The Principal glanced at the crowd, and then at Sun Zhangshan, "Approved."

Sun Zhangshan’s eyes lit up subtly as he smiled faintly.
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