Chapter 177: Coming

Chapter 177: Coming

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Song Hong ah Song Hong, you’re dead this time!

Do you think that you are great... just because the Purple Cloud Constabulary is backing you? You’re wrong! In this world, there are many powers far greater than the Purple Cloud Constabulary!

Maybe you don’t know. You may think that you can do things sneakily and a family like the Lus, and Lu Tianxiang... would not have the ability to go up against the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

Under normal circumstances, they wouldn’t dare.

However, what if Lu Tianxiang... was the fiancé of the daughter of one of the elders in the Wafting Fragrance School?

You are an obstacle to me, thus, you must die.

Sun Zhangshan was smiling, yet, his heart was cold.

In order to take down Chu Yu, he had used all the resources available to him.

As Vice Principal of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, Sun Zhangshan could move powerful resources and people!

He had many people go investigate quietly.

The determined are rewarded and he finally found a lead from Bi Yueyue’s home.

Even though news of Lu Tianxiang’s death was suppressed by the Bi Clan, there was bound to be leaks.

For Sun Zhangshan, a leak was sufficient.

He did not need to confirm who had done this. All he needed to do was tell the elder’s daughter that Song Hong had killed her fiancé.

It didn’t matter if Song Hong had actually done it!

Sun Zhangshan was calm, but he laughed icily, Principal, you will see your Pill Refining Section embarrassed and turned to pulp.

Furthermore, the only Sensei in that section will die in battle... I wonder what you will be like then?

It is bound to be amazing!


When news of this spread to the Pill Refining Section, they were all lost.

Why would a top 100 school suddenly challenge the Purple Cloud School, and their Pill Refining Section of all sections.

Isn’t this bullying?

Even though no one was willing to admit this, they were all keenly aware of the fact that no one thought well of the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section.

Many people in the Song Country did not even know of the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section’s existence.

The girls were all furious.

But Chu Yu wasn’t!

When Chu Yu heard that it was the Wafting Fragrance School, he knew that they were probably coming here to avenge Lu Tianxiang’s death.

He was just slightly puzzled by what took them so long?

Furthermore, there were many ways to exact revenge. Why do it this way?

In the eyes of the public, and even in the eyes of the Purple Cloud School leadership, the Pill Refining Section was a relatively weak section.

With the Wafting Cloud School’s ranking, their Pill Refining Section must be pretty good, probably many times better than the Purple Cloud School’s.

Based on their ranking, was there a need for them to stomp on the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section?

Probably not?

So, even if they turned the Pill Refining Section to dust, who was going to benefit?

It seemed like... no one.

If the Wafting Cloud School won, it would be considered normal and no one would praise them for being powerful.

As for the Purple Cloud School... there wouldn’t be much ripple effects either?

The Pill Refining Section was extremely weak anyways.

Who would be embarrassed by this?

Chu Yu frowned.

The Principal!

The Pill Refining Section was directly under his charge!

If something was to happen to the Pill Refining Section, the Principal would be embarrassed!

Chu Yu began to unravel the truth.

In these three months, not many things had happened.

Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan!

This must be connected to him somehow!

In these three months, Chu Yu had gained a deeper understanding of the Purple Cloud School.

The Purple Cloud School was a subsidiary of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, and many of the principals were Purple Cloud Constabulary elders.

But there were exceptions.

Sun Zhangshan had become jealous of Chu Yu because of Liu Yuyan. In the end, this hate extended to the Principal.

It was no secret that he had brought these girls to treat Yueyue’s mother. Anyone who bothered to find out could hear news of it in that small city.

With sufficient power, they could also find out about Lu Tianxiang’s death. If they continued investigating...

Even if they couldn’t confirm anything, they could still force the rap on Song Hong.

Sun Zhangshan...

Chu Yu repeated the name to himself, rage flashing past his eyes.

Then, he gathered all 12 students.

"Have you all heard?" Chu Yu asked.

"Yes we have, Sensei, we will not embarrass you!’

"Let them look down on us, this time, we will stun them all!"

"This is for you Sensei!"

The girls were all filled with righteousness.

Zhao Kai felt a wave of emotion come over him as he stood by the side.

Three months was a short time.

But these girls had changed so much in the past three months.

Their change was unbelievable; it was almost impossible to connect them to the people they were before.

Even Zhao Kai himself... had changed greatly!

Even though he did not see Chu Yu refine any pills himself, but even if Sensei Song did not know how to refine pills, he was still a top notch Sensei!

Such talents would be headhunter by any superior school in a heartbeat.

His talent was... kind of wasted here.

The Purple Cloud School was fortunate to have him.

"Many outsiders think that the Pill Refining Section of the Purple Cloud School is scum, mm, even some of the people inside think so." Chu Yu smiled and said.

The girls were all furious.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao said seriously, "We have all grown immensely after three months under your tutelage. Those top schools may have great Pill Refining Sections, but we are not weak!"

Chu Yu nodded and said, "Good, over the next few days, I will impart new knowledge to you."

The 12 girls were excited. Even Zhao Kai could not suppress his anticipation.

They had learnt a lot in the past three months. They also knew that when Sensei said new knowledge, he was referring to powerful knowledge.

Actually, Yuwen Xiaoxiao had always been wondering what level was the information Sensei was imparting to them.


She did not dare to tell anyone, but she had been going through a large amount of information recently. She had found that these knowledge far exceeded those that were researchable!

Divine Lord Realm? Or even Legendary Emperor Realm? Or was it... a saint’s legacy?

This was unbelievable.

Even True Lord Realm knowledge was difficult to learn, not to mention Divine Lord Realm knowledge.

If someone wanted to learn things in the True Lord Realm, they must first attain that cultivation level... and be a core disciple to have a chance to learn it.

But Sensei... did not seem to have a high cultivation level, how did he get such superior teachings?

Furthermore, these teachings were imparted to them by Sensei without any hesitation or demand from him.

Even though they were rebellious, they were thankful and loyal.

They were keenly aware of who truly treated them well and who hated them.

Over the next few days, the Pill Refining Section carried on as per normal.

Chu Yu continued to impart the foundational knowledge from the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture to them.

The foundation chapters in the saint’s teachings were more than sufficient for them!

Even Chu Yu himself had only understood up to an intermediate level.

There were many pills that he could not even understand, not to say refine, due to his low cultivation level.

Whilst it was calm here, the rest of the Purple Cloud School was in chaos.

If not for the twelve rowdy girls, the Pill Refining Section would have been closed down long ago.

The leadership of the Purple Cloud School was incredibly busy.

The visit from the Wafting Fragrance School was a huge event, and arrangements to receive them must be made.

After half a month, the people from the Wafting Fragrance School finally arrived.

They were a huge contingent. Their vehicles, jet black in color, flew through the air.

Even the Song Country Royal Family was stunned. They knew about this beforehand and hoped that the Purple Cloud School could prove themselves this time.

However, upon hearing that they challenged the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section, the entire royal family... went silent.

It was said that the Emperor of the Song Country had raged that the Wafting Fragrance School were bullies, and lamented the inadequacies of the Pill Refining Section.

As such, when the Wafting Fragrance School arrived, the royal family did not react.

They did not want to embarrass themselves.

However, in secret, there were a few princes and princesses who snuck out of the palace and came to the Purple Cloud School to spectate.

There were many people from the Purple Cloud School at the gate, staring at the team from the Wafting Fragrance School flying above them.

Sun Zhangshan stood next to the principal. He and the other Vice Principals looked on with conflicted expressions.

"Aish, a top 100 school is really different, just look at their stature... this, is probably just their Pill Refining Section?" One of the Vice Principal’s sighed.

"It doesn’t look like their Pill Refining Section." The Vice Principal in charge of hospitality sighed, "It looks like their battle students came."

"Hm? What do you mean? Aren’t they challenging our Pill Refining Section?" The other Vice Principal asked in surprise.

"Do they even need their Pill Refining Section to defeat ours?" Sun Zhangshan said flatly.

"This..." That Vice Principal’s mouth twitched and he frowned, "Isn’t this bullying? When did the Purple Cloud School ever antagonized them?"

Sun Zhangshan smiled, "Who knows, but I think that our Pill Refining Section antagonized them..."

At this point, the Principal, who had been standing behind all along, looked at Sun Zhangshan icily.

Anyone who could be the Principal of the Purple Cloud School was not dumb.

If he still did not know what was happening by now, he would not be fit to sit on this post.

But with things as they are, there was no backing off now.

The initial plot in the shadows had finally come to light.

The Principal looked at Sun Zhangshan expressionlessly and fumed: You want to set me up? And take my position? You?

So what if you are from the Sun Clan?

If you want to embarrass me, I’ll make sure you have a hard time.
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