Chapter 178: Lion Roar?

Chapter 178: Lion Roar?

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Now that things reached such a stage, Sun Zhangshan began to regret it. He did not mean for things to be this serious. All he wanted to do was scare the Principal and kill Song Hong!

He believed that the elder in the Wafting Fragrance School would not let off the person who killed his daughter’s fiancé.

What he didn’t expect was that the Wafting Fragrance School would send such a huge formation and send their battle disciples to challenge the Pill Refining Section... they clearly wanted to bury the entire Purple Cloud School.

They were all past the point of no return.

Including those from the Wafting Fragrance School.

"Should we continue to fly in?"

In the middle of the formation, a youth came close to the largest carriage and whispered through the window.

"Nah, let’s give the Song Country royal family some face and land."

An ice cold voice could be heard from the carriage.

"Missus is too kind, there is no need to do this." The youth said faintly.

"It’s okay, do as I say." The lady in the carriage said.

Then, this formation of over a hundred cars descended from mid air.

A large group then swaggered over.

A group of people from the Purple Cloud Constabulary, led by the principal, came to receive them and welcomed them to Song Country.

At this point, almost all the students in the Purple Cloud Constabulary were discussing this.

"It seems like the Wafting Fragrance School is not here to make friends."

"Their entourage is huge and many people are here."

"I heard that they are from the battle section? Aren’t they trying to mock our Pill Refining Section?"

"Lol, as if we have a Pill Refining Section."

"We can mock our own Pill Refining Section, but others cannot! It’s not like we get any glory from them embarrassing our Pill Refining Section..."

"Enough, don’t say anymore, I hope that the newly posted in Sensei had taught them something over the past few months so we don’t lose so badly."

"Haish, our Pill Refining Section... is going to be famous."

No one in the school thought that the Purple Cloud stood any chance. Some even wondered why the Wafting Fragrance School would come here. They should not have come without any prior provocation.

Regardless what it was, they could only hope that the Pill Refining Section could at least stand up to them and not lose so badly.

Over at the Pill Refining Section.

There would be a few people who would try to sneak peaks into the section, but none dared to enter.

Chu Yu was just talking the girls through how to refine a certain pill.

"Sensei, is it possible to refine such a pill?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao was slightly stunned. She had never known that you could do so many things with pills.

The other girls all looked at Chu Yu in shock. Apart from shock, these girls all had glimmering eyes!

Wang Yan raised her hand.

Chu Yu nodded.

Wang Yan said, "Sensei, based on what you just told us, aren’t you saying that pill refiners can kill battle cultivators?"

Chu Yu nodded, "That is the case."

"Oh god, that’s stunning!" Wang Yan was tall, over 1.8m in height and had a good figure. Her legs were long and slender, her hips slim and her chest full. If not for her age, she would be quite a mature lady.

However, her eyes were still filled with the innocence and naivety of a child.

Chu Yu was teaching them a weaker version of the Explosive Pill.

Back on Earth, Chu Yu already had the recipe for refining the Explosive Pill. However, at that time, he could not find the ingredients to refine such a pill. Furthermore, he did not have the skills to refine such a pill either.

However, now that Chu Yu was in the King’s Realm, he had sufficient ability to refine the Explosive Pill.

Coincidentally, the Purple Cloud School had sent over some of the ingredients to refine a weaker version of the Explosive Pill.

Over the past few months, Chu Yu found the remaining ingredients outside.

This time, Chu Yu had a feeling that something was going to happen. As such, he taught the girls how to refine the Explosive Pill.

He wanted these Xiantian girls to be able to protect themselves at the critical moment.

Zhao Kai was extremely excited. As a medicinal teacher, what Sensei was teaching completely supercedes what he learnt before.

How powerful was this?

And... how vicious is it?

Sensei had said so himself. This is a weaker version but it was more than sufficient to kill a King’s Realm Cultivator. For a Supreme Realm cultivator, if they didn’t raise their defences in time, they would be seriously injured too.

Then what about the original?

Zhao Kai did not dare to imagine.

In these few months, this Sensei had overturned his entire worldview.

At the same time, his admiration towards Chu Yu had become a reverence.

He could not revere Chu Yu any more than he already was.

At this point, someone entered through the door and was stunned to see that they were still having lesson.

"What time is it, you’re still having lessons?" This man was stunned.

Chu Yu frowned.

Zhao Kai stood up and said, "We’re having lessons, please do not disturb."

"Lesson? Disturb?" This man recovered and looked at Chu Yu condescendingly, "The Wafting Fragrance School is here, I am commanding you to go receive them!"



All the girls frowned at this man. They were unhappy about it, but they tried to suppress their displeasure.

It must be said that they had become more controlled over the past few months.

They did not make a peep for fear that they would embarrass their Sensei.

Chu Yu glanced at this man, "Who are you?"

"I am the administrator in charge of hospitality..." This man puffed his chest.

In the Wafting Fragrance School, he was someone of standing. Even though he couldn't compare to a sensei, most sensei would not bother with him due to his position.

"Oh, you can leave now." Chu Yu said faintly.

Then, he told the girls the last part of the recipe.

"When refining these pills, you must be careful, because it will explode..."

"Didn’t you hear me?" This administrator interrupted Chu Yu and frowned.

"I heard you, you may leave now." Chu Yu chased him out.

"You... you’re insanely arrogant, do you know that?" This Administrator was furious as he glared at Chu Yu.

"I know." Chu Yu glanced at him, "Isn’t it charming?"


All twelve girls in the class burst out in laughter.

"Sensei is the best!’

"Sensei is so charming!:"

"Sensei is the most charming!’

"Sensei is so charismatic!"

These were a lawless group of girls, since when did they care about the feelings of others?

Chu Yu’s statement was too good! They echoed his sentiments completely!

Sensei knows us the best!

Other than Sensei, we do not like anyone in the Purple Cloud School!

Zhao Kai was extremely exasperated as he sighed to himself, This Administrator is really unlucky to meet someone as unreasonable and thick-skinned as boss.

"What are you still doing here? Waiting for me to treat you to a meal? Sorry, I don’t like you." Chu Yu said flatly.

The girls in the class laughed even harder.

This Sensei was just right for them.

Under Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s influence, they decided that they were going to stun the world during this competition. They were going to bring glory to their Sensei, make him happy and then ask him to be their master.

Even though Sensei was not some extremely powerful cultivator, having such a master ensured that they would never be bullied!

This administrator glared at Chu Yu, "It’s fine that you’re rude, but you’ve antagonized those at the op of the Wafting Fragrance School..."


Chu Yu bellowed and a soundwave barreled towards this King’s Realm administrator.

In that moment, this King’s Realm cultivator was picked up like a leaf in a storm and thrown out.

All twelve girls and Zhao Kai were all stunned by what they saw.

What the f*ck... what was that?

Sending someone flying with a holler?

Is this really our sensei?

Are you sure he is teaching us how to refine pills... and not how to fight?

Yuwen Xiaoxiao asked Chu Yu weakly, "Sensei, may I ask what was the technique you just used?"

Chu Yu glanced at her, "Lion Roar."

From outside, a furious holler could be heard, "Song, good on you, just wait and see!’

That voice lingered on in the Pill Refining Section.

In that instant, all of the girls broke out in chatter.

"God damn... he’s angry? I think he deserves a beating?"

"Damn, what’s with that arrogance? Who the hell knows who he is?"

"He’s just a piece of trash leeching off others’ powers!’

"What an idiot, so what if they are the Wafting Fragrance School? Why should we receive them? Anyone who wants to do so can do so themselves!’

"It seems that we have been forgotten since we stopped f*cking around."

Chu Yu glanced at them and waited for them to calm down.

"Okay, let us continue." Chu Yu said flatly, "It will explode, so when you’re at the last step, you must..."

The girls: "..."

Zhao Kai was also speechless as he looked at Chu Yu in admiration.

Some time back, he had thought that he was relatively calm and composed.

Only now did he know that he was a far cry from Chu Yu!

Even though the girls were all in a celebratory mood, they really had no confidence in going up against a powerhouse like the Wafting Fragrance School.

However, under Chu Yu’s leadership, they suddenly gained some confidence. What was the Wafting Fragrance School? We can defeat them easily!

Even though the administrator was not hurt, he was forced to eat dirt from Chu Yu’s attack. Whilst Chu Yu continued to teach, he stormed off to complain about Chu Yu.

"Do you know how horrible that Song guy is? I have never seen such a Sensei!"

"How did you become like this?" Someone looked at his dirt caked face and asked.

"I... I was..." This administrator’s face was flushed and he said softly, "Sent flying by his shout..."

"..." the entire Purple Cloud School leadership was shocked by what this man said.

Sun Zhangshan asked in disbelief, "You? You were sent flying by a shout?"

"Yes Vice Principal Sun... I think, that it is a demonic technique..." This administrator explained weakly.

Bullsh*t demonic technique! I want to slap you myself!

Sun Zhangshan was furious. He looked to the Principal, "See, Sensei Song thinks that he is above reproach and has dissed our honored guests..."

The Principal glanced at him and said flatly, "Dissed? Honored guests? I think they are evil guests!"

"Principal, why are you also..." Sun Zhangshan’s face was flushed.

"I do not want to elaborate on how they targeted the Pill Refining Section and how they came. All I will say is this, I will not let off anyone who goes out to destroy the reputation of the Purple Cloud School."

The Principal said this clearly, then glanced at Sun Zhangshan and the Vice Principal in charge of hospitality, "Do this, settle them down, then tell them that the challenge will start tomorrow!’
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