Chapter 179: The Grandeur of Old Song

Chapter 179: The Grandeur of Old Song

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After the Wafting Fragrance School settled down for the night, there was no other incident and the night went by peacefully.

The next morning, the biggest field in the Purple Cloud School was set up with a stage and spectator stands.

Even before the competition was due to begin, many Purple Cloud School students gathered here.

They thought that the Pill Refining Section would embarrass them all. But they still wanted to see for themselves... just how strong the Wafting Fragrance School was.

They were the 96th ranked school in the entire Mirror World!

It was a rare chance for them to see the disciples of a top school in action, even though they were slightly unhappy about the fact that it was at the expense of their own school.

However, when they remembered that the ones being schooled were the 12 girls, they felt slightly better.

All in all, most of the people that were here had conflicted feelings.

The Wafting Fragrance School students were here early too. They sat in their designated zone and did not look elsewhere.

To be honest, these battle students had no idea why they were brought here.

They could not seem to energize themselves.

If they were competing against a top 50 school, they would be pumped up and ready to go.

However, when it came to an unranked school... they couldn’t be less bothered.

They just wanted to get it over and done with and return home.

"Just take it as a trip out to relax." One of the students said jokingly.

"A relaxing trip to such an awful place? Are you ill?" Someone rebutted.

"Don’t say that, this is still the capital of the Song Country, show some respect." A girl said jokingly.

"Respect is earned. For students from a school like this, they probably don’t care about respect, because they can’t earn it anyways." One tall and slim youth laughed icily.

They did not even hide their despise towards the Purple Cloud School and the Song Country.

This was the cultivation world, so their jokes could be heard by everyone in the arena.

Some of the best in the Purple Cloud School were fuming, wanting to take a shot at them.

Even though the Purple Cloud School was not in the rankings, it did not mean that they didn’t have powerful students.

Furthermore, these students from the Wafting Fragrance School were not their best.

Right now, they were not just looking down on the Pill Refining Section, but the entire Purple Cloud School.

This caused rage to build up in everyone’s hearts.

However, the Wafting Fragrance School students on stage continued to smile faintly, ignoring the glares in their direction.

"We seem to have agitated them, I’m a little scared, should we whack a few of the for warm up?" One red haired youth chuckled.

"Save it, they have some powerful students too, lay low." A relatively mature Wafting Fragrance School student said flatly.

This statement had soothed many of the fires in the Purple Cloud School students’ hearts.

Who would have expected that he would turn around and say, "Afterall, we are here to refine pills and trash them, if we were to battle... I can suppress all of them myself."

"..." Countless people from the Purple Cloud School were fuming.

Some of them wanted to challenge this man on the spot, but they were quickly stopped by the administrators in charge of keeping order.

"Don’t cause an incident!"

They warned.

At this point, a youthful teacher from the Wafting Fragrance School stood up, "Is your Pill Refining Section so great? We have been here so long and they are not showing up, are they so arrogant?"

"A challenge must be respected! A challenge is when someone knows that they may not be good enough, but they want to try it anyways, that is a challenge!" A faint voice could be heard from the distance. All eyes turned towards the voice.

A tall figure slowly came into view.

A youth was by his side, his expression nervous, but he walked with confidence.

Behind him were 12 beautiful girls, their expressions calm.

The teacher from the Wafting Fragrance School chuckled icily, "Challenge? Are you joking? We are using our mediocre Battle Section students to compete with you in pill refining, and you think that this is a challenge?"

Chu Yu walked over calmly.

This was the first time many of those in the Purple Cloud School saw how Chu Yu looked like.

"Wa, is that the Pill Refining Section teacher? Oh no... it’s sensei, how handsome!"

"He is so handsome!"

"I didn’t know, damn... these girls are so lucky. It is no wonder that they have all become so obedient after he came. With such a handsome teacher, I’ll be obedient too!"

"Save it, you’re obedient anyways!"

"He’s so handsome!"

All of the girls from the Purple Cloud School erupted in chatter upon Chu Yu’s arrival.

Most of the sensei in the Purple Cloud School were aged. They also dressed extremely maturely in order to control their students.

People like Chu Yu, who were casual and animalistic, were extremely rare.

"Aiya, I can’t take it anymore, I’m wet..."

"Oh gosh... the feels!"

At this point, a pretty Purple Cloud School student stood up and hollered, "Sensei Song, you're really handsome!"

"Mm, I know." Chu Yu waved his hand and replied casually.

That pretty girl was stupefied, her face flushed, unable to think of an appropriate reply.

The girls behind Chu Yu laughed hysterically.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao whispered, "She actually called our Old Song handsome... how hilarious. They really don't know that Old Song’s best quality is not his medicinal prowess or his battle ability."

"It's..." Bi Yueyue paused.

Then the girls replied in unison, "His thick skin!"

Then, they all burst out in laughter.

Chu Yu wasn't angry either, almost as if he didn't hear anything.

The leadership of the Purple Cloud School was slightly unhappy with this.

Sun Zhangshan frowned, "What kind of group is this? Is this a joke?"

The Principal glanced at him icily, "They are still much better than people who betray the school for their personal gains!"

All of those leaders were speechless.

This was now a serious problem and they did not dare say anything willfully.

All of the teachers in the Wafting Fragrance School were furious, they did not care about the Purple Cloud School at all.

This feeling of superiority was like when a world renowned school was competing with an ordinary, local powerhouse school on Earth.

However, now, these students in the world renowned school were being mocked by those from a lesser institution.

How could they take this lying down.

At this point, Chu Yu had already arrived in front of the teachers and students from the Wafting Fragrance School. He chuckled and looked at the teacher who was standing, "You all have come such great distances and demanded to challenge our Pill Refining Section to a pill refining contest. Do I care who you send? Every challenge has its rules! To be honest, I've never agreed to this from the start."

That teacher laughed icily, "Why, are you scared?"

The people from Purple Cloud School felt their hearts in their mouth. Could Sensei Song... be avoiding the challenge?

Chu Yu looked at this teacher and said flatly, "F*ck your sister!"


The entire arena exploded in cheers!

Countless students from the Purple Cloud School cheered!

Those administrators in charge of keeping order could not even handle them!

Even before the competition had started, Chu Yu had already won them over with his words.

When faced with the students and teachers from a high ranking school like the Wafting Fragrance School, not only did he not cower in fear, he mocked them in their face.

At this point, another youth stood up and glanced at Chu Yu, "You are Song Hong?"

Chu Yu glanced at him, "That's me!"


A powerful aura exploded from this youth and it came straight at Chu Yu!

Oh god!

Everyone was stunned!

This youth was a cultivator at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm!

His aura could be felt miles away.

How powerful!

Isn't Song Hong going to be disadvantaged as a Pill Refining Sensei?

At this point, a figure appeared behind Chu Yu and emitted the same aura.

The two auras clashed in mid air and collided with a thunderous boom!


It was almost as if the arena had been wrecked by a tornado.

Dust and smoke filled the sky!

Many people had their hair blown into a mess.

This was for the slightly more powerful students. Any elementary student would have been hurt.

Liu Yuyan stood next to Chu Yu expressionlessly "Are you trying to use your cultivation level to bully others?"

As a princess in the Purple Cloud Constabulary, Liu Yuyan had a lot of confidence.

Even though the Wafting Fragrance School was highly ranked, not everyone in it was powerful!

Even though the Purple Cloud Constabulary wasn't a large powerhouse, they had no problem going up against a section from the Wafting Fragrance School.

Chu Yu did not expect that Liu Yuyan would protect him. In actual fact, he had the Tiger Courage Technique and was not afraid of such suppression. Even so, he looked at Liu Yuyan thankfully, "Thank you."

"No problem, just doing my job." Liu Yuyan’s reply was terse.

That youth mocked Chu Yu, "Useless! Hiding behind women!"

"Enough with your rubbish, if you're here to find trouble, I will entertain you. Do you want to fight?" Chu Yu looked at him icily, " If you're here to compete, then hurry up, don't waste my time! My time is precious."

The youth was so furious he burst out in laughter. He looked at a lady who had been silent all along. The lady had obscured her appearance. She nodded slightly.

The youth replied, "Okay, since you're in such a hurry... in such a hurry to embarrass yourself, we will start now!"

Then, he looked to the Principal of the Purple Cloud School.
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