Chapter 19: Dragon City

Chapter 19: Dragon City

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On the highway from Yan Jing to Dragon City, two cars were driving along, with one car at the front and the other at the back. They were driving at speeds that were as fast as the wind.

The person driving the car at the front, was Xiao Yue.

Few could actually imagine, this petite beauty who liked to watch cartoons, was actually as good as a race car driver the moment she enters the car. And it was those extreme kind!

The instant he left the city, Chu Yu started regretting why he brought the sports car out. It was enough that he brought the sports car, but why did he also agree to let her drive.

When this brat was driving, she really became a lunatic.

However, Lord Thief was bravely perched on top of the dash board. It gazed towards the distance, hollering towards Xiao Yue, "Faster, faster, hurry and go faster! Overtake him… This kind of trashy car dares to ride along with us? Too immature! Yes, that’s right, we overtook him. Solid! Aiyo… The feeling of not using by wings is too good. But I still feel that it’s too slow. I say, brat, why did you lower the speed? Press the engine!"

Xiao Yue had an indifferent expression of her face, concentrating on the road in front of her. She didn’t even care about Lord Thief, but pressed on the accelerator on her own.

"You shut up!" Chu Yu could not help but bemoan.

He felt that Xiao Yue had really gone mad. The car’s speed was already over 300, but she was still continuing to accelerate.

The car following behind was really suffering. There were four people inside, and it was those kind of heavy commercial cars. So it was naturally heavier.

However, Chu Yu’s two bodyguards were quite good in driving. They were not completely left in the dust.

Moreover, the traffic conditions of the highway was extremely good, so there was no need to squeeze and push.

Otherwise, they would have soon lost Xiao Yue’s shadow.

Lord Thief tilted its head and faced the slightly anxious Chu Yu on the passenger seat and could not help but mock him, "Your level is so high, but your balls are so small. You dare to kill people but you don’t dare to ride on a car?"

"Screw off!" Chu Yu scolded with a slightly pale face.

"Hahaha, this great bird is right! Truly disgraceful!" Lord Thief continued to ridicule Chu Yu.

"If you don’t shut up ah, I will throw you out. You can fly to Dragon City by yourself!" Chu Yu threatened.

"Nonono, we’re all good friends. Why do you have to speak such hurtful words?" Lord Thief sighed and revealed a pitiful expression.

Chu Yu could no longer be bothered to respond to it.

Xiao Yue drove faster and faster; Chu Yu simply closed his eyes. Do whatever you want, as long as you’re happy.

Chu Yu did not bid his farewells to Lin Shimeng. Right before he left, he received a message from Lin Shimeng.

She told Chu Yu, she would be out for a period of time, and she might not return for a long time. She asked Chu Yu to take care of himself and to live properly.

When Chu Yu saw that message, he felt a little uncomfortable in his heart.

It wasn’t because Lin Shimeng didn’t go to send him off, but because it felt like she was leaving behind her will.

Even though there weren’t many words in the message, the message was very solemn, and it even had a hint of desolateness. This was very different from Lin Shimeng’s usual countenance.

Chu Yu recalled the words that his brother said before. His heart was filled with worries and he wanted to give Lin Shimeng a call and ask her to explain the details. However, he found that she had already turned off her phone.

He could only send her a message, asking her to take care of herself, and no matter what happens, she must not forget, he was there for her.

Dragon City.

Chu Clan Group.

The person in charge of Chu Clan’s branch in Dragon City was from the Chu Clan’s "Tian" generation. He was a cousin of Chu Yu’s father, his name was Chu Tian Xiong.

Chu Tianxiong was a son from a mistress of Chu Yu’s grandfather, his power was at Acupoint Charging Stage 6.

In this mortal world, he could be considered a true expert.

He had managed the Chu Clan’s Dragon City branch for over 10 years, and he had always been doing it assiduously. Even though he didn’t achieve anything much, but nothing went wrong to the Dragon City branch under his hands.

This year, Chu Tianxiong was already 39 years old. Multiple years ago, he requested to return to the clan’s main branch, to concentrate on his cultivation.

However, at that time, the core members of the Chu Clan all had there personal businesses to settle, and there wasn’t anyone suitable to take over.

This matter dragged on till today.

Till Chu Yu graduated from university. Chu Tianxiong once again made the request to the clan, and requested for Chu Yu to manage the Dragon City branch.

This time, the clan elders and acting patriarch, Chu Tianyu, discussed with Chu Yu’s father, Chu Tianbei. Finally, they made the decision, to accept Chu Tianxiong’s request.

When Chu Tianxiong received this promise, he was extremely happy and he heavily anticipated Chu Yu’s arrival.

An underworld family clan, had a different concept from the mortal world. Unlike the mortal world, a large portion of their lives wasn’t spent on variety and self-enjoyment. Instead, they were more inclined to continuously improve their cultivation.

In pursuit for the misty and traceless road to longevity.

However, these few days, Chu Tianxiong’s mood wasn’t very good. He was always frowning and he hung a twisted expression on his face.

Originally, he was very happy. Soon, he would return back to his clan, holding his years of accumulated cultivation resources, and additionally, he would be granted some rewards from his clan. When he returned, he was very likely to enter Acupoint Charging Stage 7, or even higher with a few years.

However, three days ago, he received a news. In a mountain 300 over kilometers away from Dragon City, a "Fox Immortal Cave" had appeared. This might actually be an actual ancient ruins!

Actually, there were news about such things every year, and more than half of them were fake. However, this time it was different.

Because this time, there were already quite a number of people who disappeared inside!

Moreover, one person managed to successfully escape from their place. However, he was unlucky enough to fall into the hands of the Dragon City Leng Clan, who extracted a shocking secret from him.

However, the Leng Clan did not manage to keep this secret as it was unintentionally leaked from their internal department. This secretly instantly sent waves of shock across Dragon City.

Most of the factions within Dragon City thus prepared to send people over to test their fates.

However, they know clearly, this sort of ancient ruins was not like those ancient tombs that could be casually excavated.

This was a true ancient ruin. While there might be all sorts of treasures within, there was also danger in every corner.

If one was careless, he might just meet his end inside!

This sort of thing had happened before over the past 30 years.

Thus many people were thinking, since this matter was already leaked out, why don’t the large factions temporarily form an alliance to send a team in to explore!

Here in Dragon City, while the Chu Clan wasn’t the strongest faction, it was among the top.

So, the previous night, Chu Tianxiong received an invitation. It was an invitation for a banquet tonight, inviting him to Dragon City’s most high-end club to discuss business.

Chu Tianxiong’s heart was really tangled. The temptations from this ancient ruin was truly huge. However, he was clearer than anybody else, it wasn’t so simple to enter an ancient ruin!

A so-called ancient ruin was at least tens of thousands of years old.

During that time, the world had already entered the Dharma-Ending Age. However, during that time, there were still many strong cultivators and experts traversing across Earth.

Moreover, Earth during that time, was littered with various immortal estates and pocket dimensions.

This sort of place was exceedingly terrifying. Even if martial artists enter, if they were not careful, they would never return!

Chu Tianxiong was more conservative in nature; he belonged to those "Rather don’t do anything than to take a risk" kind of personality.

Thus when he saw this invitation, his first inclination was to reject it.

However, the person that sent this invitation was also a man from an underworld clan.

This clan was on good relations with the Chu Clan, so this person was more casual with his words. It was one unintentional sentence which he said, which caused Chu Tianxiong to hesitate.

"Boss Chu, the Leng Clan managed to extract something from that man who emerged from the Fox Immortal Cave. They obtained a technique manual, and I heard, it’s a manual which could fully open all the acupoints in the body’s five internal organs and six hollow organs. According to the higher-ups in the Leng Clan, it’s comparable to the Sutra of Internal Reflection!"

Only a person of the underworld could understand the value of the Sutra of Internal Reflection.

Just one lucky person who emerged from the Fox Immortal Cave was already able to obtain a manual comparable to the Sutra of Internal Reflection. However, this was not a confirmed fact.

Still, it was enough to move Chu Tianxiong’s heart. If he could obtain a manual that was no lesser than the Sutra of Internal Reflection, then the rewards that he would obtain when he returned to the clan would be astronomical!

Chu Tianxiong’s daughter, Chu Xiaoxiao, also advised her father: It didn’t matter whether he sent people to explore in the end. At least, they should attend tonight’s banquet and see whether they could ascertain more truths of the matter.

"Isn’t Brother Chu Yu coming today? Father can also bring him over."

Chu Xiaoxiao was 5 years younger than Chu Yu; she was 17 this year. Her talent was acceptable and she was born in a large clan. Thus, she had access to a relatively large amount of cultivation resources and she was already at Acupoint Charging Stage 3.

The Chu Clan had good genes; all their descendants were heroes and beauties.

Chu Xiaoxiao was not an exception. Even though she was still a teen, she was bright and beautiful, her skin was white and translucent, and her figure was tall and slender.

Her height was already over 170 centimeters, and if she wore a pair of high-heels, she would definitely be the focus of everyone’s attention.

When Chu Tianxiong heard the two words "Chu Yu", he frowned and said, "This sort of event… I think it’s better not to let him participate?"

"What are you afraid of? Even though Brother Chu Yu can no longer cultivate, he’s still a member of an underworld family clan. He will eventually have to participate in this sort of event. When Dad leaves, he would have to face his first time alone. Isn’t that worse?"

From young, Chu Xiaoxiao liked to chase after Chu Yu’s back. Thus, her relationship with Chu Yu was not bad.

When she knew that Chu Yu was coming over to Dragon City, she was incredibly happy and had always been anticipating his arrival.

Chu Tianxiong pondered and felt that his daughter’s words were logical. He immediately nodded, "Then… Alright. We’ll bring him and let him be acquainted with the people here in Dragon City. That’s also not bad."

"That’s great. Then I’m coming too!" Chu Xiaoxiao celebrated.

Chu Tianxiong contemplated, then nodded, "Alright, but don’t stir up trouble."

This daughter of his, even though her age and cultivation wasn’t high, she was brave and reckless. In front of him, she acted obediently in front of him, but when she went out, she would turn into a gyaru.

"Dad, don’t be worried la. Your baby is so obedient and adorable…" Chu Xiaoxiao gave a cute and adorable expression.

Chu Tianxiong looked at his watch and said, "They’re coming soon. Come, follow dad to go outside the city and welcome them."

"Alright!" Chu Xiaoxiao promptly responded simply.
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