Chapter 183: Another Round of Unorthodox Refinement

Chapter 183: Another Round of Unorthodox Refinement

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Watching the teenager refine pills was breathtaking. She controlled the furnace with one hand and stunned the crowd.

All of their eyes were on her.

With so much attention on her, she wasn’t at all nervous.

She extended her hands into the sky and picked out the medicine necessary to refine the Will of Heaven Pill from the long table.

All of the medicine hovered in the air in a neat line.

This technique stunned countless people!

Many of the students, and even teachers, from the Purple Cloud School were stunned. They had their suspicions, Is this really not one of the top students from their Pill Refining Section?

The teenager deliberately and calculatedly placed each medicine into the levitating pill furnace.

Upon closer inspection, beads of sweat could be seen on her forehead as she concentrated.

It was clear that she wasn’t as composed and elegant as she wanted to seem. These techniques were a strain on her.

"Aiya, not bad." Bi Yueyue smiled and praised her. Then, she also extended her hand and a large amount of medicine flew into the air and towards her pill furnace.

With a wave of her hand, she raised the lid and threw all the medicine in like dumplings...

It was just like how Wang Yan had refined her pills!

But with more viciousness!

Even though Bi Yueyue did not use the Furnace Control Technique, her actions revealed that she could do it too!

It was all a matter of choice!

At this point, even the Principal of the Purple Cloud School was stunned.

If he was to report back to Liu Fenghui now, he would tell him that he has finally realized the value of Sensei Song.

Sensei Song… was a miracle worker!

Bi Yueyue also refined her pills in a seemingly messy and unorderly manner, but she was calm and composed.

The teenaged girl on the other hand was breaking out in sweat after using the Furnace Control technique.

To the pill refiners who were Pill Master or better, this seemingly unorderly method was no problem, but it tested one’s fine motor skills.

These skills were not visible to others.

It all happened inside the pill furnace!

Before this, no one would have believed that a student from the Purple Cloud School dared to refine pills using this method.

However, they had no choice but to believe it now!

Bi Yueyue was extremely focused as she refined her pills. Even though she started slightly later than the teenager, she was still very composed.

Her hands formed various shapes in the air as she controlled the fire. The fire burned brighter and gentler with her commands.

At the same time, the pill furnace came to live in her hands, changing its angle and position every now and then.

To put it in crude terms, a pill refiner was quite similar to a chef in some aspects.

A chef needs to have mastery over the stove and his utensils.

By changing the position of the pill furnace, the pill refiner was also perfecting the pills he/she was refining!

Then, when they looked at the beautiful teen, they saw her tiring. Furnace Controlling over an extended period of time had consumed much of her energy. Even though she was in the King’s Realm and was more powerful than Bi Yueyue, it still took a toll on her.

Many from the Wafting Fragrance School began to feel anxious.

They were keenly aware that the girl was doing this to stun her opponent and suffocate her opponent with overwhelming grandeur.

Little did she expect that her opponent was not falling for it!

In the end, the teen was a victim of her own trap and she could not stop now.

No matter how great one was at Furnace Control or Firebending, no matter how beautiful the actions were, what mattered… was still the pills.

The teen felt that she may have bitten off more than she could chew!

Seeing her opponents composure stressed her out quite a bit.

Once such pressure built up, it was difficult to ignore.

She was already struggling slightly, and the pressure caused her to struggle even more.

On the other hand, Bi Yueyue was completely in control!

She looked like a heroine, every move deliberate and steady.

This was something that Chu Yu had emphasized over the past few months!

You can lose, but you cannot be intimidated!

What’s there to panic about pill refining? It’s not like it’s grave robbing?

Who are you shivering for? Is the pill you’re refining a rat pil?

These were statements that Chu Yu had used ad nauseum.

Initially, these girls did not like to hear such words, but over time, they’ve come to appreciate its meaning.

Only when they stepped into the arena did these girls truly understand the wisdom behind sensei’s words.

Ignore the challenges of your opponent, and do not fear the strength of your opponent. You are unique, and yourself....

That was it.

Bi Yueyue twisted her arms and the pill furnace, surrounded by fire, kept changing its angle.

Finally, when it was the last step… the pill forming stage, Bi Yueyue harnessed all her concentration and combined sensei’s Pill Combining technique with her Pill Shaping technique.

The Will of Heaven Pill was not easy to refine, and those who could refine this pill in the Song Country were few and far between.

Even though the ingredients to refine such a pill were not expensive, the price for this pill was astronomical. There were simply too little people who could refine this ill.

Chu Yu could feel the passionate gazes of the leadership of the school, not towards him, but towards the girls!

If all of the 12 girls could refine such superior pills, then the Purple Cloud School could use the points accumulated by the Pill Refining Section to climb up the ranks and become a superior institution.

Furthermore… they could reap tangible benefits from this too!

This was a vast cultivation world and almost everyone life form was cultivating.

As such, pills were always in high demand.

These 12 girls could bring in great revenue for the Purple Cloud School!

They could be self-financing!

Right now, they had to depend on a large amount of support from the Purple Cloud Constabulary.


This was a business owned by the Purple Cloud Constabulary but they had to finance it every year.

Even though the Principal was an elder in the Purple Cloud School, he still hoped that the Purple Cloud School could be autonomous.

This was not ambition, anyone would wish the same too.

Right now, he finally saw a glimmer of hope.

As for Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan, he had been blinded by his jealousy with regard to Liu Yuyan. However, now that he saw the light, cold sweat broke out all over his forehead.

Liu Yuyan sat in a very unassuming corner. Around her were several youths who kept a low profile but were clearly of high status.

These people were the princes and princesses who had snuck out from the palace!

They were childhood friends and talked about everything.

Surrounding them was a special zone that was created by magical equipment from the royal family. This ensured that they were the only ones who could hear each other and no one could eavesdrop.

Prince Song Qi was shocked, "That handsome, animalistic youth is the Sensei Song who saved you? This man is extremely capable! He managed to get the Pill Refining Section in shape in such a short time? Even if it’s just the two disciples, it is sufficient to stun the world! Their standard… is probably no worse than those advanced level pill refiners?"

Princess Song Yu looked at Chu Yu, captivated, "How charming, and he’s so handsome! Yuyan ah… do you want this man? If you don’t, I’m going after him…"

Liu Yuyan stared at her, "Don’t talk rubbish…"

"Aiyo, our Yuyan’s heart has been moved! Song Qi, are you jealous?" Song Yu chuckled.

Song Qi looked at her in exasperation, "Sister, enough, you know how bad you’ve been as a matchmaker… you’ve been trying to matchmake us since young, but we are like siblings!"

Many of those on scene could not help but laugh out loud, even Liu Yuyan smiled.

Song Yu rolled her eyes, then chuckled. However, when she looked at Chu Yu, sparks could be seen in her eyes.

It was obvious that the attitudes of all the spectators had changed since arriving.

Previously, they had thought that the Purple Cloud School did not stand a chance and had come to see the superiority of the Wafting Fragrance School.

Now, they were admiring the poise of their own school and enjoying how they were wrecking students from a better school...

This feeling was so different!

Many of the students from the Purple Cloud remained silent because pill refining required concentration.

However, their excitement and anticipation was impossible to suppress.

Over in the other camp, the hundred odd Wafting Fragrance School teachers and students were silent.

Their arrogant and confident smiles were gone.

Even though the second round was not over yet, they seemed to have predicted the results.

Is this really the worst section in an unranked school?

This joke… was overboard.

If this wasn’t a joke, all they could say was the leadership of this school… was all blind!

At this point, Bi Yueyue had kept her refining fire and let out a long sigh.

The Will of Heaven Pill was no small challenge for her.

However, thanks to sensei’s teaching, she managed to face any challenge with composure. She could not see what the pills looked like, but she knew she had succeeded!

She pulled a chair and sat down. She rested her chins on her hands and looked at the sweet teenage, unblinking.

Professional etiquette dictated that she could not speak and distract her opponent, but nowhere did it say that she couldn’t look, right?

Afterall, everyone is looking at her, what difference would my stare make?

What she didn’t know was that her stare was giving this teenager lethal pressure!

In the end, even though she was still controlling the furnace, her actions were basically all off.

Furthermore, Bi Yueyue’s stare… made things even worse.

That elegant demeanour suddenly fell apart and the refining fire swallowed the entire pill furnace.

The entire arena was shocked.

Anyone with experience in pill refining knew that this cauldron of pills were gone!



The girl had never embarrassed herself in front of so many people and she burst into tears.


Bi Yueyue sprinted over and cuddled her, comforting her with choice words and a soothing voice.

No one really knew what she was saying, but she half carried, half supported this beautiful teen off the stage and disappeared!




What is this?

Everyone was stupefied.

Could it be that this girl was serious all along? Is she here to compete or find a girlfriend?

The Principal of the Purple Cloud coughed and said, "Let’s take a look at the result…"

The lady sighed and nodded, "We have lost this round, but I would like to see how perfect the pills refined by a disciple of such a great sensei are."

Her words did not have any trace of condescension, mocking or suspicion. It was filled with a calm acceptance, and slight regret.

The Principal walked to Bi Yueyue’s pill furnace and sighed.

He had thought that this girl had repented, but he didn’t know that he was just being naive.

When he opened the lid… a wave of medicinal aroma gushed out!

The Principal jumped and looked in. When he did so, all the disappointment he felt towards Bi Yueyue vanished in an instant!
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