Chapter 184: Spiritual Pill

Chapter 184: Spiritual Pill

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The Principal of the Purple Cloud School could clearly describe the memory of a feeling from many years ago.

"Extremely delighted!"

"Definitely, no other words could better describe the emotions that I had felt," he said.

He had personally ordered the twelve furnaces for the twelve girls. Six across and seven down, there were 42 shiny and smooth pills. The engravings on the pill were exquisite as they lay in neat order at the bottom of the pill furnace.

Will of Heaven Pill!

A real Will of Heaven Pill!

Each one exuded a strong aura of medicine. A sniff would make a person exceptionally happy. Any emotions of angst would be calmed instantly.

Superior quality!

A real superior quality Will of Heaven Pill!

The Principal did not even need to analyze it to confirm it.

He raised his head, trying to look for Bi Yueyue, but couldn’t find her after scanning the surroundings.

However, he was not angry with her, not in the least bit!

Which capable person did not have their quirks?

Exactly, none of them!

He raised his head and puffed his chest as he looked at the attractive lady from the Wafting Fragrance School.

All of a sudden, he felt that he was according them too much respect!

So what if they were the Wafting Fragrance School. If the Vice Principal of their school had come, then it would be courteous for him to receive them. However, they were just a group of teachers and students. To accord them such treatment... seemed to be slightly too much?

Before this, he never felt this way, he only hoped that they would not thrash his students too hard.

But times had changed.

The Pill Refining Section had given him a huge surprise.

In order for someone to keep their head held high, they needed to be capable!

The attractive lady had no interest in seeing the change of emotion in the Principal of the Purple Cloud School. She walked to the pill furnace and looked at the 42 Will of Heaven pills. She smiled bitterly in exasperation.

As for that sweet teenager’s furnace, she did not even have the courage to open it.

That last wave of fire... had clearly burnt all of the pills up!

If she opened it, she would only see a pile of medicinal pulp and add to their humiliation.

"For the third round, we..."

Just as the lady was about to say "Give up", a low but resolute voice could be heard from the Wafting Fragrance School camp.


"Teacher, I would like to compete in the third round!"

A slim and seemingly weak boy, about 17 or 18 years old stepped out. He looked extremely young and his dressing showed that he was from a well to do family.

His eyes were clean and bright. The contrast in his eyes were stark and they looked like stars in the sky. His eyes were his most attractive feature.

The lady looked at him and frowned. She whispered, "Song Binbin, we have already lost..."

"Yes, we have lost, but the challenge is not over." The boy looked at the attractive lady resolutely.

Some of the students from the Wafting Fragrance School already felt rather frustrated.

This was supposed to be an easy trip, where they would simply smash their opponents. Yet, now, it was a trip where they got smashed instead.

Amongst them, other than Song Binbin, no one wanted to continue with the challenge. They wanted this nightmare trip to end and return to the Wafting Fragrance School. Then, they would pray that news of this incident did not spread.

Even though they were not from the Wafting Fragrance School’s Pill Refining Section, the key problem here was that not many students in other Pill Refining Sections could match up to their standard!

Yet, they had lost to a group of unknown girls from an unranked school.

This... was such an embarrassment!

Their wish for news of this not to spread would never come true.

The largest social media platform in the Mirror World already had news of this challenge!

However, the Purple Cloud School was unworthy of attention. Also... even though the Wafting Fragrance School was a top 100 school, they were not particularly high ranking.

As such, news of this would not be particularly explosive.

To those from the superior schools, these were just two extremely low schools engaging in pointless competition.

Even if it went completely against all predictions, they would not bother with it.

The attractive lady had already felt the frustration from the teachers and students of the Wafting Fragrance School.

She knew that once they lost the advantage, her people would lose their confidence and their patience.

She looked at Song Binbin, wanting to reject him.

However, when she saw the determination in his eyes, she could not bring herself to reject him.

Actually... why not give it a go?

Since she was already willful, she should just be willful to the end! Either way, she was going to be punished when she returned this time, why not just fulfil the stubbornness of a child?

"Okay, go!"

The attractive lady looked into the boy’s eyes, "No matter the result, you are still a good student!"

"Thank you teacher." Song Binbin bowed.

"Go on!" The lady nodded.

This time, Yuwen Xiaoxiao walked up to the stage, not allowing anyone to take her place.

She placed the pill furnace engraved with a chicken on the stage. The commotion she caused had shocked many people who were not paying much attention.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Song Binbin haughtily, "Little boy, call me your elder sister!"

"..." Countless people were speechless when they heard that, remembering how terrifying the 12 demonic girls from the Pill Refining Section were.

Song Binbin was shy. He had not much aura to speak of. He drooped his head and looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao meekly, "Little elder sis..."

"It’s elder sis! Not little elder sis! What the hell is little elder sis?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao rolled her eyes than looked at Song Binbin, "Tell me, what do you want to compete in? What pill shall we refine?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s behaviour was arrogant beyond belief. It did not seem like she was asking him what he wanted to compete in, but rather asking him how he wanted to die...

Song Binbin said weakly, "Let’s refine the Spiritual Concentration Pill then..."

"Spiritual Concentration Pill? Did I hear you wrongly?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao saw the determination in his eyes and smiled, "Okay, Spiritual Concentration Pill it is!"

Whilst she spoke, Yuwen Xiaoxiao sent the refining fire to its compartment underneath the pill furnace. Then, she quickly grabbed a few medicine and threw them into the furnace.

"..." Everyone was stunned by what the saw.

Mm, it is still the same, they all used the same technique.

All of the girls under Chu Yu’s tutelage used the same disorderly manner to refine pills.

Chu Yu, who was extremely calm, saw the young boy start well, and began to frown.

His gut told him that this boy... was not simple.

When the boy took out his pill furnace, Chu Yu’s vertical eye sprang into action!


True Lord magical equipment? Or Divine Lord magical equipment?

Although it was nowhere near his own Immortal Crane Pill Furnace, his seemingly ordinary pill furnace was extremely powerful, definitely better than a Supreme Realm magical equipment.

Chu Yu also found that this boy was extremely steady in his every action, and his eyes were steely.

All of a sudden, he had a feeling that if his strongest student, Yuwen Xiaoxiao, was careless and took her opponent lightly... then she could very well be defeated!

Should I warn her?

Chu Yu hesitated.

Based on the current situation, he had to remind Yuwen Xiaoxiao not to be too cocky.

However, for Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s growth, Chu Yu felt that letting her lose this... could help her in her future!

Ok... it’s decided then!

In certain aspects, Chu Yu was also rather willful.

If Yuwen Xiaoxiao won this round handedly as well, then the Wafting Fragrance School would lose all of their dignity.

They had travelled a great distance to smash the weakest section of an unranked school. Even though they were from the battle section, it could be seen that these students were all experts at pill refining for their age.

In the end, they were slapped by the Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section. No, now, it was two slaps.

If Yuwen Xiaoxiao won... it would be three slaps!

But Chu Yu did not warn Yuwen Xiaoxiao in advance.

As such, both sides started this match with no expectations, but the result... shocked everyone!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao had refined pills eight across and eight down for a total of 64 pills. Each one was filled with spiritual energy that would render anyone speechless.

It was no exaggeration to say that Yuwen Xiaoxiao had the skills of a pill master!

Each of her pills was like an art piece!

Even when the attractive lady saw this, despite being from the opposite camp, she could not help but nod. Then, she broke out in a bitter smile.

Who had said that the Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section was horrible?

What a huge joke!

Many of the students and teachers from the Wafting Fragrance School felt like crumbling.

"We have already lost, they have already won two of the three rounds. Haven’t we been slapped enough? Must we still give them our face for them to slap another time? I guess he’s happy now?"

"Really, why is he so determined? Is there a point in being so resilient? Never give up? F*ck me... the truth is out for all to see, what’s the use of not giving up?"

Many people began to chide Song Binbin.

As for the Purple Cloud School, the spectators were relaxed and waiting for a good show.

"Three in a row! How fun!"

"They have been annihilated!"

"People from the battle section should just focus on that, why bother refining pills?"

"Hahahahaha! Exactly, exactly!"

Faced with these voices, the skinny youth Song Binbin did not make a peep as he silently lifted the lid of his pill furnace.

"Aiyo, he actually has the courage to lift the lid..." One of the Wafting Fragrance School students said. All of a sudden, he felt a strong wave of spiritual energy rush into the sky!

In that instant, he swallowed his words and looked on in aghast.

The spiritual energy was invisible and shapeless, but any powerful cultivator could feel that strong wave of spiritual energy.

However, in Chu Yu’s eyes, he saw a dragon made from pure energy... fly out from the furnace!

It twirled three rounds around the furnace, then flew off into the air!

Even though the others couldn’t see it, the higher their cultivation level, the more keenly they felt it. However, they didn’t know what it was.

"Spiritual Pill? How is that possible?" Chu Yu’s expression changed in that instant.

He had only attained this realm two months ago!

And this was the true indication that one had stepped into the pinnacle of the pill master level.

When pills began to form spirits, these would combine to form spiritual beasts. Once the pills were refined, the Pill Spirit will escape!

Could it be that a teenager, who looked slightly haggard... had already attained such a stage?

Is he even stronger than me? And I have a saint’s legacy in hand...

Chu Yu’s eyes were fixated on Song Binbin, waves of emotions building up in his chest, This kid... could he be an incredible pill refining talent? If he is, then regardless of the price... I must get him on my side!

However, when he looked at the attractive lady, Chu Yu realized that she looked at the boy the same way. Chu Yu smiled bitterly to himself.

She knows too!

It doesn’t seem likely that I’ll be able to snatch this boy away from her...
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