Chapter 185: Chaos

Chapter 185: Chaos

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Not only was it unlikely, it was quite impossible!

He is a student of the Wafting Fragrance School and it could be seen that the lady knew him and could call him by his name. She also trusted him enough to send him for the final round, despite all the pressure.

How is it possible… to have someone like that leave their school and the people they trust to come over to a foreign and much less qualified school?

But he had to give it a go!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

In the entire arena, only two people truly understood what the energy that exited from the pill furnace entailed.

They were Chu Yu and the lady.

Chu Yu saw it with his own eyes!

The lady had deduced it.

The others could only feel the energy flying out, but they didn’t know what it meant.

The lady’s expression was aghast and she unconsciously glanced at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s expression had already returned to normal.

Did he see any problem?

The lady observed Chu Yu as she thought to herself and hesitated… should she admit defeat!

From sheer numbers, Song Binbin had only refined 24 pills, an advanced level pill refiner.

Even though his pill engravings were beautiful and the sizes were identical, they were miles off from Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s pills.

If not for the fact that there was Pill Spirit, he would have lost handedly.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao hesitated. Even though she did not really know what had happened, she came from a pill refining family and had an idea of what happened by relating it to the legends she knew!

Sensei’s look of shock had not escaped her eyes. It wasn’t because she knew what was going on, but at that time, she was looking to Chu Yu for approval...

"If this boy’s pills are really what we hear of in the legends… then no matter how perfect my pills are, I have lost!"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao was not someone who couldn’t accept defeat, and she had no qualms about admitting someone was better than her.

However, now, she felt especially depressed.

It was like a slap to her face. Her opponent’s pills had Pill Spirit, meaning that they were of much better quality than her!

It would take a long time for her to reach that standard.

Pill Spirit!

Where did this young man… get his talent and skill from?

Pills with Pill Spirit were of astronomical value!

Even though the Pill Spirit disappeared the moment the lid was lifted, these pills were still far superior to normal pills.

For example, 10000 thoughtless robots were not as valuable as a single, thinking worker.

Pill Spirits occur only after one has attained the advanced levels of Pill Master.

And the occurrences were rare!

Even when one attained the level of Guru, the chances of Pill Spirits only increased slightly.

And the Pill Spirit was likely… to disappear.

Even the Gurus could not guarantee that every batch would have Pill Spirit, as for every pill… even a pill saint could not guarantee it.

However, when one attained the level of Guru, they will have the technique to seal in the Pill Spirit.

Any pill with a sealed Pill Spirit was priceless!

When one attained the level of saint, it would be a lot easier to refine pills with Pill Spirit, furthermore, the Pill Spirit was unlikely to escape.

As such, any pill refined by a saint, even if it is just a Spiritual Concentration Pill, was of unthinkable value.

An ordinary person may not even be able to see one in his entire life!

As such, where did this boy’s talent come from? He could refine pills with Pill Spirit at the tender age of seventeen!

Anyone who vaguely knew about this man’s talent would never let him go.

The girl made her decision, even if she was going to lose face, she must keep Song Binbin and not let her enemy know!

Yes, even if her fiance was in the wrong, he was still her fiance!

Even though she had agreed to bury the hatchet after this competition, the fact that Song Hong is her enemy would never change.

As such, she was extremely afraid that Song Binbin’s talent would be discovered and he would be poached away.

She was aware that Song Binbin was not valued by the Wafting Fragrance School, and… he was frequently bullied.

Based on a child’s mentality, he would follow whoever treats him well.

As such… she had to admit defeat first, then try to compensate him after! Then, when they returned, she would tell her father about his talent. This will definitely excite him!

However, just as the lady was about to speak, Yuwen Xiaoxiao said softly and conflictedly, "I have lost!"


The entire arena went silent.

Everyone stared at her, mouths agape.

There was a huge screen behind the stage and her 64 pills with exquisite engravings could be seen clearly.

Everyone saw her pills!

And were shocked by it!

The fact that she could refine 64 pills at such a young age meant that her potential was immeasurable!

On the other hand, Song Binbin’s 24 pills, although acceptable, were a far cry from Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s in terms of appearance. This made the teachers and students from the Wafting Cloud School want to dig a hole to hide their faces.

There was simply no comparison between the two!

Even though there was a wave of energy that burst out when Song Binbin opened his lit, who knew if it was just residual energy from the medicine?

Then, they looked at Song Binbin’s ashen face and look of despair. It was clear that he knew his pills were nowhere near his opponents!

His pills were inferior both in quality and quantity!

How embarrassing!

All the teachers and students from the Wafting Fragrance School hated Song Binbin.

They had not wanted to compete in this third round, but he had insisted on it!

In the end?

He was handedly beaten!

Is he happy now?

Song Binbin stood rooted to the ground, his head lowered, not even daring to open his eyes.

He did not understand how terrifying the pills he had refined were. Previously, he was unwilling to accept defeat and his bones burnt with determination, he was not going to give up!

Even if he was going to lose, he was going to lose with honor!

Yes, he would rather lose than give up!

However, in the end, he still lost handedly. He had thought that he would be able to handle victory or defeat, however, with all eyes on him, he felt completely lost and out of sorts.

He felt like he was floating in the air, lost.

However, under such a circumstance, Yuwen Xiaoxiao… she had… admitted defeat?

Song Binbin, who had his head drooped in shame and sadness, looked up, his eyes revealing his disbelief as he stared at Yuwen Xiaoxiao.

Is she crazy?




"Noble and honest!"

A teacher from the Wafting Fragrance School said emotionally, eyes reddened.

He was convinced!

Completely convinced!

His eyes revealed his sincerity as he looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "Child, it is a waste for someone like you to stay here. Furthermore, your character and behavior is exemplary! Are you willing to come over to the Wafting Fragrance School?"

What the f*ck?

You’re trying to poach my student even before I poach yours?

Chu Yu stared at the teacher.

This Wafting Fragrance School teacher ignored Chu Yu’s gaze.

He continued to tell Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "It would be a waste of your talent to remain here. Come with us and see the world. I believe that your potential is limitless!"

"Mm, I know." Yuwen Xiaoxiao nodded.

This teacher was speechless. He suddenly felt that this beautiful lady was just like her sensei.

They were all so shameless… and unpredictable.

The lady did not want to hesitate any longer. She looked at Yuwen Xiaoxiao, "This student is too humble, the screen clearly shows the result and no one will say that you’ve lost. This round is won by you. But it’s okay, these students of ours are no pill refiners. They are battle trained, when we return, naturally…"

Before she could finish, the skinny boy Song Binbin fell to his knees in front of her and bowed thrice.


What is this?

Everyone was stupefied.

No one knew what this boy, who had lost, was trying to do.

The lady had a bad feeling about this. She thought to herself, Silly boy, when we return, I will definitely send you to the PIll Refining Section.

She used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Song Binbin not to say anything foolishly. When they returned, she will definitely send him to the Pill Refining Section and cultivate him properly.

However, Song Binbin did not seem to hear her.

After he bowed three times, he said seriously, "I have been in the Wafting Fragrance School for two years. I had signed up for the Pill Refining Section initially, but I was rejected because the section head thought that I wasn’t talented enough. In the end, I was posted to the Battle Section, but I never gave up on pill refining. My only wish is to be the best in pill refining."

"You…" The lady looked at him with vigor, "You’re a talent, when we return, I will definitely let you enrol in the Pill Refining Section."

"It’s okay teacher, thank you. You’re my only source of warmth in the entire Wafting Fragrance School. Teacher, last year, whilst doing an experiment, I accidentally used a memory crystal to record a scene. I was afraid and did not know you well then, so I kept it. Now I am giving it to you, after you’re done watching it, you will understand many things."

As Song Binbin spoke, he retrieved a memory crystal and handed it over to the lady.

With a look of doubt, the lady took the memory crystal in her hand and used her mental energy to see what was inside.

In that instant, her expression changed.

Blood drained from her face instantly!

Her body and hands… trembled immensely.

Two of the Wafting Fragrance School teachers rushed over and glared at Song Binbin, "What did you let her see?"

At this point, tears formed in the lady’s eyes and she said, "It’s nothing to do with him."

Then, she took a deep breath and looked at Song Binbin, "Tell me, what is your request?"

Song Binbin said, "I hope that I can leave the Wafting Fragrance School. I would like to enrol in the Purple Cloud School’s Pill Refining Section and learn from Sensei Song!"

He said this readily and without hesitation.

The lady looked at Song Binbin solemnly, "I can teach you myself!"

"I would like to learn from Sensei Song." Song Binbin was determined.

Just as the teachers from the Wafting Fragrance School were about to scold Song Binbin, the lady nodded, "Okay, I can grant you your wish, but… will they accept you?"

Chu Yu had a lot of interest in Song Binbin initially, but now he hesitated!

He did not know what Song Binbin handed to the lady, but from her reaction, it was likely to be related to Lu Tianxiang.

A student had kept an accidental recording for so long, not destroying it, just waiting for a day like this to use it.

What a masterstroke!

His plan and cunningness… did not match his age.

He seemed like someone who would use any means to get to his goal!

Chu Yu squinted as he looked at Song Binbin.

At this point, the lady used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to Chu Yu, "He showed me a scene where Lu Tianxiang was passionately kissing another lady. He did record this accidentally, that I can assure you. But the fact that he kept it till today and brought it out at such a time, his planning… decide for yourself! Song Hong, our feud is over! But we must continue with the competition! It’s okay even if I lose to you, at least I can help your reputation."

After hearing this, Chu Yu contemplated silently.

The development of events had far exceeded anything predictable.

Many of the people from the Wafting Fragrance School felt that Song Binbin was a traitor. Even with his talent, he did not think about the favors that were given to him. Even after the lady promised him the world, he was unmoved.

Good riddance!

It would be a sore sight to see him in school!

As for the side of the Purple Cloud, many were completely stunned by what was going on.

What is happening here?

Are you submitting to the power of the Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section?

In fact, after the competition, many students in the Purple Cloud School contemplated enrolling in the Pill Refining Section and learning from Sensei Song.

Song Binbin hesitated, then fell to his knees in front of Chu Yu, "Please sensei, accept me and teach me the art of pill refining!"

He looked extremely innocent and sincere as he begged CHu Yu.

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Answer a few questions, then I’ll decide whether or not to accept you."

Song Binbin looked at Chu Yu and nodded.

"That thing, why did you keep it on yourself for so long and take it out now? Were you trying to use it as leverage so she will let you go? Do you have similar items on you?" Chu Yu asked.

Song Binbin replied without hesitation, also using the Voice Transmission Technique, "I thought that it could be used one day. Indeed, I used it today so that she would let me go. At the same time, I wanted her to know that it was not worth her effort to find trouble with you over scum like that. I do not have anything similar on me. Sensei, I am not a bad person, but I am also not dumb."

After he finished, Song Binbin put his head to the ground and said, "I’m begging you Sensei, trust me, I will not let you down!"


Chu Yu nodded, "Rise, I’ll accept you!"


"Thank you Sensei! Thank you Sensei!" Song Binbin said repeatedly, choking slightly.

At this point, a distant voice could be heard, "Hang on hang on, Sensei, she wants to join us too!"

Chu Yu turned around and saw Bi Yueyue walk over with that sweet teenager. The teenager’s expression was sad and bitter and she drooped her head, unwilling to look at anyone.

Chu Yu felt butterflies in his stomach.

God damn, she managed to catch her so quickly?

The Purple Cloud arena was in chaos.

The Principal looked on in exasperation. This, ahem… was completely out of control.

He did not know whether to be surprised or shocked.

The 12 girls were still the same!

Able to create trouble!

Everyone from the Wafting Fragrance School looked on unhappily.

They were all going crazy!

What the f*ck was this?

Not only were they handedly beaten by a lesser school, now, their students are defecting over to this school?

The lady could no longer suppress her fury and she hollered, "No way! Yan Xiaoyu, are you crazy?"
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