Chapter 188: Is this even a Pill?

Chapter 188: Is this even a Pill?

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At this point, Chu Yu’s ability to control the fire had reached a level that was unattainable, and even incomprehensible for an ordinary pill refiner.

Chu Yu harnessed all his concentration. His edged, handsome yet animalistic face was respectful. His arms were well toned and his long silky hair rested on his shoulders.

He wore a green robe and looked like a god amongst men.

Everyone on scene went silent. They unconsciously held their breath as they stared at Chu Yu, unblinking.

The Magma Fire burned brightly one moment, engulfing the entire Immortal Crane Pill Furnace; the next moment, it was gentle as a candle, almost as if it could be extinguished any moment.

Their hearts were in their mouths.

In the end, Chu Yu used a raging fire and engulfed the entire Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

That ancient furnace burnt bright red, almost like the sun!

The high temperature could be felt from a distance.

Even the attractive lady could not help but retreat a couple of steps.

Only Chu Yu stood in front of the furnace, unmoving, like a statue.

Pill refining… is not an easy profession!

Many people felt this way in that instant.

Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and constantly observed what was going on inside the furnace.

If he was already at the level of Pill Guru, then he would not need his vertical eye to understand every minute detail within the furnace.

However, he still had a long way to go before he could reach that level!

If not for the fact that he learnt a saint’s technique, there was no way he could refine the True Soul Pill.

From afar, the attractive lady looked on with glimmering eyes.

She smiled bitterly, she would have never thought that she would pin her last hope on her enemy.

Now she could not pinpoint her feelings towards Sensei Song. Did she hate him? It didn’t seem to be as strong. But, she still hated him… afterall, he had killed her fiance!

But now, she had a request for him and hoped he would succeed.

Else, she would return home, completely defeated, unable to take revenge, and utterly embarrassed.

He must succeed, or I would be dead!

Ever since she saw the scene in the memory crystal given to her by Song Binbin, her feelings about Lu Tianxiang had become a question mark.


She still had a shred of obsessiveness, after all, they had formed many good memories together.

But that was it.

Avenge him?

Forget it!

He had told her that she was the only one for him, yet he kissed and hugged girls behind her back.

The conversation between the two of them, recorded on the memory crystal, was even more disgusting.

If Lu Tianxiang was still alive, she would definitely call of the wedding and give him two tight slaps!

But… he was dead!

As his fiancee, she had to make this trip down.

She had wanted to avenge him before, but now… it was just a show.

The attractive girl sighed, feeling that she was quite the fool.

So naive it was almost funny!

Chu Yu had already reached the final stage of the refining process. He controlled the Magma Fire extremely precisely as he put the final touches on the pills.

In the end, these pills were a success!

By this point, Chu Yu was drenched in sweat!

From the spectator stand, Princess Song Yu smiled at Liu Yuyan, "This is the time when you go wipe his sweat for him."

"Go to hell!" Liu Yuyan retorted, clearly shy, but her eyes revealed that she was contemplating the suggestion.

In the end, she could not find the courage to do it.


A large wave of energy crashed into the lid of Chu Yu’s pill furnace.

It was almost as if a mine was set off from within the pill furnace.

Chu Yu calmed himself down and sealed the pill furnace.

He had already expected the pills to have a Pill Spirit, and the Pill Spirit would attempt to escape.


As such, the moment the pill formed, he had already sealed the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace!

Chu Yu sighed lightly in his heart. He was not a pill saint and could not form a magical formation during the process of refining the pill and seal the Pill Spirit inside.

That technique really went against the will of heaven!

What he did not know was that the attractive lady was already awestruck by his skill.

The attractive lady had seen Pill Gurus in action before, and their techniques were beyond comprehension.

When a pill formed with a Guru refining it, there would be some quirky occurrences.

However, she had never seen something like this… a loud boom from within the furnace!

She suddenly thought of something and was dumbstruck: Heavenly Thief!

It was said that when some of the best pills were formed, a Heavenly Thief would descend inside the furnace to destroy these pills due to the fact that they were against Heaven’s Will.

Could it be that… Sensei Song’s pills were already that superior?

The attractive lady had her heart in her chest already, but at this point, it was in her mouth… she was about to spit it out!

This was too shocking!

Need it be so heart stopping?

Even though the True Soul Pill was one of the most superior pill… it was definitely not the most superior pill.

If even a True Soul Pill could result in such a huge commotion, all she could hope for is that the pills were not destroyed by the Heavenly Thief.

The attractive lady felt immense pressure.

Chu Yu did not expect such a thing to happen either, and he could feel the excitement in the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

It had been dormant for over 60 million years and had not refined such a superior pill in a long time. For a pill furnace with a spirit, this was definitely quite torturous.

Now that it had an opportunity to refine a superior pill, the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace was not going to let it go.

The furnace was like a war hardened general confined to a lackadaisical lifestyle. In the moment he picked up his spear and rode his horse into battle once more, his blood would pump through his veins and he would feel incredibly energized!

And even use too much power!


In this instance, the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace seemed to have used all of its power!

This was a furnace used by a saint and it had been used to refine countless legendary medicine.

When it brought its full power to bear, Chu Yu’s pill refining process became much more efficient. Else, the True Soul Pill was not so easy to refine successfully.

In the end, because the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace was too excited, the Heavenly Thief paid them a visit.

It was a good thing that the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace was powerful enough to form an energy barrier which blocked the Heavenly Thief.

Chu Yu had seen all of this unfold.

Then, the pill furnace went silent. Chu Yu retrieved his Magma Fire and let out a long sigh.

He nodded at the lady, "It’s done."

"Really… it’s done?" At this point, the lady was already sick with worry.

She looked at Chu Yu with apprehension.

Chu Yu nodded again, "Open it yourself."

The attractive lady took a deep breath. Success or failure lay just an action away. She walked over and lifted the lid.

Then she was stunned.

There was no spiritual energy, and it was a mess, with over 10 pills.

The shapes… were weird and indescribable!

There were triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons. The surface was rough. Upon closer inspection, whilst there were some engravings on the surface on the pills… what in the world were these?

The lady turned and her lips twitched. She looked at Chu Yu, "Sensei Song… are you sure that these… are pills?"

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, "What else can they be?"

"Pills… are round!" The lady did not know what to think. She was extremely hurt, complex feelings overwhelming her.


She felt like she was set up, she was dead meat this time!

"Who says so?" Chu Yu said righteously, "Tell me, and I will smack him! Who told you that pills must be round? Then, tell me, what are pills used for?"

Whilst they bickered, the 12 girls could not help but take a peak.

"Wa!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao was stunned.

"Ya!" Bi Yueyue was shocked.

"Oh god!" Wang Yan was speechless.

"Oh." Ning Ling was dumbfounded.

"Hm?" Fang Xue looked at the pills suspiciously.

All in all, the 12 girls did not know how to feel after seeing those pills.

After a while, even Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin could not resist the temptation to take a peek.

The two of them were instantly stunned. They thought to themselves, Is it too late to beg for forgiveness… and return to the Wafting Fragrance School?

What the f*ck was this?

No one could tell what it was…

There was no aroma of medicine, no spiritual energy. The key here was… it was too ugly!

Extremely ugly!

And to think the lady had trusted Old Song this much.

No wonder Old Song never refined pills.


Old Song had successfully set up his enemy! He used up all of their superior medicine and refined a bunch of ugly pills!

When the 12 of them recovered from their shock, they all wanted to burst out in laughter, but they suppressed it.


They didn’t care about anything else, but they wanted to leave Old Song with some dignity.

After three months studying under him, even if Chu Yu did not have any Pill Refining Skills, they would still willingly follow him.

Until now, these girls did not even care if Old Song actually knew how to refine pills or not.

The lady looked at Chu Yu, stunned. In the end, she sighed and prepared to leave.

She was prepared to accept her fate!

At this point, the Principal walked over to take a look. His face twitched, and then he looked to the sky, not wanting to say anything.

Chu Yu looked at the back of the attractive lady and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Why, do you not want to buy… a truly superior True Soul Pill?"

The lady jerked her head backwards, and glared at Chu Yu, "This… is a truly superior… True Soul Pill?"

Chu Yu nodded, "Of course, if you don’t believe me, pick one up and analyse it for yourself. If you still can’t see it, then please leave."

The lady was stunned. She turned back and took out a single pill expressionlessly as she examined it.

At this point, with the screen in mid-air, everyone could see the shape of this pill.

The entire arena went silent, then… erupted into chatter.

"My god… is that a pill?"

"What the hell? Why is it so ugly?"

"F*ck me… it’s incredibly ugly!"

All of the Purple Cloud School teachers and students, including those from the Wafting Fragrance School were left stunned by what they saw.

Yet, on the screen, the lady’s expression slowly changed from one of fury, to calm… and then, it became stern.

On the high definition screen, they could all see traces of awe come over the lady’s face.

Each and every minor change in her expression was clear for all to see.

The crowd slowly returned to silence.
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