Chapter 190: So what if you're a Supreme Realm cultivator?

Chapter 190: So what if you're a Supreme Realm cultivator?

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Sun Zhangshan was a youthful Supreme Realm cultivator. Never in his wildest dreams would he expect that a King’s Realm cultivator would attack him so brazenly in front of so many people.

The slap had stunned him. He stood there, his face swelling up, but he didn’t seem to react. That slightly pandering smile was still frozen on his face.

The entire arena was stunned.

The students and teachers of the Purple Cloud School did not know what was happening, and they found it rather curious.

Why would this pill refining god, Sensei Song, slap Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan?

Many people felt their hearts in their mouths.

"You… you dare to hit me?"

Blood trickled down the corner of Sun Zhangshan’s mouth. His eyes filled with rage as he glared at Chu Yu.

"Shut up!"

Chu Yu immediately rebutted, his expression icy, "Ever since I have come to the school, you have tried to make life difficult for me and find fault with me. Do you think I am scared of you just because I didn’t lower myself to your level? I actually planned to just ignore you, but you weren’t done. Isn’t this whole incident with the Wafting Fragrance School orchestrated by you? Idiot!"



The entire arena exploded in chatter, many students were aghast and could not believe what the had just heard.

"How could this possibly happen?"

"Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan is part of the Purple Cloud leadership! What does he gain by doing this?"

"But looking at Sensei Song’s tone and attitude, he clearly has evidence to prove his point."

"In the beginning, the Principal seemed to have raged at Sun Zhangshan…"

"Did he really bring these people here? What a treacherous person! It’s a good thing Sensei Song is powerful!"

Everyone broke out in chatter as they looked at Sun Zhangshan with suspicion.

"Slander!" Sun Zhangshan was furious, " As Vice Principal of the Purple Cloud School, why would I do such a thing? Song Hong, I admit that I doubted your abilities when you frist arrived. However, when I tried to apologize to you, you humiliated me this way, I…"

"Shut up!"

Chu Yu bellowed, then looked icily at him, "Do you want to see the evidence?"

The entire arena went silent. Even the Principal looked at Chu Yu with surprise, How can you have evidence if I don’t have? Would Sun Zhangshan leave behind evidence of his wrongdoing?

Sun Zhangshan laughed icily, "Sensei Song, please show us your evidence!"

Then, he sneered, "If you can’t, then I’m sorry… I can forget about the fact that you just slapped me. But the Purple Cloud would never keep someone like you, no matter how talented or capable you are! Scram if you don’t have any evidence!"

Sun Zhangshan was extremely confident, rage burning in his heart. If not for the fact that he had other motives, he would have murdered Chu Yu.

Even now, he had only planned on letting Chu Yu off for the time being.

When the dust settles, I’ll make sure you beg for death!

Sun Zhangshan thought to himself as he tried to swallow this humiliation.

"You want evidence huh?" Chu Yu laughed icily, "You are a very careful person. Especially in this case, when you are trying to sell out the Purple Cloud and pin it on the Principal, you took and especially large number of detours."

Sun Zhangshan chuckled, "Rubbish! Can you put more thought into it if you want to slander me?"

In his heart, however, he was shocked, How did Song Hong know so much about him?

No matter how hard he contemplated, he could not figure out where the leak originated.

The Principal and the rest of the leaders also looked at Chu Yu apprehensively.

The things that they knew far exceeded those of the ordinary populace.

According to some leads, they had already guessed that this was related to Sun Zhangshan.

But in the end, they still required evidence to prove it.

Coming to a conclusion based on your gut is generally acceptable, but with an accusation as serious as this, punishment without evidence would set tongues wagging.

The 12 girls glared at Sun Zhangshan.

Sun Zhangshan was immensely calm, "Cut the crap, get me the evidence, else, scram! Do you think that any piece of scum off the street can become the Vice Principal of the Purple Cloud?"

His voice was filled with confidence.

Chu Yu smiled, "People like you don’t trust others. With a plot as large as this, you knew that a single leak could cripple your whole plot. As such, you were afraid that they would sell you out! Everytime when you contacted those people, you would record them with a memory crystal, and after the dust settled, you would hide the crystal someplace. Of course, you also kept many other disgusting things that you did there. Sun Zhangshan you piece of trash, kneel!"

Chu Yu continued to bellow!

His voice was like thunder!


Sun Zhangshan was stunned and he felt a shiver down his spine!

Then, he laughed, "Song Hong ah Song Hong, I didn’t know that you were just as good at lying as you are at pill refining! Even I nearly bought your story!"

His gaze swept over everyone present, "I am sure that everyone is clear on what kind of person I, Sun Zhangshan, am! Would I do such a thing? What a joke? I didn’t think that people nowadays are so good at concocting stories, I give him full marks!"

As he spoke, he glared at Chu Yu, his Supreme Realm aura exploding out of his body!

This was a cultivator at the Pinnacle of the Supreme Realm!

He looked coldly at Chu Yu, "Where is your evidence? If you slander me without evidence, not only will I kick you out of the school, I will kill you now! I’ll like to see who would stop me?"

Chu Yu sighed, "Do you know why I haven’t brought out the evidence?"

Sun Zhangshan looked at him icily.

The Principal could not believe what he was hearing.

Everyone from the Purple Cloud held their breath in anticipation.

Sun Zhangshan laughed coldly, "Because you don’t have it! This is slander!"

"Firstly, I must admit that the vault where you kept the memory crystals was not easy to open and require some thought; more importantly, I would like you to explain something else. This way, when I embarrass you later, it would be more painful." Chu Yu said flatly.

Sun Zhangshan’s expression changed greatly!

If Song Hong knew that these crystals were kept in a vault, this man clearly knew a lot about him!

He panicked instantly, there were many things kept in the vault.

He did not care much about the fortune inside, after all, he could earn them back.

But there was lethal evidence kept inside!

Forget about the ancient history, but in recent times, it recorded the entire chain of evidence implicating him in the Wafting Fragrance School’s arrival.

There was also incriminating evidence against him and some others in the Purple Cloud School leadership.

If these were brought to light, he would be executed beyond doubt!

No one would let him off!

Even with a powerful family backing him, his life would not be spared!

"Scum, go to hell!"

Sun Zhangshan was ashamed and angry, he wanted to kill Chu Yu off!

He did not know if the evidence was with Song Hong, but killing him would suppress the incident for now!

"How dare you!"

The Principal of the Purple Cloud bellowed, "Stop right there!"

"This man slandered a Vice Principal of the Purple Cloud School, he deserves to die!" In that moment, Sun Zhangshan lunged at Chu Yu.

His hatred for Song Hong made him not hold any punches.



He fired a slap straight at Chu Yu.

He wanted to get back at Chu Yu for the slap first.

The entire crowd erupted.

None of them were fools, who couldn’t see that Sun Zhangshan was trying to silence Song hong.

The princes and princesses raged and rushed towards the stage.

As for Liu Yuyan, she had rushed down the moment Sun Zhangshan began to move.

However, Sun Zhangshan was too quick, and too close to Chu Yu!

Even the Principal had no time to react, he could only watch Sun Zhangshan’s palm fly towards Chu Yu’s face.

His slap contained a terrifying amount of energy. If it landed, not only would Chu Yu get a mark on his face, half his brain… would be gone!

In the moment Sun Zhangshan moved, Chu Yu reacted.

A large amount of energy exploded from his vertical eye and formed a shield. Immediately after, Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and charged at Sun Zhangshan.

It looked like he was going straight for his chest.

Sun Zhangshan’s palm impacted Chu Yu’s shield. With a bang, his palm was deflected by the energy shield.

The power from that deflection caused Sun Zhangshan’s arm to go numb.

As for Chu Yu, he was already in front of Sun Zhangshan. He balled up his fist and punched at Sun Zhangshan’s chest.

Then, he bent his legs and used his incredibly tough knee to viciously attack Sun Zhangshan’s private parts...

"So what if you’re in the Supreme Realm?" Chu Yu mocked as he exuded a wave of mental energy.


Sun Zhangshan’s Supreme Realm flesh and bones broke. As for what was below his waist… it was likely gone.


Sun Zhangshan let out an inhuman scream as he was sent flying.

He landed off the stage, curled in a foetal position, blood trickling from his mouth as he howled.

Only then did the Principal and the rest of the Purple Cloud leadership arrive.

Liu Yuyan arrived next to Chu Yu and asked caringly, "Are you okay?"

Chu Yu nodded, "I’m fine!"

The others in the royal family arrived shortly after.

The entire arena erupted once again.

The Principal of the Purple Cloud ordered icily, "Arrest Sun Zhangshan immediately!"

At the same time, he looked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded at him.

There was no backing out from this. If Chu Yu did not have any evidence, this would set many tongues wagging.

Even though Chu Yu had just beaten the Wafting Fragrance School and gained great honor for the school, if he had such a clash with a Vice Principal without evidence, even the Purple Cloud Constabulary would not be able to suppress it.

However, in comparison, others were more shocked about something else.

"Isn’t Sensei Song a pill refining expert? He can refine pills so great that even people from the Wafting Fragrance School have to revere."

How is he also a battle expert?

Not only was he great in battle, he had to overcome overwhelming odds. Vice Principal Sun is a whole cultivation level above him!

How scary!

A King’s Realm cultivator managed to cripple a youth at the peak of the Supreme Realm in the blink of an eye...

The first slap may have been a sneak attack, but the battle that just unfolded was started by Sun Zhangshan!

Yet he was utterly defeated

He nearly even died on the spot!

Even now, in his current state -

Everyone winced at the thought of how his genitals must be like now.
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