Chapter 191: Green

Chapter 191: Green

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Sun Zhangshan, who had been crippled by Chu Yu, had to be helped up and restrained by people from the Purple Cloud. Because of the immense pain he was suffering, he was in a half comatose state as he kept moaning and drifting in and out of consciousness.

Ordinarily, even when a Supreme Realm cultivator was injured, it would not be this bad. However, he was hit in a special spot, which meant that even his soul was affected.

Sun Zhangshan looked like a noodle strand as he was guided along by others, his body devoid of energy.


Not only did Chu Yu’s knee destroy his testicles, it also seriously injured his Dantian!

This wound would require months of careful treatment to recover.

"Wake him up!" The Principal’s mouth twitched as his gaze swept towards Chu Yu. He thought to himself, What a vicious move by this fella!

But his battle power is astonishing!

Stunning even!

As a King’s Realm cultivator, he could defeat a Supreme Realm cultivator so handedly.

It seemed like he was completely unaffected by Sun Zhangshan’s attack on him!

Song Hong had such a powerful defensive magical equipment on him, it’s no wonder the leader of the constabulary values him this highly.

Clearly, this man had far more secrets than his ability to refine pills.

The people restraining Sun Zhangshan used their hands to wake him up.

The moment Sun Zhangshan regained consciousness, he began bawling, "It hurts so much.... Ouch… it hurts so much!"

"Make him shut up!" The Principal frowned, clearly ashamed.

He had let him become Vice Principal then because Sun Zhangshan had performed well and was a youthful talent. Furthermore, the Sun Clan was extremely powerful. Even though it was not powerful by Mirror World standards, in the Song Country, it was only second to the Purple Cloud Constabulary.

After considering all the factors, he made him the Vice Principal of the Purple Cloud School.

Little did he expect that this man would be so ambitious and use such despicable methods to achieve his aim.

If this man really became the Principal, it wouldn’t be long before the Purple Cloud School became the Sun Family School!

This was something the Principal could not tolerate.

This was something the Purple Cloud Constabulary could not tolerate!

The people restraining Sun Zhangshan immediately sealed his acupoints and prevented him from making a sound.

Sun Zhangshan had regained some awareness by this point and he looked at Chu Yu with hatred and fear.

Of course, fear triumphed slightly.

At this point, the Principal looked to Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded, then looked at an entrance to the stage. A smile broke out on his face.

Over there, a slightly plump youth was looking over, his face in a wide smile.

His smile also had a trace of cunningness. Seeing Chu Yu look over, his eyebrows twitched and he walked over.

This was Fan Jian!

Fan Jian after he had changed his appearance.

Some time ago, Chu Yu had seen a piece of news on the Mirror World social media site.

A large tomb had been robbed and the family that owned the tomb was out in full force to find the culprit.

Chu Yu took some time before finally locating Fatty’s social media account. He then contacted him secretly.

It was a good thing that they were close and Fatty came over quite early.

When Chu Yu received news that the Wafting Fragrance School was coming, he had already suspected Sun Zhangshan.

This incident was either triggered by the Lu Clan… or someone inside the Purple Cloud.

As such, Chu Yu had Bi Yueyue send a message back to her family to keep a watch on the Lu Family whilst he sent Fatty to gather evidence.

To Fatty, this was too easy!

Without much effort, he had managed to enter Sun Zhangshan’s residence as a manager.

Of course, Sun Zhangshan was unaware of this.

When dealing with someone as vicious as Sun Zhangshan, Chu Yu had no need to hold any punches.

After Fatty confirmed a few things, Chu Yu’s confidence had been boosted.

Just a moment ago, Fatty had sent him news that he had already gotten the evidence. He also told Chu Yu cunningly that the evidence had more potential than a Hollywood Movie.

"Our mission is fulfilled." Fatty walked over and passed Chu Yu a cloth bag. Inside it were over a hundred memory crystals.

When Sun Zhangshan saw the bag, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted.

Even if he didn’t want to faint, he had to faint!

The evidence contained inside was extremely incriminating.

Just as Chu Yu was about to take the cloth bag, an arrow… appeared in front of him!

It was too fast!

There was no indication of where the arrow had been shot from!

No one had expected that there would be someone so audacious as to launch a sneak attack at this time.

It looked like the arrow was about to impact Chu Yu’s forehead.

Chu Yu’s forehead erupted with a blinding light.

At this point, Fatty bellowed and pushed Chu Yu away.

This arrow landed straight on Fatty’s head and penetrated his brain. Then, without losing any momentum, it disappeared.

Fatty’s body crumpled to the ground.

Chu Yu bellowed, the disappeared into the surroundings!

In the next moment, he appeared on the stage, holding a figure by his collar.

He smashed this figure viciously on the ground, then raised his leg and stomped on his leg.


The crisp sound of bones shattering could be heard.


This man let out an inhuman scream!

Chu Yu did not stop there, he continued to stamp on this person’s other leg!

"Ow ow ow ow!"

This man began to scream maniacally. Then, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fainted.

All of these happened to fast. If not for the fact that this man still held a palm sized bow, everyone would have thought that Chu Yu was killing an innocent man.

The Purple Cloud School Principal roared in fury, "Who is this man?"

This man, who was in a comatose state with two crippled legs, had an ordinary looking face and looked like someone who wasn’t easy to recognize.

Everyone shook their heads, no one knew who he was.

Chu Yu’s expression darkened as he squatted next to Fatty and checked out his wounds.

Fatty seemed… to be dead!

He lay unmoving and not breathing.

His brain had a hole penetrated by the arrow and blood was flowing out of the wound.

Without any hesitation, Chu Yu retrieved the Deathly Poisonous Worm and put it over Fatty’s chest.

The Deathly Poisonous Worm immediately attached itself to Fatty. Fatty shivered slightly, then, a miracle happened!

The blood flowing out of the wound in his head ceased and his expression became calm and relaxed.

It was a long story. In fact, 30 seconds had no passed between Fatty being attacked, Chu Yu grabbing the assassin, breaking his two legs, and placing the Deathly Poisonous Worm on Fatty!

As such, Fatty’s life essence, including his souls and spirits, were still in his body, and sealed by the Deathly Poisonous Worm.

Now, the only order of business was to find a way to cure Fatty.

As for the Deathly Poisonous Worm, Chu Yu could remove it at any point with the skills he had learnt from the Crane Saint’s legacy.


Chu Yu looked at Fatty, who seemed like he was in a deep sleep and whispered, "Brother, rest assured, I will cure you!"

Then, Chu Yu had his twelve students and Zhao Kai watch over Fatty. Then, his gaze fell on the crippled man and Sun Zhangshan, contemplating the relationship between the two men.

There must be a link somewhere!

He looked icily at the comatose man, then he raised his leg and stomped on his hand viciously.


This man was faking his fainting in a bid to escape further torture.

Little did he expect that a furious Chu Yu would be this vicious.

Ka Cha!

This man’s hand, holding the palm sized bow… was immediately crippled by Chu Yu!

That bow lay by the side, unharmed, but Chu Yu did not even bother looking at it.

It was the same level as the Spirit Stunning Bow. Even if Fatty did not block it for him, he would have been fine.

But, Fatty did not know that!

He had pushed Chu Yu aside without hesitation. It had all happened too fast, and no one could react in time.

Chu Yu felt unparalleled rage and guilt. Fatty had taken the arrow for him.

With two crippled legs and one crippled hand, even a King’s Realm cultivator would take a long time to recover.

It would take at least a couple of years for this man to recover.

However, Chu Yu had no intention of letting him off.

He raised his leg and smashed open his Dantian, ruining him completely!

But this was not the time for interrogation.

Chu Yu looked at the Principal. He nodded, his expression dark beyond belief.

He could only thank the heavens that Song Hong was fine. If Song Hong had died in front of so many people, he could forget about being the Principal.

As for the Fatty, he was not very bothered with him, but he was thankful that the Fatty had blocked the arrow for Sensei Song.

The Principal ordered for this crippled man to be dragged away and locked up.

Then, Sun Zhangshan awoke to see the crippled man dragged off the stage. His eyes revealed his panic.

Then, seeing Chu Yu standing on stage, unaffected, Sun Zhangshan’s eyes flashed with hatred and regret.

In the end… he still could not kill this man!

Chu Yu looked at Sun Zhangshan, then picked out a memory crystal from the bag, activating it with his powers and projecting it on the screen.

All that had just happened left everybody in shock.

It was almost as if their world had been turned completely upside down.

The Pill Refining Section that they had despised was actually so terrifying that even a powerful school was no match for them.

Vice Principal Sun, who many had looked up to for his youth and capabilities… hmm? What the hell was on the screen?

Tens of thousands of pairs of eyes focuses on the screen. On that huge screen, a high definition, powerful scene was playing.

The main characters were a man and a lady, and they were in an amorous room.

The male was Vice Principal Sun Zhangshan. The female… was someone not well known to the students, but the entire Purple Cloud Leadership stared at the screen, wide eyes. Their expressions were incredibly queer.

Then, they looked to one of the Vice Principals with sympathy.

That youthful, beautiful girl was one of his concubines...

This Vice Principal was in his forties and extremely pale. But in this moment, seeing the scene on the screen, his eyes turned red and his face turned green.

Almost as if he was about to puke...
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