Chapter 192: Sun Zhangshan's fall

Chapter 192: Sun Zhangshan's fall

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Could he not turn green?

This scene was played for tens of thousands of people to see… but even if he was the only one viewing it, he would also turn green!

This Vice Principal looked at Chu Yu with apprehension.

In fact, within the first three to five seconds of the video being projected, Chu Yu had already stopped the video.

But the entire arena had already erupted in chatter.

All their gazes fell on Sun Zhangshan.

At this point, Sun Zhangshan fainted again...

The green and worried Vice Principal looked at Sun Zhangshan, full of killing intent.

However, he did not move.

If he attacked Sun Zhangshan now, tens of thousand of people… would know!

As such, even though he wanted to skin Sun Zhangshan alive, he had to suppress this urge for now.

The Principal chuckled to himself, then he looked at this Vice Principal sternly and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "I will not let him off!"

Then, Chu Yu retrieved yet another memory crystal.

After using his powers to activate it, he projected it on the screen.

This time, it was a scene with Sun Zhangshan and another man plotting to remove the Principal from his position.

In the picture, Sun Zhangshan’s back was facing the camera, but anyone familiar with him could recognize him immediately. The other person was in full view of the camera, and he was no stranger to more than half of the Purple Cloud School leadership.

Much like Sun Zhangshan, this man was an elder in the Song Country Sun Clan.

The conversation between the two of them was extremely clear. In between jokes and casual conversation, there were many demeaning comments about the Purple Cloud School leadership.

They even said that it was a matter of time before the Purple Cloud School became the Sun Family School.

In the scene, Sun Zhangshan laughed, "Today, almost one third of the middle leadership and a few of the higher ups are our people…"

Even though he didn’t mention any names, these people in the highest leadership darkened.

Almost as if they thought of something, they began to use the Voice Transmission Technique to explain themselves to the principal.

Their expression were dark because they knew that Sun Zhangshan may very well be referring to them.

Now that Sun Zhangshan was clearly about to fall, anyone who still continued to stand by her would be courting death.

These people’s expressions all darkened, then, they quickly turned green.

The next few memory crystals that Chu Yu activated were also of Sun Zhangshan having fun with other girls.

What made everybody speechless was that these girls were virtually all the concubines or lovers of the Purple Cloud School leaders.

Even though they were in Sun Zhangshan’s camp initially, their expressions all turned green now.

Those who had not turned green yet looked at Chu Yu worriedly. They had half a mind to prevent Chu Yu from showing any more of the memory crystals. However, they were all a little scared of this Sensei Song.

Heavenly Doctor, Pill Refining Guru, battle cultivator... how vicious could this man be!

Any one of these titles would already be cause for hesitation. With all these titles amalgamated together, there was no need for hesitation, he could not be antagonized!

Furthermore, his tactics and methods were too vicious! Such a person could not be antagonized.

All of them looked to the Principal.

In actual fact, the Principal was shivering slightly too.

As an influential figure himself, he had many ladies by his side.

Without considering his many concubines, he already had more than 10 ladies by his side.

As he saw Chu Yu take out memory crystals one after another, he was really afraid that one of them... would be one of the ladies by his side. Then, with news of this, he could no longer face the world.

He coughed lightly, "Sensei Song... this thing about Sun Zhangshan seducing others and betraying the school is proven already... don’t you agree?"

As the Principal of the Purple Cloud School, he was considered one of the most powerful individuals in the entire Song Nation. Even the royal family treated him with respect. However, in the face of Chu Yu, he was immensely respectful.

Chu Yu nodded slightly, he knew that it was not a good idea to broadcast these in front of a large audience.

However, his hatred for Sun Zhangshan and his fellow criminals was deep.

He wanted to get rid of them all!

However, he couldn’t do this by himself!

Who knew if the Sun Clan had any cultivators lying in wait that were in the True Lord Realm or above?

Chu Yu was not afraid of going up against Supreme Realm cultivators, but in the face of True Lord cultivators... it wasn’t a question of if he had confidence, but more of ‘how was he going to run?

To True Lord Realm cultivators and above, he was just a tiny ant.

Trash that they could smash with a single finger.

As such, in order to bring down the powers backing Sun Zhangshan, Chu Yu had to implicate them!

They didn’t want to be implicated?

But they had to be!

Chu Yu did not believe that these powerful cultivators did not have eyes to see that Sun Zhangshan was toying with their women. And yet, they could do nothing about it?

Furthermore, this was seen by tens of thousands of pairs of eyes today. Within the day, news of it would stretch throughout the entire Song Country!

They would be completely embarrased, how could they face the world!

If that was the case, and yet Sun Zhangshan and the powers backing him were still safe, then Chu Yu had nothing better to say.

He could only blame it on his luck and the Mirror World’s acceptance of cheaters. He couldn’t do anything about it.

Even if this didn’t work, Chu Yu would never let Sun Zhangshan off.

If not for the fact that he had the Deathly Poisonous Worm on in today, based on the cultivation level of the people present today, it would be impossible to save Fatty’s life!

If he didn’t avenge him, Chu Yu would not live up to being a human.

With the Principal’s hint, Chu Yu placed all the memory crystals in the bag and handed them over to the Principal.

Only then did the Principal, as well as members of the Purple Cloud School leadership, heave a sigh of relief.

They would definitely watch the rest of it, but they would do so in private.

Before he left, the Principal promised Chu Yu solemnly that this incident would not end here.

Seeing the red eyed and furious leadership, Chu Yu knew that this incident was not put to rest just yet.

Then, the Purple Cloud School teachers and students erupted in cheers after spectating such a tumultuous challenge.

Every one of them was strangely excited, but their excitement was dampened by traces of solemness.

The final development of the day had caused them to worry for the future of the school.

Sun Zhangshan was quite reputable and influential in the Purple Cloud School. He was probably the most famous leader apart from the Principal himself.

In the hearts of some, he was even more reputable than the mysterious Principal.

He was young, capable, powerful, and came from a powerful family... no matter where he went, he could be a really popular person.

They did not expect that a seemingly exemplary man would be this evil and rotten.

Polygamy was a choice in the Mirror World. So long as both parties are consenting, no one will say anything bad even if an influential figure had 100 concubines.

However, if you laid eyes on someone else’s lady... no matter in which world, was a huge sin.

How despicable!

This time, Sun Zhangshan had really fallen from grace.

Chu Yu brought his twelve disciples, now fourteen, with the addition of the two fellas who defected from the Wafting Fragrance School.

The initial 12 girls had become 13 girls and one guy.

Zhao Kai got some people to carry Fatty back to the Pill Refining Section.

When they returned, Chu Yu checked on Fatty’s condition once again, his feeling sombre.

Fatty was only in the Xiantian Realm, the lowest of all cultivator realms.

Any other Xiantian cultivator would have died instantly when injured this badly.

His brain was seriously injured. But Chu Yu was shocked that when he used his vertical eye to observe Fatty, Fatty’s injuries were healing quite well.

Even though the rate of recovery was slow, under the observation of his vertical eye, Chu Yu could sense a powerful wave of life radiating from Fatty’s body. This wave rushed towards his brain, healing it slowly.

Chu Yu was stunned, Is this the power of the Deathly Poisonous Worm?

But this doesn’t seem very right. Even though the Deathly Poisonous Worm went against the will of heaven, its power was in sealing the life essence of a person.

The Immortal Crane Pill Scripture recorded the abilities of the Deathly Poisonous Worm in great detail and could not possibly miss out such a great ability.

After which, Chu Yu found a clue, there was an ancient protective amulet on Fatty.

That wave of life was coming from that amulet!

It seemed that when he robbed that huge grave, he had gotten quite a few good things.

Chu Yu finally relaxed and gave Fatty a few pills that he refined himself. He then allowed Fatty to rest.

As he looked at the sleeping Fatty, Chu Yu thought and chuckled to himself, If Fatty was awake and saw the pills he refined, he would be extremely reluctant to eat it.

Even though Fatty was quite plump, he was extremely picky about food. He would not want to eat anything that didn’t look good.

As he thought about it, Chu Yu looked deeply at Fatty, then turned and left.

The Pill Refining Section was extremely safe, each room protected by a magical formation.

Even a True Lord Realm cultivator would find it difficult to come in.

Chu Yu quickly gathered all of his 14 students.

"Your performance today was good!" He praised the 12 girls.

"Sensei, is that plump brother going to be fine?" Bi Yueyue asked.

All of the other girls looked at him in anticipation.

Even though their interaction with Fatty was brief, these kids were not idiots. They could tell that sensei valued this friend greatly.

Furthermore, anyone who would take a hit for their sensei was deserving of their respect.

Chu Yu said, "He will recover soon."

"That’s great!"

He could see that everyone heaved a sigh of relief.

With Bi Yueyue’s care, Yan Xiaoyu was quickly accepted by the 12 girls, and they welcomed her warmly.

However, Song Binbin was an introvert and a male. As such, he stood by himself at the side. Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the other girls also didn’t bother much about him.

Chu Yu looked at Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu, "Since the two of you are now my students, I hope that you can forget the past and assimilate into this section. What I will teach you will far exceed just pill refining techniques! I will also be imparting morals and values. As such, I hope that no matter what, you will remember that you are all one section and stick together!"

After Chu Yu finished, Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the 11 girls did not have much of a reaction, they were already familiar with Chu Yu and his style.

However, this was the first time Yan Xiaoyu and Song Binbin were hearing from sensei. They were deeply moved by this fresh perspective.

Previously, when they heard about the Purple Cloud Pill Refining Section, it was about how crappy it was, and how scary the 12 devilish girls were.

However, today, they saw that this section was a strong, united body!

They still couldn’t tell if the 12 girls were truly as devilish as what they heard. However, they could tell that the 12 of them were an extremely united bunch.

Chu Yu addressed them again, but before long, he was called away by the school.

When Chu Yu saw the Purple Cloud School’s leadership again, he found that virtually all their faces were green.

Even though Chu Yu had guessed it, he never expected it to be so widespread.

No way...

Is Sun Zhangshan a moving cannon?
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