Chapter 193: True Lord Mu Hai

Chapter 193: True Lord Mu Hai

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When they saw Chu Yu, the entire Purple Cloud School leadership, including the Principal, looked constipated.

They really didn’t know whether to thank him or hate him.


If not for the fact that Fatty had robbed Sun Zhangshan’s vault, this secret would have continued to be hidden.

However, these leaders never expected that Sun Zhangshan would be so insanely audacious.

After they went through all the memory crystals, only one of them was spared.

This was a Vice Section Head. He was extremely old and only had a single wife the same age as him. Even though he was also a cultivator and maintained himself well, he was still clearly aged.

This Vice Section Head did not have any concubines.

He was an exception, and the only one who was spared.

The rest of them, from the Principal, to the various section heads, vice section heads, and other leaders... no one escaped Sun Zhangshan’s claws.

Things were more serious than simple seduction. Sun Zhangshan had used this people to bribe the people around these leaders, and planted some of his own.

If this wave of strength exploded, it would have caused irreversible damage.

Those consequences were enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine.

All of these influential powers suddenly felt like they had been betrayed by someone close to them.

Even though they didn’t react just yet, their hearts were already filled with raging fires.

The Principal looked at Chu Yu awkwardly, "Sensei Song, please come over, there’s one other thing..."

"Principal, please speak your mind." Chu Yu looked at him, calm and composed.

"Sensei Song is extremely powerful. The title of Sensei is really beneath you. We have come to a consensus to give you a title more befitting of the responsibility you carry. We would like you to be the Section Head of the Pill Refining Section. From now on, the Pill Refining Section would be yours to control!"

As the Principal spoke, he sighed lightly, "To be honest, this is a request from us. We have been in the Purple Cloud School for very long and have grown very attached to it. We hope that the Purple Cloud can become stronger. I think you saw the state of the Pill Refining Section before this. We hope that under your leadership, you can make it much better!"

At this point, the other vice section heads nodded their approval.

"Exactly, with Section Head Song, our Pill Refining Section would be incredibly powerful!"

"Section Head Song is a heavenly doctor and a pill refining Guru. Having Section Head Song is our fortune."

"I can even see the day when we will rise through the rankings, hahaha."

All of them looked different in an instant. Their passion was so great that even Chu Yu, who was used to such scenes, could not digest it fully.

It was clear that these men did not want to talk about Sun Zhangshan. This was a scar in their hearts.

Chu Yu did not bother to probe. He nodded, "Okay, since Principal trusts me so much, I will not push it away, I also hope that the school will rise one day!"

"That’s fantastic!" The Principal was extremely excited as he passed the Pill Refining Section Head token to Chu Yu.

With this token, he could draw a large amount of resources from the school’s warehouse every month.

This was a far cry from the treatment they got previously.

Furthermore, the Principal had promised that the Pill Refining Section would be given the most resources in the future.


Finally, the Principal addressed Chu Yu in private.

"I have reported this to the head of the constabulary. The leader is extremely concerned and will send a few experts to guard the school. Because this issue affects so many influential people, even the royal family has asked for updates. For now, the Sun Clan has been silent, but I’m sure... once their plot to take over the Purple Cloud School falls through, they will not remain silent."

The Principal looked at Chu Yu and said worriedly, "As such, sensei... oh no, Section Head Song needs to be more careful. Even though it’s highly unlikely that someone would attack our school openly, they may still send assassins in the dark."

Chu Yu nodded, "I understand, thank you for the reminder."

"Mm, also, with regard to the incident with Yuyan, the leader has also tasked me to remind Section Head Song to be wary of the repercussions."

Chu Yu nodded thoughtfully, "Okay, I got it!"

Then, Chu Yu said goodbye and left.



Wafting Fragrance School.

True Lord Mu Hai looked at the three pills in his hand, speechless. His mouth twitched as hey played around with them in his hands. Then, he looked at the confident lady Yue Xiu and sighed.

"Xiu Er, is this... a legendary pill? Not something that some punk made? After existing for so many years, this is the first time I’ve seen... a *ahem* pill... this ugly."

Then, he continued, "This can be considered a pill too?"

The three True Soul Pills were weird in shape. They had little craters on the surface and were thoroughly unattractive.


No matter how one looked at it, these things did not seem anything like a pill.

Mu Hai had been in the True Lord Realm for thousands of years and had reached the pinnacle of this realm many years ago.

However, he had issues breaking through into the Divine Lord Realm.

He had thought of the True Soul Pill before, and had even spent a fortune getting two of them.

In the end... they didn’t work.

Those two True Soul Pills were refined by two different pill refining gurus.

He couldn’t say that the pills were bad, he could only blame it on his lack of affinity with the Divine Lord Realm. Even the True Soul Pill could not guarantee break through into the Divine Lord Realm.

It merely increased the odds.

Over the years, he had virtually given up all hope of breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm. However, deep down, he still longed for it.

After all, he was just one step away, who wouldn’t want to take it!

What he didn’t expect was that his granddaughter had brought him three!

When he first heard the news, as an ambitious and influential cultivator, Mu Hai was immensely excited.


However, when he saw the three True Soul Pills, he was rather exasperated.

Yue Xiu was the granddaughter he pampered the most, but it seemed that he had pampered her too much.

He couldn’t even bear to scold her, much less hit her.

Mu Yuexiu looked at her grandad and whispered, "Grandad, this is really a True Soul Pill. Just take one up and analyze it, you’ll see what I mean."

Ever since he saw these three incredibly ugly pills, True Lord Mu Hai had no intention of even looking at them, much less analyze them.

The more he looked at it, the more nightmares he would have.

They were so ugly!

Really, he had never seen pills uglier than this.

No, was this even a pill?

Mu Hai had not felt this conflicted in ages.

On one hand, he could feel his granddaughter’s filial piety, but on the other hand, he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

If she had brought a few shiny and smooth pills with some nice pill engravings, I may be more convinced. But... these pills were just... so... incredibly ugly, aren’t you trying to test my eyes?

"Tell me girl, what did you do this time?" He had pampered this girl since young and he could see through her every move.


Yuexiu was getting anxious and she stared at her grandad, "Why are you so disobedient? Are you the pill refiner or am I the pill refiner?"

Mu Hai stiffened slightly and he laughed at his granddaughter, but he felt a wave of warmth in his heart.

It must be said that he had an integral role to play in his granddaughter’s choice to learn pill refining!

Since young, he had pampered this girl, and Yuexiu was extremely mature for her age. She knew that her grandad needed superior pills to breakthrough and set out to be a pill refiner.

"You are, you are." Mu Hai smiled at his granddaughter, "Tell me, what trouble did you get into that you need me to smoothen out for you?"

"If you continue like being like that, I will be angry!" Yuexiu’s lips twitched and she looked at Mu Hai in anger, "Just take it up and have a good look! This is a superior pill which has sealed all his properties within!"

"Oh?" Mu Hai laughed, yet he frowned in his heart as he picked up one of the ugly pills reluctantly and analyzed it.

He did not know anything about pills. He was a battle cultivator and he was not interested in anything other than battle techniques and battle experience.

As such, he only had a superficial understanding of pills.

This was quite different from the cultivators on Earth. Regardless strong or weak, cultivators on Earth were generally all rounded.

Regardless of pill refining, weapon refining, magical formations... they had to know a little bit of everything.

This was also by necessity.

The Mirror World had not gone through the changes the Earth had. The Mirror World had millions of years to perfect what they did, and each profession was nearing perfection.

For example, there were many small professions under the general umbrella of Medical Practitioner.

It was rather similar to society on Earth.

As such, after staring at the pills for half a day, he frowned, "This... seems like pill engravings."

"..." Mu Yuexiu looked at her grandad in exasperation, "What seems like? Those are pill engravings okay?"

"..." Mu Hai’s mouth twitched, "Okay, they are pill engravings."

"God... granddad, don’t say anything more, just take one. I will not harm you." Mu Yuexiu said in frustration.

"Eat... how do you eat this?" True Lord Mu Hai’s face was bitter as he looked at the pill in his hand reluctantly.

"If you don’t eat it, I’m going to be angry!" Mu Yuexiu put her hands on her hips and frowned deeply.

"Ok, ok, ok, eat, eat, eat, I’ll eat it okay?" Mu Hai smiled sheepishly as he shut his eyes and swallowed the pill.

For a True Lord Realm cultivator, even if this was a poison pill, he could suppress it even before it could take effect!

Furthermore, why would his own granddaughter poison him?

The moment this pill entered his throat, he found something was amiss.

An unimaginably large wave of force rushed out from the pill and it was accompanied by a mysterious Dao Charm.

The true value of the True Soul Pill lay in the Dao Charm.

Ordinary pills had little Dao Charm and it was left up to chance.

However, Chu Yu’s pill not only had Pill Spirit, but a Heavenly Thief had also appeared when the refinement was completed!

As such, to the professionals, even 100 ordinary True Soul Pills could not match up to one of these.

As a battle cultivator, Mu Hai did not know this. However, after being forced by his granddaughter to take it, he felt different instantly.

He rested his hands on his knees and his body exploded with a terrifying aura.

This aura covered the entire space between Heaven and Earth!

It was like a humongous magical formation and it enveloped everything within a 10 mile radius.

In the distance, a middle aged man rushed over furiously, murmuring to himself, "Damn girl, you got yourself into huge trouble this time. Do you think that you’ll be fine just because you are with your granddad? I must discipline you this time!"

This man was Mu Yuexiu’s Father, Mu Yunfan!

An elder in the Wafting Fragrance School.

However, as he walked, he jerked his head upwards and looked in the direction of his father’s direction in disbelief.

Then, that magnificent wave of aura enveloped him and continued extending outwards.

It completely sealed up the entire area in moments.

"This..." Mu Yunfan was shocked, then, almost as if he thought of something, he murmured, "Could the stories be true? Did Yue Er... really bring back a few superior quality True Soul Pills?"

Then, he hastened his steps and rushed over.
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