Chapter 194: Divine Lord

Chapter 194: Divine Lord

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Before Mu Yufan could get close, he suddenly felt a terrifying wave of aura form a field in front of him and rush to the sky.

In the air, the wind blew extremely strongly and the energy seemed to appear from thin air. Like a lunging beast, like a phoenix spreading its wings, like a divine dragon swimming in the deep sea, it twirled in the air maniacally.

It quickly formed a large tornado at the highest point in the sky.

That aura was like a sharp knife. It tore open the air and flew straight for the heavens!

"Oh god..."

Mu Yunfan was completely stunned, he could not believe what he was seeing.

He stood there, reluctant to advance

He was already in the True Lord Realm. Even though he was only in the elementary stages of the True Lord Realm, he was considered an extremely powerful cultivator.

These cultivators could understand and see virtually everything on earth, and was familiar with the foundations of millions of beings.

But right now, he was still in disbelief at what he saw.

That was too stunning!

Such an aura, and that field of energy that shot into the heavens, were clear indications of a True Lord breaking through into the Divine Lord Realm!

Qi into the heavens!

That had originated from his father’s residence.

Mu Yunfan looked up to his father, in his heart, his father was his greatest hero, there was no other.

But his father had stagnated at the True Lord Realm for thousands of years!

If he could breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm, why wait till today?

Even if it was a slow accumulation over the years, but his father had shown no signs of breaking through recently?

Until now, Mu Yunfan did not really believe that his father had broken through. He also could not not believe that the reason for the breakthrough was the three immensely ugly pills that his troublesome daughter had brought home.

The commotion had already alerted the Wafting Fragrance School thousands of miles away.

Many people were still waiting to watch the show!

His own daughter, Mu Yuexiu, was a famous teacher in the Wafting Fragrance School. She was also a youthful Supreme Realm Heaven’s Pride talent. Yet, she had led over a hundred teachers and students to an unranked school thousands of miles away to make a scene.

If they had completely smashed their opposition, it would still have been worth it.

At most, people will criticize them for being so shameless and bullying weaker opposition. As a top 100 school, they actually went to smash an unranked school?

But, they had lost!

They had been completely schooled!

Everyone from the students to the teachers were completely embarrassed.

They didn’t even win a single round!

How embarrassing!

How were they ever going to face the world!

To add salt to the wound, two of their students had defected on the spot and joined the unranked school!

One of them was also an extremely talented lady in the Wafting Fragrance School’s Battle Section!

What the hell was this?

They had been completely thrashed.

They could not possibly show their face ever again!

As such, even though Mu Yuexiu’s father was an elder in the Wafting Fragrance School, and her grandad was a True Lord Realm cultivator, and she came from a powerful family... she could not be let off!

Even those who had thought highly of Yuexiu could not help but shake their heads in disappointment at her actions.

One could only imagine the consequences the Wafting Fragrance School would have to bear once news of this spread.

It would be unsuppressable!

This challenge was completely humiliating for the Wafting Fragrance School!

They had just seen Mu Yunfan fly off angrily. However, many of those who were against Mu Yunfan from the start laughed coldly.

What’s the point of such hypocrisy?

Can this be solved just because you disciplined your daughter?

Maybe the best would be for Mu Yunfan to resign?

One of the elders who was on pretty good terms with Mu Yunfan sighed as he heard the comments from the others, "What a horrible daughter, she set her father up! Yuexiu seems like a calm girl why would she do such a thing?"

A youth by his side said, "She was probably too consumed by hatred. I heard that the person who killed Lu Tianxiang is from that school."

Yet another youth said, "I heard that Teacher Yuexiu brought back three pills from there? And they are True Soul Pills?"

"Hahaha, True Jerks maybe!" That youth laughed, "Can an unranked school even have a guru capable of refining a True Soul Pill? Haha, even if they have a guru, many gurus can’t refine a True Soul Pill either!"

"I don’t know how true it is, but I heard that the pills are immensely ugly. However, what stumped me was that Teacher Yuexiu actually apologized to that man willingly." The youth said curiously, "Our Teacher Yuexiu is an extremely proud woman, not many people can make her apologize so sincerely."

The other youth said disdainfully, "Who knows, maybe she was just trying to save face and use such a method to scam others, anyways, her granddad..."

"Ahem... don’t talk rubbish." The elder on good terms with Mu Yunfan frowned

True Lord Mu Hai was once the elder and Principal of the Wafting Fragrance School. He was extremely famous and no one dared to put him down.

The entire Wafting Fragrance School was abuzz with this news.

There were people hoping for a multitude of results.

However, at that moment, that field of energy rushed to the sky and suppressed all the conversations!

Clouds rolled in the sky, forming various shapes and animals. Everyone looked on in shock, stupefied!

The Wafting Fragrance School was different from the Purple Cloud School. Any school capable of being a top 100 school was extremely powerful.

In that moment, over 10 True Lord cultivators walked out and looked in that direction in aghast.

"Divine Lord..." One of them murmured in disbelief.

They all knew who stayed there.

"Could it be that, senior Mu Hai... really broke through?"

"If it really is senior Mu Hai, that would be great! The Wafting Fragrance School has yet another power!"

That sharp tongued youth looked in direction and said soundlessly, "Don’t tell me that it is really all thanks to the immensely ugly pills Mu Yuexiu brought back?"

His jealousy towards Mu Yuexiu stemmed from the fact that he had once pursued her, but failed.

Mu Yuexiu had chosen Lu Tianxiang, thinking that Lu Tianxiang loved her more...

Of course, many knew about the scum that was Lu Tianxiang, but no one bothered to say anything.

With news of Lu Tianxiang’s death, he was rather excited, thinking that he finally had his chance.

In the end, Mu Yuexiu brought a large group to avenge Lu Tianxiang and this had smashed any hope he had.

However, with such amazing facts unfolding before his eyes, he could not help but be in awe.

If the breakthrough was really thanks to the three pills Mu Yuexiu brought back, then her previous actions would not be a concern!


What’s there to be ashamed about?

That was simply a friendly competition between kids.

Did that unranked school really think that it could become a top 100 school just because it won once?

Quit dreaming!

Even though they had lost some face, the Wafting Fragrance School had gained a Divine Lord Realm cultivator!

Who could deny the magnitude of such contribution?


Mu Yuexiu looked at her granddad who had just broken through. Her eyes were filled with more than excitement.

It was awe!

That was incredible!

She looked at the remaining two ugly pills and kept them with a wave of her hand.

She was not going to give the other two pills to her granddad!

He had already broken through to the Divine Lord Realm. She would keep these two pills!

One will be for her father, the other... she will keep for herself!

"I want to go and learn pill refining from that man!" Mu Yuexiu was shocked by her own thought.

Prior to leaving the Purple Cloud School, Mu Yuexiu already had some intention of forcing Chu Yu out from the Purple Cloud School and having people here recruit him.


Now, those feelings were stronger than ever.

Whether Sensei Song comes to the Wafting Fragrance School was secondary, no matter what, I would like to have him as my master!

If he could be a guru in pill refining at such a young age, what was his potential?

For all she knew, he could become a saint!

If she could stay next to someone like that, it would be her greatest glory!


How many saints were there in the Mirror World!

Isn’t the whole point of the Mirror World’s existence to enter the Village of Cultivation, gain Dao and become saints?

At this point, her granddad, True Lord Mu Hai... no, it should be Divine Lord Mu Hai now, opened his eyes slowly and looked at his granddaughter.

Then, he broke out in a smile, "I finally know what trouble you got yourself into!"

Even without being in the Divine Lord Realm, he could tell what other’s were discussing thousands of miles away.

The moment, he entered the Divine Lord Realm, the first thing he did was scan the entire Wafting Fragrance School.

It was a school that was a size of a small independent state.

They had millions of students!

With such strong senses and processing skills, he could receive countless messages every instant and process them equally quickly.

As such, in the moment Mu Hai opened his eyes, he really did know what trouble Mu Yuexiu had gotten herself into.

"Granddad! That’s too much!" Mu Yuexiu was extremely confident right now, even if her father showed up...

Just as she thought about it, she heard a very excited voice, "Father... is that you?"

Mu Hai laughed out loudly and said, "Brat, who else can it be?"

At this point, the room door opened and Mu Yunfan walked in. Seeing his father, he fell to his knees, immensely happy, "Father..."

He was an influential True Lord Realm cultivator. Yet, now, he could not even string a proper sentence together as tears flowed down his face.

When Yuexiu saw her father, she panicked slightly. Only then did she realize that she forgot to congratulate her granddad. However, she quickly pretended like nothing happened and tried to sneak out.

"Girl, aren’t you going to explain anything to me?" Mu Hai smiled and stopped Mu Yuexiu. He then walked up and helped his son up.

"Look at your daughter, what has she? All she did was help me breakthrough no? What’s the big deal?" Mu Hai tried to control his smile, but he had to try to be curt. That expression was extremely cute.

Mu Yunfan rose and rubbed his eyes. Then, he saw his daughter frowned and walk towards him before he could speak.

Mu Yuexiu immediately presented an immensely ugly pill to him, "Dad, this is for you! Granddad ate this and broke through! This is a really superior True Soul Pill!"

"..." Mu Yunfan looked at this pill and gasped in exasperation, "How damn ugly!"
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