Chapter 200: Died for nothing

Chapter 200: Died for nothing

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The impact of such news was definitely much greater than the news of the Sun Clan’s annihilation.

The entire Mirror World was bursting with talent.

However, the ones who could breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm were few and far between.

Whenever a Divine Lord was made, it was considered big news.

This was especially so for the Song Country, who did not have many Divine Lords throughout their history.

The appearance of one was cause for celebration.

It was no exaggeration to say that when this news was announced, the atmosphere in the Song Country was as festive as the Lunar New Year.

Firecrackers, lanterns, lights, the celebration went on for days!

But not everyone was happy about the news.

Especially the Sword Rain School.

They weren’t just unhappy about the news, they were basically furious!

Their leaders gathered, all of their expressions solemn.

The aura in the room was tense and intimidating.

"Sun Zhangshan is really a useless piece of garbage!" One of the elders said. This elder was black-skinned and had huge eyes. He glared and raged, "He destroyed our years of planning!"

"Exactly, now, the Song Country has a Divine Lord, who knows if this news is real or fake." A 50 year old skinny man said worriedly, "If this is true, then we must be careful."

"If this is true, then it is not a matter of being careful." One of the silver haired man sat with his head lowered and said faintly, "Then we must stop our plan in its tracks!’

"Qiao Zu..."

The others looked at this man in confusion.

However, it was clear that these men respected him and patiently awaited his explanation.

"Did you all watch the pill refining competition between the Wafting Fragrance School and the Purple Cloud School?" Qiao Zu asked suddenly.



"Is Qiao Zu referring to that kid’s game?"

"What’s there to watch?"

The entire Sword Rain School’s leadership looked at each other in confusion.

All of them were stunned by the question.

Even though they had gotten that memory crystal long ago, no one watched it!

What level was the Sword Rain School?

It was ranked 78! A fourth tier school!

It couldn’t match up to the top three tiers, but a ranked 96 Wafting Fragrance School was insignificant to them.

As for that unranked Purple Cloud School... who cares?

They were only fit to be a subsidiary of the Sword Rain School!

They knew that the competition between the two schools was sparked by Sun Zhangshan.

But that was all they knew.

They really had no interest in the actual pill refining competition.


What good could watching two useless schools compete do?

The aged man sighed, "As influential people, we need not bow down, but if we do everything based on our experience, then we are bound to fail."

Then, he activated the memory crystal in his hand.

The wall in the room reflected the recorded scenes.

Qiao Zu had fast forwarded it to when Chu Yu was refining the True Soul Pill.

"True... True Soul Pill?" The 50 year old skinny aged man was stunned. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

The black skinned aged man gasped, "Is that the key pill needed to breakthrough to the Divine Lord Realm... True Soul Pill?"

"That young man can refine such a pill? Rubbish isn’t it?"

"I also think that it’s impossible!’

The room erupted in chatter. Even though they believed Qiao Zu and sensed something was coming, they could not bring themselves to believe it.

Qiao Zu sat quietly without moving or sleeping. His head was lowered, almost like he was asleep.

In the picture, Chu Yu was Firebending to refine pills.

Slowly, everyone in the room ceased talking.

Even though most of them did not know how to refine pills, they knew how to read people!

They were all extremely experienced and could differentiate between someone finding his way around and someone who knew what he was doing.

In the end, with the appearance of the Heavenly Thief, everyone looked on in shock.

"Heavenly Thief in the Pill Furnace? The pills formed spirits?"

"The key is... the pill furnace was fine!’

"Good pill furnace! Superior pills!’

"Even if it isn’t a True Soul Pill, it is a superior pill!"

These people looked on seriously.

They never expected that the Purple Cloud School would have such a person.

However, in the end, when the pills were revealed for all to see, all of them gasped.

Then, they looked at each other in shock.

"F*ck, they’re ugly!’

"What did I just see?"

"Is that some sort of bird sh*t?"

"Extremely ugly!"

"It’s indescribably ugly!’

"It’s so ugly I’m on the verge of crying..." One of the elders in the Sword Rain School rubbed his eyes and choked, "After seeing such an ugly pill, I guess I have seen it all... who did this b*stard learn pill shaping from? Call him up, I promise I won’t kill him!’

This elder was the only one who knew about pill refining.

However, he was not a pill refiner, he was just extremely fascinated by pill refining.

Both Chu Yu’s firebending and pill refining techniques were stellar.

He thought that this man was an extraordinary pill refining talent.

However, when he saw the pills, he nearly crumbled.

However, these people quickly calmed down.

They all looked to Qiao Zu.

That black skinned elder said solemnly, "Qiao Zu, what you’re saying is, this man refined... the True Soul Pill? Then, he is responsible for the Divine Lord expert in the Song Country?"

Qiao Zu nodded lightly, "Not only the new Divine Lord in the Song Country, let me tell you something else."

Qiao Zu looked at the crowd, "After the Wafting Fragrance School lost, they brought back three of these incredibly ugly True Soul Pills..."

At this point, the scene from the memory crystal was just reflecting this.

Qiao Zu said faintly, "Then, there doesn’t seem to be any continuation. But, don’t forget... how our three True Lords died!’

Then, has he spoke, Qiao Zu’s aged eyes began to liven up. He looked at these people, "This morning, we just received news that before our three True Lords were killed, there was a new Divine Lord in the Wafting Fragrance School!"

Oh god!

All of them were stunned!

If they still didn’t get it after all this, then they were a bunch of idiots.

The black skinned elder looked at Qiao Zu in shock. He murmured, "I understand now, the Wafting Fragrance School was triggered by Sun Zhangshan to go and find that youthful sensei... Song isn’t it? In the end, when they went to find trouble, they were handedly defeated. However, they managed to get three True Soul Pills from this Sensei Song."

At this point, his mouth twitched uncontrollably. These pills were too ugly and he was extremely reluctant to call them pills.

This was actually easy to explain.

For millions of years, the Mirror World had taught that pills were round, shiny and smooth. Medicinal aura was supposed to hit you the moment you saw the pill...

However, Chu Yu’s pills were completely different. They were like a black swan amongst a flock of white ones.

Anyone would find it disgusting to look at.

The skinny elder nodded, "Then, the Wafting Fragrance School got a new Divine Lord. Then, that new Divine Lord came to say thanks... as such, when he got here, without asking, he killed out three True Lord elders..."

"Damn it!"

All of them were furious when they thought about this.

Seeing that all of them finally understood, Qiao Zu sighed faintly, "Even though that young man’s pills are not appealing to look at, it is clear that the pills he refines are extremely powerful!"

Everyone in the room looked to Qiao Zu.

All of a sudden... they seemed to understand something!

Qiao Zu... seemed to be stuck in the pinnacle of the True Lord realm for thousands of years no?

"As such, what we should concern ourselves with is not how to annihilate a small unranked school. Instead, we should guard against the revenge in the near future!"

Qiao Zu looked at the crowd, "Do you think I want a pill from that young man? Of course I do!"

"..." Everyone looked at Qiao Zu speechlessly.

Qiao Zu’s expression didn’t change, "But I am more worried about something else... how long can the Sword Rain School last in this tornado!’

"How could it be? We are this powerful for a reason. Furthermore... who would dare attack a superior school so willfully?" The black skinned man said.

"We also have Divine Lords in the Sword Rain School. Even though we should not activate them unless absolutely necessary, we should not be afraid of others."

"Don’t forget, if that man can create two Divine Lords, then he can create a third... a fourth... and even more!" Qiao Zu looked at the crowd, "Also, don’t forget how many of you are on the verge of breaking through to the Divine Lord Realm for many years but cannot?"


This statement made everyone smile bitterly.

They had thought about this, but were unwilling to admit it.

A young man from an unranked school was actually capable of refining pills that went against the Will of Heaven.

In such a short span of time, he had helped two True Lords attain Divine Lord.

Even though they didn’t want to admit it, they had to say that this young man... was incredibly powerful!

The two Divine Lords would clearly protect him. Furthermore, any other Divine Lords that he created in the future would also protect him like a god!

Capturing him and forcing him to refine pills for you was something only idiots in the Mirror World would do.

If he added poison to you pills, wouldn’t you be asking for your own death?

Which man with foresight would do such a thing?

"As such, our three True Lord elders may have... died for nothing?" The black skinned elder’s lips twitched as he said reluctantly.


He was a leader in the Sword Rain School, and he was the one who had sent the three of them out!

"Not only did they die for nothing, we must quickly distance ourselves from the issue. Even our links to the Sun Clan... must be pinned on them." Qiao Zu said faintly, "Also, prepare a gift, I would like to go to the Purple Cloud School and pay a visit to that Sensei Song."
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