Chapter 3: The Five Good Characteristics of Youths in the New Era

Chapter 3: The Five Good Characteristics of Youths in the New Era

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The glossy silver gun looked exquisite as it sparkled under the faint light.

Pointy eyes looked on in shock, confusion written all over his face, "You actually still keep this toy?"

Zuo Zong looked at his gun with the gaze of someone looking at a lover, shook his head and sighed, "Never in my wildest dreams would I think that there would be a chance to use this after so many years."

Guns were out of tune with the New Era.

Even though many still keep these technological inventions, they had lost much of their power in the eyes of the expert martial artists.

After one had attained Acupoint Charging Stage 5, bar heavy weapons with heavy killing power, any average handgun was unlikely to cause much damage to them.

Their sheer speed, approaching the speed of sound, would make it difficult for anyone to lock onto them. Not to mention their tough defences. Even if the bullet was to impact them, it was not going to be lethal. It would only cause a flesh wound in the worst case scenario.

As a result, many of the expert martial artists had ditched these weapons.

Zuo Zong said rather self mockingly, " I relied on this for my survival in the past, and when the New Era came, it had too much sentimental value to throw away. Thus I always kept it on my person, taking it out occasionally to maintain and play. I kept it for sentimental value, never would I have imagined that I would use it again."

As he spoke, Zuo Zong looked towards Xiang Yu, who still stood atop the Wordless Monument. He spoke with a wry smile, "is your protective magic item is stronger, or is my Desert Eagle stronger?"

"You’re still thinking of killing me?" Chu Yu returned the wry smile as he looked out towards the two men.

" Have you been shocked to the point you have forgotten what fear is? Have you gone insane?" Pointy Eyes sneered, mocking the Chu Yu’s apparent ignorance.

"Of course!" Zuo Zong exclaimed as he held up the gun and changed his posture. In that instant, he reverted to a state where he was extremely accurate with the handgun.

He raised his hand and placed his finger on the trigger.

There was no need to aim!

The sun was rising, and he was losing his patience!

Pa! Pa Pa!

The three shots fired off were muffled by the silencer. Despite them being no louder than a slap, they still broke the peacefulness atop Mount Tai.

Zuo Zong had full faith in his mastery of the handgun. At such short distance, even with Chu Yu’s protective magic item, he was confident he could deal lethal damage to Chu Yu with all three shots landing at the same point.

After all, Chu Yu was ruined, and he had no way of dodging those bullets.

This was the powerful Desert Eagle after all!

"God damn it! F*ck!" Pointy Eyes growled at the side.

Zuo Zong looked at the empty Wordless Monument in front of him, stunned. All of a sudden, he felt a biting chill at his back.

He did not dare look back.

All of a sudden, Pointy Eyes crumpled to the ground.

Zuo Zong felt chills radiate through his entire body, and he stood rooted, not daring to move.

At this point, he heard a faint sigh from behind him, "Truthfully, murder feels horrendous! How disgusting!"

"You.... you... how is this possible?" This was the first time that Zuo Zong felt that death was near. That overwhelming fear caused him to shiver uncontrollably.

He used to be confident that, even in the face of death, he could manage to remain calm. Yet, he was wrong, in the face of death, no one can remain calm.

With many years of experience as an assassin, he was keenly aware that his partner was dead. However, despite his best efforts, Zuo Zong could not figure out what was happening.

How is it possible that someone ruined for 16 years could become so terrifying in an instant?

Could it be that he was faking it for the past 16 years?

Was there a need for such effort to cover up his abilities?

For what?

F*ck, what a crafty b*itch!

How stupid!

"Now, can we speak nicely?" Chu Yu frowned as he stood behind Zuo Zong, containing the psychological discomfort he felt after killing a man.

Having attained Acupoint Charging Stage 8, under any normal circumstance, he could have easily dodged the 3 shots and killed Pointy Eyes at the same time with ease.

Even killing both of them whilst dodging the bullets would have been easy!

However, he had just recovered and messed up.

In fact - even before Zuo Zong had fired off his first shot, Chu Yu was no longer atop the Wordless Monument.

He had been out of there in an instant!

Immediately faster than the speed of sound!

By the time the second shot was fired, Chu Yu had ran way too far...

He had suddenly regained his power after it had been sealed for six years. It was simply too difficult to control the power with precision. Even though Chu Yu had made countless preparations in anticipation of this day, theory and practical are two very different matters.

As a result, when Zuo Zong fired off his third shot, Chu Yu returned from afar, and punched Pointy Eyes just above the heart, shattering his internal organs.

Only when the third shot was fired did Pointy Eyes realize that Chu Yu was no longer atop the Wordless Monument

That was why he only managed "God damn it!" Afterwhich, he felt an aura of death envelope him. With time only to exclaim "F*ck!" and nothing else, he died helplessly.

The difference in the Acupoint Charging Stages manifested themselves clearly!

Their situations were reversed in an instant.

Zuo Zong did not dare to move, his mind swirling with questions. He even wondered if he was dreaming?

"Speak, who sent you here? Do you need such a big operation to kill a ruined individual like myself? Sending two experts who have achieved Acupoint Charging Stage 5 and above, closing off the mountain, jamming the cellphone signal, not to mention the immense amount of preparation before hand, various forms of surveillance... such painstaking planning."

Zuo Zong felt chills throughout his body, the voice reminded him of the Devil.

He felt uncomfortable, on the verge of crying. "If you are ruined, what am I? Tiny Scum?"

"If I am honest, will you let me off?" Zuo Zong negotiated.

Even though he was an assassin, he did not have a death wish. At this stage, living past a hundred years was child’s play. He was only 39, with much of his youth to live. The pimples on his forehead and the lumps on his waist were testament to his youth.

"No." Chu Yu continued, "but I can give you a happy death, hmm, let’s just use that sharp Nepalese Army blade of yours, I assure you it will be painless."

"..." Zuo Zong realized how much of a bad habit it is to run your mouth.

"Think about it, you can remain silent, but you will suffer a torturous death. As a killer, you should know that there are many ways to torture someone. Even though I am no assassin, but I am familiar with the internet."

Chu Yu continued unfeelingly as he kept trying to acclimatize himself to the majestic power now contained within him.

"The real mastermind, is Xie Tian Yu." Zuo Zong struggled internally before finally sputtering the name of the mastermind

"I knew it!" Chu Yu’s eyes flared in anger, it was just as he suspected.

Since he had betrayed his employer, Zuo Zong knew that he could not escape death. If he was going to die, he was going to take everyone else with him.

Zuo Zong summarized his entire story, from the background of himself and Pointy Eyes, to the details of this particular operation. He described how they sealed Mount Tai, preventing tourists from coming up as well as their various plans to tie up loose ends.

Zuo Zong left no detail unsaid as he narrated the story.

At last, he said "Xie Tian Yu claims that you are his romantic rival. As long as you are alive, Lin Shi Meng will never get together with him. He wanted us to kill you, but assassinating you proved to be too difficult, you rarely stepped out of school, and you had bodyguards protecting you all year round. When we finally got a chance, we fell into your trap. Chu Yu... your acting skills are really good!"

"My acting skills? What have I been hiding?" Chu Yu felt slightly wronged.

"Someone could act like they were ruined for a couple of days, even a couple of years. Yet, you managed to act that way for 16 years, even attending school diligently everyday. F*ck, you are not just a fraud, you are the god of frauds!"

Zuo Zong could not hold back his tears as he howled, feeling more wronged than Chu Yu.

He still had no idea what Stage Chu Yu was at, but even if one thought with his knees, it was clearly evident that Chu Yu was much stronger than the two of them.

He had attained at least Acupoint Charging Stage 7, maybe even... Stage 8!

Is there someone capable of such fraud?

He even wanted to dial One One Nine, god damn it!

To think he was thinking of toying with his prey previously. Only now did he realize that he and Pointy Eyes were the prey all along!


Chu Yu responded faintly as he thrust out his hand and shattered Zuo Zong’s Meridians with a single punch

He did not use that sharp Nepalese Army blade, knowing that it would disgust him further.


Looking at the crumpled up body of Zuo Zong beside him, Chu Yu could not help but lurch and gag.

It took a long time for Chu Yu to recover. He sighed as he carried the two bodies and walked towards the valley.

Each step he took covered many meters and he maneuvered through the forest without leaving any marks behind him.

When his silhouette reappeared on the peak of the Jade Emperor, the sun had risen and the voices of tourists could be heard from afar.

"Those people were ridiculous! How could they block us from scaling the mountain, how abominable! Who gave them the right? Didn’t they say that this was a society governed by law? Since when was the law made from the wishes of one man?" The crisp and pleasant voice of a lady could be heard from afar.

A young gentleman comforted her, "It’s okay Xiao Rou, you could see that they were clearly scoundrels. Why confront them and affect your own mood?"

"But my mood has already been affected! I had wanted to reach the peak of the Jade Emperor to see the break of dawn! Maybe I could even connect with the Xiantian purple gas and be blessed with a miracle." The lady was clearly upset, "In addition, even if they were not to be trifled with, does it mean that I can be trifled with? They were bad guys, I am... Hmph, I am a good person! If not for the fact that my Grandpa gave specific instructions for me not to stir up trouble... heng heng!"

"Haha, miracles are not so common, have you been reading too many stories recently? You just learnt how to go online, read less of the online novels, they are poisonous! Forget it, it is no big deal, we came out today to relax, let’s not find trouble. Be obedient, calm down, lets just come again tomorrow!" the male consoled.

"You promised, don’t go back on your word! You’re the most shameless!" The lady cheered up instantly, and the voices got closer and closer.

"Who speaks of their brother like that?" The male replied with much exasperation.

In an age where everyone is a cultivator, the constitution of the public was significantly different. What would have taken many hours to scale in the past was now a relatively easy climb.

The speed of the two individuals was typical of cultivators. When the two of them arrived at the peak, they stared at Chu Yu, who was standing in the front yard of the Jade Emperor Temple.

Chu Yu also sized them up.

This was a youthful couple. The male was about 26 and had long, refined hair. Even though he was wearing sports wear, he was rather charming and handsome, and he emanated a unique aura.

The lady was in her early twenties, and she looked exquisitely beautiful. She had short hair that ended at her ears, had an ample bosom and delicate hips. Her skin was sparkling white and she had eyebrows shaped like willows, a tiny mouth and a pair of alert, discerning eyes.

Upon seeing Chu Yu, the girl was relatively shocked. She exclaimed in a voice much like an Oriole, "Ay, how come someone beat us to the peak?"

As she spoke, almost as if she thought of something, she frowned immediately and said with much displeasure, "Hey, did they seal the mountain because of you? What a big name! Do your parents know how great you are?"

Chu Yu was at a loss for words, "..."

The male looked at Chu Yu apologetically, then turned to the lady and lectured, "Xiao Rou, how can you say something like that? You should not blame others without first finding out the truth."

As he spoke, he smiled at Chu Yu, "My apologies, My little sister has been arrogant since she was little..."

The lady huffed, "Why should we apologize to him. Look, he is the only person on this peak. No one will believe that this has nothing to do with him!"

As she spoke, she bared her teeth at Chu Yu and rolled her eyes. She then added quickly, "See, he hasn’t denied our allegations, evidently he is silently admitting to it!"

Chu Yu shrugged his shoulders in exasperation, "Lady, when did I ever admit to anything? You have been rattling off like a machine gun since you’ve arrived here and haven’t given me a chance to explain myself. I am in fact an obedient child in the New Era.

"Bullsh*t, what obedient child? The truth is clear for all to see, what is there to explain? Stop trying to find excuses. We are all the same, why try to find an excuse?" The alertness of her eyes made her seem beautiful even when she rolled her eyes.

She had a stern face, yet, her tone did not match the steely look.

Chu yu tried his best to hold back his laughter. Her brother also looked exasperated as he placed his hand on his forehead. He was extremely apologetic as he looked at Chu Yu, "my sister has just learnt how to surf the internet, please do not lower yourself to her level. My name is Lin Yue, and this is my sister, Lin Rou, it is a pleasure to meet you."

Lin Rou whispered, "I am not happy to know him, he acts like he is a gentleman..."

"Chu Yu." He smiled as he introduced himself.
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