Chapter 21: Humiliation

Chapter 21: Humiliation

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Chu Tianxiong began introducing Chu Yu to the people present.

"This is the legitimate young master of the Chu Clan, Chu Yu."

"This is Boss Gao, mm, I hope that Boss Gao will continue to look out for him"

"This is Boss Zhao..."

"This is..."

Chu Tianxiong went around introducing Chu Yu to everyone present, not seeming tired of it.

At this point, an elderly man in his 60s sauntered over. Chu Tianxiong walked over immediately to shake hands with this man.

This elderly man was calm, and the spiritual energy around him was strong. He looked at Chu Yu encouragingly.

"Chu Yu, this is Elder Dong. He is one of the most influential people here in Dragon City!"

Chu Tianxiong introduced Chu Yu to him before continuing their conversation.

"Haha, you can call me Boss Dong, what? Castellan Dong? Haha, for matters between the younger generation, it’s fine as long as there is no direct conflict."

Elder Dong began to talk about Castellan Dong with Chu Tianxiong, discussing Chu Yu and Castellan Dong’s previous encounter.

Castellan Dong was one of Xie Tianyu’s guests at the dinner when Chu Yu attacked Xie Tianyu.

Elder Dong disregarded the incident as a tiny misunderstanding that shouldn’t raise any concerns. They were after all brash youths.

These elderly men were good, you could not understand their thinking just by looking at their faces.

However, when they mentioned Castellan Dong, Chu Yu’s heart twitch slightly.

Afterwhich, Chu Tianxiong saw an elderly man in his fifties saunter over, and grandly introduced him to Chu Yu.

"This is Elder Lu..."

This Elder smiled at Chu Yu, "I heard from my nephew Lu Feng that you are a talent."

Chu Yu smiled politely and replied, "that’s an exaggeration."

He did not expect to be able to meet people from the Dong Clan and the Lu Clan. It seemed that these underworld clans have large set-ups in society.

Following which, Chu Tianxiong continued to introduce Chu Yu to everybody.

They knew Chu Yu’s status and standing as a legitimate son of the Chu Clan. As such, they all seemed extremely courteous on the surface.

However, some of them still looked at Chu Yu with judgemental eyes.

Almost all the members of the underworld clans knew about what had happened to Chu Yu.

"He is the son of the Chu Family who used to be a talent, but became ruined at the age of six. Haha, he is all grown up now, and still looks extremely talented, unfortunately..."

"I heard that the Chu Clan was in the capital this time... mm, because of something to do with Chu Yu. No, No, at most it was just the fuse."

"What is he doing in the Dragon City? Why isn’t he just enjoying life in the capital?"

"Maybe he is just here to have fun? And escape the possible revenge of the Xie Clan?"

"If he wanted to escape from the Xie Clan, he should have ran home to his mummy..."


There were a few youths sizing Chu Yu up from afar, unable to resist gossiping about him. There were others who were unrestrained in their gossip.

With Chu Tianxiong’s cultivation level, he could hear them clearly. He couldn’t help but frown as he glanced worriedly at Chu Yu.

When he found that Chu Yu didn’t seem to hear the gossip, Chu Tianxiong guffawed internally as he remembered that this nephew of his was not cultivated, and naturally could not hear the gossip.

As he thought to himself, Chu Tianxiong shot icy stares at those gossiping about Chu Yu. As a member of the Chu Clan, he could not allow others to mock Chu Yu.

However, there was someone who was more straightforward.

Chu Xiaoxiao walked towards some of the more outrageous individuals with a face devoid of expression. When Chu Tianxiong realized this, Chu Xiaoxiao had already arrived at the group.

"Are you all strong?" Chu Xiaoxiao was tall by nature, and she was dressed in a flowing evening dress and crystal high heels, making her seem all the more intimidating.

She had an aura of elegance and grandeur about her.

Chu Xiaoxiao had an aire of confidence about her, a completely different person from the young carefree girl of her past.

Being born into an influential clan, navigating such situations was second nature to her.

"Chu Xiaoxiao, what do you mean by that?" A youth, about 18 years old, glanced at Chu Xiaoxiao haughtily. As the youngest, he was the one who mocked Chu Yu the hardest. The older ones knew how to temper their comments.

"What I mean is, you should watch your mouth, don't embarrass your clan... be more cultured."

Chu Xiaoxiao’s words were sharp. She used no vulgarities, but managed to frustrate the youth enough that he rolled his eyes

With so many influential people around, he did not dare to be too outrageous. He whispered, "What’s the big deal? Trash... hmph, so sensitive about his lack of skill?"

"Skill?" Chu Xiaoxiao laughed sarcastically, "Is the Xie Clan weak too?"

The Xie Clan!


Who dared to call the underworld Xie Clan weak?

Even though they had been defeated in the battle in Yan Jing, not many dared to call them weak.

As such, when Chu Xiaoxiao said those words, those youths immediately shut up.

"Watch your behavior, you’re old enough..." Chu Xiaoxiao smiled, and left with her head held high.

The 18 year old youth’s mouth twitched, and after a while cussed angrily, "F*ck!"

"F*ck your dad, by yourself, you can’t even beat me." Chu Xiaoxiao, who had already walked some distance away, replied without turning her head.

A lot of people overheard this and struggled to control their laughter.

Chu Tianxiong sighed with exasperation, and looked at Chu Yu, "I will leave this girl in your hands. She isn’t willing to return home with me, but with her impatience, she may be taken advantage of."

"Rest assured uncle Xiong, with me around, no one can bully her." Chu Yu laughed in reply.

Chu Yu, who was at Acupoint Charging Stage Eight, was keenly aware of what just transpired.

Seeing as they were just reckless youths, he did not take it up with them


Inside one of the clubhouse’s posh rooms, a skinny, extremely handsome youth was lying down with a poor posture. He was talking on the phone with two feet placed on the coffee table.

There was another youth in the room. He was rather handsome, but was clearly a lot more feminine.

"What happened to you? You were actually bullied by a piece of trash? And your clan... gee, it’s not that I want to rub salt into your wound, but have you been in Yan Jing too long? Lost your vigilance?"

The youth spoke freely, his voice mocking.

"I heard that the trash is right here, haha, beg me... sure, since we are friends, I will take revenge for you. However, that kid is trash, and he won’t be able to go to the Fox Immortal Cave. You want to bring people over to kill him? Sure, I’ll pretend I never saw anything. But if you miss again this time, it will be very embarrassing..."

He spoke for a while longer before hanging up and turning to look at the other youth by his side.

"Leng Jun, you were saying that there are only three Chu Clan members here right?"

The feminine youth nodded, "Yes, young master Wu, the only people here are Chu Tianxiong, his daughter Chu Xiaoxiao and that trash."

As Leng Jun spoke, his scheming face broke out in a smile. He tried pandering to the youth, "That’s right young master Wu, Chu Tianxiong’s daughter may only be 16 this year, but she is available..."

The youth waved him away, "That’s all you people think about."

Leng Jun replied, rather embarrassed, "Yes, what is young master Wu’s guidance..."

"This is not guidance. Seeing as we have affinity, take it as a friendly reminder." The youth said flatly, "No matter how powerful the secular clans are, they are very much weaker than the underworld clans. Just take the Leng Clan as an example. You may be considered influential in the Dragon City, but any underworld clan could easily take you down. As such, you shouldn’t mess with the members of the underworld clans, even if they are trash. This is an attack on your clan, this is a warning."

Leng Jun nodded emphatically, "Young master Wu is right, I have learnt my lesson!"

"Mm, you can leave now and take a look at the Chu Clan girl. If you like her, you can take her back as a servant..." the skinny youth stood up and said flatly.


Chu Tianxiong had already been led away by a group of men for a supposed business meeting.

Chu Yu found a place to sit and smiled at the triumphant Chu Xiaoxaio, "Do you participate in such gatherings often?"

Chu Xiaoxiao nodded, laughing, "Yes, there are plenty of such parties every year, and I’ve always loved hanging out with your dad since young. However, after coming to a few of these, they lose their appeal, and going out to have fun is just way better."

"Xiaoxiao, what are your aspirations?" Chu Yu asked rather suddenly.

"Aspirations?" Chu Xiaoxiao raised her eyebrows.

This question seemed rather far-fetched for a beautiful girl like her.

"I have many random thoughts, but... those are rather immature. Why made you ask such a question?" Chu Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu quizzically.

Just before Chu Yu could speak, he felt movement off to the side.

"Young master Leng is coming out!"

"Young master Leng is coming."

"Who is that beside young master Leng? How handsome!"

"I heard he is a guest invited by the Leng Clan!"

The crowd broke out in murmurs, and many youthful, beautiful girls had their eyes fixated in that direction.

Chu Yu looked in the direction of the voices, and he saw a handsome, slightly feminine youth accompanied by a tall, skinny and extremely handsome youth walk out from the room.

Chu Xiaoxiao whispered, "the one who looks like a lady, is the son of the Leng Clan, Leng Jun. I don't recognize the one accompanying him." Chu Yu nodded.

At that moment, Leng Jun and the youth looked in Chu Yu’s direction.

Leng Jun seemed to use the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to the youth before both of them walked in the direction of Chu Yu.

The group of youths who were mocking Chu Yu previously looked on excitedly, waiting for the show to start.

Many of the people followed behind when they saw Leng Jun and his company move.

Leng Jun and the youth did not even look at Chu Yu, their eyes fixated on Chu Xiaoxiao.

Chu Xiaoxiao frowned and looked at Leng Jun rather unhappily, "What are you doing? Never seen a pretty girl?"

Leng Jun was the young master of the Dragon City, someone extremely powerful, but he was nothing in the eyes of Chu Xiaoxiao.

Just like the youth said, the most influential secular clans could not even begin to compete with the underworld clans!

Leng Jun was slightly awkward, but at this point, the youth next to him asked, "Your name is Chu Xiaoxiao?"

Chu Xiaoxiao glanced at the youth, not speaking, her eyes searching for her father.

She could feel that this youth was rather extraordinary.

"Follow me, be my servant." The youth said flatly, as if this was something very normal.
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