Chapter 205: I will let you off this time!

Chapter 205: I will let you off this time!

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When Xie Nianqin heard this, she was ecstatic. Her small and exquisite face broke out in a smile as she looked at the tall girl, "I am a pill refiner, what do you want to duel me in?"


The girl laughed icily, "A duel doesn’t care about the method! You can continue to refine your pills while I kill you!"


"Oh, is that so?" Xie Nianqin’s mouth twitched and her expression turned icy, "Little b*tch, are you brain damaged? I refine pills while you kill me? Let me tell you, no way! I don;t even need my secret weapon to defeat a scum like you! Using pills to kill is reserved for the interschool championship!"




Many of the spectators who heard this were shocked.


They looked at Xie Nianqin speechlessly, Is this girl crazy, using pills to kill?


Can you not talk rubbish here?


No one believed what she was saying.


This tall girl also did not take her words to heart.


She laughed coldly, "If you don’t dare to, just admit it. Unranked is unranked, why find a reason to be so arrogant?"


"Bullsh*t..." Xie Nianqin chuckled icily. She felt like that was the most apt at describing her current emotions.


She looked at the tall girl and gestured with her finger, "Come, today I will let you know how powerful pill refiners can be at fighting!’


"Enough, stop with the casual talk, let her see the real deal." Wang Yan was getting frustrated watching the scene unfold. She really wanted to go up and slap this girl twice.


All of the spectators were from the unranked schools.


After coming to the Sky Dazed School, they were all very low profile and humble. Even the extremely arrogant did not dare to cause trouble here.


The Sky Dazed School’s invisible aura was extremely powerful and suffocating.


As such, when they saw the conflict between this girl from the 201 ranked school and another girl from an unranked school, these people were strangely excited!


It was just like how we would get excited when others did something we didn’t dare to do.


All of the students beside this tall girl were red with fury.


This Purple Cloud School student was too arrogant!


How dare she challenge a ranked 201 school this brazenly?


A skinny, tall and handsome boy said coldly, "How uncultured, I really don’t know how your sensei’s teach you?"


Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s raised her eyebrows and rebutted, "Little fella, show some respect!"


"Who... who are you talking about?" That boy was extremely angry and glared at Yuwen Xiaoxiao.


Even though Yuwen Xiaoxiao was extremely pretty, to this boy, she was like a devil.


"Little fella, don’t think too highly of yourself, really." Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at him sympathetically. Then, she turned to Xie Nianqin, "Xiao Qin, why do you bother saying so much? Just finish them off and go. You’re giving them too much respect by entertaining them."


The spectators burst into chatter.


Each student from the Purple Cloud was more arrogant than the previous one.


Furthermore, they were a group of beauties. And yet they dared to cause a scene at the Sky Dazed School... how daring.


At this point, someone found some news regarding the Purple Cloud School and they gasped, "In the last interschool championship, they were ranked 378..."


"Ah? 378? That’s... too low isn’t it?"


"A pill refiner from the 378th ranked school. If that’s true, where is this girl getting her confidence to challenge a student from the 201st ranked school to a duel from?"


"Where is she getting this courage from?"


"I can’t imagine... ignorant people have no dear!"


Even the tall girl was stunned.


This girl had never been this enraged in her life.


She pointed at Xie Nianqin, "You’re ranked 378..."


Before she could finish, Xie Nianqin sprung into action!


Her figure disappeared, even though she was only a Xiantian cultivator, the aura she exuded completely suppressed the King’s Realm tall girl.




A crisp slap landed viciously on this tall girl’s face.


Even before the spectators could gasp, Xie Nianqin’s other hand balled up into a small, white fist and punched the tall girl on the nose.


In that instant, the tall girl started bleeding!


The entire crowd erupted, shocked by what they were seeing.


What is going on?


Is this really a girl fighting?


Not a street brawl?


"Do you know our abilities now?" Xie Nianqin said condescendingly, "Weak chickens!"


"Oh oh...." That tall girl was stunned from the blows. Her initially pretty face was now marked by blood flowing down her nose, over her lips and onto her white neck. Then, it stained her dress red.


She squatted at the scene, covered her nose with her hands, and began crying.


One slap, one punch.


A Xiantian cultivator had completely schooled a King’s Realm cultivator.


Everyone who witnessed this was completely stupefied by what they saw.


The tall girl and the other students, together with the teachers and sensei who rushed over, were all stunned.


After a long while, a teacher-like youth raged, "What are you doing? What do you think you’re doing? This is the Sky Dazed School! Aren’t you scared of facing the music by finding trouble here?"


"Stop talking rubbish there, if you’re unhappy you can come over! Are you blind? Can’t you see that your people came to find trouble with us first? Don’t try to use the Sky Dazed School to scare us, it’s not like you can speak for them." Yuwen Xiaoxiao said coldly, her aura imposing.


That teacher was a Supreme Realm cultivator. Being humiliated by an unranked school’s students this way infuriated him.


It would not be right for someone of his standing to call for a duel with this girl.


At this point, others from his school went to drag the tall girl away.


The tall girl was bawling, she had never been beaten this way before.


This was an unforgettable experience.


"I’ll fight you!"


At this point, a young man’s voice could be heard. His tone was solemn as he walked out from the crowd.


This man was about two meters tall, hulking and full of explosive energy.


He was extremely ugly and a scar on his face made him look rather revolting.


His eyes had an animalistic glow. Even in the face of a beauty like Yuwen Xiaoxiao, his eyes were unmoved.


The energy from his body was not particularly strong, probably in the intermediate stages of the King’s Realm.


However, he was someone with immeasurable strength.


In the King’s Realm, strength cultivators like him had a great advantage.


Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s lips twitched as she mocked, "Are you stupid? Are you brain damaged? Who wants to fight you? You started this thing about dueling to the death. Then after you got slapped now you are angry with us? If you can’t take a loss don’t come here and embarrass yourselves!"


"Just admit it if you don’t dare to fight." A girl from the tall girl’s camp said, hiding in the crowd.


"Coward!" Yuwen Xiaoxiao said coldly, then she laughed suddenly, stunning many, "Yes, I don’t dare to fight you, goodbye!"


She turned around and showed everyone her elegant back as she walked towards her own camp.


The entire Purple Cloud Leadership watched from a distance, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.


Until now, they still did not know if bringing along these devilish girls was a good decision.


Even though they were provoked, anyone else would have just resigned to fate.


They wouldn’t have such a violent reaction.


After all, this was the best school in the Mirror World and it would be wise to keep a low profile.


Furthermore, everyone was here to participate in the Interschool Championship. Getting a good result was the main priority.


The girls began to clap their approval, "Our Sister Xiao is awesome!’


"Sister Xiao is great!"


"Sister Xiao... watch out!’


That ugly man had not hesitated to attack Yuwen Xiaoxiao from the back!


He had a hulking figure and looked like a small hill. However, when he moved, it was extremely silent.


His fist was aimed straight at Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s spine!


This was a lethal strike!




Most of the people watching were furious.


A battle cultivator picking on a female pill refiner was too much.


However, to sneak attack someone after they turned their back was simply shameless!


Completely shameless!


The people from this boy’s school gasped in horror.


A teacher shouted, "Don’t..."


If he really killed this girl here, it would be a major incident.


Then, even the Alliance of Schools may not let them off.


As for Chu Yu, in the moment that ugly hulking man attacked Yuwen Xiaoxiao, he raged and prepared to lunge over and kill the man!


However, before he could move, Yuwen Xiaoxiao suddenly smiled.


Then she turned around rapidly!


Her speed was unimaginably quick!


She raised her hand and slapped.




This was such a crisp slap!


Everyone in the vicinity could here it!


It was almost like a huge rock fell from the sky and landed on a metal sheet.


The ability to slap someone with such viciousness was extremely awe inspiring.


This hulking but ugly man lost half his face to Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s slap!


His bones could be seen!


Blood filled his face.


He fell to the ground and fainted on the spot.


Yuwen Xiaoxiao stood there calmly, a wave of rage flashing across her forehead as she said coldly, "I will let you off this time!’
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