Chapter 210: How did you guess?

Chapter 210: How did you guess?

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Chu Yu had already considered the situation presented to him by Xu Xiaoxian, but the consequences of following her advice were severe.

Afterall, such attack pills were rare in the Mirror World, and people would not label it as a magical equipment willfully.


Chu Yu, who had grown up on Earth all this while, knew that people needed a period of time to accept new information and ideas.

This kind of attack pill was in its nascent stage.

But, due to its power, it could be taken as a devil’s product!

In this world, there were many cases of false truths.

The crowd’s word was gold. Once they decided on something, trouble would come.

Chu Yu may be brash at times, but he was mostly quite the meticulous person. He tended to consider all sides of the argument before making a decision.

As such, he did not agree with Xu Xiaoxian’s advice.

Over the next few days, the Purple Cloud School took part in six more rounds of competition.

They won all six!

In addition to their two victories on their first day, the Purple Cloud’s record of eight wins meant that they were the top amongst all of the unranked schools!

But, they shared this first place with other schools.

There were over 10 schools with victories in all their rounds too.

Today was the Purple Cloud’s ninth round, and it was for the Pill Refining Section.

However, this round was not pill refining, but medicine recognition!

There were over 10 types of medicines, and the judge would give them three phrases as hints.

If the right answer was given only after the first hint, they would be awarded three points; two points were awarded if the right answer was given after two hints; if the right answer was given after three hints, they would be awarded one point.

If the right answer could not be given, then they would be awarded no points.

After all the medicine was named, the school with the highest points would win.

Yan Xiaoyu represented the Purple Cloud in this round.

She read widely since young and was familiar with all sorts of medicines. Furthermore, she had an eidetic memory.

However, when they saw who their opponents were, the Purple Cloud School stiffened.

Their opponents were the Ice Lord School!

They were all pumped up for this match between rivals.

Even though their feud had been suppressed for the time being, the fury in their hearts raged on.

The Ice Lord School’s representative was a youth in his twenties. He looked like a nerd, but more importantly, he gave of an aura of maturity and calmness.


The Purple Cloud School frowned when they saw the Ice Lord School’s representative.

However, Yan Xiaoyu was solemn and silent as she waited for the competition to begin.

After this youth took to the stage, he glanced at Yan Xiaoyu and said flatly, "I will smash you with my abilities."


After being with the 12 devilish girls for so long, she had a little bit of their character.

Even though the 12 of them were a lot more mature, the rebelliousness in their bones never faded.

The judge looked at the two contestants, then raised a magical formation!

This was to prevent others from giving them the answers through the Voice Transmission Technique.

After the magical formation was raised, the judge made sure that the two contestants were ready before beginning the competition.

"Quiet." The judge gave the first hint.

The Ice Lord School’s youth smiled faintly, then picked up his pen and wrote down the name of a medicine.

Yan Xiaoyu’s eyebrows danced as she wrote down the name of yet another medicine.

Then, the two of them said in unison, "Done!"

"Are you sure?" The judge was also a student from the Sky Dazed School Pill Refining Section. He was of decent standard and could also tell what medicine this was by the first hint.

But he did not think that the students from unranked schools were so powerful.

"Sure." They said in unison.

"Show me your answer." The judge said flatly.

Then, both their answers were shown on the screen.

The Ice Lord School’s youth had wrote: Quiet Grass.

Yan Xiaoyu wrote Purple Orchid!

Many of those watching could not help but break out in chatter.

"Quiet... is clearly quiet grass!"

"Exactly, how did she manage to get such an easy one wrong, how stupid!"

"It looks like the Purple Cloud School winning streak is coming to an end."

"Haha, for an unranked school in 400th place, such a result is not too bad."

"Exactly, they must have used their best students in the first few rounds. Now, their true standard is finally showing..."

The ones who said these were virtually all Ice Lord School students.

Everyone else from the Purple Cloud School, bar those from the Pill Refining Section, were lost. They had a limited knowledge of medicine.

However, it seemed that the Ice Lord School’s youth’s answer was more correct.

However, Yan Xiaoyu looked extremely confident.

Chu Yu smiled and nodded. These students of his were really good!

If the questions were this simple, the competition would have lost its meaning.


As someone who had gone through university, Chu Yu knew what the examiners were looking for when setting questions.

He could not say that he knew examiners like the back of his hand, but he understood their mentalities relatively well.

Before this, he had already told his students that those setting the questions would generally not set straightforward questions.

The question may seem simple, but the answer will surprise you.

Else... how can they prove their worth?

Clearly, the judge on the stage, the pill refining school student from the Sky Dazed School looked at Yan Xiaoyu in shock. He announced, "First round, Purple Cloud School, Yan Xiaoyu, victorious!"

The entire crowd erupted.

"Ah? How did this happen?"

"Hahaha, why not?"

"There must be some trickery here? If quiet isn’t Quiet Grass... what could it be?"


After this youth saw that Yan Xiaoyu wrote Purple Orchid, he had contemplated her answer deeply.

When he heard the judge announce Yu Xiaoyu’s victory in the first round, he could not help but laugh bitterly in exasperation.

As someone with a deep understanding of medicine, he had already thought of the result. However, he was slightly astonished that Yan Xiaoyu could get the answer.

This wasn’t just testing a person’s knowledge of medicine, it was also testing a person’s intellect!

He was extremely unwilling to accept the fact that he was less intellectual than his opponent.

The judge looked at the confused looks of the crowd and said faintly, "I will read out the next to phrases, but this will be the only time. This is because I do not want to hear anyone saying that there is trickery."

It was intimidating, but everyone with doubts immediately stopped their discussions.

The judge said, "The second phrase, is Xiantian!"

Everyone spectating who had some knowledge of medicine began to feel enlightened.

The judge continued, "The third phrase is, hollow."

Hollow orchid...

By now, anyone with some understanding of medicine understood.

Purple Orchid.

Quiet, Xiantian, Hollow.


Quiet referred to the Purple Orchid’s properties - it could only be found in quiet and pristine places. Xiantian referred to the Xiantian purple gas that existed in this kind of medicine. Of course, it was just incredibly little.

But it was there, and no one would dare say it did not exist.

As for Hollow, that was a clear hint.

Hollow orchid.


As a pill refiner, if one could not get the answer by now, it would be embarrassing.

"Second round, first phrase, Strong Yang!" The judge said expressionlessly.

"Strong Yang?"

The Ice Lord School youth and Yan Xiaoyu did not move their pens.

It was very difficult to make a guess from that phrase alone.

This was different from the Purple Orchid and the Quiet Grass. For those types of medicine, there were only a few species. With some intellect, they could guess the answer.

As for Yang medicine, there were countless types.

Based on the phrase Strong Yang... any answer would be a blind guess.

The chances of getting the correct answer were too low.

As such, both did not write any answer.

The student who was the judge nodded subtly, he would not have forged any guess based on this phrase either.


There were too many potential answers!

"Does noone want to answer?" He asked.

Seeing that both of them shook their heads, he said, "Good, on to the next phrase! Hell!"

When he had seen this question, this Sky Dazed School pill refining student had gasped internally, What an anal question.

He had felt that there was no guarantee someone could get the correct answer even after the three hints!


It was too cold and foreign!

Indeed, after hearing the second phrase, both of them scrunched their eyebrows, deep in thought

However, after a moment of thought, Yan Xiaoyu immediately wrote down an answer.

Everyone was stunned, bar the pill refining students from the Purple Cloud School.

There were a few powerful pill refiners spectating today, but even they could not think of the right answer. They couldn’t believe that a girl from an unranked school could get the answer.

The youth from the Ice Lord School was completely in disbelief.

Yan Xiaoyu’s pen moved around as she wrote and erased.

After a couple of alterations, she raised her hand and said crisply, "Judge, I am done!"

The judge looked at her, "Are you sure? You... only have one chance, if you answer wrongly, you will not have a second chance."

Yan Xiaoyu nodded, "I know."

"Okay then, please show us your answer!" The judge nodded.

Then, Yan Xiaoyu’s answer was shown on the screen.

Intoxicated Hades!

Yan Xiaoyu’s penmanship was great, and it had a feminine character to it. Yet, it had a sort of unrestrained aggressiveness. Despite all of these, it was still extremely neat and pretty!

The two medicines that she erased were rare, and two types of medicine unheard of by many.

When those of age saw the screen and the words Intoxicated Hades, they all began to contemplate.

However, there were people who raised doubts immediately.

"Intoxicated Hades? I heard that this kind of medicine... is Yin in nature, what does it have to do with Strong Yang?"

"Exactly, I’ve seen this medicine in encyclopedias. I still remember that its attributes really don’t have anything to do with Strong Yang."

As for the youth from the Ice Lord School, he smiled, preparing to wait for the third phrase.

Intoxicated Hades does have a close relationship with hell, and it is one of the rare medicines from hell. However, it was Yin in nature, and had no relation to Strong Yang!

As such, he was almost sure that his opponent had got it wrong!

At this point, the judge’s voice rang out, "Intoxicated Hades... is correct!"

Everyone was stunned, unable to believe their ears.

The youth on stage was also stunned. He didn’t think that there was any trickery, but he could not believe that this was the answer!

At this point, the judge glanced at Yan Xiaoyu, "This student here, can you tell me how you got the answer? To be honest, for this question, based on these two hints, I can’t get the answer!"


The entire crowd erupted!
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