Chapter 215: Saints Never Die

Chapter 215: Saints Never Die

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"Over 10,000 years old... such longevity!"

Lin Shi exclaimed.

"Long?" The elder glanced at Lin Shi, "Child, do you know? 10,000 years to a Divine Emperor is considered youthful?"

"Ah? Youthful?" Lin Shi looked at the elder in astonishment.

The elder shook his head, "I don’t know if you knew this before you lost your memory, now that we have some time, let me fill some of the gaps."

Lin Shi’s interest was piqued and she sat in front of the elder and prepared to listen.

In actual fact, up till today, even many in the Mirror World did not know the lifespan of the best cultivators.


If someone successfully completed the foundation and became a true cultivator... which is a Xiantian, would have a lifespan of about 300-500 years.

The extremely powerful ones at the pinnacle of Xiantian could live for 700-800 years.

But they generally could not live past a thousand years old.

Once their time was up, they would leave painlessly.

King’s Realm cultivators, with a golden pill in their body, had a significantly longer lifespan.

Cultivators in this realm could live for more than 3000 years.

However, this time span still paled in comparison to the tides of time.

However, to most lifeforms on Earth, a lifespan of 3000 years was quite impressive.

The most powerful King’s Realm cultivators could live up to 6000 years.

As for the Supreme Realm, with a nascent soul’s support, they could live for more than 10,000 years.


They would experience changes in era and society.

In this realm, many could calm down and do what they wanted to do.

However, the biggest dream of those in this realm was to get to an even higher realm and give their nascent soul wings.

In the eyes of the ordinary person, a Supreme Realm cultivator was divine.

However, if they didn’t manage to breakthrough further, a Supreme Realm cultivator would still die and return to the Earth.

To be straightforward, even a Supreme Realm cultivator could not escape the rules of life.

When one became a True Lord, they would be incredibly powerful at the sacred arts and their lifespans would increase manifold.

The lifespan of a True Lord is at least one era... 208,600 years!

The ‘True’ in True Lord refers to True Dao!

This level of cultivators had already surpassed that of any ordinary person’s imagination.

Their understanding of Dao must be at an extremely high level.

They were capable of transporting themselves through time and space.

They could seal themselves for millions of years and could extend their lifespan indefinitely. They could also use techniques to retain their memory and go into a loop.

Any lifeform in this realm had complete understanding of life.

As such, many Supreme Realm cultivators would do anything to enter the True Lord Realm.

The Divine Lord Realm was even more outstanding.

They could live for more 5 million years.

The Divine Lord Realm made someone near divine!

They could extend their lifespan endlessly and had many techniques to rise again in a short time.

For a Divine Lord, after they were reborn, they could still travel the universe willfully.

This was the reason why Mu Hai of the Wafting Fragrance School, as well as Qiao Zu of the Sword Rain School, or even Song Lun of the Song Royal Family thanked Chu Yu the moment they entered the Divine Lord Realm.

This favor was even greater than reengineering!

Even though Chu Yu was a young man, in the eyes of these Divine Lords, he was like a god!

From True Lord onwards, every new realm was a whole new realm of discovery.

When one entered the Legendary Emperor Realm, lifespan increased to billions of years.

Even after billions of years, a Legendary Emperor could use extremely superior medicine to have a second, and even third life!

In the universe, only one statement could be used to describe Legendary Emperors.

"Emperors, do not die easily!"

The elder looked at Lin Shi and sighed, "As such, if news broke out that you are the closed door disciple of a Legendary Emperor, many people would go crazy!"

People will really go crazy, Legendary Emperor!

Someone who you could follow through the tides of time.

Even though you couldn’t start the journey with this cultivator, any cultivator capable of such power was unimaginably terrifying.

Lin Shi looked at the elder, "All these were given to me by senior, I will always remember this!"

"This is your opportunity. I do not recommend any ordinary person to the Butterfly Dance Immortal; similarly, the Butterfly Dance Immortal does not simply accept anyone he sees as his disciple.

The elder looked at Lin Shi, "You have huge potential, that’s why I recommended you, and that’s why the Butterfly Dance Immortal was moved. Else, do you think an ordinary person could excite a Legendary Emperor this much?"

Lin Shi was shy when she heard this torrent of compliments. After contemplation, she said, "Senior, please tell me about saints."

"Saints... are the masters of this universe. There is a saying, if you are not a saint, everything is for nothing. Even a Legendary Emperor cultivator will return to the ground one day. Even if they can reincarnate and rise again, that is... another person. This delves into the secrets of reincarnation which I have not discovered."

The elder said faintly, "But I am sure of something, after reincarnation, things... would change naturally. As such, even though all the knowledge is retained, that is a different person altogether!"

"Saints... are different. Those are beings not affected by time. Saints are as old as the universe."

Lin Shi contemplated the implications.

The elder sighed, "It is because saints are so high and untouchable, that’s why everyone wants to become a saint. It is why... the Mirror World exists. So many evils have been accepted because the temptation of becoming a saint... is too great! No one can resist it."

Lin Shi nodded, not fully understanding what was being said, unaffected by what was being said.

Right now, her mind was like a white piece of paper. Even her master, Divine Lord Jingyi or the Butterfly Dance Legendary Emperor could not retrieve any memory from her mind.

Unless, a saint worked his magic.


As the 16th place of the unranked schools, the Purple Cloud’s residence changed.

They moved to another location. Even though it was not as good as the superior schools, it was much better than before.

Coincidentally, the Ice Lord School was one of their neighbours.

However, they weren’t direct neighbours, with another school in between the two of them.

This time, the Ice Lord School was ranked sixth amongst all the unranked school.

They were still the strongest amongst the unranked school. Except for that loss against the Purple Cloud School, they virtually won the rest of their matches.

The couple that they did lose was because they did not want to reveal their trump cards.

It was just to qualify for the actual competition, it didn’t matter if they ranked first or tenth.

However, now, the Ice Lord School did not dare to look down on the Purple Cloud School anymore.

The fact that they could rank 16th, even considering that the other unranked schools were holding things back, was sufficient to prove that they were quite strong!

It’s actual rank would be in the 200s.

The unranked schools outside of the top 200 ended their campaign.

Many of them were in no hurry to leave and they most of them continued to stay in the Sky Dazed School.

They wanted to watch the main competition, or walk around in the Sky Dazed City.

To the Sky Dazed School, the accommodation and food for these schools were insignificant expenditures to them. Their generosity always landed them a good reputation.

To rank first was something that everyone hoped for.

After the preliminaries concluded, there was a two week break before the commencement of the main competition.

Much like Lin Shi, Chu Yu was extremely interested in the Sky Dazed School’s library.

Even though he had in hand two saint legacies, the Confucius Superclass and the Crane Saint’s Immortal Crane Pill Scripture, there was no break to be had in the road of cultivation.

The Purple Cloud School library did have quite a few ancient annals, but few of them were of value.

Even though Chu Yu was granted full access, he could not find many of the things he wanted.

But this place was different.

Chu Yu heard that the Sky Dazed School had many more places with more superior records. He envied them and wanted to go check them out.

But security here was strict and access was restricted.

However, for his current cultivation level, what he was looking at, was sufficient.


The other Purple Cloud students also came with him to the library and soaked up all the knowledge they could.


The next week passed by uneventfully.

This morning, Chu Yu woke up and came to the library, wanting to find a set of techniques on Supreme Realm martial arts.

The other techniques that he had studied were too low level. It was a good thing he had not met any true Heaven’s Pride talents, or he would really be disadvantaged.

Even though the techniques here weren’t particularly powerful, they were sufficiently good for Chu Yu.

However, the moment he entered the library, he felt like he was being watched.

That was the warning from his vertical eye.

Chu Yu was slightly shocked, there were many people watching him from the shadows recently... but none of them triggered a warning from his vertical eye.

This could only mean one thing, this man watching him, had ill intentions!

This was the Sky Dazed School!

Who would dare do such a thing?

After spending some time here, Chu Yu began to understand it more.

As the number one school in the Mirror World, they had immensely deep foundations and strong powers backing them.

He did not even dare to use his vertical eye to observe the people from the Sky Dazed School.

Chu Yu was thankful to Yi. If not for Yi sending him to this world, he would never realize how powerful this place was.

No matter how composed and logical a person was, they may still be complacent.

But no longer.

Even though Chu Yu had not met the greatest talents in this world, he had heard much about them.

He would respect these people, then work hard to defeat them..


Chu Yu entered the library expressionlessly, then, the feeling that he was being watched gradually disappeared.

Chu Yu sighed, then calmed himself down after entering.

He found a book on Supreme Realm boxing and began reading it.

As he understood it, the Superclass in his body started working and this boxing technique began to enter Chu Yu’s memory.

Furthermore, it began to combine with and reinforce the previous techniques he had learnt!

The mystical thing about a saint’s technique - it will surprise you time and again.
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