Chapter 23: The Descendants of Qing Qiu

Chapter 23: The Descendants of Qing Qiu

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When he arrived home, Chu Yu realized that Lord Thief was not home, and he did not know where it had gone. That sparrow was rather devilish and Chu Yu was not worried it’ll be taken advantage of.

He then went to Xiao Yue’s villa, but before he could raise his hand to knock, the door opened.

Under the moonlight, an exquisite face, almost like that of a doll, appeared in front of Chu Yu.

Xiao Yue was dressed in pajamas decorated with cartoon characters, her long hair resting on her shoulders. Her eyes shined brightly as she spoke, "Is anything the matter?"

"I’m here to solve your problem." Chu Yu replied.

Xiao Yue’s surprise was evident, and a look of anticipation flickered across her eyes, "Really?"

"Nope, just kidding, I’m leaving." Chu Yu turned and began to walk away.

"You’re not allowed to leave!" Xiao Yue stared angrily at Chu Yu, "What are you like that?"

"What about me?" Chu Yu smiled wryly at Xiao Yue. This girl was so full of pride such that even though she needed a favor from others, she still had to act aloof.

"Young master, it’s my mistake, please help me." Xiao Yue admitted rather unwillingly.

Chu Yu thought to himself, how difficult, this was the first time she called him young master in many days.

Chu Yu chuckled inside, yet his face was expressionless, "Fine, we have more important things. Also, you don’t have to call me young master, it feels weird, just call me brother."

Xiao Yue felt like Chu Yu was always messing with her.

Chu Yu walked past her and said, "What are you still standing there for, come with me."

"..." Xiao Yue followed Chu Yu, her face expressionless.

"Go inside." Chu Yu pointed to the bedroom.

Xiao Yue immediately looked at Chu Yu, her vigilance peaking.

Chu Yu looked expressionlessly at Xiao Yue, "What are you thinking about? Do you plan to solve your problem?"

Xiao Yue took a deep breath, and wanted to say something threatening to this hateful individual, but was afraid that he would leave if she said something.

Chu Yu’s abilities may be a secret to others, but she and Lord Thief were keenly aware of them.

Chu Tianqiang and Chu Tiansheng had been raised to another stage in a short span of time. If news of this spread, it would incite a lot of discussion.

Furthermore, very little people would believe such an incident happened.

Yet, it did.

Xiao Yue entered the bedroom without a second word.

"Lie down." Chu Yu commanded.

Xiao Yue glanced briefly at Chu Yu, and obediently lay down without a second word.

Her rate of breathing increased and her face became flushed.

Seeing her this way, Chu Yu could only think of one thing - what a delicious beauty!

He immediately shook his head and rid his mind of such thoughts.

It has been so many days, about time that he solved this lady’s problem.

Even though Chu Yu could not be sure of Xiao Yue’s true identity, it was obvious that she was not of simple origin.

As many could attest to, it was only because the powers behind Xiao Yue did not take action was the Chu Clan able to beat back the Xie Clan so easily.

Xiao Yue had never mentioned this incident, but Chu Yu knew he owed her a favor.

Furthermore, Chu Yu had many things to do subsequently that he did not want many to know. He wanted to solve Xiao Yue’s problem quickly and send her on her way.

As to asking her to be his servant, Chu Yu had been joking all along.

Xiao Yue’s problem was not particularly big. Her meridians and acupoints were just slightly different from a normal person. As a result, when she trained, for some reason, it went in the wrong direction.

She kept trying to break through an acupoint in her chest. As a result of her attempts, it had already resulted in internal damage.

There was an accumulation of power there.

That acupoint had already turned into an explosive!

If she continued to try to break it, there was a good chance the energy stored inside would explode, killing her instantly.

Her entire body would be blown to pieces!

Xiao Yue evidently knew about this. As such, she stopped cultivating and attempted to use the art of making tea to train her character and fill her time.

In actual fact, the next acupoint that Xiao Yue needed to break through was in the soles of her feet!

Chu Yu knew the Killing Days technique, as well as the vertical eye in his forehead. He did not require any other manual to know which was the next acupoint to breakthrough.

However, others did not have this power, and they followed the technique manuals to the letter.

"Your meridians and acupoints are not ordinary." Chu Yu said flatly, looking at Xiao Yue lying down on the bed.

"I am not human." Xiao Yue said calmly.

"..." Chu Yu’s lips twitched, black lines breaking out on his forehead.

"To be exact, I am not completely human, I come from Qing Qiu." Xiao Yue said, lying on the bed, not looking at Chu Yu.

"Qing Qiu? You are..." Chu Yu looked on surprisingly.

"I am a fox, to be exact, I am an offspring of a fox and a human." Xiao Yue replied calmly.

"It’s no wonder you’re so pretty." Chu Yu murmured.

Yet, his heart was rather uneasy.

He thought to himself, it’s no wonder this girl was so extraordinary, she comes from that place.

The famous Qing Qiu Country!

He thought about the annals he had read regarding Qing Qiu. It was 300 miles east, along the Qing Qiu mountain range. The treasures gleamed in the sun and the exotic greenery grew in the shade. There were many species of animals, such as the nine-tailed fox, which made sounds like that of an infant and could hunt humans. Consuming its flesh would make one immune to the poisons of evil. There were birds such as the dove, nicknamed Guan Guan, which made noises akin to two quarrelling persons. Its feathers caused confusion upon contact. Water originated from this mountain, and flowed straight for the southern sea. Inside the river were red Ru, fish that had the face of a human, and made sounds akin to a mandarin duck. Anyone who ate its meat was immune to scabies. [1]

There were many records in Chinese history with regard to Qing Qiu country

For example, the great writer Ouyang Xun once wrote in "Classified Excerpts from Ancient Writers", "According to the Yellow River Map, the White Emperor dedicated an offering to the White Fox. The Book of Zhou further states that when he ascended the throne, the Qing Qius bestowed upon him a nine-tailed fox."

There are even more legends about Qing Qiu Country, the most famous of which was written by Su Daji in the Shang Dynasty. Legend has it that she was from Qing Qiu.

There is also Pu Songling who wrote Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio. Rumor has it that he had close relations with the Qing Qiu Fox Clan.

Chu Yu looked at Xiao Yue, "Then should I call you Hu Xiaoyue?"

Xiao Yue’s eyes flashed with a pale dimness, "I am the descendant of a fox and a human, I have no right to take on the surname Hu, unless..."

"Unless what?" Chu Yu asked.

"Unless I can step into the Xiantian realm." Xiao Yue continued, "That way, I will qualify to take on that surname."

"The Xiantian realm is relatively far. The Earth Gods."

Chu Yu continued, "That explains why you’re in this situation. As of today, Qing Qiu... is populated mostly by humans right? The techniques you use... are also human cultivation techniques, am I right?"

"How did you know?" Xiao Yue blinked, "There are no pure humans in Qing Qiu, however... the techniques I use are indeed human ones. However, there are no problems when others use it, why me?"

"That’s because your meridians are closer to that of... fox." Chu Yu said gravely.

Xiao Yue was shocked, her face in disbelief. She murmured, "How could this be? If my blood is more fox than human, I should be a peerless talent, but I..."

"I can't tell if your blood is similar to them, but your meridians... are extremely similar."

"Also, how do you know you're not a peerless talent?" Chu Yu smiled, "Once your problem is solved, you will be a peerless talent!"

Xiao Yue could not hide her cultivation level from Chu Yu.This girl had actually managed to attain Acupoint Charging Stage Seven.

She never utilized her powers as a result of the emergency in that part of her body.

"Can you really fix it?" Xiao Yue’s cold, unfeeling expression betrayed some anxiety.

"Rest assured." Chu Yu replied, "But I need you to cooperate. I will ask you to train in a moment, do not be afraid, just follow my instructions."

"Mm, okay." Xiao Yue whispered her agreement.

Afterwhich, Chu Yu took Xiao Yue’s wrist in his hand.

Xiao Yue stiffened and blushed, but did not resist.

Afterwhich, Xiao Yue felt a burning sensation, originating from her wrist, moving throughout her body.

This was an experience that was foreign to her and she let out a soft whine before quickly silencing herself, her face blushing.

She felt utterly embarrassed.

"Stay calm." Chu Yu reminded solemnly.

When dealing with such situations, there was no room for error, especially so in Xiao Yue’s case.

Chu Yu began to carefully divert the energies accumulated at the Acupoint in Xiao Yue’s chest towards the Acupoint in her feet.

"Begin training." Chu Yu commanded.

Without hesitation, Xiao Yue began training. She was forced to trust Chu Yu now, or live with the fact that she could never break through ever again.

Even that would not guarantee her survival!

This was because the accumulation could still explode even if the powers contained were not used.

It was also likely to be triggered by agitation.

This was also one of the reasons why Xiao Yue picked up the art of making tea.

She was sent here using the pretext of gaining experience, but it was actually because her family in Qing Qiu had ran out of ideas. They had hoped that through her experiences in the world, she could hone her mind.

All in all, it was just for self-preservation.

This was why Xiao Yue made up her mind so easily to follow Chu Yu that day. He was the only one outside Qing Qiu who could tell she had a problem with a single glance.

Under Chu Yu’s guidance, and Xiao Yue’s relentless training, the power accumulated in her chest began to rush to the Acupoint at her feet.

Chu Yu sweat profusely, his entire body drenched in sweat. Yet, he sat like a statue by the bedside, unmoving.

After a whole hour, a sudden, strong wave of power fluctuation radiated from Xiao Yue’s body.

The shackles preventing her from breaking through had been shattered in an instant.

She had broken through.

[1] an extract from the Classic of Mountains and Seas, southern hills.
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