Chapter 221: Astronomical Price

Chapter 221: Astronomical Price

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Xu Xiaoxian’s prank succeeded and she sat there, maintaining her smile, almost as if nothing had happened.

This old man was slightly frazzled. First, he looked at the smiling Xu Xiaoxian, then at the calm Chu Yu.

He couldn’t understand what was going on.

Are these two scammers?

No way!

This auction house was one of the most powerful in the Mirror World, their influence extending to most cities. Futhermore, which scammer would scam this way?

Who would take two incredibly ugly pills... ahem, were they even pills? Who knew what these things were?

This old man was someone who had was quite experience. After coughing a few times, he coughed apologetically, "This... pill that Sensei Song refined has quite a character, mm, very artistic!"

Even a knowledgeable man would find it difficult to find words appropriate to describe such an ugly pill.

This elder’s description was extremely great.

"In charge, do you know about pills?" Chu Yu asked calmly.

"Mm, slightly." The elderly man nodded and set aside the notion that these two were scammers.

There were too many weird occurrences in this world. Just because he didn’t know about something doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist.

With this mindset, the elderly man calmed down.

Slightly was quite the understatement.

How could he be the in charge of an auction center in the Sky Dazed City without being capable?

He was quite the expert in pill and equipment refining, techniques and books, antiques and scriptures, amongst other things!

Else, he would not be able to sieve out the bad products. It was okay to make a couple of mistakes, after all, no one is perfect.

But if he made too many mistakes, not only would he be embarrassed, people will also begin to doubt the auction institution.

As the elderly man spoke, he picked up one pill and began to analyze it.

There was no medicinal aroma, could it be that all the medicinal properties had been sealed within?

The pill was covered in pill engravings, and each stroke had a faint strand of Dao!

This was no simple!

However, this pill’s shape was really too ugly.

Everyone was used to seeing round, shiny pills with strong medicinal aromas.

Now that he was faced with such a different product, he found it difficult to accept.

But at this point, he already had a preliminary valuation on this pill, however, he did not dare to surmise exactly how powerful the pills were.

It was clear that this pill was refined by a powerful and capable pill refiner. It was quite impressive that the medicinal properties were all sealed within the pills!

However, even for someone as learned as him, he did not dare to judge the pill in other aspects.


He was not a pill refiner, and he could not willfully value an item like this with his current status.

As such, he was still unsure if such an ugly pill was really the True Soul Pill responsible for the creation of two Divine Lords.

"How about this, In charge, how much do you think a True Soul Pill which could let a True Lord enter the Divine Lord Realm is worth?" Xu Xiaoxian spoke.

This old man frowned and contemplated, "I think, at least 500?"

Chu Yu stiffened, 500 what? Best quality spiritual stones? Is this thing that valuable?

Xu Xiaoxian laughed faintly, "500? Are you joking?"

The In charge’s face reddened, "Then, how much do you think it’s worth?"

Xu Xiaoxian said flatly, "About 10 times more."

Chu Yu nearly fainted, She must be crazy, ten times... isn’t that 5000 best quality spiritual stones?

When he sold these pills to Mu Yuexiu back in the Purple Cloud School, the 300,000 top quality spiritual stones he accepted as payment had already awed him.

This is because the medicine required for the refinement of such a pill, by the highest estimates, only cost a maximum of 50,000 top quality spiritual stones.

Why is this pill so valuable in the eyes of these two?

The 500 best quality spiritual stones offer by the In Charge was already an astronomical price to Chu Yu.

It was not for three, but for one!

Mu Yuexiu had only valued it at 100,000 top quality spiritual stones.

The In Charge’s offer was equivalent to 500,000 top quality spiritual stones!

Xu Xiaoxian was asking for 5 million top quality spiritual stones!

This was a full 50 times higher than Mu Yuexiu’s valuation!

What made Chu Yu speechless was that after the In Charge heard Xu Xiaoxian’s price, he heaved a sigh of relief?

Sigh of relief?

Shouldn’t he find this price astronomical?

Shouldn’t he accuse Xu Xiaoxian of being too greedy?

Why did he sigh in relief?

Is he crazy?

"Are you dumb? Idiot!"

Xu Xiaoxian scolded Chu Yu using the Voice Transmission Technique, "How can you use the Song Country market price in the Sky Dazed City? You’ve live on Earth for so long, don’t you know this logic? A truffle can be sold for 50 dollars in the villages, but in the city, it sells for a few hundred dollars! In the poshest restaurants, they can go for thousands!"

Chu Yu was completely stunned.

But even then, isn’t it a little too much?

The In Charge nodded, "If this pill is really as great as it is touted to be, 5000 best quality spiritual stones is not an exaggeration."

Xu Xiaoxian forgot about her previous unhappiness with Chu Yu as she looked at the In Charge seriously, "Not only is it not an exaggeration, it is an extremely reasonable price!"

She then privately used the Voice Transmission Technique, "If this works out, give me half of what you get!"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

The In Charge nodded, "Then... what is your suggestion?"

"Simple, aren’t you a pinnacle True Lord cultivator? Take one, if it works, then give us 5000 best quality spiritual stones and we auction the rest off. If it doesn’t work, we will leave immediately."

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "How about it?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly and glanced at Xu Xiaoxian, she could tell this In Charge’s cultivation realm?

The elderly man was taken aback. He had magical equipment to suppress his aura. People who could determine his cultivation level were either much more powerful than him, or had extraordinary treasures on them.

This girl was clearly not particularly powerful. Even though she was quite talented, she was still only a Supreme Realm cultivator.

Clearly, she had extraordinary treasures on her!

"5000 best quality spiritual stones is not a high price to pay for a chance at the Divine Lord Realm, but... I do not have so much on me." The elder laughed bitterly, "After all, it is not a small sum."

"You can pay us in items too. With your standing, how can you not have a few treasures on hand?" Xu Xiaoxian smiled at the In Charge. Even though this was not her actual appearance, she was still rather adorable.

Chu Yu suddenly felt that this demonic girl’s plan was being revealed at last!

She may have already expected this result when she took out the pills!

No, in fact, ever since she dragged him out... she already thought of this end game!

Even though it seemed like a wild guess, Chu Yu felt that way.

The elderly man hesitated, "Treasures? Treasures that are worth such an astronomical price? Let me think."

Xu Xiaoxian prompted, "For example, you can take out some of the things you can’t grasp as well. I may want some of them and value them highly. Furthermore, if this pill doesn’t work, you don’t have to pay a single cent. If it works, you’ll be a Divine Lord and everything... will be different from here on out."

How tempting!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

The elderly In Charge was clearly moved. He stood up, "Please wait a moment, I will be back shortly."

Then, he turned and left.

Chu Yu used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Have you already eyed something this man has?"

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu innocently, "Why would you think that of me? Oh god... Chu Yu, do you really think I am someone like that? I helped you buy that slave just now, and now I helped you raise the price of your pill to such astronomical prices. I did this all because you’re my friend and I want to help you. It’s hurtful that you’ll think this way."

"Girl, your acting skills are really overboard this time."

Chu Yu looked at her expressionlessly, "Since you’ve helped me, it is only reasonable that I compensate you fairly, but I don’t like being used by others."

"Humph, you think too much! Nothing like that is going on, I’m really doing this to help you." Xu Xiaoxian insisted.

Soon after, this elder returned.

He took out a storage bag said, "There are 3000 best quality spiritual stones in here. This is my entire fortune."

Chu Yu could not help but be in awe. How much did they manage to raid from the Sun Clan back then?

This elderly man, an In Charge of an auction, could amass a fortune of 3000 best quality spiritual stones.

This disparity in wealth was too great!

This was just like a farmer having a million dollars in assets. Everyone thought that this man was rich, and he himself thought that he was wealthy. All of a sudden, one day, a CEO comes along who earns a million dollars a day.

There was simply no comparison.

Xu Xiaoxian did not care much about these spiritual stones. Her focus had never been on the stones.

At this point, the elderly man retrieved a few more items.

A painting, a sword, and a stringless instrument.

"This painting has quite a history. Even though it is a True Lord Realm treasure, when used properly, it is no worse than a Divine Lord magical equipment."

The elderly man in charge introduced this ancient painting.

Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe the painting and was awed by what he saw.

A huge wave of energy greeted him. It was almost as if it was not a painting, but a vast world in front of him.

At the same time, there was a terrifying attractive force, almost as if he was going to be absorbed into the painting!

He quickly shut his vertical eye.

The elder quickly said, "You cannot use your mental sense to get a feeling of this painting, else you will easily be absorbed and sealed."

Then, he pointed to some black dots in the painting. The largest was just the size of a sesame seed and the smallest was like a speck of dust.

"These were all lifeforms that had been sealed, the strongest... is a True Lord life form!" He pointed at the sesame sized dot and said.

"So powerful?" Chu Yu gasped.

It could seal a True Lord!

No wonder it is comparable to a Divine Lord magical equipment.
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