Chapter 227: Finding Trouble

Chapter 227: Finding Trouble

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The Purple Cloud School’s leadership had already been informed of this and thus, there was no conflict about who was going to go on this expedition.

The two people going were Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian.

As for the other superior schools, the ones who were going were the students who did well.

The place they were going to was known as Devastated World.

It was a corner of the ancient ravaged world that existed before the Mirror World.

There was a law governing the Devastated World. It suppressed all the life forms in it, limiting them to only the power of a True Lord.

Even a saint would not be spared and would only be able to bring to bear the power of a True Lord.

When Chu Yu first heard this, he had found it unbelievable.

He wasn’t shocked by the suppression, but he was astounded by the fact that the Devastated World could suppress a saint.

Ever since he stepped into the cultivation world, his understanding of it had increased everyday.

After coming to the Mirror World, his horizons had been expanded immeasurably.

All this while, he had thought that saints were the strongest beings in this universe.

But the Devastated World could suppress saints.

This was completely unexpected!

Didn’t that mean that there were powers exceeding those of a saint in this universe?

A saint could smash an entire world and annihilate a galaxy easily!

How could people of such ability be suppressed by the rule of a single world?

Chu Yu had read widely, but had never seen a similar record.

He asked Xu Xiaoxian about it.

Xu Xiaoxian said, in the ancient annals of the Heavenly Demon Cult, there were records on the world that existed before the Mirror World, and there were murmurs about ‘Immortal’.

But, they did not explain further, only stating that this was a being without equal.


It was unimaginable and unfathomable.

"Immortal? Being without equal..."

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotions. On Earth, he had heard countless stories about various gods.

But he had always thought that the gods referred the the powers who were aliens.

They had technology, ability, and lifespan far exceeding that of humans.

He was one of very many on Earth who held this view.

As the world was unsealed, people gradually began to understand the cultivation world.

People began to think of the gods and deities in the legends not as aliens, but as cultivators.

Cultivators had a long life span.

It was only normal that they were seen as infallible deities to the people on Earth.

Since he entered the cultivation world, Chu Yu was not particularly sensitive towards the phrase ‘gods’.

They were just powerful cultivators.

The immortality of the saints was what every cultivator was after.

Else, there wouldn’t be so many people maniacally trying to attack the Solar System.

After hearing what Xu Xiaoxian had said, Chu Yu’s mindset shifted slightly.

Are there really powers higher than that of saints in this world?

Ignoring time and space... with the ability to suppress saints?

If this is the case, why did this place become devastated?

Who had smashed it?

How did this place look like initially?

And... where were those immortals now?

Saints were all unable to die, so what about these Immortals?

Did they leave this universe?

Did they enter a space of higher complexity?

Chu Yu had many questions.

Xu Xiaoxian told him that if they managed to get lucky in the Devastated World, there was a chance... that they could find some related traces,

"Then, in the millions of years prior to this, has there been any news from here?" Chu Yu addled.

Xu Xiaoxian shook her head, "There have been people who benefitted greatly from exploring this place, but I haven’t heard any news about Immortals and the world that was here before."

The universe was humongous, and humans were insignificant in comparison.

In comparison to the age of the universe, even the most powerful cultivators and the most superior saints were mere infants.


The whole thing about humans deciding the future was just saying it for the sake of it.

The saints were known as the rulers of the universe, yet, they too had places Tunney could not enter.

Not to mention the extremities of the faraway universes, even the Devastated World left behind in the Mirror World had the ability to suppress saints.

Chu Yu laughed bitterly and shook his head, feeling like he was thinking too much, and too far.

He was not even in the True Lord Realm, a far cry from attaining saint...

He helped Fang Lie find a permanent residence, gave him a few pills, and had him wait there.

Even though Fang Lie was a slave, in Chu Yu’s opinion, Fang Lie’s future would not be too bad either.

Fang Lie was the first person that he met whose Nascent Soul had an attribute.

Chu Yu’s techniques were not many, so he didn’t try to guide Fang Lie.

He planned to find some related magical equipment and techniques to pass on to Fang Lie.

Thousands of students came over from the Song Country.

Ever since they became a tier three school, they could stay in the Sky Dazed School for a month for free. Furthermore, they could use all the facilities within their designated zone!

This interaction and practice was a great opportunity for people in the Purple Cloud School.

As such, they were not bothered even if the Sky Dazed School accused them of being freeloaders. In fact, they did not mind paying for themselves either!

As for the Sky Dazed School, this was rather insignificant and not worth any mocking.

Many of the tier two schools numbered in the thousands!

As the number one school in the Mirror World, they had the fortune and ability to host such a crowd.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao and the others were virtually celebrities.

It was no exaggeration, these once rowdy girls were unbeaten in the championship, smashing all the opponents in their way.

Everyday, tier three schools would come visit them at their residence.

They would come asking for advice, pills, contact information...

On social media, billions of people were watching their every move.

However, these girls kept a low profile.

At this age, they were ripe to be rebellious and wild.

But they all knew how they had gotten this far.

"Let’s not give Old Song any trouble or draw hate in his direction."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao had suggested this and gained everyone’s approval.

The night before the expedition, Yuwen Xiaoxiao came over to find Chu Yu.

She was slightly worried that Chu Yu may be in danger after entering the Devastated World, so she came over specially to pass him a magical equipment.

This was a black windbreaker embroidered with gold dragons.

"Old Song, this windbreaker is a True Lord level battle armor. It’s best used defensively. It can block the attack of a True Lord."

Yuwen Xiaoxiao looked at Chu Yu seriously, "It has been tested before and can defend against an all out attack by a True Lord for over an hour!"

"So powerful?" Chu Yu used his vertical eye to observe this windbreaker. He was shocked to find out that the embroidery was actually a magical formation!

At the same time, the windbreaker had over a dozen unique magical formations!

These magical formations buffed each other, and could stand alone as well.

Chu Yu did not know much about magical formations, so he did not understand it fully.


But he could feel that this was a real treasure.

"It’s cool den period is about three days." Yuwen Xiaoxiao continued, "Everytime it runs out, the magical formation needs time to recuperate."

"Xiaoxiao, thank you." Chu Yu was extremely comforted.

"Old Song, you are our leader, nothing can happen to you." Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s exquisite face revealed traces of worry.

"I heard much about the Devastated World from others recently. I heard that it is very dangerous, furthermore, you must beware of those that are going in with you. When met with opportunities, few can be as.... people like you are rare, no, virtually none!"

Chu Yu smiled, "What about me?"

Yuwen Xiaoxiao glanced at him, blinked, and whispered, "If we still can’t guess by now that we are learning a saint’s technique, then aren’t we all a little stupid?"

"That’s what you say, I didn’t say it." Chu Yu smiled.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s eyes turned red, "Actually, my family has some saint techniques too. They are equally terrifying and powerful, but I was not qualified to learn them."

Chu Yu finally understood.

Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s talent was undeniable.

Not counting Song Binbin and Yan Xiaoyu, all the initial 12 girls were incredibly talented!

Anyone of them would rank amongst the top in the world!

But in the Mirror World, there were many rules that mimicked those of ancient China.

There was still a culture of not teaching the best techniques to the girls.

The only exception was when the girl was an incredible talent who would rise regardless of whether she learnt the superior techniques!

One example of such a lady was a youthful talent from the second ranked school, the Purple Light School, named Qin Mingyue.

The Qin Clan was one of the largest clans in the Mirror World, and was home to the saints behind the attack on the Solar System many years ago.

For a clan like this, they had living saints at their disposal, much less saint’s techniques.

However, she did not have the right to train with them because she was borne by a concubine and she was a lady.

In her anger, she left her home and entered the Purple Light School.

In the Purple Light School, she managed to train with saint’s techniques and became the best amongst her peers in the shortest possible time!

Yuwen Xiaoxiao sniffled, then smiled widely at Chu Yu, "As such, not only are you our Sensei, you are our benefactor! Our master! You’ve treated us so well, how can we not follow you forever?"

"What if one day, I want you to betray the Mirror World and betray your families, what would you do?" Chu Yu smiled and asked.

"There’s such an opportunity?" Yuwen Xiaoxiao’s eyes brightened, "Are you for real? Do you have a powerful background we don’t know about? Can we start causing trouble again?"


Chu Yu was utterly speechless and sent the excited Yuwen Xiaoxiao in her way.

What a bunch of rowdy kids, unable to take things seriously.

All they thought about was causing trouble.

What kind of f*cking trouble did they want to cause?


Chu Yu complained to Xu Xiaoxian.

After hearing the story, Xu Xiaoxian burst out in laughter, "I like this disciple of yours. When we get back, I will advise her, then bring her along to cause trouble!"

Seeing Xu Xiaoxian’s excitement made Chu Yu feel like he could never let her come in contact with his students.

Else, they will all become uncontrollable.

Over a thousand people entered an incredibly humongous... flying saucer in batches!

That’s right, this was a flying saucer!

It was tens of thousands of meters wide!

It was made of a particular metal that gave off a solemn feeling.

It looked like the flying saucers that Chu Yu had seen in Sci-fi movies.

He couldn’t help but laugh bitterly inside.

The people on Earth thought that they were a technological world? An Immortal Hero World?

They were actually just an ignorant world living in their own fantasy.

Now that he was immersed in this world, he realized that... this was a similar world!
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