Chapter 230: Yan Xudong

Chapter 230: Yan Xudong

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The chaotic energy was dense and it was impossible to see what lay within. A plane of light separated the two worlds.


Someone in the group said, "Is this the ancient world? It had a clear cultural break from our world?"

"I think the Devastated World isn’t that ancient. For all you know, it was ravaged by the saints back in the day." Someone joked.

Anyone here would easily be some of the most talented in the Mirror World.

They did not fear saints as much as others and did not feel intimidated enough to stop joking around.

"I think not." Yan Xudong said slowly and deliberately.

The entire crowd went silent. No matter what, he was the most powerful youth in the Mirror World and a True Lord Realm cultivator.

Even though he was still young, his abilities and experience were greater and better than any of his peers.

The one who just joked was a tier two school talent.

A cultivator at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm.

He looked at Yan Xudong humbly, "Does Senior Yan know something about the Devastated World?"

Yan Xudong said, "I once read an ancient record which said that all the devastated worlds in the Mirror World were at least billions of years old. Furthermore, these worlds were once Immortal Worlds."

Everyone was stunned by this revelation.

Chu Yu was also in awe, It was indeed different to be the disciple of the top school. He had access to such records?

"Senior Yan is wise, can you tell us more?" Someone added.


Yan Xudong smiled, "Why not?"

Then, he explained more about the world before the Mirror World.

Even Xu Xiaoxian was engrossed.


Clearly, even Xu Xiaoxian had not heard about these.


According to Yan Xudong, the Immortal Worlds were once incredibly powerful and prosperous.

Much bigger than the Mirror World!

"The records say that it was once a limitless world and the Village of Cultivation paled in comparison."

"That was an incredibly illustrious time and the various beasts all hit the pinnacle of cultivation and were termed immortal animals and divine beasts! They were some of the most powerful beings in their original state!"

They were all still youths, even though they had high cultivation levels, they were not as mature as their seniors.

Yan Xudong described what he had read about this prosperous era in great detail.

He spoke freely, possibly thinking that everyone there was ‘on the same side’.

"Everyone here knows that the cultivators in the Solar System have a mysterious Dao that allows them to improve faster than others. Everyone here also knows that by killing the aborigines of the Solar System, we can gain Dao and get closer to..."

Chu Yu hid amongst the crowd, his gaze icy.

Kill the aborigines...

Well said!

After entering the Mirror World, Chu Yu had matured a lot.

If this was the Chu Yu of old, he may have acted rashly and revealed his intent to murder.

If he had done that, it would definitely be felt.

"The Solar System has saint legacies in abundance and all sorts of superior resources... weapons and treasures left behind by the powers. But this is just one side of it."

Yan Xudong’s stance was commandeering and he asked, "Do you all know why so many saints wanted to attack the Solar System and sacrifice their lives in the process?"

"Isn’t it so that us, their descendants, can have an easier path towards sainthood?" Someone in the crowd said.

"That is just one reason, but it is not the most important one." Yan Xudong smiled faintly, "The main reason is, those saints wanted to become Immortals!"

This silenced the crowd.


This was a mysterious and cryptic topic.

It was not forbidden.


Because it was too far fetched!

Even the best talents just wished to become saints one day.

Once they made it to saint, they could last forever and become one of the masters of the universe!

Was this not enough?

What benefits did being an Immortal give?

Chu Yu was silent, he never expected that his own home was this powerful.

His understanding of his own home was worse than that of an outsider.

An enemy to be exact!

He smiled bitterly and thought of a saying, Sometimes, those who know you best are not your friends and family, but your enemies!

This was applicable even in the grand scheme of things.


He only knew one facet of his own home.

But these people who wanted to attack his home had done much research and planning.

Yan Xudong felt the awe of the crowd and said flatly, "I am a big fan of history, so I read these ancient records in my free time. That’s why I only know a little more than all of you. To be honest, I don’t know much about Immortals, I only know that they are an entity many times stronger than a saint."

He paused, then continued, "Saints... are known as the masters of the universe, the people who set the rules. But whilst the saints can set rules, they cannot break them! For example, we all know that the Mirror World was formed by our ancestors using an incredibly powerful technique. But once the world forms, it has its own set of rules. Even the saints who formed the world must abide by these rules! They do not have the power to break them!"

Everyone looked at him seriously.

Yan Xudong continued, "But Immortals can break these rules easily! They can form and annihilate worlds with a single notion! The endless universe is just their playground. Time is meaningless."

"Brother Yan, I don’t mean to interrupt, but I have a question." Qin Wei, from the ninth ranked Grand Distance School said suddenly.


Yan Xudong recognized Qin Wei and nodded warmly, "Junior Qin, please go ahead."

"Senior Yan has told us that Immortals are beings many times more powerful than the saints, capable of destroying and creating worlds at their whim. But I don’t understand, why would this world become devastated. Are you saying that there are even more powerful beings?"

Qin Wei’s question had been bugging many of them too.

Even Chu Yu thought about it.

Yan Xudong nodded, "That’s a good question and the records that I read implied that too. Of course, that is what I read and does not represent my views."

Then, he looked at the crowd, "Saints don’t die, but Immortals are eternal. We live in a world that is both perishable and non-eternal. As such, after some time... of course this time would be very long, billions or even trillions of years... anyways, it’s of little importance to us."

Everyone laughed lightly.

Exactly, billions or even trillions of years were of little significance to the people here.

"That ancient record said that there is a type of catastrophe that is targeted at Immortals, the Immeasurable Catastrophe. We are unable to find out what it means though.

Yan Xudong continued, "Every time the Immeasurable Catastrophe arrives, even Immortals are affected. No one is spared. This is a way to even out the playing field. After all, the Immortal Realm is too advanced. However, energy is limited and the universe must maintain balance. If someone is about to disrupt this balance, it could mean that an Immeasurable Catastrophe is looming."

Yan Xudong’s words were completely foreign to Chu Yu.

Xu Xiaoxian was also listening intently.

She used the Voice Transmission Technique to speak to Chu Yu, "If we have the chance, we must develop ourselves in the Sky Dazed School, and we must be part of the most stellar talents. Only then can we easily access information not known to us before."

Yan Xudong continued, "As such, the Solar System is a very special place. It is said that there is a direct path there that will bring you into the Immortal Realm!"

Yan Xudong had just dropped a bomb on all of them.

"There is also another piece of relatively reliable information. Back then, during the attack on the Solar System, one of our ancestors, a powerful saint, saw... someone disappear on the path to Immortality in the Solar System with his own eyes! However, in the moment he disappeared, the entire Solar System’s Dao increased manifold and Immortal Rain fell to the Earth!"

Everyone looked at Yan Xudong, stunned.

Someone murmured, "He saw someone become an Immortal? This... is unbelivable, what is Immortal Rain?"

Yan Xudong explained, "In the records left behind by that ancestor, that Immortal Rain will let any cultivator below the level of Divine Lord raise their cultivation level by one rank!"


Everyone gasped.

This was incredible.


Seeing someone become an Immortal with your own eyes, then Immortal Rain that could help cultivators in the Divine Lord Realm and below breakthrough?

Even Chu Yu was awed by what he heard.

He murmured to himself, Could this guy be bragging?

But little people thought that way.

With Yan Xudong’s status, he had no need to brag.

Yan Xudong looked at all their shocked expressions and smiled faintly, "Actually, I only have one purpose for telling all of you this."

Everyone’s expressions became stern.

Yan Xudong said, "Just like what my senior had said just now, we are all on the same side! We are all the talents of the Mirror World! We... have the same goals and ideas. As such, we are not enemies. In the near future, we will be the closest brothers in arms, fighting alongside each other!"

Everyone roared their approval.

Chu Yu laughed icily in his heart, Young man, how naive, who is on your side? I am from Earth! And I am here to destroy you!

"I hope that after we all enter the devastated world, no matter what kind of opportunities we get, even if we get...." Yan Xudong’s expression became stern, "But finder’s keepers! All of you better not try anything funny. If I find out, I will not let you off!"

Xu Xiaoxian used the Voice Transmission Technique and laughed, "He wants to be the leader, later let’s give him some trouble."

This was the first time Chu Yu agreed to Xu Xiaoxian’s suggestion so readily.

"Sure thing!"
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