Chapter 240: Immortal Refining Land

Chapter 240: Immortal Refining Land

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Xu Xiaoxian looked extremely sorry, she had never looked this way before.

She was forced into a ‘dead end’.

Behind her was the Immortal Refining Land, one of the four strange occurrences.

She was blown to this place after the jade bottle she was in was caught in the tornado from the ancient divine stone statue.

At that point, Xu Xiaoxian had already felt that something was amiss and she hid herself inside the magical equipment, letting the wind decide her fate.

Even Chu Yu did not know that this intense wind had killed over a dozen young Heaven’s Pride talents!

There were few who had as many treasures and were as witty as Xu Xiaoxian.

When she felt that it was calmer, she crawled out of the jade bottle and realized that she was only a few thousand miles from the Immortal Cultivatoon Land.

This had rendered her speechless. Even though the ancient divine stone statue was powerful, its power was not this great.

Furthermore, Xu Xiaoxian fell into a raging river that brought her across half the Devastated World!

When the bottle was finally washed ashore and stopped moving, Xu Xiaoxian crawled out from within and found herself at the borders of the Immortal Refining Land.

She was just a few hundred miles from the actual Immortal Refining Land.

For cultivators, this distance could be covered in the blink of an eye.

Xu Xiaoxian was rendered speechless, she had never wanted to come to this damned place.

If saints could not even come out alive from such a place, what good would all her magical equipment do?

Did the saints not have magical equipment?

However, since she was here, she was unwilling to just leave without exploring.

Actually, Xu Xiaoxian had a clear motive for her expedition into the Devastated World.

However, that thing would not appear so easily. All she was doing was setting up traps for when it came.

Then, she sat and waited.

Finally, a few unlucky people met with her. She used her Heavenly Demonic Hallucination Technique to send them into the Immortal Refining Land.

She sent them there to find medicine.

However, the moment they entered the Immortal Refining Land, they were turned to pulp by a sudden ray of light.

Xu Xiaoxian was speechless, This is too terrifying. Chu Yu was right, the Immortal Refining Land is not a strange occurrence, it is a land of death!

She wanted to retreat and escape from this torturous place, giving up the medicine in the Immortal Refining Land.

What she did not expect was that a pair of eyes in the dark had reported everything that she had seen, together with the special techniques she saw Xu Xiaoxian use to a group of people.

After a huge battle, Xu Xiaoxian had used the Heavenly Demonic Instrument to kill four young Heaven’s Pride Talents.

Two of them were at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm, whilst the other two were elementary True Lords.

This angered the the group and they began to call for reinforcements to rid the world of this demon.


Even though Xu Xiaoxian was adept at magical formations and had the Heavenly Demonic Instrument in hand, there were also talents who were equally adept at magical formations.


The Heavenly Demonic Instrument was scary, but killing the four cultivators had taken its toll on her.

If she continued to use it, she would definitely suffer terrifying consequences.

In the battle, she was quite seriously injured and trapped by more than a dozen people.

The opponents also set up magical formations to prevent Xu Xiaoxian from going anywhere.


"Demonic girl, surrender, you have nowhere to go!"

"Scion of a demonic sect, even though we do not know which school you joined to enter this expedition, we will definitely find out the truth and reduce that school to rubble!’

"Stop struggling, it is pointless."

The Heaven’s Pride Talents all looked coldly at Xu Xiaoxian.

She had taken on a very pretty appearance. Her figure was great and she was charismatic.

However, all the people on scene were unaffected by it.

They all knew that this was definitely not the real appearance of this demonic girl.

They were all shocked by her incredible appearance changing powers and there were many on scene who wanted to gain such an ability.

But, they wanted to end her life even more.

Xu Xiaoxian was extremely lethal and she used magical formations to kill three men, and then killed another four with the Heavenly Demonic Instrument.


If not for their large numbers, these people would hesitate after seeing her powers.

"You’re all trash!" Xu Xiaoxian smiled crookedly and mocked, "If your elders were here, I might value them slightly higher, but you all... really, I’m not scared of you, you’re all scum!"


"How dare you talk back!" A youth bellowed icily, "I will send you on your way now!"


"Come on, little brother." Xu Xiaoxian raised her eyebrows.

This youth flushed and raged, "Don’t try that with me! Demonic girls are demonic girls, b*tch!’


Xu Xiaoxian laughed icily, "Don’t talk so much, if you have the courage, fight me alone and see if I will turn you into a pile of Xiang!"


"What is Xiang?"

They were all confused.

Xu Xiaoxian laughed, "Your relatives!"


They all began cursing and swearing.

Even thought they did not know what i was, they all knew it could not possibly be something good.

The youth bellowed, "It is only right that we punish disciples of the demonic sects. Charge, kill her!’

Most of them hesitated, not really agreeing with this course of action.


However, seven to eight people still attacked.

Rays of light exploded in the air and the surroundings filled with an icy killing intent.


Xu Xiaoxian’s body glowed with a glaring light as her protective magical equipment sprang to life.

Various sacred arts smothered her.

Xu Xiaoxian spat out yet another mouthful of blood and her expression became paler.

She looked icily at her attackers, "If I somehow manage to survive today, then, everyone who has attacked me today, together with your families... will not live!"

"Demon, you can rest assured that this time next year will be your death anniversary!’

That youth chuckled icily, "Everyone, continue! When faced with a demon, we can only kill!"

At this point, they saw Xu Xiaoxian retreat.

In an instant, she entered into the Immortal Refining Land.

An ancient amulet appeared on top of her head.


That amulet looked quite worn, but one could feel its terrifying aura from afar!

The talents who knew about amulets immediately recognized it and gasped, "Something refined by an amulet saint... this is a saint level amulet!’

Everyone on scene gasped, incredibly awed.

Amulet saints were even rarer than medicinal saints.

In the current age, even amulet masters were rare, much less amulet saints.


Even in a world concentrated with talent, amulet saints had gone under the radar for tens of thousands of years.


"This demonic girl has a treasure trough of items..."

"She has an amulet refined by an amulet saint?"


"This demonic girl is adept at magical formations and has many treasures, do you think she can survive the Immortal Refining Lang?"


"What a joke, even saints can’t survive it, what has she got?"

After Xu Xiaoxian entered the Immortal Refining Land, a corner of the amulet on her head began to burn.

Even though the rate of burning was slow, it was just a palm sized amulet, how long could it last?

The saint level amulet... was burning?

Many were completely stunned.


"The Immortal Refining Land really does live up to its name!’


"That’s why I say, that is a place where even saints can die. Even if she has a protective amulet from a saint, she will not survive!’

That youth chuckled icily, "Finding her own death!’

The remaining people continued to stare at the burning ancient amulet on Xu Xiaoxian’s head as she stepped towards the depths of the Immortal Refining Land.

"Is she really tired of living?"

"She dies if she comes out, she dies if she enters, why not try her luck?"


At this point, the crowd watched as Xu Xiaoxian approached a powerful medicine.

The amulet on her head also followed suit and its rate of burning became quicker and quicker.

Xu Xiaoxian seemed to hesitate as she stood rooted to the ground.


However, she only hesitated for a moment before making her decision.

She continued walking towards the medicine.

All the talents outside felt their hearts in the throats.

They were afraid that she might get it, yet they hoped that she would get it!

Everyone knew that the medicine from the Devastated World’s Immortal Refining Land was worth an astronomical amount.

They would make saint’s salivate!

At this point, something strange happened. As Xu Xiaoxian closed within three meters of this medicine pulsating with life essence, it suddenly sprang up from the ground.

Its millions of roots were like a million legs.

It sprinted away!

"F*ck me!’

Everyone was stunned.

They had seen true superior medicine before, but these medicine were all sealed up.

This was their first time seeing a ‘live’ superior medicine.

They didn’t expect that it would be able to run!

This was both a funny and awe inducing scene.

Even Xu Xiaoxian looked on, stunned and innocent.

Then, she smiled bitterly in resignation.

"I didn’t expect that I would be forced into such a stage, forced into a hopeless land... would I really die here?"

"Such regrets..."

Xu Xiaoxian walked slowly towards another stalk of superior medicine.


This place may be known as the Immortal Refining Land, but the resources here were too great!


Superior medicine was everywhere.


This time, Xu Xiaoxian did not approach the medicine, circling it instead.

"What is she doing?"

"Is she putting a curse? Hahaha!"

"Perhaps this is the walk of death, hehe."

Everyone outside mocked.

As they saw half of the ancient amulet burn away, they began to relax.

In their view, this demonic girl was bound to die.
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