Chapter 241: Heavenly Tree

Chapter 241: Heavenly Tree

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After setting up the area, Xu Xiaoxian approached the medicine slowly.

This was an extremely green, almost jade like plant. It was over a foot high and had no leaves, only branches.


Three red berries hung from the branches.

The berries were about the size of a longan, and were bright red and fragrant

"That is the Heavenly Red Fruit!"

Some of the talents with better eyesight exclaimed when they saw the medicine on the plant Xu Xiaoxian was approaching.

"Heavenly Red Fruit?" There were people who had never heard of such a fruit.

"That medicine is known as the Heavenly Tree. It is a legendary medicine and it is said that a single branch can extend the lifespan of a saint!"

Everyone looked on enviously, their breathing hastening.

Something that could extend the lifespan of a saint...

Saints supposedly never died and could always turn back the clock.

But even the most powerful cultivators would meet various problems.

Else, saints would not enter the Devastated World and be swallowed by the four strange occurrences.

Furthermore, whether saints needed to extend their lifespan was on thing, the ability to extend the lifespan of a saint was something completely different!

This meant that this medicine was incredibly powerful!

The Heavenly Tree is no big deal. The key here is the fruit that it bears. It only bears fruit once every 100,000 years and will not bear more than five fruits. This fruit has an incredible effect. After eating it, one may be able to breakthrough by a whole realm, or it could refine your bodily makeup, or even impart in you a sacred art so powerful it goes against Heaven’s Will!"

This student was someone with much experience in pill refining.

Everyone was jealous just hearing it.

There were people praying fervently as they saw Xu Xiaoxian close in on the Heavenly Tree.

"Please don’t let her get it, please don’t let her get it!"



As Xu Xiaoxian got nearer, the Heavenly Tree got up and sprinted away!


To be exact, its millions of roots sprang into life as it sprinted!

"Hahaha, she wants to get medicine even though she’s about to die? How naive!"

"I suddenly feel quite happy!"

"This is hilarious, superior medicine does indeed have spirit and can run so fast!’

"I can’t take this anymore, my stomach is aching from laughing... oh!" As this last person laughed, he suddenly felt that something was amiss.

Before the Heavenly Tree could get far, it seemed to hit a wall. With a bang, it rebounded backwards.

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian turned to look at the crowd outside and smiled mockingly.

Then, powerful magical formations began revealing themselves within the Immortal Refining Land.


Even though they hadn’t shown their full prowess, this tree clearly had nowhere to run too!


"Little baby, come to sister."

Xu Xiaoxian smiled at this Heavenly Tree.

The Heavenly Tree looked like a frightened child as it desperately tried to escape.

However, it was completely surrounded and had no room for retreat!


In the end, it was forced into a corner by Xu Xiaoxian.

Xu Xiaoxian’s gaze was ferocious, "Are you being disobedient? Not listening to orders? I will chop you up into a million pieces and feed you to the dogs!"

Everyone outside was stunned as they saw the amulet on top of Xu Xiaoxian’s head burn down to 1/3 of its original size.

Even these people who hated her so deeply could not help but feel conflicted. At the same time, they were curious, Why isn’t she worried?

The Heavenly Tree in the Immortal Refining Land was a superior medicine with an elementary spirit and exuded an aura of fear.

"Do you finally know fear? Are you still going to run? Do you think I will eat you?" Xu Xiaoxian questioned.

Everyone watching thought to themselves, Isn’t that exactly what you want to do?

Xu Xiaoxian did not care about the others thought. She extended her hand and plucked off the three red fruits from its branches. Then, she took out a storage magical equipment and said, "Go on in, else, I will chop you into a million pieces and feed you to the dogs!"

This Heavenly Tree shivered and wobbled into the magical equipment.

Outside, all the talents of the superior schools were stunned by what the saw.

Just like that?

They could not believe their eyes.

Is it really that easy to get superior medicine from the Immortal Refining Land?

What kind of technique was this?

How unbelievable!

The medicine is now willing to follow her after she trapped it and threatened it?

Those who knew about magical formations were in aghast.

Even though spiritual medicine were not extremely strong offensively, they had some of the best escape skills.

Many of the best medicine could even escape from powerful Legendary Emperors!

Yet this demonic girl had managed to use a magical formation to trap the Heavenly Tree.

However, someone else mentioned that this place was the Immortal Refining Land, and even as medicine which has lived here for their whole lives, they would not dare run about willfully.

There were definitely places they were scared of.

No matter what, they were quite unhappy that Xu Xiaoxian, who they had forced into a corner, had gained such a powerful medicine.

"We will just block this place, she can forget about coming out alive!"

"If she comes out, that medicine will be ours!"

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian continued to walk towards the depths of the Immortal Refining Land, and even casually waved back at them.


"What are you so arrogant about? You’re clearly about to die."

"Demon, the amulet on your head is about to time out!"

"What a pity... that medicine..."

They watched as Xu Xiaoxian disappeared into the distance, the amulet on her head burning away.

At this point, yet another ancient amulet appeared on her head.


All of the spectators were stupefied.

After a long pause.

"F*ck me! She still has more!"

"How can she have more of such powerful protective amulets? This is ridiculous..."

"Amulets refined by an amulet saint are so hard to come by I would hesitate so long before using one. Yet, she uses them so willfully?"


"When your life is at stake, who cares about wastage? The question here is, how come she still has more?"

All of them were stunned. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect her to have so many protective amulets.

They had planned on waiting for the amulet to expire so that she would obediently exit and they could steal the medicine from her.

Yet, what had happened?

They looked at each other.


"Do we continue waiting here?"

"I don’t think there’s much of a point..."

"No way, I don’t believe that she has many more of those amulets, she’ll have to come out sometime soon!"

"Exactly, she killed so many of us, we cannot let her off!"

The differences in their opinions began to show.

Not many of them were related to those who died. Seeing as Xu Xiaoxian had more amulets, they didn’t want to wait any longer.

They did not want to come to the four strange occurrences.

They would much rather go to someplace else and find opportunities meant for them.

Finally, only eight people continued to stay on.


They claimed that they wanted to avenge the fallen.


In fact, everyone knew that revenge was just an excuse.


These people were really after the medicine the demonic girl possessed!


Chu Yu brought the Celestial Fox on his journey.

The Celestial Fox boasted to Chu Yu, "I have walked all of the four strange occurrences."

"And then you got trapped by the ancient divine stone statue?" Chu Yu mocked.

The Celestial Fox rolled its eyes, "That was an accident."

"Haha." Chu Yu laughed coldly.

"Really, do you want to go take a look at the other three? They are really fun." The Celestial Fox tempted, "The Immortal Refining Land, the Dead Sea, and the Heavenly Mountains... these are all great places!"

"Do I look stupid to you?" Chu Yu looked at the Celestial Fox speechlessly.

The Celestial Fox shook its head, "I can tell that you are an extremely smart person. If you were stupid, no one would be considered smart. Of course, you’re still slightly worse than me."

The Celestial Fox kept tempting Chu Yu to explore the other three strange occurrences but Chu Yu ignored it.

The two of them walked towards the Immortal Refining Land. They had no plans to enter that land, but there was a palace complex in that direction that the Celestial Fox had been to.

Even though many of the rooms had been ransacked, "There are a few rooms that are only accessible by certain bloodlines. It is not dangerous, even if you don’t qualify, nothing untoward will happen to you." The Celestial Fox said sincerely.

Chu Yu decided to go check it out.

However, before they reached the palace, they ran into many people.

At this point, Chu Yu had taken on an ordinary appearance, one that could not be picked out in a crowd.

The people that he met initially ignored him, engrossed in their own conversation.

Even though it was just snippets, Chu Yu managed to glean information of Xu Xiaoxian from them.

"Demonic girl killing people, bloodbath, her magical formation skills are powerful. She has a lot of ancient amulets and can get medicine from the Immortal Refining Land..."


Chu Yu linked the news together and pieced together the information on Xu Xiaoxian.

He could not help but worry about Xu Xiaoxian. She had stumbled into the Immortal Refining Land, a place where even saints had died!

When Chu Yu met his fourth group of people, someone finally took notice of the Celestial Fox next to him.

"Come over quickly, what thing is that?" Someone hollered, pointing at the Celestial Fox.

"You’re a thing, your entire family are things!" The Celestial Fox raged, its foreleg pointing at the person.

"Celestial Fox!" Someone said solemnly, then gasped, "I had heard about Celestial Foxes some time back, I never expected that it was true!"

"Is this thing really a Celestial Fox?" Some of them said in disbelief.

"Your grandad is a Celestial Fox! F*ck, what things are you anyways?" The Celestial Fox hid behind Chu Yu and raged.

"Hahahaha, I never expected that I would be rewarded so handsomely on this expedition!" One of the young True Lords said in excitement, "The Celestial Fox’s hide is exquisite, and with some refining from an armor master, it can be a truly superior magical equipment!’

"We have so many people, how do we split?" A lively girl asked.

She looked at the starry eyes of the Celestial Fox and imagined a Celestial Fox scarf.

"Split your sister! B*tch!" The Celestial Fox fumed.

It used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu, "We can’t hold them, I’m going to run, this gang is vicious, they want to make me into a scarf!"
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