Chapter 242: More despicable than Lord Thief

Chapter 242: More despicable than Lord Thief

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Chu Yu did not know whether to laugh or cry. This fella kept running its mouth, but it had absolutely no courage!

Even though he was not close to the Celestial Fox, they had escaped the Stone Statue’s world together. He could not just stand idly by as it was killed and turned into a scarf. 

"Did you all ask me?"

Chu Yu glanced at them.

There were five of them and Chu Yu used his vertical eye to see their cultivation levels.

Two of them were True Lords, the other three were at the pinnacle of the Supreme Realm!

Chu Yu felt more confident, even if he couldn’t beat them, he could escape.


"Ask you?" That beautiful girl laughed coldly, "Who are you?"

"What is your relationship to this Celestial Fox? If you don’t want trouble for yourself, scram." The young True Lord cultivator looked coldly at Chu Yu.

The few of them came from tier two schools and were extremely familiar with the talents of the tier one schools.

Since they did not recognize Chu Yu’s ordinary appearance, he was clearly from a tier three school.

A tier three school student must be tired of living for him to be this arrogant in the face of them.

The Celestial Fox used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Brother, let’s run!’

"..." Chu Yu ignored it.

He looked at the five of them, "You can all attack together!"

As he spoke, Chu Yu let some of his aura leak and the five of them immediately judged his cultivation level.

"Do we need all five of us to defeat a Supreme Realm cultivator like you?" That young True Lord laughed and used a sacred art to attack Chu Yu.

A thousand fingertip sized red daggers filled the air.

"Heavenly Shroud of Flames!"

This True Lord cultivator bellowed and the thousand red daggers flew towards Chu Yu.

They blocked out the sky!

This scene was completely terrifying!

Each one of the daggers were of a terrifying temperature.

Their tips were immensely sharp.

Chu Yu’s eyes went cold and he fired off a wave of Yin Yang Creation Fist!


Balls of fire exploded in mid air!

That was the light that resulted from the red daggers exploding.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and closed the distance on this young True Lord like a phantom.

His fist turned into a palm!

He slapped this True Lord squarely in the face.

Bagua Soul Refining Palm!

Using this technique to slap someone was quite the low blow.

This young True Lord did not expect Chu Yu to be this fast. He also did not expect that a Supreme Realm cultivator would be this terrifying.

In his anxiety, he raised his arm to try and block the slap from Chu Yu.


His arm was shattered by Chu Yu’s slap!

Chu Yu once again changed from slaps to fists and rained blows down on this True Lord’s chest.


This young True Lord’s armor burst with light and it blocked most of the energy from Chu Yu’s punch.

However, the residual energy was still enough to make the True Lord vomit blood.

At this point, the other True Lord cultivator, as well as the three Supreme Realm cultivators, lunged at Chu Yu.

What a pity!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

The talents of the Mirror World really have too much treasure.

Such armor had extremely powerful protective power. If he did not have such great armor, Chu Yu’s punches would have knocked holes in his chest.

Even if he would not die, Chu Yu could completely ruin him.


Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to dodge away from the charging group.

At this point, the Celestial Fox kept screaming to the side, "Kill them! Play them! F*ck, how dare they treat me as a scarf, they must be tired of living!"

The people surrounding Chu Yu were speechless, enraged by the Celestial Fox’s words.

What a lowdown Celestial Fox!

The True Lord who was injured by Chu Yu did not lose all his battle power, however, he could not bring his full power to bear either.

The other four were incredibly powerful. They lacked experience, but they were not weak.

Anyone capable of becoming a talent in a tier two school was not merely just talented.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to weave in between the four of them, using them to train his Yin Yang Creation Fist and Bagua Soul Refining Palm.

Every now and then, he would use the Five Elements Sacred Technique.

He did not seem disadvantaged, despite being outnumbered.

The Celestial Fox squatted some distance away as it laughed on happily, "A bunch of pulp, I’ll give it to you. If you have the abilities, come and get me! I don’t even need to hit you, I will make you kneel without even laying a finger on you!’

"Damn it, I really want to kill that fox, how despicable!" One of the young Supreme Realm cultivators raged.

However, this distraction caused him to be hit by Chu Yu’s slap, injuring his soul.


He flew a few hundred meters away, crashed, and did not get up.

"Aiyoyo, arrogant huh? I’ll let you be arrogant!" The Celestial Fox turned into a black ray of light and rushed over. It raised its front paws and sprang into action on this comatose cultivator.

Smack smack smack smack!

One slap after another.

"Act some more!"

"Go against me more!’

"F*ck me, if I don’t teach you a lesson, you will never know how strong I am."

This young True Lord was thoroughly enraged. He vomited a mouthful of blood and fainted.

Even Chu Yu felt that this Celestial Fox was too despicable. It was even more despicable than Lord Thief!


The True Lord cultivator continued to fight with Chu Yu, the clash of fists echoing out.

Then, he paled and retreated.

He was a whole cultivation realm higher, but he had lose in pure strength.

He could not believe it.

Such powerful cultivators could only be found in the tier one schools.

And they were the very best in the tier one schools!

Could it be that this man... came from a tier one school?

This True Lord cultivator did not dare to go head on against Chu Yu anymore, he felt like his fist was about to shatter.

He began to signal to the others to retreat and attack Chu Yu with sacred arts.

Why would Chu Yu give them such a chance?

He was best at close combat!

The Yin Yang Creation Fist and the Bagua Soul Refining Palm were all close combat sacred arts.

The Five Elements Sacred Technique was more long range, but Chu Yu was not as adept at it.

As such, seeing the people activate their magical equipment and use their sacred art, Chu Yu laughed coldly and charged towards this True Lord cultivator, attacking him manically.

His speed was too quick and the other two Supreme Realm cultivators could not keep up.

Bang bang bang!

Chu Yu’s rapid punches caused this True Lord cultivator to vomit blood.

The glow of this True Lord’s armor dimmed with each blow.

One of the Supreme Realm cultivators tried a sneak attack and a sacred art impacted Chu Yu’s left shoulder.

Blood trickled from the wound.

He had used a jade green blade for his sneak attack.

It was the length of a finger, silent, but lethal.

However, at the most critical moment, Chu Yu dodged away and the blade only grazed his shoulder.

He did not make a sound. He used the Racing Sacred Art to turn around and punch!


A terrifying wave of energy, stretching hundreds of meters, impacted the body of this Supreme Realm cultivator.

The glow from his armor virtually disappeared and this young Supreme Realm cultivator spat out a huge mouthful of blood as he flew into the distance.

A black light blinked in front of their eyes!

The throat of this Supreme Realm cultivator was torn open!

Blood sprayed everywhere!


The beautiful girl grit her teeth, "Junior!"

The contented voice of the Celestial Fox could be heard, "Didn’t you just have your eyes on me, do you know the meaning of death now? Weakling!’

As it spoke, it attacked and tore open the abdomen of this pinnacle Supreme Realm cultivator.

It then chopped the escaping Nascent Soul in half!

Then, it opened its mouth and sucked, swallowing the Nascent Soul of this cultivator.

It said contentedly, "Not bad, extremely nourishing!"


It’s claws were extremely sharp and its battle power was not as weak as predicted.

Even though it looked like it was taking advantage of an injured cultivator, the body of a pinnacle Supreme Realm cultivator was not so easily torn apart.

Yet, in the face of its claws, it was like a piece of paper!

The lady looked like she was about to go crazy. She had never expected that her junior would die here.

At this point, the injured True Lord attacked the Celestial Fox with another sacred art.

That was a light ray made from pure energy. It had gargantuan penetrating powers as it flew straight at the Celestial Fox.

This was quite the sudden attack and it looked like it was going to connect.


A light screen appeared in front of the Celestial Fox. 

The light was reflected backwards the moment it hit the screen.


At that point, the young True Lord was scared out of his wits and jumped for cover.

The reflected light brushed past his body and tore a hole in his armor!


The Celestial Fox laughed icily, "Do you think I’m easily bullied?"



Chu Yu once again used the Yin Yang Creation Fist to send this True Lord flying.


The remaining pinnacle Supreme Realm lady did not hesitate and she turned and ran!

An icy voice came from afar, "I remember you all, don’t think about leaving this world alive!’’ 

"Who doesn’t know how to brag?" The Celestial Fox laughed icily.

Both True Lords were injured.

Of the three pinnacle Supreme Realm cultivators, one escaped, one was unconscious, and the last was killed by the Celestial Fox, even losing his Nascent Soul.

No one would have predicted this outcome.

Chu Yu frowned and glanced at the Celestial Fox. He used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Little fella, you’re more of a demon than me."

"They want to use my skin to make scarfs, eat my meat and drink my blood, am I not supposed to retaliate? I am not Mother Theresa." The Celestial Fox rolled its eyes.

"Mother Theresa?" Chu Yu squinted and looked at the Celestial Fox, "Where are you from?"

"Aiya, I have revealed it." The Celestial Fox blinked, but replied quickly. It chuckled as it looked at Chu Yu, "You nearly got me there, I never expected that we are from the same hometown."

Chu Yu looked at the Celestial Fox speechlessly. His lips twitched, Who is from the same hometown as you.

However, even though that term existed in the Mirror World, it was not used that way.

This was only used this way on Earth.

As such, Chu Yu began to doubt the origins of the Celestial Fox.

"Hush, brother, I won’t betray you, but don’t betray me either. I snuck over here."

The Celestial Fox blinked at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu nodded, "Deal."

Then, he brought the Celestial Fox along as they walked towards the Immortal Refining Land.

Even though the two True Lords were not willing to see it happen, they did not try to stop them.


Chu Yu would be hard pressed to kill them, but they were definitely no match for Chu Yu!

Along the way, the Celestial Fox asked, "You’re quite powerful. Even though those fellas were jerks, they are not weak. I never expected you to be able to defeat five of them."

"Now you know how powerful I am?" Chu Yu grit his teeth.

"Come on, that’s because you haven’t seen true power! I could defeat the five of them with a single paw!"

The Celestial Fox said unabashedly.
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