Chapter 244: The burden is too great

Chapter 244: The burden is too great

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Xie Qing had temporarily lost her battle powers and her youthful admirer was also critically injured.

This was just the start!

Chu Yu’s power had stunned these people.

Their gazes towards Chu Yu became increasingly solemn.

The Celestial Fox cheered on, "Good battle, what a bunch of dogs, trash! If you’re good enough, come at me!"


The remaining six cultivators formed a protective circle around Xie Qing and that young cultivator.

Afterwhich, four cultivators rushed at Chu Yu and attacked without saying anything!


These four attacked with their most powerful sacred arts!

The entire space around them was shaken by the battle.

These were four True Lord cultivators. Even though they were inexperienced in battle, they were still extremely powerful.

Chu Yu was under immense pressure and was injured quickly.

The area of effect was too great. Even though Chu Yu’s Racing Sacred Art was too fast for them to lock onto him, it made no difference.

Chu Yu was losing blood quickly and he could feel the armor on his body being shredded.

Thanks to his armor, he was not critically injured.

"F*ck me, they are so powerful, let’s run!"

Seeing Chu Yu injured, the Celestial Fox quickly used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu.


Chu Yu ignored it. He maximized the potential of his Racing Sacred Art and pummeled one of the True Lord cultivators.

He looked like a man possessed!

The blood aura from his body was strong like the raging sun!

It exuded an oppressive aura.

He let the other cultivators attack him, he was locked onto this man.

The young True Lord cultivator he was chasing was going crazy.

"Why are you chasing me?"

"Because you’re weak!"

Chu Yu bellowed, attacking with both the Yin Yang Creation Fist and the Bagua Soul Refining Palm!

With the Superclass refining and combining these sacred arts, as well as the pressure of a life and death situation, these attacks were incredibly terrifying.

This True Lord was completely smashed by Chu Yu!

His body split into many parts!

Even his True Lord Nascent God was shattered!


He was injured by the Bagua Soul Refining Palm, then killed by the life and death power of the Yin Yang Creation Fist!

At this point, Chu Yu was covered with blood.

He looked like a man possessed and this terrified the three remaining True Lord cultivators.

They screamed in terror, turned and ran!

They ran in the most humiliating fashion.

The two people guarding Xie Qing and the critically injured cultivator picked them up and ran away without turning back.

They retreated very quickly.

"F*ck me!"

The Celestial Fox was in awe.

"What?" It stared at Chu Yu, "I feel that your current battle power is getting closer and closer to the truly powerful talents!"

‘But I’m still not there yet huh?" Chu Yu smiled bitterly.

The Celestial Fox suddenly turned solemn and told Chu Yu, "By comparison, you have cultivated for too little time and don’t have the foundation they have. Even if you have used saint’s techniques to cultivate, you lack the time and guidance of the powerful individuals they have. You must understand that."

Then, it continued, "To be honest, your current battle power is already much better than what I expected. Even though the disciples of the superior schools are jerks, they really only lack the battle experience. To be honest, they are not weak, or at least not as weak as how I mock them."


"You’re saying, I’m still alright?" Chu Yu smiled, then grit his teeth. His injuries from this battle were not light.

"What alright? You’re pretty powerful!" The Celestial Fox looked at Chu Yu, "You’ve surpassed all my expectations. In a 1v8 fight, it’s a miracle you’re able to come out victorious."

"Why do I feel like you’re comforting me?" Chu Yu glanced at the Celestial Fox.

"Is it that obvious?" The Celestial Fox felt a little guilty.

"F*ck..." Chu Yu pointed his middle finger at it.

However, the anxiety and depression he was feeling lessened.

But it was not gone.

Even though Chu Yu had took the Mirror World by storm and defeated all these talents handedly, this did not mean much.

The superior schools of the Mirror World had a new batch of students every decade or so.

Each batch will have its own set of stunning talents.

The current era was just a single batch.

What about the batch before them? Or the one before that?

They were also youthful powers!

When faced with those people, can he still smash them in this manner?


What about the talents in the ancient legacies that don’t enter schools?


They may be unknown, but who would dare call them weak?

Perhaps even Yan Xudong, the top cultivator of the Mirror World, would not dare antagonize them easily?

Just like what the Celestial Fox said, he may be learning a saint’s technique, but so are they. Furthermore, he lacked the guidance of teachers. Their teachers may be Divine Lords or even Legendary Emperors!

They could even be saints!


What kind of environment did you grow up in? What kind of environment did they grow up in?


Based on resources alone, Chu Yu already lost out to them by a huge margin!


The top talents must have unparalleled confidence, but they cannot blindly think that they are the best.

That’s why, Chu Yu’s heart was still filled with anxiety.

He grinded and trained like a man possessed, even the Celestial Fox was terrified.

The major problem was still that he had been cultivating for too short a period of time.

Even though the bloodline of disciples from the Village of Cultivation were extraordinary, how can someone who had been cultivating for less than 20 years every compete with those who had been cultivating for centuries, thousands, or even tens of thousands of years?

The day the Mirror World had a path into the Solar System, it would be a real catastrophe!

Chu Yu did not want this catastrophe to happen, so he trained manically.

Only after his interaction with the Celestial Fox did he begin to calm down.

This was not him giving up, or comforting himself.

He could not hold the Village of Cultivation alone.

60 million years ago, the ancestors of the Solar System had helped to beat back the enemy, 60 million years later, he believed that they will return!


And as long as he didn’t mess up and did what he needed to do, that would be sufficient.

Seeing Chu Yu think things through, the Celestial Fox heaved a sigh of relief.

It said, "Don’t put too much pressure on yourself."

Chu Yu nodded.

The Celestial Fox continued, "Think about it, if you were just an ordinary youth without any cultivation experience, what would you be doing?"

"Marrying many wives and have them bear me many offspring, what else can I do?" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

Such a life was mere days away for him back in the day!

The Celestial Fox rolled its eyes and murmured, "How unambitious... but, look at yourself, isn’t that the case? As your abilities grow, your responsibility increases. Even though this is the truth, right now, you’re only able to carry a mountain but you want to carry an entire planet, isn’t it tiring?"


Chu Yu sighed and murmured, "How can it not be tiring?"

The Celestial Fox seemed to want to say something. Then, its fur straightened and it exclaimed, "Not good!"

Before the Celestial Fox alerted him, Chu Yu already felt something was amiss and lunged to the side.


A ray of light impacted Chu Yu’s shoulder.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere!

Even his white bones were charred!

This was a sacred art!

And an incredibly powerful one at that.

Anyone who entered the Devastated World, even saints, would be suppressed to the power of True Lord.

However, his opponent’s sacred art was way too powerful.

The pain in his shoulder awakened Chu Yu and he tumbled around, dodging the second, third and fourth attacks!

In the blink of an eye, his opponent fired four attacks!

Chu Yu immediately used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell the Celestial Fox, "Run, quickly!"

"What about you?"

For some reason, the timid Celestial Fox did not cry about running.

"I’m fine, in the worst case I’ll go into the Immortal Refining Land!" Chu Yu dodged and weaved whilst using the Voice Transmission Technique, "Go quickly! Do you really want to become a scarf?"

"What are you saying? You should run too! The Immortal Refining Land is akin to death! Do you have any protective items?" The Celestial Fox’s tone was solemn.


Chu Yu’s answer was certain, but he felt guilty.

He had no way of being sure that his vertical eye could survive the dangers of the Immortal Refining Land.

But with things as they were, he could not be too bothered.


"Stop dilly dallying, go!"


Just as he spoke, a ray of light penetrated his chest!


Chu Yu vomited a mouthful of blood.

The Celestial Fox cried out, "I will be back to wait for you!"

A black ray of light flashed by and the Celestial Fox was gone.

However, the being attacking Chu Yu was not bothered about the Celestial Fox and kept attacking Chu Yu.

Clearly, this person was after Chu Yu!

"Who are you, come out!"

Blood trickled from Chu Yu’s mouth and his body was riddled with scars.

At this point, the attacks stopped.

Then, someone flew in from mid air.

This was a middle aged man in green. He stood in mid air and looked down on Chu Yu.

"Who are you?"

Chu Yu had never seen this man before.

"Little fella, you have been difficult to find." The man in green said flatly.

He was skinny but refined. His long hair rested on his shoulders as he put his hands behind his back and looked at Chu Yu coldly.

"Who are you?" Chu Yu asked.

"Handover the Deathly Poisonous Worm first!"

Deathly Poisonous Worm...

Chu Yu finally figured out who this person was.


He also remembered that there was someone watching him from the shadows in the Sky Dazed School.

But that feeling quickly vanished and he forgot all about it.

He never expected this man to be so determined and follow him all the way here.

How did he get in?


Not everyone could enter the Devastated World.

One needed special magical formations and skills.

Did he sneak in together with the 1000+ superior school people?

Chu Yu raised his head and stared coldly at this man, "You put the Deathly Poisonous Worm on Liu Yuyan?"
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