Chapter 252: Have we met before?

Chapter 252: Have we met before?

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They were all people who wanted to try and take advantage of the two of them.

Since they had taken on their original appearances, some could recognize that these were two of the most recognizable in the Purple Cloud School.

Xu Xiaoxian was especially memorable. She had won all five of her battles in domineering fashion.

Everyone remembered how she looked like.

In actual fact, Xu Xiaoxian did not only amass five victories!

Using the Human Form Changing Technique, she had competed in countless battles.

Even though Chu Yu was a stranger, some still recognized him as the teacher of the terrifying pill refining section.


Such a team captivated the interests of many.

Most of them tried to use the cover story of, "I have heard much about you. We didn’t get the chance to compete at the championship, could we have the honor of a friendly?"

What need was there to have a friendly competition in the Devastated World?


They were clearly after their treasures.

Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu did not bother talking with them. With a few slick moves, they defeated their opponents and kept moving.

In a short while, their reputation spread in the Devastated World.

Everyone knew that the people from the Purple Cloud were not to be antagonized.

When this crowd surrounded the two of them, they did not attack, almost as if they were waiting for something.

Moments later, a few figures rushed over.

Chu Yu’s gaze fell on one person.

Xu Xiaoxian also looked at the same person and used the Voice Transmission Technique to tell Chu Yu, "Remain calm."

Chu Yu sighed lightly and nodded.

Who else could cause Xu Xiaoxian to remind Chu Yu to remain calm?

Naturally, it was Lin Shi.

Lin Shi’s gaze was cold and aloof. Her expression was stern and a Divine Loop faded in and out of view behind her.

She walked with the top talent of the Sky Dazed School, Yan Xudong. When they neared, she looked at Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian.

There was no glimmer in her eyes. It was almost as if she did not recognize the two of them.

The aura of a True Lord radiated from her body, permeating through her clothes.

Chu Yu was calm and said flatly, "What is the meaning of barricading us?"

"You’re not bad." Yan Xudong said suddenly, "You’re the main reason why the unranked Purple Cloud School was able to become a superior school, ranked in the top 50 no less."

"You flatter me." Chu Yu looked at Yan Xudong expressionlessly, "Anything else?"

"It is your honor to have senior Yan Xudong talk to you, don’t be too arrogant!" One of the people surrounding Chu Yu chided icily, "You’re clearly from a small city, no sense of decorum!"

"What decorum?" Chu Yu’s lips twitched, "Be a slave like you?"

"Go to hell!" This young talent raged.

"Enough, able people are naturally more arrogant, it’s no big deal." Yan Xudong was calm and warm.

Then, he turned and smiled to Lin Shi, "Junior, what do you think, should we invite them to join the Sky Dazed School?"

Everyone on scene gasped in awe.

Have these two join the Sky Dazed School?

F*ck, what’s going on?

What do they have that we don’t?

So what if the Purple Cloud School had managed to make it into the top 50 and become a tier three school?

They were still hillbillies.


Their students just stayed and ate in the Sky Dazed School, spending most of their time in the libraries, almost as if they never seen the world before.

Yet, Senior Yan valued the two of them so highly...

One must understand that even these other talents did not qualify to enter the Sky Dazed School!

They all looked at the two of them jealously.

Lin Shi was also slightly taken aback. She replied icily, "I don’t dare to say anything on this matter, Senior can make the decision."

Chu Yu laughed bitterly, Despite you cleansing your memories and emotions, your character remains the same.

Yan Xudong smiled, "Then it’s a deal."

He then turned to look at Chu Yu. He said sincerely, "Please don’t take offence. The Sky Dazed School has always opened its doors to talents. Even if I don’t mention it now, when we exit from the Devastated World, others will invite you to join us. I might as well get the ball rolling."

Then, he smiled sincerely.

Chu Yu’s heart fluttered, he had thought that this would be yet another battle!

He was so excited!

He really wanted to duel with someone as talented as Yan Xudong. He wanted to see just how powerful the ‘most talented cultivator’ in the Mirror World was.

He had thought that this would result in a battle, thus he spoke in such unfriendly tones.

He did not expect that Yan Xudong was trying to recruit him.

This was awkward.

However, there was something amiss. If they wanted to recruit him, why surround him in the first place?

Or could it be that if it was someone else, this would not have been a recruitment exercise but a robbery?

The top talent of the Sky Dazed School, having sounded so righteous and moral outside, is now trying to turn on his own words and rob?

At this point Yan Xudong spoke again.

Even though he was slightly arrogant, he was still extremely smart.


He laughed, "We have no ill intent by surrounding you. It’s just that..."

He cleared his throat, "It’s like this. Sometime ago, near the Immortal Refining Land, a demonic girl which had snuck her way in with us had killed a few of our brothers and sisters. Then, there was a huge battle there. However, when we got there, it was completely empty."

Yan Xudong looked at Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian honestly, "As such, we’ve been trying to find that demonic girl. We do not want her to harm more people. This is why we block people we meet. But now that we know it’s the two of you, there’s nothing to worry about."

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he laughed, "Now, what makes Senior Yan think that we are not from the demonic sects?"

Yan Xudong laughed, "Sensei Song kids. Even though I do not understand you well, but I’ve heard things about you. Sensei Song managed to groom the ordinary students of the Purple Cloud into pill refining experts. How can someone like you be from the Demonic Sects?"

"What about me?" Xu Xiaoxian said flatly.


"That’s even more unlikely!" Yan Xudong laughed, "Even though you’re a hired competitor."

This stunned everyone!



Even though this was not something rare, it was stunning to see Yan Xudong expose them in this manner.

Furthermore, where did the Purple Cloud get the money to hire people to compete for them?

And someone who could catapult them into the top 50?

Is this a joke?

"Enough, don’t think too much about it. It is a skill to be able to find such a suitable hired competitor."

Yan Xudong waved his hand and said, "Not all hired competitors fight for money."

Then he looked at Chu Yu smiled, "If she’s a friend of Sensei Song, it is only normal for her to help, am I right?"


Chu Yu smiled bitterly. He knew from the start that it would be incredibly easy to find out that Xu Xiaoxian was not a real student.

After all, the Purple Cloud School was nearby. Anyone who wanted to could ask and find out everything they wanted.

Furthermore, with the Purple Cloud’s ranking, everyone would be suspicious of how they got such talented students.

The outstanding Pill Refining Section had dispelled most of the doubts.

But some still had their suspicions.

It was a good thing Yan Xudong did not harp on it. In his view, it was an ability to find a suitable hired gun!

"Do you all know, if not for my special reputation, I was nearly convinced by someone to represent them at the competition."

Yan Xudong laughed, "However, upon closer thought, I realized that i was too recognizable."

Everyone on scene was rendered speechless.


The few people who surrounded Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu let down their guard.

If the boss wanted to recruit the two people, wouldn’t they be finding trouble for themselves if they continued taking on such an aggressive stance?

Yan Xudong must have determined that Xu Xiaoxian was Chu Yu’s friend and Chu Yu had requested for Xu Xiaoxian’s help.


"This really isn’t a big deal."

Yan Xudong looked at Chu Yu and smiled warmly, "Xudong does not expect Brother Song to agree right now. However, I hope you will consider this carefully. Even though you are currently a Vice Principal, and may have a chance to make Principal, our generation of cultivators... should value our own cultivation level above all else."

"I will consider." Chu Yu promised.


"So will I." Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu and whispered.

"Without considering anything else, I am sure Brother Song will like the volumes of teachings we have in the Sky Dazed School." Yan Xudong continued, "Based on your expertise in pill refining, I think it is only a matter of time before you become the youngest sensei in the Sky Dazed School."

His recruitment techniques caused quite a few of the others to be unhappy.

These people were all defeated by Xu Xiaoxian or Chu Yu’s students,

They were not unhappy because they lost. However, two of them, who had lost to Xu Xiaoxian, were not even acknowledged by her.

Clearly, she had forgotten all about it!

"Brother Yan, there’s something offensive that I have to say." A young man stood out.

Yan Xudong’s brows danced, "Oh?"

Anyone who knew Yan Xudong could tell that he was slightly unhappy.

But this young man continued, "I definitely do not dare doubt Song Hong, Sensei Song. However, this lady Chu... is highly suspicious. I think she is the demonic girl!"

Lady Chu...

This was the name Xu Xiaoxian gave herself in this competition.

Chu Yu was also speechless.

"I am not speaking ill of her simply because I lost to her..."

At this point, Xu Xiaoxian raised her head and looked at this young man, confused, "We’ve met before?"



Chu Yu nearly could not hold back his laughter.


What a great actress, she deserves an Oscar!


He did not believe that Xu Xiaoxian could not recognize the man she beat.

She was clearly doing this on purpose.

The young man was furious. His face flushed and he said solemnly, "Lady Chu, there’s no meaning if you humiliate people like that."

"I really don’t remember, why not..." Xu Xiaoxian looked lost, "You remind me?"
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