Chapter 254: The Lord asked me to partrol the mountain

Chapter 254: The Lord asked me to partrol the mountain

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"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

"In fact, this legend has been verified before."

Xu Xiaoxian said solemnly, "Some legends are true. Many of the legends that are talked about in your household are true stories. However, the dates on the legends are all wrong."

"Sun Wukong was known as the Great Sage. You mean that he’s more powerful than saints?" Chu Yu glanced at Xu Xiaoxian. He did not believe this.

"Do you really think that sainthood is the final point? Never dying, always turning back the clock?" Xu Xiaoxian laughed, "Then what’s the Devastated World? It can easily suppress saints."

Chu Yu was speechless.

"We do not know the age of the largest Devastated Worlds, but they were once termed as Immortal Worlds. This is not a joke." Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu.

"Do you know that there is another name for the Immortal World?" Xu Xiaoxian did not even wait for Chu Yu to reply, "It was once known as the Heavenly Court!"

Chu Yu was awed.

Heavenly Court?

Sun Wukong had caused a ruckus in the Heavenly Palace and defeated countless Heavenly Soldiers and Generals.


Even the Jade Emperor was helpless and had to resort to requesting for Buddha’s assistance to suppress him.

This was a story any Chinese knew very well.

Could it have stemmed from here?

All these years, Chu Yu had been thinking about this.

Some of the legends had already been verified.

For example, Hou Yi shooting down the suns!


He had even met Yi. He had been sent to the Mirror World to complete the task given to him by Yi and compete with the others for the Red Bow.

This would mean that other legends and stories may also be true.

Chu Yu’s belief that all legends were just that had been shaken.


Chu Yu thought of himself, if he was born on Earth decades ago, won’t he be considered one of the gods?

Thinking of this, Chu Yu smiled.

At this point, the Heavenly Mountains appeared in front of the two of them.

Reaching the base of the mountains, that towering feeling became more and more prominent.

Looking up, they could not see the top.

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "Let’s part here, I’ll see you back at the Sky Dazed School."


"What do you mean by this?" Chu Yu stiffened.

Xu Xiaoxian smiled, "The Heavenly Mountains stretch to the Heavens. Once we enter, we will appear in different places. It looks like a huge mountain, but it is actually a small world. Everyone has out own fate. Once we leave from here, we leave the entire Devastated World. Of course, if you’re worried, you can choose not to enter and go back. You have the map."

"..." Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian in exasperation, "Why didn’t you say so earlier?"

"What difference would it make? With your character, would you decide not to come?" Xu Xiaoxian smiled at Chu Yu, "If the Immortal Refining Land can’t grind you to nothing, then the Heavenly Mountains can’t kill you either, relax."

As she spoke, Xu Xiaoxian strode into the Heavenly Mountains and disappeared from sight.

Chu Yu took a deep breath and murmured, "Demon girl..."

Then, he also strode in and disappeared from view.

In the next moment, Chu Yu appeared on a mountain road.

The road was narrow and winding, leading upwards. It was about a meter wide and paved with limestone.


The limestone was clearly aged and ancient.

Chu Yu was on a step. Birds could be heard chirping around him and the scent of flowers filled the air as a crisp wave of spiritual energy crashed towards him.

"Is this really the dangerous Heavenly Mountains? Not a paradise?"

As Chu Yu spoke, a ferocious beast, completely foreign to him and over three meters in length, rushed out of the trees and lunged at him.


This beast looked like a large cat, but its body was covered in spines like a porcupine!

The spines were jet black and incredibly sharp!

A wave of sharp stench accompanied it!

Chu Yu reacted quickly. Using the Racing Sacred Art, he dodge to the side and elbowed the beast.

In an instant!

Chu Yu’s elbow impacted this porcupine like large cat’s humongous mouth!



Three of this porcupine like large cat’s sharp teeth shattered.

It let out a pitiful howl.


Then it rolled to the side.

In the next moment, it shivered vigorously!

All of the jet black sharp spines shot towards Chu Yu!

They were like arrows, and they blocked out the sky!

Chu Yu’s eyes froze and two rays of divine light shot out.


He quickly used the Five Elements Sacred Technique to form a wall of fire in front of him,

When those foot long black spikes impacted this wall, most of them burnt to ashes.

The few that made it through were destroyed by Chu Yu.

The porcupine large cat was stunned. It did not expect Chu Yu to be this scary. It had thought that Chu Yu would make a good dessert, but it was shocked to find that he was not a dessert, but a death god!

Chu Yu’s figure passed through the wall of fire. He used the Racing Sacred Art to appear in front of this large cat and punched it.


Before it could even form its defences, it was sent flying by Chu Yu’s punch.

Before Chu Yu could give chase, he suddenly found a strong wave of danger and stopped in his tracks.

Then, he saw a pink tongue from god knows where. Almost like a rainbow, it wrapped up that porcupine cat and disappeared.

"F*ck me... what was that?" Chu Yu stared at it, wide eyed. Then, he heard the pitiful howl of the cat in the distance.

Soon after, his surroundings returned to silence.

At this point, about seven to eight meters in front of Chu Yu, was a palm sized silver toad. It bounded out of the woods and sat there.

"Croak croak!"

The silver toad called to Chu Yu.

"Little Toad, what do you want?" As Chu Yu spoke, his expression changed and he retreated quickly!


F*ck me!

What the hell was this?

Chu Yu’s expression filled with fear, almost as if he saw a ghost.

A humongous pink tongue shot out from this silver toad and flew towards him.

This was the same tongue that had captured the humongous porcupine cat!

Never in his wildest dreams would Chu Yu expect that such a terrifying tongue would come from a palm sized toad.

The tongue from the silver toad was too fast!

It was unimaginably quick!

When it neared Chu Yu, he nearly vomited in disgust... he could see the droplets of spit on it.

There were also dense spikes on the tongue!


An energy sword appeared in his hand and he chopped down on this sword.


It was almost as if he chopped down on divine metal.

Sparks flew everywhere!

Chu Yu’s arm went numb, I’ve met a demon!

This was not just a demon, but a terrifying toad spirit!

Chu Yu could not destroy the tongue!

More terrifyingly, after the tongue was hit by Chu Yu, it came alive, almost like a snake.

From another direction, it expanded into a three meter long spear and flew towards Chu Yu’s chest.

Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art to escape!

Even though he managed to avoid the attack from the silver toad, he broke out in cold sweat, his entire back drenched with his own sweat.

When he had met the porcupine large cat, he had not thought much about it. However, upon meeting the silver toad, Chu Yu finally understood what people meant when they said the Heavenly Mountains had a threat at every corner.

He did not have much time to think about matters. After the first attack missed, the silver toad quickly launched a second attack!


All of a sudden, an incredibly large foot appeared in the air. It looked like an elephant’s hoof as it came down from the sky, covering area in a hundred meter radius.

It appeared suddenly, then squashed the silver toad beneath it.


The edge of the hoof was not far from Chu Yu.

Chu Yu’s mouth and eyelids twitched as he unconsciously looked up. A humongous animal appeared above him.

This should be... an elephant?

How humongous!

It was like a small mountain!

He had no idea if the elephant had done it on purpose, squashing the silver toad with such accuracy.

And it seemed to appear out of thin air!

How else could such an enormous being not exude any form of aura on its way here?


Indeed, the next scene proved that this humongous being did not appear from thin air.

When it lifted its hoof again, Chu Yu could not help but gasp.

The incredibly powerful silver toad was crushed to death!

Even its guts were strewn all over the ground...

The pink tongue stretched for a long distance, like a thin and long pink snake.

Then, the humongous animal shrunk and became a mini elephant not much larger than the silver toad.

It appeared next to the silver toad, picked it up with its trunk and swallowed it.

Chu Yu could even hear the chewing sound.

Crunch, munch, crunch, munch...

In the blink of an eye, the elephant had devoured the silver toad. Then, it turned to look at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu prepared himself.

He did not dare to think how powerful this elephant was, considering it had just stomped the silver toad to death.

However, the elephant did not seem to intend to attack him. It glanced at Chu Yu, then walked away, its tail swinging in the wind.

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat off his forehead.

When faced with talents like Yan Xudong, he did not fear them at all. Instead, he actually wanted to fight them.

Yet, just now, his heart was filled with fear.

How damned scary!

That silver toad was at least a pinnacle True Lord. It’s tongue was impenetrable and a scary weapon.

It was way more difficult to fight it than another cultivator.


Yet, it had been squashed by the elephant. How powerful was the elephant?


Divine Lord?

But didn’t the Devastated World suppress the cultivation levels of people entering?

Even though Chu Yu did not feel any suppressive aura from the elephant, he could keenly feel that this elephant was not just a True Lord life form.


Could it be... that the Heavenly Mountains did not suppress cultivation level?

After a moment of pause, Chu Yu began to walk towards the mountain top after ensuring that the elephant had left.

Before he could get far, he saw two furry humans jump out from the side, almost like barbarians.

They blocked Chu Yu’s path.

"The Lord sent me to patrol the mountains!"

"Once we’re done with the Southern Mountain, we’ll go to the North!"

The two of them complemented each other perfectly stunning Chu Yu.
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