Chapter 255: Monkey

Chapter 255: Monkey

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What’s happening?


Have I come to the world of the Journey to the West?

Or is there a demon here who has seen the Journey to the West?

Regardless, these two barbarians exuded a dangerous aura.

Even so, Chu Yu still felt incredibly powerful.

These two barbarians seemed shocked to see him. They stood rooted to the ground, staring at him.



"It’s a human!"

"F*ck me, human!"

"Oh god it’s really a human!"

Chu Yu"..."

These two fellas looked at Chu Yu for a long time before one of them asked.

"Boy, where are you from?"

Chu Yu sized them up and realized that they were extremely similar. It would be difficult to tell them apart.

"What are your names?" Chu Yu asked.

"I am Weird and Crafty!"

"I am Crafty and Weird!"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless as he murmured, "Shouldn’t you all be called Xiao Zhuanfeng?" 

"Ay? You know our leader?" Crafty and Weird looked at Chu Yu in surprise.

"F*ck me... leader?" Chu Yu’s mouth twitched as he squinted, "Then, what are you two doing?"

Crafty and Weird replied, "Patrolling the mountain!"

Weird and Crafty looked at Chu Yu, "Boy, you don’t look familiar, who are you? Where are you from?"

Weird and Crafty looked at Chu Yu angrily, "How dare you record what we say?"


Chu Yu frowned, "When did I record what you said, aren’t these the Heavenly Mountains?"

"Yes?" The two of them answered in unison.

Chu Yu replied, "Then I am right, I am here to look for my long lost relative!"


"Long lost lover?" They looked at Chu Yu with confusion.

"Relative! It’s relative!" Chu Yu rolled his eyes.

What idiots!

"Oh, what’s the name of your relative? We may have met him/her before." Crafty and Weird said.

"He’s Sun Wukong." Chu Yu replied.




The two of them disappeared.

Chu Yu stood rooted to the spot, lost.

He murmured, "F*ck me, could there really be a Sun Wukong?"




Crafty and Weird and Weird and Crafty appeared out of nowhere.

Crafty and Weird raged at Chu Yu, "How dare you lie to us? That monkey has been dead countless years!"

"How will he have relatives as young as you?" Weird and Crafty laughed icily, almost as if he had cracked a mystery.

Chu Yu was speechless, "I am his descendant."

"Really?" The two of them said in unison and looked at each other.

Crafty and Weird laughed icily, "It’s very easy to find out if you really are its descendant!"

Weird and Crafty cleared his throat, "Brother, what do you think?"

"What do you mean? Since this guy is foreign and says that the monkey is his relative, then we will send him to see the monkey. If he lives, then he really is!" Crafty and Weird spoke and looked at Chu Yu.

"Boy, do you dare to come with us?"

Chu Yu asked, "To where?"

"Didn’t you say you were relatives with that monkey? We will take you to see him!" Crafty and Weird said.

"Didn’t you say that he was dead?" Chu Yu replied.

"Not completely." Crafty and Weird said in exasperation, "Just tell us if you dare to come along."

"Why not?" Chu Yu replied.


"Come let’s go! We’ll bring you there!" Crafty and Weird chuckled.


That was the largest forbidden area in the entire Heavenly Mountains!


Even their lord had only been there once, and was nearly beaten to death.


After barely escaping, their lord vowed never to return.

The two barbarians led the way whilst Chu Yu followed behind, his heart palpitating.

However, in such a dangerous place, he had no other choice.

He also did not know what Xu Xiaoxian was up to, leaving him along after dragging him along.

But since he was in, he might as well not think about anything else.

It was a good thing the two fellas were guiding him. Along the way, Chu Yu met football sized hornets exploding with Divine Lord auras. He saw a colony of True Lord ants amongst other rare and powerful life forms.


They all shared one similar characteristic... they were all immensely powerful!

Many of these life forms looked at Chu Yu with hostile eyes and wanted to attack. If not for Weird and Crafty as well as Crafty and Weird, Chu Yu would have been reduced to pulp.

When he thought about it this way, Chu Yu felt thankful for these two Journey to the West characters.

But right now, no one could tell what these two fellas were thinking.

At the same time, Crafty and Weird and Weird and Crafty were communicating using their mental energy.


Weird and Crafty asked, "Brother, do you think it’ll work?"

"Who cares, let’s try it out first! There is virtually no one in this world who knows that monkey! Yet, he can say its name. This tells us that he knows." Crafty and Weird continued, "That monkey’s mental manifestation has taken over the best place in the entire Heavenly Mountains. If we can get him out, the lord will reward us handsomely!"

"Exactly, if we can do it, it would be our good fortune!" Weird and Crafty added.

Crafty and Weird chuckled icily, "Even if he fails, it doesn’t matter. Why do we care about the fate of a stranger?"

"Brother is wise!" Weird and Crafty said in admiration.

Chu Yu followed these two fellas along this long and winding road.

They walked for hours!

With their abilities, this was quite a distance.

However, Chu Yu could feel that they were only midway up the mountain.

Afterwhich, the two of them brought him in another direction.


The Heavenly Mountains were huge; it was almost like another world by itself.

It was just like how Xu Xiaoxian described it, to meet would be incredibly difficult.

In the end, the two demons brought him to the entrance to an ancient cave residence and stopped.

Crafty and Weird looked inside nervously, wanting to say something.

A strong gust of demonic wind gushed out from inside the cave!



A powerful aura exploded from their bodies and formed two shields.

Before they came here, they were already prepared for this. However, they were still picked up by this demonic wind and thrown into the distance like broken kites.

However, when this gust of demonic wind approached Chu Yu, it split apart around him like water meeting a rock.

Then, an incredible attractive force left Chu Yu no chance to resist as it sucked him into the cave.



The two demons were blown far away and smashed into the ground.

They were completely haggard.

A two meter long multicolored python closed in on them. Their bodies did not radiate any aura at all.

"Aiyo, f*ck him... what a vicious old thing!" Crafty and Weird lay there, rubbing his butt.

"It hurts... how vicious, and to think we visit him so frequently to make sure he isn’t bored. Darn monkey..." Weird and Crafty also cursed as he rubbed his butt.

This was quite the fall and they felt like their bodies were going to break apart.

The demonic wind was powerful. The moment one was hit, one’s cultivation level would be suppressed.

Once the wind picked you up, you were no different from an ordinary person, completely unable to resist.

The two unlucky ones were True Lords, however, in the face of this demonic wind, they were helpless.

Then, they saw the huge multicolored python.

Crafty and Weird bellowed, "Idiot, blind piece of sh*t! Don’t you know who I am? Get the hell away!"

Weird and Crafty reminded, "Brother, that’s snake eye...."

"How the f*ck am I supposed to know!" Crafty and Weird slapped his brother, got up, and glared at the visibly annoyed python, "Why? Do you want to be made into snake broth?"


The huge multi colored python shivered, then left.

Only then did Crafty and Weird take a breath of relief, "This darn thing keeps thinking of eating us."

Weird and Crafty said, "It’s a good thing we have the lord’s protection!"


Then, Weird and Crafty continued, "Oh yes, where is that fella?"

Crafty and Weird snickered, "Let’s go tell the lord the good news. That old bugger might be gone now!"



After entering the cave, Chu Yu realized that this was also a small world.

It was humongous and dark. Chu Yu’s eyes were unable to adapt to the darkness.

It was almost the darkness here was meant to conceal something.

As he walked, he could hear things shattering under his feet.

It was almost as if he was stepping on the bones of animals...

Then, Chu Yu opened his vertical eye and got the shock of his life.

Bones littered the entire area!

The cave was the size of a small world, yet, the bones were filling it to capacity!


Some of the bones were piled up into a small mountain, some others were the size of a fist.

There were some which were limbless and Chu Yu could not determine what kind of life form they were.

Upon closer inspection, he did not see any human skeletons.

Chu Yu heaved a sigh of relief, feeling as if this place was extremely strange.

Why else would so many life forms die here?

Who was responsible for that gust of demonic wind?

How was this place related to Sun Wukong?

Just at this point, Chu Yu felt someone breathe in his ear.

Chu Yu raised his fist and attacked.

His fist flew through the air but hit nothing.

At this point, on the other side, he felt the same feeling.

This time, Chu Yu immediately used fire in the Five Elements Sacred Technique.

A huge wave of fire surrounded him.


A light blow could be heard, almost as if he was blowing out a candle.

The fire enveloping Chu Yu was extinguished immediately.

Chu Yu was stunned.

"Who is this? Stop playing, come on out." Chu Yu laughed bitterly.

"Young man, do you know that no life form leaves here alive?" A mocking voice rung out next to him.

Chu Yu turned around and saw a three foot tall figure sitting atop a small mountain of bones.

He opened his vertical eye and got a shock.

That was a... thin and ugly... monkey.
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