Chapter 258: Demon Lord

Chapter 258: Demon Lord

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A few days?


Chu Yu’s heart fluttered, The concept of time in the various spaces in the Devastated World were so powerful!


He was worried that the Mirror World would have changed greatly once he came out.

However, his master had told him not to worry. He had said that the rules of time inside were different from the outside, but he did not specify how different.


Little did Chu Yu expect that two years inside was just a few days outside,

If not for the fact that he had many things to do, Chu Yu wanted to turn back and learn from his master for another decade.

At the very least, he could breakthrough to the True Lord realm?

Even though his master had told him that a high cultivation level did not mean great battle power, wouldn’t it be better if he was of an even higher cultivation level?


That being said, his master had told him that he could fight Divine Lords.


However, at this point, the two demons were rather depressed.

Since these two fellas thought that he died inside, didn’t that mean that they had ill intentions when bringing him there?

"What is that gaze? Didn’t you say that he was your relative?" Weird and Crafty was still rather witty at times.

Chu Yu’s mouth twitched, "My business is done, send me down the mountain."

"Send, send you down the mountain?" Crafty and Weird glared at Chu Yu, "Why should we? It’s not like you’re our lord?"

After a minute, Chu Yu looked at their swollen faces and said, "How about now?"


"Yes yes, you’re the boss, what you say goes." Crafty and Weird said depressingly.

They could not figure out how someone who was not their match a few days ago managed to become so powerful!

Weird and Crafty said, "Our Lord would like to meet you."


"Meet me?" Chu Yu stiffened, wondering if this demon was lying.

"Yes yes yes, I remember now. Our Lord said that if we saw you again, we were to invite you over!" Crafty and Weird said by the side.

Chu Yu raised his eyebrows, "Lead the way!"

The two demons heaved a sigh of relief and limped over to another cave.


The cave was surrounded by mist and it was hard to see what was inside.

It was fading in and out of view. Chu Yu saw three words engraved on top of the cave.


Black Wind Cave!


There were two unkempt little demons at the entrance and it looked like they were not fully developed.

One was a human body with a tiger head. Its expression was vicious and its fangs hung out of its mouth as it salivated, "Human... yummy!"


The other was a human head on a leopard body. It had leopard eyes and two black and thick eyebrows.

It paced around on four legs, its eyes dodging about as it sized Chu Yu up, ready to lunge.

Crafty and Weird said, "He is the esteemed guest of the lord, behave yourselves!"


The tiger head demon salivated, "Human, yummy!"


"Scram!" Weird and Crafty bellowed. Then, he brought Chu Yu into the cave.

The cave was wide and bright. It was over 30 yards high and there were many luminous pearls that brightened up the entire space.

There were over a dozen demons inside and an ancient tree. There was an ancient figure on the tree.

Seeing Chu Yu enter, he opened his eyes and shot out two rays of light to observe Chu Yu.

There was an adorable red fox which was only about half a meter long.

However, it looked like Chu Yu as if it was eyeing its next meal.

There were also demons with wolf heads. They too looked at Chu Yu icily and let out guttural growls.

All in all, other than the swollen faced demons who escorted him here, all the other demons had nothing but ill intentions towards Chu Yu.

They exuded a powerful and icy aura.


Any demon with the right to enter this place was at least a True Lord!

Chu Yu took a deep breath. Since he decided to come, he should take it easy.


He raised his head and followed Crafty and Weird as well as Weird and Crafty inside.


His gaze did not stray!

"Can we eat him?" The red fox’s voice was like that of a young girl.


"He looks quite yummy." That ancient tree replied.


Chu Yu was speechless.

After passing by here, and going past a few bends, Chu Yu was stunned by what he saw.


A luxurious palace appeared right in front of his eyes!


The gold of the palace glimmered. The entire palace was made from gold!

How alluring!

Chu Yu thought to himself.


At this point, at the end of the walkway, he saw a youth sitting atop the throne.

The youth was dressed in snow white clothing. His hair was neatly tied up and a crown was on his head. His eyebrows and eyes were filled with life and his skin was fair. He sat there looking rather intimidating.


Seeing Chu Yu enter, he smiled, "Friend, please have a seat!"

All of a sudden, an ancient chair appeared below. There were shreds of Dao radiating from that chair.

Divine wood?

Chu Yu observed that chair and felt a wave of awe.


He cupped his fist, bowed, then sat on the chair.

At this point, the youth looked at the two escorts and frowned, "What happened to you?"

The two of them were beaten up quite badly. After stammering continuously for quite some time, they could not bring themselves to say they suffered this at the hands of Chu Yu.

The youth looked at Chu Yu, then waved, "You all can leave."


The two of them left the room.

The entire palace was only left with Chu Yu and this youth.

"Brother, you’re extremely lucky to have curried the favor of the most powerful person in the Heavenly Mountains." The youth looked at Chu Yu and smiled warmly.

Chu Yu replied, "I got lucky. May I know who you are?"

"Me? I am just an insignificant pawn." The youth shook his head as he got down from his throne. He said flatly, "I am just a lucky demon. I managed to become the demon king in the Heavenly Mountains. However, I can’t leave, so there’s not much meaning."

"You can’t leave?" Chu Yu glanced at him.


"How powerful do you think I am?" The youth smiled at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu shook his head, "My cultivation level is too low, I do not know your true level."

"Haha, didn’t the Great Sage teach you the Penetrating Gaze?" The youth smiled. "My name is Snow, and my cultivation level is similar to the Legendary Emperors."

Legendary Emperor?

Legendary Emperor!

Chu Yu gasped. He never expected this demon king to be this powerful.

The only reason why he and Xu Xiaoxian could kill the Worm Lord was because the Worm Lord’s level was suppressed in the Devastated World. He could not bring his full power to bear.


Furthermore, Chu Yu managed to destroy the worm he planted and Xu Xiaoxian played the Heavenly Demonic Tune with no regard for her life.

To be honest, they got lucky.

However, in the Heavenly Mountains, in the face of a Legendary Emperor demon, Chu Yu had no intention to fight.

He would be no match for this demon.

"Over here, other than in those special spaces, I am virtually invincible." Snow laughed, "Even if the saints from outside came in here, they would still be suppressed and even killed by me"

There was danger at every step in the Heavenly Mountains.

These dangers were related to this demon lord.

"However, I can’t leave the Heavenly Mountains."

Snow’s eyes revealed traces of loneliness, "This place made me, but also restrains me."

"Let’s not talk about this. It is rare that to see someone so pleasing, let me hold a banquet for you!"


As Snow spoke, he commanded for a banquet to be set up.

Very quickly, various dishes were laid out.

Chu Yu was shocked to find out that the dishes the demons made were a match for the chefs on Earth.


Just smelling and looking at it made one salivate.

Snow invited Chu Yu over and retrieved a flask of beer. This was only a palm sized flask, but it was actually a storage magical equipment.


After filling Chu Yu’s cup, Snow filled his own and said, "Come, taste it!"

Chu Yu raised his glass to thank Snow, then gulped it down.

A pleasant feeling entered Chu Yu’s lungs through his throat. Then, rays of powerful energy spread to his extremities.

Mist rose from Chu Yu’s body!


"Good wine!"


Chu Yu commended.

Snow smiled, "The demons in here all don’t like this wine. They don’t think it’s strong enough."


Chu Yu was shocked, "They like drinking hard liquor?"

Snow nodded, "Yup, even though this wine is of great help to them, they don’t like it. Since I’ve found someone of my own heart, come, let’s drink more!"

Chu Yu did not reject the demon lord. It wasn’t that he trusted the demon, but if the demon wanted to harm him, it did not have to go through this much trouble.


"Taste these dishes, they are all delicacies of this mountain!"


"There is chicken of phoenix blood. Drinking the soup can strengthen your bloodline and raise your mental cultivation."


"There’s also Qilin Lion meat. After eating, you can gain Qi..."

The demon lord introduced each dish to Chu Yu and helped Chu Yu to the dishes.

Even though he was trapped in the Heavenly Mountains, the demon lord was extremely knowledgable, especially when it came to the old Immortal World.

Even though the monkey was also from that time, he was unwilling to say much about it.


As such, Chu Yu managed to learn more about that time from the demon lord.

"The Immeasurable Catastrophe was known as the Heart Catastrophe back then. When the core of the universe is particularly strong, then the universe can no longer hold it. It can only cleanse it."

"The result of the cleanse is the destruction of the universe. After it is destroyed, it will rebuild a new universe on the same land. This cycle will keep continuing. It has never stopped."


"It is extremely difficult, near impossible even, to escape this fact.

"As such, in the eyes of the powerful, this world need warfare. Only through warfare can we rid the world of powers and talents. This is the only way to extend the arrival of the Heart Catastrophe."

Snow was rather tipsy and said many things that stunned Chu Yu.

He even said that the Mirror World talents wanting to fight their way into the Solar System was just a ploy.

"Can you really gain Dao in the Solar System? Does killing someone there give you added Dao? In my view, that’s rubbish!"


"The Solar System is special and the people there have the blood of gods."


"However, in the eyes of the powers, that is insignificant."

"Those b*stards actually have other paths to enter the Solar System, yet they’ve only been working hard to break the one for lower level cultivators..."

"They clearly have other intentions!"

"Saints are apathetic. They may not even care about their own descendants."


"Why do you think they would be so ‘kind?’"

Chu Yu felt a wave of emotion well up.

He could not help but ask, "How can it be that no one realizes this?"

"They are powers! These superior powers have been plotting this for aeons. This is why this is just a ploy. They’re unstoppable like a raging river. Even if people realize it, they can’t stop it." Snow looked at Chu Yu tipsily.

"The fact that you were accepted by the Great Sage shows that you come from the Solar System. Else, he would have shred you to pieces."

"If I were you, I would just stay in the Mirror World. Why go out and participate in a meaningless war?"

"If you stay, I can make you the second lord of the Heavenly Mountains..."

"You will become a Legendary Emperor in less than 300 years!"
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