Chapter 259: Sneak Attack

Chapter 259: Sneak Attack

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In the end, Chu Yu also had too much to drink and began to take Demon Lord Snow as his brother.

He said many things that he could not remember.


To be honest, both monkey and Snow were lonely people.


As the consciousness left behind, monkey was unwilling to leave.

As for Snow, even though he was a Legendary Emperor, he could not leave the Heavenly Mountains!


This ancient mountain sealed up all the life here.


Chu Yu was not lonely but he was stressed out!


Before this, he was an optimistic and cheerful youth. However, ever since he began cultivating, he had progressed so quickly!

As his power grew, his responsibility also grew.


The more he knew, the more responsibility he felt.

In Snow’s words, this world did not have many secrets.

People just didn’t know enough.

When a lonely man meets a pressurized one, they could talk through the night.


When Chu Yu woke from his drunken stupor, he found that his cultivation level had been raised.

He was stunned.


He did not expect that the Demon Lord’s wine would have such magical properties.


He used his technique to absorb the last bit of medicine, then sat up and sized up his surroundings.

This was a very simple room and it paled in comparison to Snow’s golden, posh and luxurious palace.

However, Chu Yu would much rather stay in this house. Its simplicity was much more relaxing.

After waking up, he stepped out the door and was greeted by Snow in the courtyard, looking into the distance.

"The Heavenly Mountain was once a Divine Mountain back in the day. It had 72 cave residences for each of the 72 Demon Kings. Some of them were absorbed by the Great Sage and joined him."


"This has all been covered up by the tides of time."

"That year, the Heart Catastrophe’s massacre was too sudden and terrifying. Before anyone could react, they were all killed by the cleanse, talents and all.

Snow’s back faced Chu Yu. His white clothes made him look quite lonely.


His voice was calm, a far cry from the drunken slur he had the night before.


He said, "How time changes things! Today, there are only three demon lords. The Great Sage’s consciousness would not even bother about us. Every now and then, we will capture a ferocious beast for a meal."


Chu Yu asked, "Have you all considered something?"


"Hmm?" Snow did not turn back, his hands locked behind his back, "What is it?"

Chu Yu said, "Is the origin of the Heart Catastrophe what you all say it is? Jealousy? The powers of countless invincible beings causing the universe to change? Is it really that way?"

"This..." Snow stammered, "All the records say so."

"Yes, my master said so too." Chu Yu nodded.


Snow was stunned. He murmured, "Your master? The Great Sage... accepted you as his disciple?"


Chu Yu nodded. They had not discussed this in their drunken stupor yesterday.

"My god, you’re..." Snow looked at Chu Yu, wide eyed, "I had treated you as a junior. But now that you’re a disciple of the Great Sage, then you’re... ahem, very much my senior!"

Then he nodded, "You’re incredibly respected! The Great Sage is a divine spirit from the past eras, trillions of years older than us. This means that in this era, there is no one who is more senior than you."

Chu Yu’s expression was weird, "Does that mean that even those incredible powers must call me ancestor if they see me?"


Snow’s lips twitched as his eyebrows danced, "By right, they should."

"It’s okay, let’s leave it up to them." Chu Yu was quite speechless.

How old was he? Even counting in the years in that pocket world, he would be no more than 30 years old.

It would be a joke for him to be called an ancestor.

Snow remembered the question Chu Yu posed and asked, "What views do you have on this subject?"

Chu Yu said, "It can’t be considered a view, but if you look at it from a third party point of view, don’t you find it strange?"

"What’s strange about it?" Snow looked at Chu Yu curiously.

"What I mean is, there are countless species of life forms of various shapes and sizes in this limitless universe. Some of these life forms are weak, others are strong. However, at the end of the day, the energy in this universe is in balance. How does something like the Heart Catastrophe occur?" Chu Yu frowned.

Snow said, "What you said at the start was right. But, if we knew what causes the Heart Catastrophe, then we won’t be in this state."

"No that’s not what I’m saying, I think... of course, it’s just a guess."

Chu Yu laughed, "Take it as I’m talking rubbish."

"Go ahead?"

"Do you think that someone may be pushing things in that direction? Or maybe some power is pushing for the Heart Catastrophe to occur?" Chu Yu said slowly, "In this way, the entire universe would go through the cycle. It will be reborn once every era."

"Someone is pushing for it? To make the entire universe go through the cycle?" The Demon Lord’s expression was one of disbelief as he murmured, "I don’t think so?"

"This is just my wild guess." Chu Yu said rather embarrassed, "The Heavenly Mountain is a place left behind by the previous generations. It can suppress saints and seal the life forms here, preventing you all from leaving. I’m guessing that this rule is not one by the Heavens?"

"What you’re saying..."

Snow’s expression became incredibly solemn.

Even though Chu Yu was guessing, it wasn’t completely ridiculous.


It had given Snow a revelation!

"Perhaps... what you’re saying makes sense. If we go down this path, perhaps one day, we can find a way out!"


Snow cupped his fist and bowed to Chu Yu in thanks.


Chu Yu said shyly, "Brother Snow is too courteous!"

"Brother Chu, if the life forms of the Heavenly Mountain can leave one day, then, you will be our greatest benefactor!" Snow said solemnly.

"Brother Snow is too nice."

"Not at all." Snow said, "If that day comes, we will find you, and help you!"

"Haha, if that is the case, it’ll be absolutely fantastic." Chu Yu cupped his fist.

Then, he thought of something and asked Snow, "Will people who enter from the outside walk on different paths?"

"Why, do you have a partner?" Snow asked.

Chu Yu nodded, "There is a girl..."

Snow seemed to remember something and nodded, "Relax brother Chu. I will tell the two other Demon Lords to protect her if they see her!"

Afterwhich, Chu Yu said goodbye to Snow.

Before they left, Snow gave Chu Yu a small bottle of wine.

"Inside here is another lake of wine, a lake!" Snow chuckled lightly.


"A lake..." Chu Yu was completely speechless. He finally knew what foundation and resources meant.

"After this goodbye, I do not know when I’ll next see you, please take care brother Chu!"

"Take care brother Snow!"

The two demons, Crafty and Weird and Weird and Crafty sent Chu Yu down the hill.

The two of them looked at Chu Yu curiously.

Chu Yu smiled at the two of them, "If there’s anything you want to say, just tell me, don’t look at me with those eyes."

Crafty and Weird said, "Our Lord has never been so courteous towards others before."

Weird and Crafty said, "There was once a human saint cultivator who came here many many many years ago."


Chu Yu looked at them, "Then?"

Weird and Crafty looked at him, "Then he died."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

Why tell me if he died?

"He was killed by our lord with a single slap." Weird and Crafty said in fear, "How scary!"

"Maybe your lord likes me?" Chu Yu laughed.


"I don’t think so." Strange and Crafty did not have much EQ. He looked at Chu Yu, "It is because you’re the only life form who has managed to enter the Great Sage’s cave and come out alive."


Different people would be treated differently.

Chu Yu did not really care if Snow was a vicious and cunning demon, or a righteous and friendly one.


As long as Snow sincerely treated him as a friend, Chu Yu would treat Snow as one too.

With the two demons escorting him, Chu Yu’s way out was extremely uneventful. At the foot of the hill, Chu Yu waved goodbye to the two demons looking at him with envious eyes.


Just as Chu Yu stepped out of the Heavenly Mountains, two terrifying attacks flew towards him!

These two attacks were too sudden and without warning.

No matter how much precaution Chu Yu took, the trap laid for him was too good!


Before even half his body appeared, the attack had already hit.


Chu Yu used the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique and disappeared into the ground.

Even so, about half of the energy from the attacks hit home.

Chu Yu vomited a mouthful of blood.

What made him more furious was the manic attacks.


He believed that the opponent did not know who he was!

This man was just hiding out here, attacking anyone who walked through!


Even though Chu Yu was already deep underground, he could feel the powerful explosions around him.

They were attacking the ground!


Chu Yu moved through the earth silently.

Cultivators of a certain level could learn the Five Elements Escape Technique.


However, it was a far cry from the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique.

There was no comparison!

Using the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique, Chu Yu’s speed underground was unimaginable!

In the blink of an eye, he appeared hundreds of miles away.

He rushed out from deep underground.

Then he used the Mountain Moving Technique.


His ten fingers formed a loop around this huge mountain and he plucked this mountain out from the ground.

Then, he threw the mountain in the direction where the attacks originated. This mountain smashed towards that direction like a meteor!

An earth shaking boom rang out. This mountain was like a nuclear bomb and it smashed the earth around the Heavenly Mountains!

A mushroom cloud rose from the ground.

Then, two figures stumbled out of the mushroom cloud.


They were vomiting blood, their expressions filled with fear.

Chu Yu stretched out his hand and grabbed a humongous blade. He was filled with a terrifying blood aura as he brought the blade down on one of his attackers.
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