Chapter 268: Mars?

Chapter 268: Mars?

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Chu Yu frowned and murmured, "The previous era?"

This wall was not big. It was not even a yard high, but it was long and Chu Yu could not ‘see’ the end.

It seemed like the Mirror World was much more cryptic than he had ever imagined.

He had thought that this world was simply the ‘hub’ setup by the saints of the various universes 60 million years ago.


But now, it seems that the truth was not that simple.

When those saints had set up the Mirror World... this place was probably not as barren as what the ancient annals had said, with only a few dangerous places...

Chu Yu also had a bold guess, when those saints came all those years prior, even though this world was devastated, it may not have been that barren.

There could have been many well preserved locations!


But even the saints did not dare to go to those places!

This caused the galaxies to seal up those places.

It was like... Beggar’s Chicken wrapped in mud.

Mm, he was getting hungry.

Chu Yu looked at Xu Xiaoxian, "We don’t know what’s happening upstairs, to you want to take a look inside instead?"

Deep in the earth, a faint light enveloped the two of them as they huddled together.

Xu Xiaoxian’s face was slightly blushed as she glanced at Chu Yu, "You can decide."

"Then... let’s go take a look." As Chu Yu spoke, he took Xu Xiaoxian by the hand and used the Five Elements Superior Escape Technique to stride ahead.

The two of them disappeared into the stone wall.

Chu Yu did not know that after they disappeared, the stone wall also began to disappear.

It was almost as if this wall had never existed.


On the Heavenly Creek.

That dragon like and wide Heavenly Creek had been cut in two.


The water inside the gargantuan river had evaporated completely!

The life inside the Heavenly Creek did not even have time to escape before they were all massacred by the aura from the battle of the saints.

The entire Earth was shattered.


Cracks littered the ground, each one unimaginably deep!


An incredibly large broken saint’s hand lay silently in the ground.


Its five fingers were embedded deep in the ground like 5 pillars.

Its palm was buried in the ground.


If not for the fact that the palm was flesh colored, it would look like a huge piece of land.

However, this hand was also losing color slowly.

The blood of the saint was being absorbed by the ground.

High above, Yue Ying was engaged in battle with Luo Xuebai.

The intensity and terror in the battle far exceeded what an ordinary person could comprehend.

Each attack could demolish Heaven and Earth!

These four saints had wanted to suppress Yue Ying.

Little did they expect that Yue Ying did not play according to their rules.

She had cut off a saint’s palm and used it to kill off most of the Mirror World talents below.

She had no qualms about using all of her abilities here.

She did not care if the world shattered, or if there would be consequences after it shattered.

It did not matter to her!


She had been hiding here for countless years for this purpose!


If you want to set me up, you must be prepared for the consequences.

And not regret!


Yue Ying’s fury and madness scared the other saints.

Despite all their planning, they had forgotten one thing - Yue Ying was not from the Mirror World!

She felt no sense of belonging or feelings towards this world.

If she could, she would destroy this entire world without hesitation.

That would resolve all her problems!

Damn it, mistakes were made!

Luo Xuebai had been cultivating for countless years, but at this current moment, he couldn’t help but want to swear.

The saint who had his arm chopped off had already grown a new hand, but at this point, he and the other saint could only do one thing - protect!

They were desperately trying to protect this portion of the Mirror World.

Else, the battle between Yue Ying and the two other saints would be sufficient to destroy the Mirror World.

Even the magical formations would not be sufficient to withstand the impact!

The magical formations set up to defeat Yue Ying were completely useless at this point.

More importantly, these two saints found it increasingly taxing.


Destruction was much easier than construction!


Furthermore, Yue Ying was extremely powerful.

Luo Xuebai had been defeated by her back in the day.

As a saint, even though they were not scarred by those memories, he still felt helpless when battling her once again.


This lady... was too scary!

When Yue Ying was fighting, she spoke no nonsense.


Her entire demeanor changed and she exuded and incredibly icy aura.


She wielded an ancient blade in one hand, killing aura enveloping her entire body.

Luo Xuebai’s silver hair fluttered in the wind. His face was market with injuries. As a saint in the Mirror World, it had been so long since he had been called upon to attack.


He could shatter the souls and bodies of ordinary cultivators with a single notion.


They almost forgot how powerful those young saints in the Solar System were.

They had forgotten how scary those maniacs could be when they were fighting for their homeland.

Or maybe, deep down inside, they never wanted to mention those times...

Today, their nightmare resurfaced.


The other saint who was attacking Yue Ying with Luo Yuebai was incredibly courageous and confident.


Not only did he not fear Yue Ying, he even mocked her.

"Do you still remember how your brother died?" This saint ripped open her emotional wounds immediately as he towered over the land.

His humongous face was filled with a wide, mocking smile.

He mocked as he attacked viciously!

His sacred art burnt bright red and covered the entire sky, making the entire space look like hell.

Yue Ying’s body was deep inside these flames but her cold expression revealed no trace of fear.

She also showed no emotion towards the mocking her opponent was giving her.

"That’s your brother!"

This saint called out, "Your blood brother!’

"Back then... we had nailed his soul down using the Soul Locking Nail. He couldn’t even die if he wanted to!"

"Hahaha, you have no idea how entertaining it was. It’s hilarious. His expression when pleading with us to kill him is still fresh in my mind."


"In front of him, we removed all of the clothes of your aunt..."

Then, Luo Xuebai suddenly frowned and bellowed, "Retreat, quickly!"

The initially calm Yue Ying had split into three bodies at some point.

Those two new bodies appeared in front of the two saints in the blink of an eye.


An apocalyptic aura... descended on them.


Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian looked at the scene in front of them, dazed. They looked at each other in disbelief.

In front of them was a huge desert which stretched for miles.


The sky above them was blue and a huge sun hung high up in the air.


They could clearly feel that this sun was huge!

Furthermore, the heat here was intense and there was no greenery to be seen.

Most importantly, there seemed to be no oxygen here. Even if there was, it was incredibly thin.

"Where... is this?"

Chu Yu looked at the scene in front of him, mouth agape.

He did not understand what was going on. He was clearly in the depths of the Mirror World’s Heavenly Creek. He had only passed through a wall, how did he appear in such a strange place?

Xu Xiaoxian was also confused. She murmured, "Did we go through something?"

As she spoke, Xu Xiaoxian’s gaze turned towards the front and said abruptly, "I know where we are."

Chu Yu turned to look at her.

Xu Xiaoxian was in disbelief, "If you could come here straight from the MIrror World... those b*stards back there would go crazy with excitement! I’m guessing those powers plotting for countless years would go crazy? They had used so much time to carry out their plan, but in fact, it was all for nothing. They could easily make their way here."

She looked excitedly at Chu Yu, "This is Mars!"

"Ah?" Chu Yu was tongue tied. He could not believe this.


"If you don’t believe me, you’ll find out by nightfall." Xu Xiaoxian said.


"How did we get to this damned place?" Chu Yu couldnt help but roll his eyes.

Xu Xiaoxian laughed, "This place is not bad. We may even be able to see a space shuttle and hitch a ride back to Earth."


"Not funny." Chu Yu’s body floated slowly into the air as he looked into the distance.

Everything around him was barren. He could not feel any life here.

"Aish." Chu Yu sighed lightly and shook his head. He still could not understand why he appeared here all of a sudden.

If the enemy could also find this wall and pass through, wouldn’t they we able to come on Mars too?

But there was no point in worrying now. The only thing he could do was hope that this would not happen.

The two of them flew around for quite some time and found a base left behind by humans.

In actual fact, humans had landed on Mars over two decades ago, setting up camp here.

They even thought of mass migration...

But this plan was voided in the end.

The price of setting up a habitable city on Mars was too great.


Furthermore, as the seal on the Earth was broken, the world went through major changes.


Those old schools of thoughts lost their popularity.


The only reason why spaceships would come here would just be to feed people’s ego.

Some people just wanted to prove that they had been here before.

The two of them did not use much effort to get to the core of the base.

The infrastructure was built with solar cells so that it could be powered with solar energy. It was also filled with high-tech devices.

In order to gain entry, they had to be scanned by robots.

Of course, even if the robots had not granted them entry, their abilities would make entry a piece of cake.

Even though the base was not big, it was well furnished.


An ordinary person could live out the rest of their lives here with no problem.

But it was no different from a prison. Ordinary people could not step out.

Just the radiation alone would kill any ordinary human.

"Shall we make something to eat?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu, "I’m pretty good at cooking!"

Just as Chu Yu was about to agree, his expression changed slightly as he looked into the distance.

Xu Xiaoxian followed Chu Yu’s gaze.

At the edge of the desert, a tall figure was walking towards them.
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