Chapter 270: A Martian's Challenge

Chapter 270: A Martian's Challenge

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Physical Body Strength?

Gene Level?

Chu Yu knew about these, and he knew more than the normal people. He had learnt this!

Since young, he had been watching Hollywood films and they described Genetic Modification in great detail.

Chu Yu knew about genetic modification. However, before this, he had thought that genetic modification and cultivation were two different things.

One was changing and refining one’s body through absorbing spiritual energy in order to make one stronger and live longer. However, the other was using technology to improve oneself.

However, now that he met these Martians and heard about their ‘cultivation’ techniques, Chu Yu began to understand what ‘All roads lead to Rome’ meant.

There were many ways to go about cultivating.

In fact, science and technology were nascent fields compared to cultivation.

As such, who could be sure that technology was not a part of cultivation?

Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "Don’t hesitate, go!"

Chu Yu could not help but roll his eyes. He had never shied away from such friendly duels.

He also wanted to find out for himself how powerful cultivators who used technology to strengthen their bodies and improve their genes were.

Then, two people exited from this huge figure.

There were at least a few million Martians living inside this huge figure.

They were all the same species as Xuexue. Xuexue told Chu Yu that there were at least a dozen other species on Mars.

The smallest of them were hundreds of thousands strong, the large ones were billions strong!

Their species did not have an advantage in numbers.

But they did have the most powerful divine equipment on Mars!

This huge robot.

As such, Xuexue’s species was known as the Divine Species on Mars.

Hearing that one of their best was going to duel a young powerful cultivator from Earth, over a hundred thousand people came to watch.

They were all wearing various kinds of armor. Each of them was incredibly powerful.

According to the analysis of the Superclass, the strongest of them were equivalent to Divine Lords.

The weakest were Xiantian level.

They were all kids, some of them only seven or eight years old.

What a powerful species!

Chu Yu thought to himself.

Xuexue walked out with Chu Yu and said, "There are even more powerful elders, but they don’t show themselves in public much."

Amongst the current crowd, there were quite a few Divine Lords.


More powerful... means that they are at least at the pinnacle of Divine Lord, or perhaps Legendary Emperor?

Perhaps, for a species like this, they may even have saint equivalents.

This was something that was previously unthinkable.

Mars, which had been researched for aeons, taken to be a barren land, actually was home to many Martians living underground!

"In fact, over the past few thousand years, some of our powerful cultivators would tour the Solar System in spaceships. The Earth is somewhere we visit quite often because we hope that our relatives can improve as well. As such, we have been teaching you all our technology."

Xuexue smiled warmly at Chu Yu, "Actually all the high tech products on Earth are spin offs from ours."

Chu Yu remembered that some of the ancient annals recorded contact with aliens many thousands of years ago.

However, Earth then was still sealed. Furthermore, there was a break in civilization and everyone was still quite lost.

"We term those people as observers." Xuexue said.

Chu Yu continued to ask, "What about the Moon? Is it really a humongous spaceship as the legends say?"

Xuexue laughed, "That was always a spaceship!"

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

"After precise calculations, it stopped there. In fact, the most intelligent ones on Earth already guessed its identity."

Xuexue said, "Else, with so many large stars in the Solar System, why does the Earth have the benefit of this satellite?"

"Over many years, it had blocked multiple meteor attacks for the Earth. Haven’t you all seen it’s cratered and marked surface?"

"If not for the moon, the powerless Earth would have been turned into pulp by the meteors of the universe..."

Chu Yu had heard this hypothesis since he was young.

However, hearing it and verifying it were two different things altogether.

Xuexue sighed lightly, "However, that is something that only the supremely powerful can do. Now, in the entire Solar System, people capable of doing that... are rare."

Rare... but that meant that they exist!

Chu Yu managed to glean this information off Xuexue.

Xu Xiaoxian asked suddenly, "Are there people on Europa too?"

Chu Yu stiffened slightly as he glanced at Xu Xiaoxian.

Yi had said before that both Xu Xiaoxian and Yu Qiuqiu had Solar System blood in their veins.


However, they were still Mirror World people.

Yet, Xu Xiaoxian knew quite a bit about the Solar System.

She even knew about the legends regarding Europa...

How awe inducing.

Xuexue nodded, "There are great powers on each of the nine planets in the Solar System."

"Eight planets..." Chu Yu said weakly.


Xuexue glanced at Chu Yu, "It’s nine planets!’

"Okay, whatever makes you happy."

Actually, Chu Yu also thought it should be nine planets. What gave people on Earth the right to expel Pluto?

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at Chu Yu and used the Voice Transmission Technique, "If what she says is true, then even if the Mirror World makes it through, we may still be able to put up a fight."

Chu Yu nodded, In comparison, only the Earth is weak.

Xuexue continued, "The Earth is a special place. It contains the most ancient piece of land in the entire Solar System... no, the entire universe. It contains too many secrets that even we can’t explore."

At this point, a huge crowd had gathered outside.

Martian warrior Wang Dong looked extremely excited. All of a sudden, two wings made from light appeared on his back.

His wings were rainbow colored and elegant, the colors flowing about on it.

It was incredibly beautiful!

Xu Xiaoxian nearly gasped. She looked at those wings wide eyes as she pointed to them, "I want them too."

Chu Yu looked on helplessly, "You can make them yourself."

"They would definitely not be as beautiful!" Xu Xiaoxian’s lips twitched as her eyes darted around, almost as if she was hatching a plan.


Wang Dong’s wings flapped and he shot into the air, becoming a small speck in the air in the blink of an eye.

From above, a loud voice boomed.

Upon hearing it, Xuexue stiffened then looked at Chu Yu, "He’s invited you to duel him up there."

Chu Yu’s lips twitched, "Is he mocking me?"

Sometimes, it was not necessary to know the other's’ language.

They were all humans after all, Chu Yu could still guess what he was feeling.


He probably despised Chu Yu for dilly-dallying...

Then I’ll show him the power of a true cultivator!


Without moving a muscle, Chu Yu flew into the air.


The millions of spectators, as well as those watching from the screen inside the robot all gasped in awe.


Even though Wang Dong’s wings were beautiful, they had seen them many times.

However, they had never seen someone like Chu Yu who could fly without moving a muscle!


Chu Yu’s body rose slowly at the start, but in the blink of an eye, he had disappeared.


Both of them flew into outer space!

However, an incredibly huge head also extended into outer space and appeared next to the two men.


This was the head of the robot.

Chu Yu scolded in his heart, Perverted, this thing is so damn f*cking huge.

At the same time, Chu Yu also saw various smaller drones fly out from below, almost like a nest of bees. Upon reaching outer space, they scattered.

Chu Yu thought to himself, How could the observatories on Earth not spot these thousands of drones and this huge *ss robot?

Even though he was unwilling to admit it, he had to admit that... they were difficult to spot.

These martians were aliens to those on Earth when it was still sealed.


For many years, these aliens were like gods.

They were so technologically advanced that it far surpassed anything anyone on Earth could imagine.

When Chu Yu was still very young, he had heard that there was a huge object on the edges of space.


That thing was incredibly huge and stretched across hundreds of miles!

It had messed up radars all over the world!


Many officials in the military were stunned.


 Many fighter jets were scrambled to meet this threat.

However, upon reaching the point, they did not see anything.

Even though they could see the position of the unidentified object and fire at it, they drew blanks even after launching all their ammunition.

They ended up having to return with nothing to show for it.

That huge object remained in the same area for a few months before disappearing as suddenly as it had appeared.

At that time, many had tried to explain it. Even after the world was unsealed and cultivators flooded into the world, it still remained a mystery.

Now, it would seem that those were the observers Xuexue talked about.

At this point, Wang Dong suddenly made a gesture towards Chu Yu.

He extended his arm, then smiled at Chu Yu provocatively.

Chu Yu thought to himself, F*ck you, you probably have them same translation device as Xuexue, yet you want to act like an alien?

Then, he pointed his thumb downwards. He then flipped it around and wriggled his thumb, provocating Wang Dong to strike.

Wang Dong raged, roaring as he charged.

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