Chapter 272: Changes in the Mirror World

Chapter 272: Changes in the Mirror World

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Let’s rewind a little.

As Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were about to leave.

"That eyes of the lady who likes you tells me that her grandfather has ill intentions!"


"What do you mean by lady who likes me?"

"That’s obvious, don’t tell me you don’t see it."

"All I can say is that you have feelings and intentions towards me..."

"Rubbish, I have no feelings for you, I only treat you as a brother."


"Mm, sure girl, I treat you as a brother, but you..."

As they bickered, the battleship prepared to leave this space.

All of a sudden, Chu Yu’s guard was raised. He was slightly stunned, Could that Einstein looking old man really be trying something funny?

In the next moment, some clearly extraordinary battle ships had surrounded and blockaded theirs.


"What did I say?" Xu Xiaoxian looked at Chu Yu with pride.


"Just think of how to get out of here." Chu Yu said expressionlessly.

Yet, he felt incredible fury in his heart.

From beginning to end, he did not feel any hostility from Xuexue’s grandfather.


It was possible that this man was someone who would do anything for his research.


But Chu Yu did not like him.

"What’s left to say? They’re trying to play high-tech with us?" Xu Xiaoxian chuckled icily.

In the next moment, without Chu Yu reacting, one of the battleships surrounding them exploded!

Chu Yu saw many Martians jumping out as the ship exploded. The rest were probably killed by the blast.

"How did you do it?" Chu Yu was stunned.

He had been traveling with Xu Xiaoxian for quite some time now, and knew this small ship rather well.

However, he had no idea it had such scary firepower!


If this attack had hit a planet, it would be enough to smash it!

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at him, "There are more things in Heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy."


Chu Yu smiled bitterly, "Okay then... but, was it necessary?"

Xu Xiaoxian glanced at him, "Just watch!’


At this point, a large number of battle crafts flew out from that huge robot.


They swarmed Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian like a swarm of bees.


There were clearly trying to do harm to them.

Chu Yu found it rather comical, So many ships to defeat us?


Was it necessary?


Then, Chu Yu saw the huge robot disappear into the ground.

"Do you see? Hiding itself whilst releasing so many battle crafts." Xu Xiaoxian laughed icily, "Do you not understand what they’re doing?"

"I don’t." Chu Yu shook his head.

"They’re trying to kill us!" Xu Xiaoxian’s gaze was cold. "This is not Mars! We are still in the Mirror World! No... we are in, a part of the Devastated World!"

"Let’s go!" Xu Xiaoxian did not waste time and commandeered the ship away.



The entire space began to change as the land began twisting.

In a moment, the entire scenery changed.

All of the hornet like ships disappeared from view.

All that was left was a towering, three headed, jet black, evil looking life form.

It’s gaze during these two people were icy. As it breathed, light appeared in its nose, ears and mouth.

It was accompanied by lightning.

All of a sudden, this life form extended its arm. This arm was incredibly long and it grabbed at Xu Xiaoxian’s flying ship.

At the same time, this life form bellowed a frequency that these two had never heard before.

This frequency penetrated the flying ship and entered the ears of Xu Xiaoxian and Chu Yu.

In an instant, the two of them crumpled to the ground, unable to move.


This kind of ability was way too terrifying. It was an invisible killer.


"What the f*ck is that?" Chu Yu was awed.


Activate defences and weapons!" Xu Xiaoxian commanded.

"Based on the current energy levels, you can only choose one..." An icy electronic voice rang out.


Xu Xiaoxian yelled, "Finisher weapons!"

The flying ship turned around and vibrated slightly. A ray of light shot towards the three headed beast.

The ferocious lifeform sensed danger, turned and ran!

Yet, the ray of light still impacted its extended arm and destroyed it.


Then, with incredible speed, it shot towards the life form’s head.

The head exploded in a cloud of blood. Inside the cloud of blood was a gigantic, ugly face which bared its teeth at Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian.

Chu Yu felt uncomfortable instantly.

He had not found anything amiss previously. It was almost as if they managed to get on Mars by going through some strange route.

Never did he imagine that all of these were... hallucinations!

Chu Yu felt horrible having been played like that.

After one of the heads of that life form exploded, it roared in defiance.

However, it did not dare to close the distance, opting instead to watch the ship fly off into the distance.

Xu Xiaoxian used her voice to direct the ship in a particular direction.

After flying for some time, the flying ship seemed to knock into a wall. Then, it barged through.

In the next moment, almost as if it was glued to the spot by super glue, the speed of the flying ship slowed to a crawl.

However, it continued to steam ahead resolutely.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian knew that they were reentering the world.

Finally, they broke out.

In an unknown mountain range, behind a gargantuan waterfall, Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian crashed out.

Then, the flying ship crashed into the ground and sank.

The two of them still did not have control over their body.


They looked at each other, then laughed with relief that they had survived.

"What’s behind that wall was really scary." Xu Xiaoxian said with trepidation, "That thing was infamous since the previous generation. It is a kind of demon which uses mental energy to control other life forms. I never expected one to be here..."



Chu Yu let out a long sigh as he began to scroll through the recent happenings.

Chu Yu and Xu Xiaoxian were both stunned by what they saw.

On social media, the headlines, in huge, bolded, font...

"60 Million year old saint from the Solar System appears and destroys the Heavenly Creek!’

Chu Yu clicked on it. A few glances were sufficient to get him fired up!

"The Heavenly Creek, the path to the Solar System, was all a scam!’

"Over a dozen Mirror World saints had plotted for countless years. They wanted to kill off the Solar System saints hidden in the Mirror World. Little did they expect that Solar System saint Yue Ying would gravely injure saint Luo Xuebai with her immense grace and power."

"She also successfully killed two other ancient saints of the a Mirror World..."


"With saint blood in the air and fallen saints in the Earth, the world has changed!"

"Yue Ying’s power is unbelievable and incomprehensible!"

"In that battle, many youth Mirror World talents were lost."

"Those ancient saints are so vicious, they even lied to their own descendants. Yet, they did not manage to fool Yue Ying and the other saints of the Solar System. All of their magical formations would not put to use. In the end, they were even exploited by Yue Ying to trap a few of our saints and gravely injure all of them."

"Failure, this is a completely unprecedented failure!"

"The top talent of the Sky Dazed School, Yan Xudong, was seriously injured. Lin Shi was also seriously injured. Shui Lanxi injured, Prince Qu Ming of the Qu Royal Family seriously injured, talented lady Zong Yueyao of the Zong Clan seriously injured, nearly losing her life..."

When Chu Yu saw that Lin Shi was seriously injured, he felt his heart wrench in pain.

Even though she had cleansed her memory, Chu Yu’s memory was not cleansed!

This caused a wave of reactions never before seen in the Mirror World

At the same time, the ramifications were too great!

Saints had fallen in this battle.

Chu Yu saw the detailed description of the battle on social media. After he and Xu Xiaoxian had escaped, a few more saints from the Solar System had appeared!

The Mirror World saints were setting up to trap the saints from the Solar System, but they were actually being tricked!


After the victory, these saints from the Solar System disappeared without a trace.

Chu Yu felt a wave of passion in his heart that he could not hold inside for much longer.

He wanted to give a standing ovation!

He was ecstatic.

He believed that if Lin Shi had not cleansed her memory, she would also be jumping with joy.

"What a pity..."

Xu Xiaoxian murmured.


"What’s up?" Chu Yu looked at her curiously.

"If only they had killed all of the Mirror World talents, that would save us a lot of trouble in the future." Xu Xiaoxian said solemnly.

Then, she glanced at Chu Yu, "But your girlfriend was injured too, let’s go back to the Sky Dazed School and check on her."

Then, Xu Xiaoxian took out a bunch of superior medicine from the Immortal Refining Land. Each one was sealed.


"Just nice, I have something to attend to. I need to leave for a while, I will go find you after I’m done."

Then, Xu Xiaoxian turned and left.


Chu Yu thought it rather strange, She never said anything about leaving.

But his heart was still preoccupied by Lin Shi, As such, he did not think much. He quickly determined the Sky Dazed School’s location and sprinted towards it.

Xu Xiaoxian sat in her flying ship, clearly depressed as she murmured, "Why must I leave? What... what am I doing?"

Then, her expression changed to one of shock, "Is it possible that I like him? Am I jealous?"


"I am such a beautiful lady, one of the most elegant and charismatic ladies in the entire universe, how could I be so smitten by a man?"

As Xu Xiaoxian murmured to herself, her expression kept changing.

In the end, she commandeered her flying ship and sprinted in the opposite direction from the Sky Dazed School!
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