Chapter 273: Crisis

Chapter 273: Crisis

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The incident at the Heavenly Creek took the Mirror World by storm.

The consequences were too great.

Right now, many people were even second guessing themselves. Should they even attack the Solar System?


Is attacking the Village of Cultivation the right choice?

Now, everyone knew that some of the ancient saints of the solar system lived in the Mirror World.

This scared them!

They were so incredibly powerful they could kill fellow saints!

They couldn’t possibly attack the Solar System without entertaining the possibility that the Solar System cultivators would attack them first!

At the end of the day, the many young talents who died at the Heavenly Creek... were just sacrificial lambs for the powers of the Mirror World!

They should have had better futures. Even if they didn’t manage to enter the Solar System, based on their talent, they should have progressed farther.


But now, their future was smashed.

However, to most people, this was no cause for them to derail plans to attack the Solar System

To them, this defeat was as a result of a plot from the Solar System saints against the Mirror World.

"They set us up!"

"How despicable! How dare they call themselves saints!"


"These shameless saints destroyed out road!"


"They did not even bat an eyelid when they killed so many of our talents. We cannot let this matter rest!"

These voices quickly drowned out the voices of doubt. Furthermore, they suppressed yet another fact - the road was fake. It was all just a ploy from the cold blooded powers of the Mirror World.

Chu Yu did not believe that there wasn’t someone behind all of this.

However, at this point, he could not be less bothered.

All he wanted to do was find Lin Shi and ensure that she was safe.

Even Xu Xiaoxian’s goodbye did not change his mind.


He did feel the demonic girl’s subtle feelings for him.

But all he could do was pretend like he did not know.

He could not let Lin Shi down!

The ambience in the Sky Dazed School was solemn.

Those students walking around in the school compound lost the liveliness of before. Each of them was incredibly solemn.

Even though it was not an aura of death, the incident at the Heavenly Creek had clearly affected every corner of the Mirror World.

Chu Yu’s return to the school also did not cause any commotion.

No one asked him why Xu Xiaoxian did not return with him.

All in all, everyone in the Mirror World’s first school was still overwhelmed by the news.

After asking a few students, Chu Yu found out that the Butterfly Dance Immortal had took Lin Shi away the moment she returned.

Yan Xudong was also gravely injured. It was a good thing he had two treasures on him that saved his life. However, for the near future, he had to rest and recuperate.

Chu Yu should be relaxing after hearing that Lin Shi was taken away by her master. With Butterfly Dance’s abilities, Lin Shi should be fine as long as she breathed.


However, Chu Yu was still worried. This worry and unsettled feeling was completely illogical.

If not for that incident, if Lin Shi had not cleansed her memory, if he did not find the secret that Lin Shi left behind before she cleansed her memory -

Chu Yu himself may have never realized that Lin Shi’s feelings for him had never changed.

Was Xu Xiaoxian good?

Very good!

Extremely Good!




High EQ!

Furthermore, she was someone that was not afraid to stand up for herself and her friends!

Even though she always tried to act innocent, after so long with her, Chu Yu knew that Xu Xiaoxian was a true demonic girl and extremely vicious.


However, when she was around him, she was extremely tame and nice.


Even though she would disturb him every now and then, Chu Yu knew that she never intended to harm him.

To be frank, Lin Shi may be a beauty, but Xu Xiaoxian was an immortal beauty of the nine heavens in comparison.


Xu Xiaoxian had many qualities going for her, however, Chu Yu still could not give up Lin Shi.

This was the relationship that they had forged since young.

Even up till today, Chu Yu did not know if this was true love.

However, he knew that if they were forced into a corner with only one chance of survival, he would give that opportunity to Lin Shi without hesitation!

In the end, Chu Yu came to the location where the Butterfly Dance Immortal was isolating herself. He went up to one of her servants and requested an audience with Butterfly Dance.


"You are... Song Hong? The Song Hong who just joined the school?"

Even though she was just a servant, she was rather lofty and aloof because she served the Butterfly Dance Immortal.

She sized Chu Yu up, not having the self awareness a servant should have.

"That’s right, I am Song Hong." Chu Yu nodded and looked at this seemingly young, mature, but clearly not youthful servant, "I heard that Lin Shi is hurt. I have some experience with medicine, so, I can..."

"Go back, this has nothing to do with you." Before Chu Yu could finish, the servant interrupted him.

Her attitude was clearly horrible.

Chu Yu felt that it was strange. He had never seen this servant before, so he definitely did not offend her.

So why is she talking to me in this tone?



Chu Yu wanted to explain that all he was trying to do was help.

"Did you not hear what I said? Scram!" The servant said ferociously as she furrowed her eyebrows. Her body radiated an icy aura as she glared at Chu Yu.

Chu Yu frowned too, his gaze becoming more and more icy.

However, at this time, he suddenly realized that in the depths of this servant’s icy gaze, there was a faint sense of anxiety.

Before he could think about anything else, a faint voice rung out.

"Ask him to come in!"

The servant immediately replied, "Yes!"

Chu Yu could feel that a flash of worry blinked in the servant’s eyes. Then, she did not look at him anymore as she guided him inside.

Upon entering the cave, they passed through a long corridor and arrived at a door. The servant said, "We are here."

The servant never raised her head. All she did was shuffle her feet on the ground before she turned and left.

After the servant left, Chu Yu lowered his head and looked at where the servant had stepped. There were two words neatly written in the ground.

"Be careful."

There were only two words.

Chu Yu’s heart palpitated, Could this be a setup?

But, since he was here, there was no retreat.

In the moment that he hesitated, the servant who was just about to leave, suddenly exploded!

She did not even have the chance to scream before she turned into a cloud of blood.

Chu Yu’s heart turned cold. He finally understood what this servant was trying to do all along. At the same time, he was incredibly angry!

He felt indignant for Lin Shi. She had sent herself into the lion’s den.

At this point, the scene in front of Chu Yu changed and so did his expression!

He stood in the middle of the street. He was surrounded by traffic and tall buildings... large screens floated in the air, airing various commercials.

This was how the Earth looked like in the current era!

Damn it!


Lin Shi had been made!


Chu Yu’s immediately thought of this eventuality.

All of a sudden, the scene in front of him changed and he found himself in a guest hall.

There was an ancient table and four chairs.

On the table was a two foot long vase. Inside the vase were a few stalks of flowers giving off a faint, crisp aroma.

However, Chu Yu was still quite creeped out. He felt that this vase was emanating a strange aura.

There seemed to be no one in the room and he began to analyze the pictures on the vase.

The vase was extremely intricate and colorful. The side facing Chu Yu was one of the mountains and lakes.


The art was exquisite and it looked extremely real.


Chu Yu frowned, then walked a few steps to the other side and stared at the vase.


His gaze was fixated sternly on that side.

On the other side was a lady who looked exactly like Lin Shi!

All of a sudden, Chu Yu had a feeling that this girl on the vase was the real Lin Shi!

She’s looking at me!

This was the strongest feeling Chu Yu felt when he turned around.


Chu Yu raised his hand and rubbed his eyes in disbelief.

At this point, that faint voice of a lady rang out again, "Return to Earth and do something for me and I will spare her life."

An icy aura rose from Chu Yu’s tailbone and rushed to the back of his head.


His body began shivering uncontrollably.

But... she was still in trouble!

"Do you find it strange?"

The Butterfly Lord Immortal’s silhouette appeared in front of Chu Yu.

She was extremely pretty as she smiled and looked at Chu Yu, "I never expected that such a young lady would have such courage to cleanse her memory and feelings to protect her home and protect her love..."


"Butterfly Dance Senior, what... happened here?" Chu Yu looked at Butterfly Dance in shock.


"What happened? Song Hong... Sensei Song, haha, you still want to fight huh? What’s the point of acting dumb?"


"Before this, you mysteriously appeared in the Song Country and saved the princess of the Purple Cloud Constabulary, Liu Yuyan."

"Then, you revealed your powers in the Purple Cloud School, showing the world your pill refining skills..."

"Haha... you come from the Solar System... Sensei Song, or should I say... Mr Chu?"

Butterfly Dance was calm as she smirked, recounting all of Chu Yu’s experiences since he entered the Mirror World.

Then she looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "Yet, I could not find any background on you. Even this time, with so many superior talents left dead at the Heavenly Creek, you managed to return unscathed?"


"I don’t know what you’re talking about..." Chu Yu shrugged his shoulders as he laughed in bitterness and exasperation.

"It’s okay, I can slowly talk it out with you." Butterfly Dance looked at Chu Yu and smiled, "Lin Shi was vicious and brave enough, but she did not understand. Self cleansing... is not flawless. Of course, if not for the fact that she was gravely injured this time, even I would have been helpless."

Butterfly Dance smiled, "What a pity... this is fate! This is your destiny!"

"She was gravely injured, and her soul damaged. But her soul kept vibrating. More importantly, she kept calling out two names, one was Song Hong, the other... Chu Yu."

Butterfly Dance smiled brightly at Chu Yu, "Coincidentally, there’s this secretive man named Song Hong who is quite famous."

"You’re mistaken." Chu Yu laughed bitterly, "I came here to help. Not only are you not appreciative, you’re talking about strange things. Forget it, I should take my leave."

As Chu Yu spoke, he stood up and prepared to leave.

"Stand right there!"


The Butterfly Dance Immortal’s voice was light, but stern.

Chu Yu stood with his back towards the Butterfly Dance Immortal. By this point, his gaze was icy.

"Come back, sit down." Butterfly Dance said flatly.

Chu Yu took a deep breath, turned around and sat down. He said in exasperation, "I’m afraid you’ve misunderstood."

"Misunderstood? No."

Butterfly Dance looked at Chu Yu calmly and said, "I checked it out before. Let’s not delve into the process, the result is what’s interesting."


She smiled brightly, "I never expected that both of you came from Earth, how strange!"
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