Chapter 275: Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect

Chapter 275: Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect

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Chu Yu picked up and Xu Xiaoxian’s crisp voice rang out, "How is it?"


Chu Yu felt warmth in his heart, "Still okay."

"What does that mean?" Xu Xiaoxian could tell that Chu Yu was solemn and depressed.

"She knows where I come from."


"Lin Shi was severely injured and her soul had some problems. I don’t know what techniques that woman used to get the information." Chu Yu said.

After a moment of silence, Xu Xiaoxian said, "Lin Shi is in her hands right?"

"Mm." Chu Yu replied softly.

"And she’s using Lin Shi to threaten you?" Xu Xiaoxian asked.

"Yup." Chu Yu replied.


Xu Xiaoxian sighed again. After yet another moment of silence, she said, "This woman is too powerful. At their level, they have incredible techniques. You were right not to act rashly, else, Lin Shi may be in danger."

Chu Yu nodded. He had suppressed the urge to kill Butterfly Dance because of this consideration.

He was scared!


Even if he could kill Butterfly Lord in a single blow, what if that was just one of her bodies?

Much like the Worm Lord, she may have multiple bodies.

Killing one will just enrage the others.

At the end of the day, he was just too weak compared to these ancient powers.


Chu Yu felt extremely helpless and exasperated.


The three life saving furs were exhaustible.

"Did she force you to do something?" Xu Xiaoxian asked.

"Nothing much." Chu Yu said.

"I... I can probably help you solve..."

"It’s okay, I can handle this myself, it’s no big deal." Chu Yu said.

Over on the other side, Xu Xiaoxian seemed to be calm, but her beautiful eyes were turning misty.

"Okay then, you take care." Xu Xiaoxian quickly switched off her messenger.


Then, tears rolled down her face.

"Hmph, what’s the big deal? Xu Xiaoxian, you are so useless!"

"Who are you? You are the princess of the Heavenly Demonic Sect!"

"Why must you like a person who does not like you?"


"Why are you crying?"

"Shouldn’t you be the one making others cry?"

Xu Xiaoxian sobbed. Then, she raised her hand to wipe away the tears. She looked in the mirror and saw a beautiful lady with reddened eyes. She closed her eyes briefly.


When she reopened her eyes, the redness disappeared.

The person in the mirror was cold, aloof and icy.

"Xu Xiaoxian, remember your identity! Relationships are not yours. From today onwards, you’re the... Sect Leader of the Heavenly Demonic Sect!"

Then, she said softly, "Come on in."

Two beautiful servants brought in elegant clothes as they entered, their heads lowered.

Soon after, a young, elegant beauty walked out from inside. She had a purple golden crown and was clad in a yellow cape.


She exuded an incredibly icy aura!

Beneath her feet were 999 steps. Behind her was a gigantic palace!

The palace was incredibly magnificent and exuded and ancient sense of Dao.


From afar, this palace was in the middle of a humongous mountain.

This mountain was known as the Heavenly Demonic Mountain!

A huge courtyard lay below the 999 steps.

The courtyard stretched to the horizon!

Yet, at this point, this gargantuan courtyard was filled with people.

At the very front, closest to the steps, were two men, one younger than the other.

The older one had jet black hair and not much wrinkles. He had a long beard, lively eyes and generally looked well groomed.

The youth looked rather immature. He looked like he was smiling even whilst resting. However, his voice was old and his hair was white.


These two men were the Heavenly Demonic Sect custodians.

The older one was the Left Custodian. He was known as Jade Legendary Emperor Du Can!


The younger one was the Right Custodian. He was known as the black hearted doll, and his name was Lu Shichu.

Behind them were four people, three males and one female, who were suppressing their auras.

They were four of the most powerful in the Heavenly Demonic Sect!

One of the males was a little over one meter tall. He was also very plump and looked like a meatball as he stood there.

His name was Ouyang Zong, more affectionately known as the Demonic World’s Executioner.

The other male was 1.9m in height. He was yellow skinned and skinny, looking like a bamboo pole as he stood there. His name was Zhou Yang and he was affectionately known as Bamboo Pole Heavenly Lord.

The third man was of medium build, over 1.7m tall and had an exquisite face. His two brows were neat and his hair nicely bound up. He was clad in a robe.

This man was Xu Yu, and was known as the Jade Heavenly Lord.

He was also Xu Xiaoxian’s uncle.

The lady was extremely elegant. Her skin was white and her face exquisite. She was also 1.7m tall and she wore a purple long dress. Her hair was also bummed up neatly.

She was the only female Heavenly Lord in the Heavenly Demonic Sect. Her name was Li Mutong, her alias, Black Hearted Viper.

Everyone who knew her knew that she was not one to be trifled with.

Even when the Heavenly Demonic Sect was scattered and broken, no one dared to antagonize her.

If your plot failed against others, you would just die, but if you failed when going up against Li Mutong, the consequences were worse than death!

She could seal and send a person’s soul into anything.

A doll... a chicken... basically whatever she wanted...

And once you were sealed, there was no way to break out.

This feeling was worse than death.


Behind the four Heavenly Lords were eight superior warrior attendants, 32 elders, 108 administrators, 108 section heads and 3600 stewards.

Behind these people were countless Heavenly Demonic members.


There were hundreds of thousands of them.

Other than the two custodians and the four Heavenly Lords, the other leaders were replaced some time back.

The Heavenly Demonic Sect has previously crumbled, but the two custodians and the four Heavenly Lords had been extremely loyal. They wanted to make the Heavenly Demonic Sect rise again.


All these years, the had been living and developing in the dark.

The Heavenly Demonic Sect had crumbled too quickly back then, so a large amount of resources and wealth were left behind.

With the hard work of the six of them, the Heavenly Demonic Sect had regained some of their power.

However, the choice of leader had always been up in the air.

All this while, Left Custodian Du Can has eyed that position for a long time.

However Right Custodian Lu Shichu insisted that Xu Xiaoxian, the descendent of the old sect leader, should take over!

Ever since Xu Xiaoxian was born, she was destined for that role!


She had unimaginable reputation and influence in the Heavenly Demonic Sect.

The main reason why this group could still gather here was because they had heard that the princess had returned and was going to become the sect leader!

Amongst the four Heavenly Lords, Ouyang Zong was a loyal subordinate to the old sect leader, thus, he supported Xu Xiaoxian.

Zhou Yang was from Du Can’s camp.

Xu Yu did not support his own niece initially.

He was the son of the old sect leader.

He felt that he was the most qualified to take over the post.

Sadly, support for him was low.

Xu Yu was also one who valued blood over water. Seeing that he stood no chance, he decided to support Xu Xiaoxian.


As for Black Hearted Viper Li Mutong, she was always neutral.

She looked like she was in the middle and did not care who was the sect leader.

However, no one knew what she was actually thinking.

Under such circumstances, it would not be so easy for Xu Xiaoxian to become the sect leader.

However, all this while, there was a power behind the sect leader - the overlords!

These were all people who were ex Custodians, Heavenly Lords and Superior Warrior Attendants.

They were extremely powerful and would not meddle in daily affairs. However, when it came to choosing a sect leader, their opinions were extremely powerful.

This time, after Xu Xiaoxian returned from the Devastated World, she went to meet with the Overlords in secret.

After she left, the overlords immediately sent a message to the Heavenly Demonic Sect’s leadership, telling them that they supported Xu Xiaoxian to become sect leader.

As such, Xu Xiaoxian’s place as the next sect leader was cemented.


Even though Du Can and his supporters were unhappy, they did not dare to go against the will of the Overlords.


Amongst the Overlords were a number of saints!

Du Can stood right at the front of the crowd. As he raised his head to look at the elegant beauty, his eyes were filled with desire.

That young girl of the past has grown up!

Du Can thought to himself, She’s usable now.

Lu Shichu glanced icily at Du Can, her gaze filled with warning.

Du Can ignored him. The two of them had very little interactions with each other.

Xu Xiaoxian stood at the peak. Her expression was calm as she stared out at the boundless crowd. She could feel Du Can’s gaze on her.


She smiled faintly, but did not speak.

At this point, an old man appeared from thin air and stood next to Xu Xiaoxian.

He wore a large robe and his hair was unkempt and looked like a bird’s nest. He was clearly aged, with wrinkles as deep as canals.

However, his eyes were bright and pure, almost as if he was still a youth.

The moment he appeared, Du Can immediately stop looking at Xu Xiaoxian. He bowed, "Greetings, Elder Tai Yi!"

Lu Shichu and the four Heavenly Lords also followed suit, bowing deeply, "Greetings, Elder Tai Yi!"

Tai Yi was one of the older Overlords. He was already a saint!

This time, he had pushed for Xu Xiaoxian to become the next sect leader.


At this point, everyone in the surroundings all said in unison, "Greetings, Elder Tai Yi!"

Tai Yi looked down at the crowd and nodded, "Begin!"



A loud bong echoed out throughout the entire space. It felt like the entire earth was vibrating with each bong!

Then, the gong was rung again and again for a total of 108 times!

All of a sudden, the entire Heavenly Demonic Mountain was silent!

Tai Yi said loudly, "Descendant Tai Yi is here to pray and inform the ancestors of the sect that we are here to choose a new sect leader..."
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