Chapter 276: The power of a Legendary Emperor

Chapter 276: The power of a Legendary Emperor

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Outside the Sky Dazed City.

Chu Yu felt like he was being watched the moment he stepped out.


It was an extremely icy feeling. His opponent did not even bother hiding his hostile intentions!

The air in front of him began to twist and warp.

Then, a few figure walked over.

All of them looked similar. They were all clad in black capes, wore black caps and masked their faces.


Chu Yu did not hesitate, turned and walked away.


Go back to the city!

He used the racing sacred art and his speed was incredible. Almost like a phantom, he returned to the Sky Dazed City.

All of those figures also turned into black smoke and chased.

They all locked onto Chu Yu.

Chu Yu rushed for the Butterfly Dance’s isolation location.

At the same time, he used his mental energy to let out a wave of energy!




In that instant, the entire Sky Dazed City was alerted.

Many powers were all woken by this wave of energy.

At this point, those one of those figures chasing Chu Yu also let out a terrifying wave of mental energy.

"The Worm Lord is looking for revenge, everyone else, stand down!"



They were so arrogant to make such an announcement in the Sky Dazed City!

But what was more shocking was that, the figures who had appeared in vision immediately retreated upon hearing the order!

Chu Yu was shocked, but he did not fluster.

Liu Fenghui had warned him before that the Worm Lord was not so easy to kill and would come looking for revenge.

Chu Yu was always on the alert. He was just testing the water when he stepped out of the city.

Very quickly, Chu Yu returned to the Butterfly Dance’s location. The moment he raised his head, he saw Butterfly Dance standing in front of him, her expression ugly.


Chu Yu felt some joy in his heart, but his expression was fearful.


"Someone is trying to kill me!"

Butterfly Dance glared at Chu Yu, then blocked Chu Yu with her body. She faced the pursuers and said icily, "This man is under my protection."

"Legendary Emperor Butterfly Dance?"

The subordinates of the Worm Lord were also quite afraid of Butterfly Dance.

Other than saints, Legendary Emperors were without equal. When faced with a Legendary Emperor, they did not dare to be too impudent.

"It’s me." Butterfly Dance looked at this crowd icily, "Go back and tell the Worm Lord that this ends here, let’s not meddle in each other’s affairs..."

"That’s impossible!" The black robed man who had warned the others off was extremely stubborn and determined.

"Hmm?" Butterfly Dance suddenly exploded with a terrifying aura.

She looked at him extremely calmly, "What did you say?"

"I said, that’s impossible." The black robed man revealed half of his face and replied icily, "This man has a huge feud with master, we kindly request Butterfly Dance Immortal not to get involved."

"What if I want to get involved?" Butterfly Dance said icily.

"Then, even if we die, we must fight." The black robed man said flatly, "We have no intention to go against the Sky Dazed City and yourself. We just want to catch this man."

This man had killed a body of the Worm Lord, and that was punishable by death.


For countless years, anyone who dared to antagonize the Worm Lord all suffered terrible fates.

For someone who had killed one of the bodies of the Worm Lord, that was an even more serious crime.

The Worm Lord’s main body had been startled, else, he would not have sent out this assassination team.

This assassination team was made up of the Worm Lord’s most trusted aides!

The kind who would never betray him!

They were also one of the most terrifying assets at the Worm Lord’s disposal.

At this point, the Butterfly Dance frowned as she turned back to look at Chu Yu.

Even though she did not know this group in front of her well, she could feel their determination.

Clearly, this little fella must have seriously angered the Worm Lord.

Else, based on the Worm Lord’s habits, it was virtually impossible that he would send such a team to charge into the Sky Dazed City.

"What did you do to anger the Worm Lord?"

Butterfly Dance used the Voice Transmission Technique to ask Chu Yu.

"I killed one of his bodies." Chu Yu replied.


Butterfly Dance could not help but gasp. Her expressionless eyes revealed traces of awe.


A small cultivator like Song Hong, who had not even reached the True Lord realm, can kill one of the Worm Lord’s bodies?


She was also just a body!


But if she used all of her powers, she could smash a planet to smithereens.


She could kill a bunch of cultivators like Chu Yu.

"You’re lying!"

Butterfly Dance was clearly emotional.

"It’s okay even if you don’t believe."

Chu Yu knew she wouldn’t believe him.

Even he himself couldn’t believe that he and Xu Xiaoxian managed to snuff out one of the Worm Lord’s bodies in the Devastated World.

When he thought of Xu Xiaoxian, Chu Yu’s thoughts began to wander.

However, he pulled them back quickly.

Butterfly Dance did not believe Chu Yu. She turned around and looked at this crowd, "Give me some face."


"No way!" The leader shook his head, ignoring Butterfly Dance’s anger, "No one can defy the Worm Lord’s orders. Else, we will die when we get back anyways."


"Then you all can die now!"

Butterfly Dance raged!

She was a Legendary Emperor, only second to saints.


Even though she did not want to antagonize the Worm Lord, she was not scared of him.

Furthermore, she was not up against the Worm Lord, just a bunch of his subordinates!

They attacked almost simultaneously!

Butterfly Dance’s body exploded in a ball of light, more glaring than the sun!

Even though Chu Yu had his back to her, at this point, he still felt a burning sensation in his eyes.

He was stunned, Is this the true power of a Legendary Emperor?

The dozen black robed men formed a magical formation almost instantly.


Even though they were not as powerful as the Butterfly Dance, their combined power was not to be underestimated.

Furthermore, they were all adept at using worms.


Almost instantly, millions of worms flew towards Butterfly Dance!

Butterfly Dance chuckled icily, "Do you all really think you’re invincible just because you have a few idiotic worms?"


Light exploded from her body and vaporized the incoming worms.

However, some of the dust like worms still managed to survive and land on Butterfly Dance.

At her cultivation level, she can keenly feel every atom, much less a speck of dust.

As such, all the worms that were sent to attack her were killed by her sacred arts.

Then, she raised her hand and slapped the leading black robed man.


The entire Sky Dazed City shook!

The power of a Legendary Emperor was incredible.

It was a good thing many saints set down restrictions here, else, if this was a normal planet, Butterfly Dance’s attack would crush half the planet.


The black robed men bellowed in rage.

Black smoke was emitted from their bodies and it formed a huge black figure.


It was like a black god!

It’s eyes shot out two rays of divine light at Butterfly Dance.



Butterfly Dance bellowed as she spat out a ray of white light.

When the white light met the light from the black god, it felt like the entire world lost its color.

This was too scary!


This was a test of pure energy.


All battle techniques lost all meaning in this moment.


Chu Yu understood many things in this moment.

Then, he looked at Butterfly Dance. She was still rooted to her spot.

Her body radiated with light. If he used his divine sense, he would see a huge, towering figure!

Almost like a god was present!

And she was only a Legendary Emperor.



After a huge explosion, Chu Yu felt like he was going to be shaken to death.

The roaring blood in his veins sprung into action, radiating a wave of energy that enveloped him.


Chu Yu yelled.

This bloody b*tch clearly did not care about how he felt. She was clearly trying to take revenge for Chu Yu commanding her previously.

Rays of energy, visible to the naked eye, rose from the Sky Dazed City’s ground. They formed countless defences to block the energy.

After almost a dozen minutes, things finally calmed down.

Butterfly Dance still stood there, her expression calm.

The dozen black robed men were nowhere to be seen.

Chu Yu could not help but gasp.

Those black robed men were not weak!


Some of them could even be Divine Lords!

Yet, they were no match for Butterfly Dance.

At this point, a voice could be heard in the air, "The Worm Lord will not let you off!"

Butterfly Dance hugged, then swatted away that voice.

Then, she turned back and glared at Chu Yu, "Get out of here! Boy, remember this, if you can’t get that item, I will chase you all the way back to your home and make your entire family into wooden dolls! Then I’ll burn them!"

Chu Yu felt immense rage, B*tch, don’t give me a chance. If I ever have a chance, I’ll never let you off!

At this point, figures appeared in front of them.

But before this, Butterfly Dance used a wave of energy to throw Chu Yu out of the Sky Dazed City.


At the same time, she used the Voice Transmission Technique to command Chu Yu, "Scram!"

Chu Yu took control of his body in mid air.

At the same time, he could feel a lot of divine senses fall on him before he flew out of the city.

However, they did not do anything to him.

Chu Yu thought to himself, Clearly, Legendary Emperor Butterfly Dance is quite high ranking in the Sky Dazed City.

His body landed thousands of miles outside the Sky Dazed City.

After taking a deep breath, he turned back to glance at the Sky Dazed City, Shishi, wait for me, I will definitely save you!

Then, he turned and left.

Inside the Sky Dazed City.

Butterfly Dance looked at the people in front of her and said flatly, "A sensei in the Sky Dazed City antagonized the Worm Lord."

All of them frowned.

However, someone said flatly, "The Worm Lord? He was once the Superior Warrior Attendant of the Heavenly Demonic Sect... even though he is difficult to handle, but he can be taken down. How dare he come to the Sky Dazed City to find trouble?"

Another said, "Does he think that everyone in the Sky Dazed City is just for show?"

Butterfly Dance waved her hand, "It’s okay, just teach the Worm Lord a lesson and let him know never to make trouble in the Sky Dazed School. We really can’t afford to confront the Worm Lord head on."

"You’re right..." An elderly man sighed, "After all, there are countless people in the Sky Dazed City..."

"Exactly, that’s why we must weed out those who play with worms and kill him!" A rather young cultivator said icily.

Butterfly Dance glanced at him, did not say anything, turned and returned to her place of isolation.


The young cultivator was slightly embarrassed, but the others immediately knew what was going on.


An elderly man pat the young cultivator on the shoulders and left.

A few others also followed suit.

In the end, he was the only one left.

He looked at the location where Butterfly Dance isolated herself, his expression unwilling.

Everyone knew that he was pursuing Butterfly Dance, but she never thought highly of him.

After some thought, he said solemnly, "I will definitely kill the Worm Lord and bring his head to you!"

Then, he turned and left.
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