Chapter 277: Heavenly Cauldron

Chapter 277: Heavenly Cauldron

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There were many people who would do anything for love, and he was one of them. Even though he knew the result, he could not help himself.

If the Worm Lord was so easy to kill, how could he live for so long? And why would he dare to charge into the Sky Dazed City so audaciously?

The reason why even saints did not dare to antagonize the Worm Lord was because not only did the Worm Lord have godlike abilities, he was extremely cunning and had countless forms.

He was able to revive himself with a single drop of blood. It was not wise to antagonize such people.

If Chu Yu had known about this, even if he would still go save Liu Yuyan, he would think twice and use more subtle techniques.

The person pursuing Butterfly Dance was named Fan Sheng. He came from quite a reputable family and his ancestor was a powerful saint.


He was already a Legendary Emperor from some time back.

He was a few thousand years older than Butterfly Dance...

This age gap may seem big for an ordinary person, but in the cultivation world, an age gap of a few thousand years was not particularly large.

Yet, Butterfly Dance was extremely picky about her partner and had yet to be moved by any of her pursuers.

Even though Fan Sheng was one of her most stubborn pursuers who had worked hard for many years, someone enraged the Butterfly Dance when his chance finally came!

Even though he knew this incident stemmed from the Sky Dazed School’s sensei Song Hong, he did not hate Song Hong. Rather, he was grateful towards Song Hong.

If not for this, how would he get the opportunity to show off?

If he knew what was happening, perhaps he would not think this way.

Sadly, Butterfly Dance did not say anything, and he... thought too much.

As such, something that would stun the entire Mirror World was about to begin.

However, right now, neither Chu Yu, Butterfly Dance, or Fan Sheng himself could not imagine where this would end up going.

At this point, Chu Yu was already on the way back to Song Country.

His students were still there.

Chu Yu was rather pleased with himself, especially how he played Butterfly Dance.

He knew he was playing with fire.

But he didn’t really care.

If he really got the sword from Earth and gave it to Butterfly Dance, there could only be two ways this would end.

The first ending, was that he would be subordinate to Butterfly Dance, the other... was death.

From the very beginning, Chu Yu never thought of seeing through this errand,

But he still did not know how to save Lin Shi from Butterfly Dance.

It was way too difficult to save someone from a Legendary Emperor.


He had three strands of that life saving fur, but he only had the three strands!

Other than this, he had no other powerful backup, everyone else was the enemy!

Even if the Purple Cloud and the Song Country stood with him, it would not matter.


They were too weak!

In comparison to the rest of the Mirror World, they were too weak.

If he didn’t come to the Mirror World, Chu Yu may still have been optimistic.

However, even with powerful cultivators like Yue Ying from the Solar System, Chu Yu still felt immense pressure on his shoulders.

He could not help but feel suffocated.

He had been feeling this way for the longest time.

When he returned to the Song Country, he found the entire country celebrating.

Only then did he remember that the Purple Cloud School was now a superior school, and it was a top 50, tier three school!

Furthermore, after the recent trip to the Devastated World, many of the superior schools had suffered immense losses.

The initially apprehensive Purple Cloud School had gained a huge advantage!

Many of the students had spent time in the Sky Dazed School and managed to learn superior techniques in the many months they were there.


More importantly, their horizons had been broadened.

Even though they were not as powerful as the very best schools, at the very least, they had the confidence to make it back into the top 200 at the next interschool championships.

As such, Chu Yu’s return was great news for the entire country!

Many people rushed over to see him and welcome their hero home.

However, even before Chu Yu got a chance to talk to his students, the Song Royal Family summoned him.

The emperor wanted to see him.

"Why does the Emperor want to see me?" Chu Yu frowned.

The Purple Cloud Principal who had come to receive Chu Yu thought about it, "He probably just wants to thank you. Don’t think so much, just go!"


Chu Yu’s deeds at the Sky Dazed City had not yet spread.

As such, up till now, the Purple Cloud was still ecstatic.


Chu Yu followed the aide from the Royal Family and entered the palace.

Over here, Chu Yu did not see the Song Emperor.

There was no one in the palace.

Why invite me over and not show up?


Just as Chu Yu was questioning himself, an old man appeared in front of him.


"I am Song Qing."

Chu Yu looked at the old man, slightly taken aback.

This old man looked quite ordinary, but upon closer inspection, a faint Dao could be felt from his body.

After Chu Yu’s body had been reformed, his eyes gained much of the abilities of his vertical eye. He was now able to see things usual cultivators could not.

It could be said that there was little fakery he could not see through.


However, for some reason, he could not see through this old man.


"I am Song Hong." Chu Yu cupped his fist and bowed.


The old man nodded, "I had heard much about you my friend. You are a real talent, the best of the best."


"You flatter me, I am not that good." Chu Yu had no idea where this old man was going with this, so he replied humbly.


"I did not." This old man smiled warmly and invited Chu Yu to sit.

"I have been following you since you’ve been at the Purple Cloud School."

"At that time, I heard that a young man had managed the pill refining section extremely well. I was rather assured." This old man chuckled, "Little did I expect that there were more surprises to come. You actually managed to get such stunning results at the interschool championships. This was almost godlike."


"You really do flatter me." Chu Yu smiled.

Song Qing suddenly asked, "Where are you from?"

Chu Yu replied, "A small, unknown planet."

"Haha is that so? If the Earth is unknown, then there is no famous place in this entire limitless universe." Song Qing laughed.

Chu Yu’s heart fluttered, but he remained expressionless, "What is Earth?"

But he thought to himself, Did Liu Fenghui tell the Royal Family?

Song Qing laughed, "Since you’ve already told the Purple Cloud Constabulary Leader, why do you hide from me? Could it be that you think the Purple Cloud can be trusted but the Royal Family cannot?"



Chu Yu raised his head and said honestly, "Can you be trusted?"

The old man’s eyebrows danced, "Of course!"

"I do not know how the people on the Ground Planet are now, but back in the past, our word is golden!" Song Qing sighed lightly and looked at Chu Yu.

"How is our homeland now?"

Song Qing was sincere, his voice Low and solemn, almost as if he was reminiscing.


Ground planet?

Is that what the cultivators then called the Earth now?

With things as they are now, Chu Yu had no plans on hiding anything. He nodded, "Decades ago, the seals were broken and we returned from our pocket dimensions. Now, virtually everyone can cultivate. However, we are a far cry from the Mirror World."

Song Qing smiled and shook his head, "You’re wrong!"

"Hmm?" Chu Yu looked at Song Qing with confusion.

Song Qing said, "Do you know why it is called Ground Planet?"


Chu Yu shook his head.

Song Qing sighed, raised his head, and exclaimed, "Ground Planet, Emperor Planet!" [1]

Emperor Planet?

Chu Yu frowned and looked at the old man, "Emperor?"

The old man nodded, "The universe is endless. The sky had no limit and no one knows where the earth ends. However, the Ground Planet is also the Emperor Planet!"


Chu Yu was stunned, this was the first time he had heard about this.

If what this man said was true, then the Earth’s origins... were too scary!

The Earth was actually from the phrase Heaven and Earth? Yet, it was also Emperor?


How powerful was it?

"Initially, the universe was like a chicken egg. Everything was mixed together, and there was no difference between Heaven and Earth."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu, "Then, the chaos parted, clear air rose to form Heaven whilst foul air sank to form Earth. Our homeland was formed right from the very beginning.

"Ahem... but I heard that the universe is over 20 billion years old, Earth is only 4 billion years old..." Chu Yu said.

The old man smiled, "I don’t know where you heard this from, but it is wrong."

"..." Chu Yu was speechless.

The eyes of the old man were filled with reminiscence. After a moment of silence, he looked at Chu Yu, "Friend, the origins of that place are incredibly great. 60 million years... have buried too many things."

"Please tell me more." Chu Yu requested humbly.

The old man said, "This universe is more than a trillion years old. There had been extremely prosperous times where many Heavenly Emperors came from Earth. As a result, it was known as Emperor Planet."

"Each Heavenly Emperor ruled one area. In the end, the Emperor Planet was absorbed into the Heavenly Court. The old master the Heavenly Court made a Heavenly Cauldron and placed it on Earth. However, for some reason, the cauldron exploded into nine pieces, never to be seen again."

"Nine Cauldron?" Chu Yu knew about the Nine Cauldron.

It was said that each of the nine pieces were in Kyshu.

This was recorded in the annals of history.


I wonder if the Nine Cauldron he’s talking about is related to that.

Song Qing glanced at Chu Yu, "The shattering of the Heavenly Cauldron signifies the end of an era. Before long, the Heavenly Court crumbled. Some Heavenly Emperors died in battle and the master of the Heavenly Court disappeared. His whereabouts are a mystery to this day."

"Since you entered the Devastated World and came out unscathed, and you managed to dodge what happened at the Heavenly Creek... it must be fate."

"This is why I told you about all this."

Song Qing looked at Chu Yu and whispered, "Do you know why all the powers of the universe attacked the Solar System 60 million years ago?"

"No idea." Chu Yu shook his head.

His master had told him that the Heart Catastrophe would strike when certain conditions were met.

Demon Lord Snow had also said that once it struck... every life form would be killed.

But these were all difficult concepts for Chu Yu to grasp.

Song Qing explained, "Qi exists between Heaven and Earth. All life forms depend on Qi for survival. Once Qi is broken, everything dies."

"When life forms cultivate to a certain level, their Qi... is incredibly awe inspiring!"

"When there are too many of such powers, their Qi will begin to affect the other life forms and affect the entire universe."

"There is another strange rule in the universe, all beings are equal."

The old man sighed, "When the amount of Qi reaches a certain level, this law will take effect. Before this, that cauldron could balance and record the amount of Qi..."

Chu Yu was stunned when he heard this.

This was the first time Chu Yu was hearing about this. He did not hear this from the monkey or Snow.

Did they withhold this information on purpose? Is the old man talking rubbish? What other reason could there be?

Song Qing continued, "No one knows why the Heavenly Cauldron shattered, but we postulate that if one can find and rebuild the nine cauldron, then One can find out how much Qi the world has left..."

He looked at Chu Yu, "As such, even though that battle was said to be a battle for sainthood... it was actually a battle to control the fate of this this universe!"

"Anyone who controls the Heavenly Cauldron... would become... the new master of the Heavenly Court!

The old man smiled, "Is this position tempting?"

[1] a play on the similarity between the mandarin word ground, and the word Emperor.
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