Chapter 279: Bastion of the Stars

Chapter 279: Bastion of the Stars

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Seeing her expression filled with vitality, Chu Yu laughed.

He knew that these youths were not stupid and they knew the consequences of their choices.

However, they still chose to follow him unequivocally.

You could say they were passionate, naive, innocent.

But you couldn’t say that they were stupid.

They knew that they should repay their benefactors. Their master for a day was their master for life, and they would never betray him.

This was a truly valuable and admirable trait.

Chu Yu smiled, "Come, let me teach you all something new!"


Two months later.

Chu Yu donned a black robe and held a long blade in his hand as he stared at the three people in front of him icily.

"Young man, we have been chasing you for more than a month. We have finally found you. This time, you can’t run."

A youth opposite him was handsome but icy and his body exuded an aura of death.

"Haha." Chu Yu chuckled coldly, "Why so I need to run?"

"You’re able to spout such nonsense on the brink of death. You’re just a True Lord cultivator, on this bastion, you’re worse than an ant!"

A middle aged man behind the youth chuckled.

"Then..." As Chu Yu spoke, he used the Racing Sacred Art and disappeared from where he was standing. In the next moment, he appeared in front of the middle aged man.

"Let’s try!"


He chopped down hard!

A blade appeared in the middle aged man’s hand and he matched the strike.

He even smiled in disdain.

This man was a Divine Lord cultivator!

Even though he was not a huge power in this space surrounding the bastion, he had great battle experience and did not think this True Lord would give him any problems.


This middle aged man’s blade broke.

Chu Yu’s blade lost no momentum and continued on its downwards swing, chopping the middle aged man in half.

Even this man’s Nascent God shattered!



Chu Yu spat on him, then looked at the other two stunned cultivators.

He walked towards them slowly and deliberately.

"How is this possible, you’re just a True Lord... how do you have such terrifying battle power?"

"What have we not seen in our many years here? Why should we be scared of such a weakling? Go! Kill him! His sword must be a real treasure!’ That youth shouted coldly.

The two figures disappeared in a flash.


In the next moment, they appeared in front of Chu Yu and attacked.

Yet another two Divine Lords!

Ever since Song Qing brought him here, Chu Yu finally saw the reality of war.

Over here... terrifying battles were happening everyday.

Only now did he know that those powers of the Solar System had been guarding this place for the past 60 million years!

The powers of the Mirror World had also been caught here for 60 million years battling those from the Solar System!

Every decade, there would be a batch of students from all the superior schools.


Why has there been no news of those great graduates?

They were all here!


The three Divine Lords chasing Chu Yu had all come from the Mirror World’s superior schools!

This... was the real battlefield!


Song Qing said that he would guide Chu Yu for three months, but his style was completely different from the monkey!

After sending Chu Yu here, he disappeared!

He told Chu Yu that he would be back in three months to fetch Chu Yu back!

This place was too big. The Mirror World was gargantuan, but it was tiny in comparison to this place!

This place was boundless.

Song Qing told Chu Yu that in the area surrounding the bastion, the Mirror World’s "young" cultivators had been battling it out for years!

"There are virtually no Solar System cultivators here."

"Then why are they killing themselves?"

"For growth and power!"

This was the conversation between Song Qing and Chu Yu when they arrived.

This was a truly dark place, a killing field.

There was no need for reason when killing here!

The survivors were the ones who grew. These people would be given great resources and would be taken under the wings of saints!

Then, they would go to participate in the battle inside the bastion.

Over the past two months, Chu Yu met with many crises.

Initially, with some wit and techniques imparted to him by the monkey, he managed to kill quite a few people.

He was beginning to make a name for himself.

As a result, there was a target on his back.

Of all these people hunting him, these three had been chasing him ever since he got here.

Not only were they high level cultivators, they had immense battle experience!

Chu Yu’s multitude of battle experience was not an advantage here.

These people probably had more experience than him!

Only after Chu Yu broke through to the True Lord Realm a few days back did he decide to wait here and face off with them.


Having killed one, he felt quite a thrill.

He had no fear when facing off against these two others.



The youth held a giant scythe and swiped at Chu Yu.

The entire space around them went into lockdown.

This was a terrifying sacred art, capable of locking down an entire plot of land.

He had already used this technique to kill countless enemies.

Chu Yu’s eyes shot out two rays of divine light.

With a deft turn, he transformed into a bee and disappeared into the air.

"How dare you try to show off your little tricks to me?"

The other man bellowed icily. He retrieved a jade bottle and threw it into the air.

In an instant, a large amount of blue liquid flowed out.

This was revealing water!

This was a special treasure. Upon contact with this water, you would be revealed and returned to your original state.

A figure suddenly appeared in front of him!

This man let out a shout of horror!

He never expected his opponent to be this quick. After his transformation, he did not run, instead, he charged right at him.

He turned to run.

Chu Yu’s blade fell.


This man’s head rolled to the ground.

Chu Yu looked at the blade in his hand and exclaimed, "This blade is not bad!"

This was a spoil of war!

He had gotten this as loot after killing another cultivator!


The youth holding the scythe realized that his sacred art had failed to restrain his opponent. Furthermore, his opponent had used that time to kill his partner. Now that he was alone, he was flustered and furious.

He used his finisher move and the entire air filled with a terrifying killing aura.

Wounds opened up on Chu Yu’s body instantly.

However, this new body of his became unbelievably strong after his breakthrough into the True Lord Realm.

It was almost as if it was made of gold!


Incredibly tough!

In the face of his opponents best moves, all he suffered were some minor scratches.

Such a tough body would strike fear in anyone.

The youth’s scythe swiped and he turned to run.

He knew that he had met his match!

Even though his opponent was of lower cultivation level, he had killed two of them in the blink of an eye.

This was not something he could defeat.


"Want to leave?" Chu Yu’s eyes flashed with fury.


He used the Racing Sacred Art and lunged.

However, just as he was about to split this man in half, he felt an overwhelming sense of terror.

Without hesitation, Chu Yu gave up his chase and dodge to the side.


Then he changed into a cloud of mist!

In an instant, the entire space was enveloped by mist!

This was no ordinary mist. This was a real sacred art. Upon using it, even cultivators two full realms higher than Chu Yu could not find him in the mist!


Divine sense did not work here!

This mist covered the vast expanse of land!

A cold snort could be heard. Then, billions of swords flew towards the mist.


One of them hit Chu Yu’s shoulder.

Chu Yu paled instantly but he did not make a sound.

He knew that he was up against a true power!


This man was incredibly powerful!


The scythe bearing youth was also enveloped by the mist.

But he was not spared. A blade impacted his forehead and he lost his life instantly!


Initially, he had thought he was going to be saved and his eyes revealed surprise and joy.


Even at the point of death, traces of that joy and surprise could still be seen.


A towering figure appeared!

Even in the vast expanse that was the universe, it was still a towering figure.

It’s eyes were gargantuan and they shot out two rays of Divine Light, wanting to pierce the mist and find Chu Yu.

In the moment that blade hit Chu Yu, this figure broke out in a mocking chuckle.


It said softly, "Kill!"


Billions of blades... flew at Chu Yu simultaneously!

In the mist, Chu Yu could see this happening clearly.

Seeing the blades fly towards him, Chu Yu grit his teeth and plucked out the blade. Then, he threw it into the distance.


In the next moment, that area was covered with swords...

Chu Yu’s face was devoid of blood, What is this man’s cultivation level? Why is he so strong?

After that attack, this man realized that he had missed.

He was slightly shocked, "Little ant, you surprise me."

Then, a huge hand reached into the mist as he tried to catch Chu Yu.

Many times, Chu Yu just escaped through his fingers.

This man was furious. He opened his mouth and blew hard!

A strong wind developed and the mist began to move.

However, it moved slowly!

This was a superior sacred art!

How can it be destroyed so easily!

"Interesting... interesting! I never expected to meet an ant with such powerful sacred arts. Good, once I kill you... these will be mine!"

This man said coldly.

Chu Yu hid in the dense mist. He knew that it would all be over soon.

The mist could not last forever.

Some time later, the mist would dissipate and he would be revealed.

All of a sudden, he saw the huge figure shudder!

A planet sized head fell to the ground!

Blood spewed outwards like a giant geyser.

Then, an ordinary sized figure walked over. It held a huge scythe in one hand as it looked at the mist.


Even though Chu Yu was hiding in the mist, he felt like he was being watched/

He looked up in awe. The person’s silver armor hid his/her face, however, the aura that this person exuded was peerless!

This man looked at the mist for a few moments, then left.


It was gone in the blink of an eye.


Chu Yu fell to the ground, gasping for breath.

During this time, he felt like he could not breath!

He did not know who this person was, but this person had saved his life.

After some time, the mist dissipated and Chu Yu stood on this devastated land and looked up at the stars.

Then, he saw balls of light and ice in the farthest reaches.

Terrifying tremors could be felt.

That was the direction of the bastion.

He sighed. He had seen this many times in his two months here.

An intense battle raged on!


"When can I step onto that real battlefield?"

Chu Yu murmured to himself.

At this point, in the distance, a few figured appeared on the horizon... and surrounded him.


Chu Yu’s gaze turned icy. He swallowed a pill, held the blade in his hand, and charged.
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