Chapter 280: Divine Dissolving Liquid

Chapter 280: Divine Dissolving Liquid

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This was a cold, brutal, icy, barren and bloody battlefield.


Everyone who wasn’t an ally was the enemy.

No one sat on the fence!

The Mirror World had never been united.

Even though they had the same goal, there were many underlying currents!

The ancient clans were one group, their ancestors were the ones who founded this world.

As such, they were relatively autonomous.

Many of the royal families and the greatest sects were all controlled by them.


The cultivators from the other universes formed countless smaller groups.

There was cooperation and plotting within these groups.

The Village of Cultivation was limited in size and resources.


There was no way it could accommodate all the cultivators from the Mirror World.

As such, battles and wars were unavoidable.

As such, the area surrounding the Bastion, the backyard of the Mirror World, was where the Mirror World cultivators dukes it out.

The ones who could survive would be known as the truly powerful ones.

Without sufficient energy and courage, there was no way he was going to very more resources!


Staying on in the Mirror World may have been a better choice.

The cultivation world had always been brutal and had no place for the weak!

As for the paths to the Solar System, these were simply some sorry excuses made up by the Mirror World powers to lure out the Solar System powers.


Now, they were all left in ruins!

Countless dreams had been destroyed!


News of the bastion also spread slowly.


However, the people who had the right to know were few and far between.

He was faced with seven enemies. Using his vertical eye to observe them, Chu Yu found that of the seven, three were pinnacle True Lord cultivators and four were Divine Lords.


They all looked extremely young, in their twenties and thirties.


However, in actual fact, any cultivator who could become a True Lord by a hundred years old was considered a young talent!

There were only a handful who were like Chu Yu, able to enter the True Lord realm and possess the battle prowess of a Divine Lord before 30 years old.


His blade was actually a Legendary Emperor Realm weapon.

That cultivator who he killed must have been someone of power. He was only a True Lord, yet he used a Legendary Emperor’s weapon.


He had tried to attack Chu Yu from the back. In the end, Chu Yu turned and killed him with a single punch, earning the blade in the process.


Assassins. Chu Yu’s gaze was icy and his body radiated with strong killing intent.

Song Qing was giving Chu Yu a trial by fire by sending him into this battlefield first.

Before this, Chu Yu’s experiences improved his battle techniques.

However, despite his many near death experiences, those trials were a far cry from what he was experiencing here.



One of the opposing Divine Lords bellowed coldly and fired out a sacred art.

A humongous white python appeared in the air.

It’s scales were incredibly icy and it gave off a huge suppressive feeling.

It opened its mouth wide and lunged at Chu Yu.

This thing was like a humongous white mountain range flying through the air!

It looked incredibly ferocious as it sailed through the air.

Chu Yu’s body rose into the air. He held the blade in his hand and chopped down on this humongous python!

This chop was incredibly powerful!

Countless bolts of lightning accompanied the blade as it chopped towards the white python.

The two things clashed together!


A huge explosion could be heard high up in the air.

The entire ravaged ground beneath them shook.

The white python was sliced in two by Chu Yu’s strike!

In an instant, it transformed into spiritual energy and scattered into the air.

Chu Yu opened his mouth and sucked!

He used the Gluttonous Sacred Art and managed to suck up over half of the python!

All of his opponents were stunned.


"Demonic Sect!"


"Scion of a Demonic Sect!"

"Damned demons... kill him!"

The few of them fumed as they attacked Chu Yu repeatedly with sacred arts.

Chu Yu chuckled and blew at this group. He blew out all of the spiritual energy he had just swallowed.

That boundless energy morphed into countless spears.


Over this period of time, Chu Yu had managed to combine the 36 Heavenly Generals and the 72 Transformations using the Superclass.

Furthermore, with battle experience, these abilities had become second nature to him!


For abilities like this, everybody used them to different effects!

One of the True Lords did not have time to dodge before multiple energy spears speared him like a porcupine!


He howled, then fell from the sky.

The other two True Lord cultivators were also hit by the spears, blood gushing from their bodies.

"This Demon is powerful. Since he has used his best abilities, we must kill him with a single attack!" The leading youth bellowed.

One of them immediately offered up a yellow gourd. It was palm sized and looked like it was carved from gold. It exuded a powerful, suppressive aura.

After flying over, it positioned itself over Chu Yu’s head. Then, large amounts of green liquid spilled out from the gourd.


The air hissed, even the air... was being corroded by it!

Chu Yu turned and ran!

A drop of liquid hit his clothes and immediately burnt a hole in it. Another landed on his body and brought about sharp pain.


At the same time, an evil energy was trying to tunnel into his body using that wound.

Chu Yu was shocked, this drop was so terrifying!

He immediately took action to quash that energy and he made a conscious effort to avoid the liquid.

Yet, that green liquid took on a life of its own and transformed into a three yard tall life form as it gave chase.

Chu Yu turned and ran!

This group was clearly stronger than the previous one. Even though they were not of particularly high cultivation level, they had powerful magical equipment!

This green liquid was such a terrifying thing. If he was surrounded, won’t he be turned to a pool of blood?

"Where do you think you’re going!’

The leading youth retrieved a silver sword.

That sword exuded an awe inspiring killing aura!

Just the aura itself made Chu Yu feel like a huge mountain was crashing towards him!

At the same time, the others all offered up various magical equipment in an attempt to kill Chu Yu.


Chu Yu used the Racing Sacred Art and dodged and weaved in the air.


At the same time, he yelled, "Stop attacking, I am a friendly!"

This caused the people to hesitate slightly.

The leader bellowed icily, "Rubbish! What friendly? You’re a demon! Kill!"

Then, his silver sword turned into a silver dragon.

It was ferocious as it lunged at Chu Yu.

The surroundings seemed to be sealed by this group of people as their magical equipment danced about in the air.

All of the equipment radiated with immense glow and peerless killing intent as they attacked Chu Yu.

Chu Yu grit his teeth, turned around, and charged towards that figure made of the green liquid.

The cultivators surrounding him stiffened slightly as a cold smile began to break out on their faces,

"Courting death!"

"He must be tired of living!"


That green liquid was too terrifying. Even they did not dare to meet it head on.

Yet, this man was now charging at it in desperation, was he not courting death?

The Divine Lord who had offered up this yellow gourd chuckled icily, then bellowed, "Kill!"


The human made from the green liquid split apart!

It formed an incredibly humongous green cloud as it flew towards Chu Yu.

Chu Yu used the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace and coupled the Gluttonous Sacred Art with it, "Come on in!’

In the air, all that green liquid seemed to meet a whirlpool and flowed into the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace!


In moments, Chu Yu had already absorbed more than half of the green liquid!


That Divine Lord cultivator was stunned. He fumed, "How dare you..."

He immediately used his powers to try to get back as much as he could.

But it was no use!

He could not get back any of the green liquid anymore!

In that instant, all of the green liquid was absorbed by Chu Yu’s Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.



That green liquid seemed to have a life of its own as it crashed against the walls of the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace in an attempt to leave.


Chu Yu chuckled icily, "You still want to run after I’ve eaten you?"

He immediately used the refining techniques in the Immortal Crane Pill Scripture and refined the green liquid.

At this point, all of those cultivators attacked him using sacred arts.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yu suffered multiple injuries. Even his immensely tough body was bleeding from multiple wounds.

His bone was also showing in some places.

Chu Yu’s gaze was icy as he remained silent.

He used the Racing Sacred Art to run as he constantly refined the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

The inscriptions on the pill furnace began to glow with a bright light.

In the blink of an eye, all of the green liquid was refined.

Chu Yu directed the Immortal Crane Furnace right above the Divine Lord who had used the yellow gourd.

"My turn!’

Chu Yu yelled!


The green liquid spewed out from the Immortal Crane Pill Furnace.

The Divine Lord was extremely terrified and tried to run!


But Chu Yu was too fast!

The green liquid that Chu Yu had was vastly different from what the Divine Lord had.


This green liquid was incredibly wide and it covered a vast expanse of land!

It enveloped the Divine Lord.


This Divine Lord’s body was smothered by the green liquid.

He howled in terror and pain as he was reduced to a pool of blood in the next instant.


All that was left was the yellow gourd!

"It wasn’t corroded?"


Whilst refining the green liquid, Chu Yu already found out how terrifying this liquid was.

It could corrode a Divine Lord, yet this gourd was perfectly intact.

Now that it was ownerless, Chu Yu flew over and tried to make it his own.

However, this yellow gourd exploded with boundless energy and escaped from Chu Yu’s hands. In the next moment, it disappeared into the air.

Chu Yu twitched his lips in reluctance.

Then, he turned and snicker at the group, "I guess it’s my turn?"

"Let’s go!" The leader of the group decided, then turned and left!


He knew that they were no match for this man.

This was the rule of the battlefield!

Forcing the issue never ended well.

After he left, everyone followed suit.

When the entire crowd left, Chu Yu bent over and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Refining the green liquid had taken up most of his energy. Furthermore, the battle had taken a huge toll on him.

At this point, Song Qing appeared in front of him.

He looked at Chu Yu in disbelief, his gaze confusing.


"Divine Dissolving Liquid... I never expected to see this on this battlefield?"
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